Love/Hate – Chapter 42

“WHAT?!” Jing and Xiao Qiao yelled.

The F4 turned to look at them.

“What are you ladies doing? Gossiping around us?” Mei Zhuo asked, looking at San Chai, Jing and Xiao Qiao. “Or behind us and without us?”

San Chai looked at Xi Men.

She stood up and walked to him.

“What was that all about?” San Chai asked Xi Men, pointing over to the operation room.

“What?” Xi Men asked, looking at her.

“Just now. When you were talking with her before she goes in. All those sorry thingy and her sad face. What did you say or do to her earlier in the ward?” San Chai asked.

“I just sing for her because she requests for it. I did not do anything. Please, San Chai. She is going thru abortion, of course she is going to be sad,” Xi Men said. “She cried okay,”

“Why is she sorry for?” San Chai asked.

“Because she is going thru the abortion,” Xi Men said.

San Chai frowned at him. “Har? Sorry because she is going thru the abortion? What kind of reason is that?”

“I don’t know,” Xi Men said. “I just guessed, I don’t know,”

“Why is she sorry for her abortion?!” San Chai said. “And what did you sing for her? Why did she want you to sing all of a sudden?”

“The song is called ‘Can Hear Love’. I don’t know. She just said she wanted to hear, so I sing for her. Maybe it’s because she hears it so often from my house so she just wanted to hear it right now,” he said. “Why are you asking me things like you are interrogating me? Well, you are definitely interrogating me now!”

“Interrogate? I..! San Chai said.

Ah Si interrupted, “Why do you ask so much, San Chai?”

San Chai looked at Ah Si and then at Xi Men. “Did you give your consent for her to go for abortion?!” she asked loudly. All of them looked at her.

“What?! Who am I to say yes or no to her abortion?” Xi Men asked.

“You still didn’t get it? She…” San Chai was about to mention when Xi Men interrupts.

“Why are you asking me questions one after another? And watch your tone!” he stood up. “Just because you are Ah Si’s wife or Xiao You’s best friend, it doesn’t give you the extra privilege to scold me or question me like this! And I have yet to even question your intention!”

San Chai looked at him, “What intention?”

Xi Men took a deep breath and looked at her. “You don’t know me to talk on behalf of me,”

“What I don’t know you to talk on behalf of you?” San Chai repeats after him.

“Look. I don’t like when people goes all out to speak to other people things about me,” Xi Men said. “You told her things about me, things that I don’t want to talk about it,”

San Chai folded her hands on her chest. “What did I told her, then?”

Xi Men glared at her. “Do I have to repeat myself?”

“You should,” she said.

“You know it!”

“No, I don’t know,” she said, clearly she knew but she wanted him to say it out.

Xi Men took a deep breath and he formed a fist on his hand, and then he looked at Ah Si. “Do you know what your wife did?”

“What did she do?” Ah Si asked.

“She shoved the truth to Xiao You’s face,” Xi Men said.

“What kind of truth?” Ah Si asked.

“Truth, you said. That’s what matters, right?” San Chai said.

“What is that?” Ah Si asked, looking at San Chai.

San Chai glared at him before she turned looking at Xi Men, waiting for him to continue.

Xi Men then turned looking at Mei Zhuo. “You contributed as well,”

“Me?!” Mei Zhuo looked at him, with a finger pointing to himself. “Why all of a sudden I am involved with this?!”

“Why do you tell Xiao Qiao about us going to airport to meet Xiao You on the day she left to Canada? You promised me never to tell anyone!” Xi Men said.

Mei Zhuo frowned at Xi Men, and then a while later, eases his frown. “Oh, that airport incident,” he smiled. “Dude, do you remember what time you called me and tell me not to tell anyone? That was like… one day later,” Mei Zhuo said. “I already told Xiao Qiao before you ask me not to tell anyone,”

Xi Men glared at him. “You told her already before I called you? You should have let me know that you’ve told her!”

“What kind of buddy am I to tell you such stuff when you are already mourning for the loss?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“What?!” Xi Men asked, surprised with Mei Zhuo’s mentioning the word ‘mourning’.

“You never ask. Fine. And I already told Xiao Qiao. You ask me never to tell anyone. You didn’t say Xiao Qiao cannot tell anyone,” Mei Zhuo said.

“ARGH,” Xi Men angered.

“It is like 6 years ago; it is past. Why are you bringing it up?” Mei Zhuo asked. “Why does it matter?

“Xiao Qiao told it to the girls, and they told it to Xiao You the other day!” Xi Men said.

“Actually we all knew about that airport incident too,” Lei said.

“Hey!” San Chai yelled at Xi Men.

All of them looked at San Chai.

“Dude, what is wrong with you?!” San Chai asked.

“What is what is wrong with me?” Xi Men asked her back.

“So much for me trying to knock some senses into Xiao You’s mind and ask her to look deep into your heart to see who you are, now you are in a way blaming us for telling Xiao You the truth?” San Chai poked Xi Men’s chest and she walked forward, Xi Men walked backwards responding to each poke and her step forward, until the back of Xi Men’s leg clashes the chair and he slumped on the chair. “In fact, you should be thanking us for doing it for you!” she said it right at his face.

“She doesn’t have to know that! Like what Mei Zhuo said, it is past, why does it matter telling her or not?!” Xi Men said. “You can tell her what you bought from a recent sale and what you ate from your last two weeks’ lunch, but that doesn’t give you the need to tell her what I do 6 years ago!”

“At least I let her know that you are not COLD-BLOODED!” San Chai yelled at him.

Xi Men looked at San Chai.

“She has been keeping it in her heart that you did not look for her. That you did not make an effort to keep in contact with her. So much that all of it affects her mindset and her life. She keeps thinking that you are cold-blooded. She has to hate you to lie to herself in order to feel better. This action eats her up and she gradually makes it a part of her to be hateful. And that leads her hating you to the core. She couldn’t look at the better perspective of life because of you,” San Chai said.

Mei Zhuo slowly leaned closer to Ah Si. “Since when your wife…”

“I don’t know,” Ah Si said before Mei Zhuo finishes. “I think I missed this part of her when I first knew her,”

“I think she has always been like this but she did not show this part of her after she marries you,” Lei chipped in.

Mei Zhuo and Ah Si turned to look at Lei.

“SHHHHH!!!!” a nurse said at them from far. But obviously, they ignored her.

“If you don’t like what I do, be my guest. I am doing this for Xiao You because I don’t want her to dwell on this hatred and keep thinking that you have been a cold-blooded creature and that causes her life to change drastically without her knowing it,” San Chai said. “Like you said, 6 years. Why does it matter to you so much if I tell her or not? Why do you need to bother?”

Xi Men took a deep breath, as he slightly dunked his head.

“I cannot take it any longer. So I told her. I cannot look at her keep on living like this and denying the truth that her own actions are causing her life like this. And your refusal to let her see the truth not only eats her up but your own as well,”

“What my own?” Xi Men asked.

“You let her hit it all out on you and you did not explain when you should. Don’t be a selfish jerk, will you? Think from her perspective. It’s all started from you, and yes, you acted by taking care of her. But have you ever thought that you are only showing her you care NOW because this happens right after she blasted you everything and also sleeps with you? It sounded like you are guilty for sleeping with her and taking care is the way to fix things right,”

“No, it is not like that. I am not taking care of her because I sleep with her but because…”

San Chai interrupts. “That is what I meant! Instead of ONLY showing her that you care now, you should let her know that you did go to the airport 6 years ago and it is your mistake for the wrong timing of flight. At least make her feel better and not to let the hatred dwell in her. I don’t care if she still hates you or not, but I don’t want her to let her own hatred conquers her life anymore like what she did for the past 6 years!” she looked at Xi Men.

All of them looked at Xi Men, who quietly looked at San Chai, with guilt.

“Now I tell you that is my INTENTION. Not because I care for you, this selfish jerk, but for her to see the truth and that you are too coward to go for her which is the reason you tore your flight ticket,” San Chai said. “In which, that is my opinion, you are too coward to look for her,” she added.

“Ah, and we all know about that flight ticket too,” Lei said, and Xi Men immediately glared at him.

And Xi Men wanted to speak when San Chai pointed at him to keep quiet.

“That is my INTENTION to let her see things from a brighter side and stop her from leading her perfect life. If that is what you intend to question me about,” San Chai said.

“San Chai is right. We know Xiao You is letting her emotional hatred eating her up…” Xiao Qiao said.

“And no one is showing her the truth,” Jing said. “We were there when San Chai told it to Xiao You. All of us wanted Xiao You to know what is happening. We hope she did not dwell on it anymore,”

Xi Men swallowed a lump in his throat. “She no longer dwells on it,” he said.

“She is?” all of them asked.

Xi Men took a deep breath. “She told me she don’t hate me anymore…” he looked at San Chai. “So much that I don’t want her to see what has happened in the past… I am sorry. I am glad that you did. At least she no longer hates her own life,”

“And you tell me that NOW? You questioned my intention earlier and…” San Chai was saying when Jing holds her hand.

“At least now he sees your intention, after being scolded as a selfish jerk and a cold-blooded creature,” Jing said.

“Yeah, you should be thanking me that I’ve pinpointed you to her that you are not a cold-blooded creature who doesn’t care about her!” San Chai ended with a ‘hmph’ with her hands folded on her chest. “And you blame me for talking to her!”

“Okay, I am sorry. And thank you,” Xi Men said.

“Don’t thank me. You are still a cold-blooded creature,” San Chai said.

“What do you want me to say, San Chai?” he grew depressed when she labeled him that. He took a deep breath. This lady is hard to deal with. Poor Ah Si…?

“How on earth could you let her go thru the abortion?!” San Chai pointed at the operation room’s door. “You said you care, and see what you are doing? You are standing here when you should be stopping her!”

“That is her body and her baby we are talking about! What makes you think I can do something about it?!” Xi Men said.

“What is wrong with you?!” San Chai yelled at him. “That is a life we are talking about!”

“I know!” he covered his face with his hands.

San Chai looked at Xi Men and shook lightly. “I couldn’t believe you just refuse your responsibility just like that,”

“Look, I tried talking to her about it and I said I don’t mind taking the baby as mine and…”

“WHAT?!” San Chai said.

The F4 looked at San Chai with her immediate reaction.

“You didn’t know?” San Chai asked. She lifted her head, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Oh my… that Xiao You has been keeping this so well that no one knows…” she said. “She asked you to go in just now before the operation, not because to tell you the truth?”

“Truth? What truth?” Xi Men asked.

“But how do you know?” Xiao Qiao asked San Chai.

“Know what? What?” Xi Men asked again.

“GOSH… Xi Men! Don’t you pay attention to her signals?!” San Chai asked. “You stayed with her for 2 weeks, she didn’t tell you, and you didn’t discover? Do you notice the way she looked at you?! Why did she ask you to sing that particular song? Why is she keep apologizing to you and not to me or to us?!”

“Xiao You never accepts apology from people for things they don’t know why they are sorry for… then she should be holding the same principle when she says sorry to…” Lei scratched his head. “There must be something she is sorry about,” he looked at Xi Men. “There must be a reason why she says sorry to you,”

Xi Men looked at Lei, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” and then turned to look at San Chai, “Do you know that I am not a mind reader?”

“Not to mention mind reader, I don’t even understand your statements,” Ah Si said. “Or questions,”

“Stay aside,” San Chai pushed Ah Si away. “She asked you to sing the damn song you have been listening whole night because the song represents you. The way she looked at you shows that she suppressed her feelings, emotions and words from you. All those are readable from her face!”

“OHHHH, now that makes sense. All the riddles are solved!” Jing and Xiao Qiao said together.

“I told you I am not a mind reader. Now I know those are the reasons based on what you’ve said!” Xi Men said. “And what riddles?” he asked Jing and Xiao Qiao.

“Geez. How dumb and stupid can you be,” San Chai said. “Why don’t you get it still?!”

“What?” Xi Men seriously offended with that words San Chai pointed to him.

“She loves the father of the baby. And she only loves one man in her life,” Xiao Qiao said.

“I know she loves the father of the baby, she told me so,” Xi Men said.

“The pregnancy has just entered 2 months. And that means the father of the baby meets her 2 months ago,” Jing said.

“Of course he meets her two months ago to get her conceived, right?” Xi Men said.

Lei and Mei Zhuo suddenly snapped and they gaped. “SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!” they said.

Ah Si looked at Lei and Mei Zhuo, and then something seems to struck his mind, and he joined them looking at Xi Men. Maybe he’s slow but he still gets it anyway.

“Two months ago, it is my company’s annual dinner!” Lei said at Xi Men.

“Xiao You only loves one man all her life!” Mei Zhuo said. “It is YOU, Xi Men! YOU!!!”

“YOU ARE THE FATHER OF HER BABY!” all of them said together.

Xi Men looked at them, obviously struck by the statement. He gaped. Not too sure what to react. The words have not really register in his mind.

“You… you mean, that is my child?” Xi Men stammered, pointing at the operation room’s door.

“Everything makes sense now! That is your child!” Ah Si said at Xi Men. He looked at his wife, “San Chai, how could you drag this topic and not be direct to tell it to Xi Men?”

“I thought he knew he is the father of the baby and he gives his consent to abort the baby!” San Chai pointed at Xi Men. “I thought that is what Xiao You told him when she asked to be leave alone with Xi Men just now!”

“What the hell are you still right here?! Do you want her to abort the child? Go and stop her!!!” Mei Zhuo yelled at him.

“Oh no, oh no…” Xi Men immediately turned. “XIAO YOU!! NO!!!” he runs heading to the operation room. Lei and Ah Si ran after Xi Men. Xi Men cannot rush into the room. By protocol. They have to pull him back or else he’ll be thrown out of the hospital.

He is not supposed to run to the operation room.

“Xi Men! You can’t rush in just like that!” Ah Si and Lei said together. “You could endanger Xiao You’s life!”

“Geez, that idiot!” San Chai said. “Wasted too much time talking crap and asking my intention when I was about to tell him about the truth!”

Mei Zhuo ran to the counter where most nurses sit. “MISS!”

“All of you have been very noisy you are disturbing the patients!” the nurse slammed at Mei Zhuo.

“I’m sorry. We have no time for this, please ask Dr. Wang to stop the operation!” Mei Zhuo said at the nurse.

Just at the time San Chai and Xiao Qiao joined Mei Zhuo at the counter. Jing stayed back at the waiting area monitoring the situation where Ah Si and Lei were seen pulling Xi Men back from rushing into the operation room.

“Stop the operation?” the nurse asked.

“Yes, Dr. Wang is performing an operation in the operation room now. By request, we have that father of the baby here! She needs to stop that operation NOW!” Mei Zhuo slammed his fist on the counter and all the people at the counter jerked. Including Xiao Qiao and San Chai.

Jing looked at the poor Xi Men pulled back, almost crushing down to the floor by Lei and Ah Si.

“No…. Xiao You… nooooooo…..!!!!” Xi Men yelled as he tried to release himself from Ah Si and Lei’s grip on each of his arm. So much that he could only try to kick the door repeatedly.

Jing witnessed the door flapping it in and out at each kick of Xi Men’s.

“Harder, Ah Si, pull harder,” Lei said.

“Geez, he is damn strong. You should eat more, Lei, you are not strong!” Ah Si said.

“Damn you, Ah Si. Save your breath and pull him!!!” Lei yelled.

Jing took a deep breath. What a scene. Everyone at the area turned to look at them.

She didn’t know they should be embarrassed or… sad.

She saw Xi Men’s tears running down his face, so much that she had never seen him reacted like this.

“That’s our child you are killing… Xiao You… no….!!” Xi Men keep repeating after himself, as Ah Si and Lei keep gripping him and pulls him back from rushing in into the operation room and do something silly and endangers Xiao You’s life.

So much that Xi Men’s words and the entire scene create sorrow in everyone’s heart.

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