Inevitable Fate – Chapter 32 (Epilogue)

I am wedded to the man I loved, Xi Men Zhong Er Lang.

I feel so happy and in bliss.

Time passes really fast and now it’s already 5 years after my wedding. Guess when you are happy time does passes fast!

I sat down on the recliner in the living room of the penthouse and I, being rebellious, opened the balcony glass door so that the cool breeze from the outside can flew in and cool the living room down. Xi Men always complain about me enjoying too much of the breeze that I will get cold easily.

I smiled as I closed my eyes to reminisce everything that happened in my life.

Xi Men stopped smoking immediately after that wedding night when I make a fuss about it. He pleaded with me that he will stop smoking and he said he turned to smoking because I left him then.

He threw away all the cigarette packs that same night.

I can sense his sincerity, and of course, we made love that night. We’re husband and wife!

It is a major change to both Xi Men and me after we were married.

After our wedding, Xi Men appointed a lawyer and filed a request to add the name ‘Ken Zhu’ into his name.

I did not change or add my name, because I am pretty much fondly know as Kanako, but only being called Xiao You by my immediate friends.

And we took our wedding photos the week after our wedding, just as promised by Xi Men. I am a happy bride, and he is a happy groom. We were all smiles in the photos.

I am now the CEO of TWBC, and Xi Men is the adviser which he would be settling the deals and I handled the company finances and management. In the beginning, the job is completely a foreign industry for me because I have been working on the IT side for all the years, but as time goes I began to move my interest from computers to media and it was good. Xi Men is there for me when I have trouble handling TWBC and he will work on it with me. I enjoyed my career pretty much. Besides, I am also a foreign adviser for A-Cres… and you’ll know more soon.

Xi Men, no doubt, is still the CEO for Xi Men Corporation, became the adviser for TWBC, and also a partner for Matsuyuki Corporations. Father gave him 10% shares of Matsuyuki Corporations and that made him the shareholder too. As what father-in-law wants, Xi Men Corporation has penetrated into Japan’s market, and right now is pending on Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines. In the past 5 years, Xi Men Corporation has covered Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Even TWBC has partnered up with multiple media companies all around the world, which to tell the truth, I am surprised myself too, and Xi Men closes all of these deals mostly by himself. To be honest, none of us would have thought that Xi Men could do all of this in 5 years, not even father-in-law, but perhaps they have underestimated Ken Zhu, which Lei claimed… the tiger that will bite Ah Si in the ass! Everyone said that Xi Men seems like being pushed the wrong button after marriage for all of a sudden being able to work like this and clearly, they pointed the finger to me, that I am the key to have caused Xi Men inspired and motivated to work like this.

Xi Men has dominated almost a quarter of Taiwan’s market, with still Ah Si leading the chart. Lei and Mei Zhuo followed closely behind Xi Men. And to be honest, these 4 men are buddies and partners… and also business rivals at the same time! Right now all of them are trying to penetrate the overseas market, but good thing is they are focusing in different industries so they won’t be fighting for businesses, maybe just market status.

It is really a twisted fate for me… and it’s inevitable. And I mean Xi Men.

How things worked here and there, and end up marrying him… actually without my concern or preparation.

I laughed.

How it all started with me being sent by my former company A-Cres to Xi Men Corporation to work on the project, which I did not complete it due to my parents’ passes…

How Xi Men save me from the robbery and he was in return accidentally ‘almost-murdered’ by the robbers.

How much guilt I have for causing Xi Men his loss of speech tentatively and in return I take care of him everyday for months.

How I got to know he is not married and we were together… yet we broke up due to the need for me to leave my past behind.

How I became Toshihiro Matsuyuki’s adopted daughter, and then father set this marriage for me, and Xi Men’s dad set it for him, to which, I didn’t know it was Xi Men until our marriage day.

This is how the fate has worked its way for me and Xi Men. How much it is twisted, and when we thought we were not meant for each other, how all of a sudden he became the groom for my wedding.

Fate. Inevitable fate, that is.

I was told that Xi Men had met father for TWBC’s sponsorship before Xi Men’s father met my father for Xi Men Corporation’s deal. It’s just that my father did not know Mr. Xi Men’s son and Ken Zhu is the same person – Xi Men. After Xi Men agreed on the marriage, Xi Men contacted my father directly and then deals with father about this marriage, before I took the first step to email Xi Men… I mean Ken, and discuss with him about the wedding, which later on moves to phone calls.

No wonder I feel so comfortable with Ken in the emails.

And I thought I missed Xi Men too much, I’ve mistook Ken’s voice as him.

I remembered I called Ken using my house phone to his corporate phone, and after the call ends, I uses my cell phone and called Xi Men’s personal cell phone. Maybe that is why Xi Men did not know it was me due to two different phone numbers. The same goes to him due to two different numbers he had!

I still did not bring myself to be able to tell father that I have been with Xi Men before my parents passed away, but I planned to keep it that way because I did not want father to ask me so many more things that I know… endless. He’ll start with why we broke up, why I did not tell him, why Xi Men did not look for me… etc… etc…

I opened my eyes and I looked at the penthouse that I admired for so long… now I am back, and I am the lady lord of the house.

I smiled, I get to fill the house with aroma of coffee again every morning, and Xi Men will fill a full flask with the coffee that I’ve blend to work. He refused to pack the ones Emi made. So, I ask Emi not to make coffee for Xi Men. I do that every morning.

Xi Men and I are blessed with a 4-year-old daughter called Xi Men Zhu Wei Qi… and I rubbed my stomach as a smile formed on my face. Xi Men and I will have another baby soon.

I took leave today to see my doctor this morning after weeks of morning sickness, and I had visited the doctor last week for a medical check-up and the doctor said the report will be out today. At first, Xi Men wanted to go with me today to get the report but I wanted to go alone, because I like giving Xi Men surprises. I like to see his reaction so I try all my ways to keep him from accompanying me to the doctor. Besides, I know Xi Men has an important meeting to attend so force Xi Men not to go with me but to the meeting. Hehehe, call me mean, but it’s fun and worthwhile as long as I get to see that look of Xi Men! Anyway, doctor has confirmed I am 2 months pregnant. I can’t wait to tell Xi Men about this.


I turned to see Emi handing me a cup of hot strawberry tea that I have just requested earlier.

“Thanks, Emi,” I smiled as I took the cup from her.

Emi has been here with me since my wedding, and she is still looking for a Taiwanese husband. As far as I am concern, Emi does not have any boyfriend but I often noticed she had a kind of interest for a man living in the penthouse in 6th floor of this building, but Emi denied at me. Anyway, I just leave it to her, because it’s going to be her choice and someday her marriage too.

Ah Si right now handles the Dao Ming Corporation for Asia market and San Chai is the Regional Director for Taiwan in Dao Ming Corporation. Ah Si travels a lot, and San Chai often did not follow due to the hectic work and for the care of their 3 kids, a son aged 8, two daughters aged 6 and 4 respectively. Everybody still finds it hard to believe that San Chai can actually work in that position, especially Ah Si’s mother. But San Chai worked her ways to get experiences to secure that position. She’s my best friend, of course I know it! San Chai said her relationship with her mother-in-law is alright, as they do not get to see each other so often, perhaps once a year, due to Ah Si’s mother is based in USA. Where as for San Chai’s own parents, they are happy that San Chai married the tycoon 9 years back so they are now enjoying life by traveling around the world – something they have not had chance to do due to financial problems many years earlier. And guess where do they get the money to travel? Of course from their daughter who is the Regional Director! You must be thinking it’s Ah Si, right?

Mei Zhuo is still the CEO for Ling Corporation and Xiao Qiao has 50% ownership of her father’s Ying Enterprise, so both Ling Corporation and Ying Enterprise have a lot of deals. Mei Zhuo has adopted A-Cres’s solutions and became their partner and right now is penetrating Canada’s market. Xiao Qiao is not interested in handling either Ling Corporation or Ying Enterprise so she focused on her interest on cello and build her career, and right now she is a well-known international musician – a cello player. I can tell you I am very amazed with Xiao Qiao because she can concentrate being both an international musician and a doting wife to Mei Zhuo, and even having a family with him. Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao have 4 kids now… and I still can’t believe it! They have a 7 years old son… and three 3 years old triplet daughters! Mei Zhuo often complains to Xi Men that he lacks of sleep and freedom and this and that, and he even warned Xi Men to not have so many kids! And of course, to which, Xi Men laughed at it and shrugged it off because Xi Men told me he likes kids.

Lei is the Regional Director for Hua Ze Corporation and the company is planning to branch out to the China market. He is currently handling Taiwan’s market and also researching for the China’s market. Jing has a wish to own a traveling company, after which she began her interest with travels when she is working in my father’s company; Matsuyuki Travels, back in Japan. That is the same place where Lei met her again and they are together since then! And Jing’s wish is fulfilled; she became the owner of the traveling company, a sub-company of Lei’s to which Lei gave her 3 years ago and it is based in Taipei. Lei and Jing are blessed with a 6 years old daughter and a son aged 3 and a recent newborn son!

And for the A-Cres’ ones, it happened like this. After my wedding, I’ve contacted Allan Dane of A-Cres and apologize for what had happened and why I have to resign in such a short notice. And since Mei Zhuo is now the partner for A-Cres, Mei Zhuo… who happens to be good in sales and business but not so much of IT and of course he finds it problematic to understand the entire solution by A-Cres, Mei Zhuo seeks my permission to be the foreign advisor for him for A-Cres’ solution since I came from the company, and Allan Dane gladly appoints me for that position due to Mei Zhuo’s needs.

So, guess what… I am now paid for being the advisor for Mei Zhuo, being paid by A-Cres from Canada for this position… and that makes 2 payments from these two companies, and then TWBC’s position… and by Xi Men for monthly household income! Okay, I didn’t want to go to the money part but you can guess how much I get for being involved in so many companies at least.

To be honest, it wasn’t easy to be involved in so many companies and being so many roles in life. I juggle everyday being a CEO, an advisor, a best friend, a mother, a wife… and a woman! But thank goodness I have San Chai, Xiao Qiao and Jing to share all of these with each other. Of course, Xi Men too! I am so happy for Xi Men to have such good best friends and for them to have good wives to support each other. In short, I am happy to have such friends around.

Xi Men told me that when his parents meet during our wedding 5 years back and are pretty much touched with our love for each other… to which they didn’t know our history, they wondered how come they cannot work out like us. I heard from Xi Men that father-in-law often goes over to mother-in-law’s house to visit her, and we both think they are becoming best of friends. We were waiting for some good signs, and hopefully they would reconcile… and we’ll fly to USA to attend their 2nd wedding! Okay, if that ever happens…

My father Toshihiro Matsuyuki is still the same businessman we’ve all always knows. He would often fly over to Taipei to visit me and my family. He said he rather visit me than his other children because he is much closer to me, and he feels that he is more welcomed by me than his children. Each time he came I will bring him around for fun, vacation or even for food. And father loves Xi Men and my daughter very much. So, I supposed whenever father wanted to give us gifts, he would give us BETTER gifts than what he will give to his own children! And oh, did I mention, father treats the servants and maids at home in Tokyo better right now? I heard it from Emi because she still kept in contact with other servants in the house by mails. It is said that he gets along with almost all servants and maids at home, and he is trying to do what I do and how I treat them back then when I was in Tokyo.

I wish, and I hope I am this happy all the time!

I heard some keys’ clinging noises and then the door opened. I looked at the clock.

It’s 5pm.


Yes, time for my husband and daughter to come back home. Since having a daughter, Xi Men did not overwork or work late anymore, unless urgent cases, projects or deals.

I turned and smiled. “Wei Qi,” I called out as I saw my beloved daughter running to me when my handsome, CEO husband walked in and closed the door behind him. I sit up straight and turned to the side of the recliner, as usual, ready to get the hug from my daughter.

Wei Qi will give Xi Men and me a hug each time she came back or when Xi Men and I came back from work. She often wants to be the first to hug me, and Xi Men only gets to hug me after her. Sometimes Xi Men would pout and say the daughter ‘steal’ me away from him, and then he would lift Wei Qi up and tickled her and play with her. I know he loves her very much.

“Mommy, I miss you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lot!” Wei Qi hugged me.

“Hi Wei Qi,” I smiled as I hugged her. And then I saw Xi Men threw the keys on the coffee table and smiled at me. After I hugged my daughter, I rose to my feet.

“Hi pretty,” Xi Men smiled as he leaned over and hugged me, before he kissed me.

“Hi dear,” I said. “How’s meeting work?” Both of us sat down on the brown couch. Wei Qi immediately sat down next to me as her hands wrapped around my waist.

“Work’s fine. Meeting is ok. I went to TWBC today, interviewed a man and a woman for the post of Broadcast Manager. I think both of them are fine. You just take a look when you go back to office and make your decision which one you want to hire,” Xi Men smiled. “The resumes’ on your table,”

“Sure,” I smiled. I turned looking at Wei Qi and before I start voicing out…

“Ai-ya, why are you opening the balcony door again? You’ll get cold, honey! And you never listen to me,” Xi Men looked at the balcony which the door is wide ajar.

Endless complains from Xi Men, but full with care. I love it.

Wei Qi smiled when she heard Xi Men said that to me and both of us look at Xi Men walking to the balcony and closed the door.

“So, Wei Qi, how’s class today?” I asked.

Wei Qi’s preschool class starts from 10am and ends at 4pm. I usually send her to preschool and Xi Men would pick her up from school. But today Xi Men sends her to preschool as I overslept due to the morning sickness.

And sometimes when both of us are not free, his best friends or their wives will offer a lift, either from home or Xi Men or my office, and then drops her back to home or any of our offices.

Anyhow we do the same to them when they needed help too.

Okay, besides Ah Si because he has a chauffer for his 3 kids.

All of us, besides Ah Si, agreed not to hire a chauffer because we wanted to do this for our children, and get involved in their daily activities. This Dao Ming couple is the busiest among us, so we do not blame them for hiring nannies, servants and chauffer for their kids.

I find that both Xi Men and I have been a true blue workaholics so that is the least we can do for our daughter, by being the chauffer ourselves.

“During lunch time we were feed with milk and chocolate biscuits. YUMMYYYY…” Wei Qi said.

“Don’t eat too much chocolate biscuits or you’ll get sick. If you get sick I’ll beat your buttocks!” Xi Men said as he sat down next to me. “Now will you let mommy go so I can hug her?”

“If I give you mommy you won’t beat my buttocks?” Wei Qi pouted.

I laughed.

“Whoa! Negotiations!” Xi Men said at Wei Qi. “You are just like me!”

Wei Qi looks very much like me, but when she smiled, she has that attractive smile and mesmerizing eyes like her daddy. I wonder if this baby in me will be a son, so he will bear all Xi Men’s physical features and then has… Oh! I wanted to tell Xi Men about this baby!

I turned to Xi Men and was about to tell Xi Men when Wei Qi speaks first.

“Okay! You can have mommy! But no beating!” Wei Qi pouted as she released her hands off.

Xi Men laughed and he placed his hand on my waist. “And you haven’t tell mommy what you learn in class,”

“Oh yeah, mommy…” Wei Qi shook my hand. I looked at Wei Qi. “Before lunch we learn drawing flowers, and then after lunch we learn some dancing… and then daddy come,”

“4pm already after dancing? How long you dance? 3 or 4 hours?” I stunned.

That’s going to kill my daughter with exhaustion!

“No, no… I went there at 2.30pm,” Xi Men said. “Her dance is just an hour,”

“2.30pm? Why are you there so early?” I asked Xi Men.

“When I send her to preschool today her teacher asked me to come at 2.30pm because they want the kids to learn something, and hope either one of the parents can come,” Xi Men said.

“Oh, really? Then what is it?” I asked Wei Qi. “What did you learn today?”

Wei Qi’s lips immediately curved downwards.

“What’s with that look?” I asked. I turned and looked at Xi Men. “What did she learn?”

“Today we learn on daddy’s name,” Wei Qi said. “Teacher ask me my daddy’s name,”

I turned and looked at Wei Qi. “Really?” I smiled. “So what is daddy’s name?”

“DADDDDDDY,” Wei Qi said. Her lips still curved downwards.

I laughed. “You mean daddy’s name is daddy?”

Xi Men scratched his head.

“Daddy lied. He said his name is not daddy,” Wei Qi pointed at Xi Men. “I call him daddy everyday, he told me his name is…” she silent.

“That’s why her teacher asked one of the parents of each kid to come to preschool to help in this. Because they all don’t know their parents’ name,” Xi Men said. “So…” he frowned.

“Mommy, I don’t care. You cannot change your name, don’t be like daddy!” Wei Qi said.

“Wei Qi,” I held her hands. “Daddy did not lie to you, you call him daddy, but he has a name too. If every kid calls their daddy, daddy, then how do we identify each of them? Come, tell me, what’s daddy’s name?” I asked. “Tell me what daddy told you,”

Xi Men scratched his head again.

Wei Qi’s lips still curved downwards. “I don’t understand why other kids’ daddy’s name is short… and my daddy’s name is so long! Xi Men… don’t know what Zhu…”

I laughed. Xi Men frowned still.

“Xi Men don’t know what Zhu?” I asked. “That’s a VERY FUNNY name, honey,” I smirked at Xi Men. “Maybe she’ll remember that better,”

Xi Men bares a forceful smile at me and then he turned looking at Wei Qi, “I told you is Xi Men Zhong…” Xi Men stopped when Wei Qi interrupts him.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Wei Qi uses her fingers, seemingly calculate something.

I frowned, and I saw Xi Men frowned too.

“Wei Qi…?” I asked.

“Daddy’s name has 7 words,” Wei Qi said, looking at me. “Xi Men… Zhong… Er Lang,” then she scratched her head as when she looked at the other hand with 2 fingers showed. “Ken… Zhu!”

Xi Men and I laughed at the way Wei Qi tried to memorize Xi Men’s name.

“Yay! I nailed it!” Wei Qi said, and then she looked at me. “Mommy, that is the longest I can take. I hope your name is not that long or difficult to memorize!” she then jumped down from the couch. “Teacher said we’ll learn mommy’s name tomorrow, so I can’t wait for it!” she run to her room.

Xi Men and I looked at Wei Qi running up the stairs noisily to the top floor, where her room is.

“Okay, you will go tomorrow,” Xi Men said.

“But I have a meeting tomorrow at 2pm,” I said.

“I’ll go for you. What meeting is that?” Xi Men asked.

“Honey! It’s my staffs meeting and I must attend that! And why are you so scared to teach Wei Qi my name?” I asked.

“Honey, you didn’t see the face of the kids in that room just now, all their parents name are just 3 syllables like Ah Si’s, Mei Zhuo’s and Lei’s! Then, when I ask Wei Qi to pronounce my name, you should see her face because she struggles with that!”

“And my name is just 2 words,” I said.

“But its 7 syllables,” he looked at me.

I stared at him. KA-NA-KO MAT-SU-YU-KI. Yes, seven!

“Oh no,” I said, covering my mouth.

“If you add ‘Yang Xiao You’ at the back it’s going to be 10, so thank goodness you did not add that in! Plus, you have a Japanese name it is even harder for her to remember!” Xi Men said, unbuttoned his coat and he removed it. “Lei told me that problem 5 years ago when I voiced out my intention to add ‘Ken Zhu’ into my name. He is already worried how to tell his daughter that her surname are 2 syllables and not one, and now I can see that problem already when my name itself is so complicated and difficult for Wei Qi to remember. He is so right,” he put the coat down and then he smiled at me. “Thank goodness we only have one kid to teach about our names. It’s enough to complicate her and also at the same time tired us out!”

I looked at Xi Men.

Xi Men looked at me and frowned, “What’s with the look, honey?”

“You don’t want another kid anymore?”

Xi Men smiled. “I used to think I want a few, but seeing Wei Qi, I think I’m fine with one already,”

“Due to our names?” I asked.

“That’s for starters. We have a lot to do to guide Wei Qi,” he smiled. His smile suddenly fades off. “Wait, why did you say things like that?”

“Honey, I went to the doctor today, do you remember?”

“Oh yeah… what’s the problem with the morning sickness…” he then suddenly stopped and looked at me. “Don’t tell me…” he said, staring at me in disbelief.

“Yes, I am pregnant,” I said. “We have more than one to teach about our names, honey…”

Xi Men abruptly stunned there and then, and his jaw dropped.

I stared at him waiting for his respond.

Will he be happy…? Or….?

And then I saw a small curve formed on his lips and he smiled widely.

“THAT’S GREAT!!! I’m having another kid!!!” Xi Men yelled happily. He immediately leaned over and he hugged me tight.

Oh my gosh, I’m so terrified!

“Honey, I thought…” I said.

He released from the hug and looked at me. He smiled as he held my hands tight, “Of course I want more kids, I just didn’t want to burden you if it will tire you out, you know? And I have always know that I have the best wife in the world for being understanding and willing to go through all the pains for me, and to bear my kids,” he placed his hand over my shoulder. “And I love you very, very much, Kanako Matsuyuki… a.k.a. Yang Xiao You,” he looked at me lovingly.

“And I love you too, Xi Men Zhong Er Lang… a.k.a. Ken Zhu,” I smiled.

He leaned over and kissed me passionately.

The kiss ended and he looked at me into my eyes, and he smiled. I still get myself drowned with that captivating pair of eyes without fail.

“So you will take care of our kids’ memorizing our names, right?” I smiled widely.

Xi Men’s smile faded. “OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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