Love/Hate – Chapter 43

“Are you ready for this?” Dr. Wang asked.

Xiao You nodded, despite her heart disagreed with the head.

“Okay, first, I will…” Dr. Wang was saying when suddenly she saw a nurse waving at her frantically from another room, which is separated by a glass.

Dr. Wang stopped. She looked at the nurse. The nurse upon seeing Dr. Wang stopped and staring back at the nurse; the nurse walked to the door and then she opened it to meet Dr. Wang. All other nurses’ eyes followed Dr. Wang, as Dr. Wang headed to the door. Obviously the nurse is looking for her (Dr. Wang).

“Yes, Kelly?” Dr. Wang asked.

“Dr. Wang, we have an emergency case here. The father of the baby is here, he requests for the operation to stop,” Kelly the nurse said.

Dr. Wang alarmed at the word ‘father’. “Father of the baby?”

“Yes, they are out there making noises. I think, Dr. Wang, you has to clarify this. They are making quite a scene out there… havoc about this or else other patients might be affected,” Kelly said. “That one guy slammed his fist down on the counter like a King Kong was quite horrible. He did that right in front of Erin, scares the shit out of her and everyone,” Kelly said.

“Is he the father?”

“I don’t know,”

“Maybe I should see him, then,” Dr. Wang said. She turned and looked at other nurses. “Operation halted,” she removed her gloves.

“Huh? But…?” Xiao You said.

Dr. Wang looked at Xiao You and then she walked to Xiao You. “The father of the baby is here, so I cannot proceed before I get the confirmation,” she patted Xiao You.

“Father of the baby?” Xiao You asked. “But…?”

“It is okay. I better clarify first before I proceed with you,” Dr. Wang said, smiled at her, and then when she is about to walk out from the operation room, to the empty hallway, which the end will leads to the entrance where Xi Men keeps kicking the door at…

“Dr. Wang, can I speak to you for a moment?” Xiao You asked.


Xi Men cried hard as ever as he slowly gives up from releasing both grips from Lei and Ah Si to rush into the operation room. It is already too late.

Lei and Ah Si looked at each other before they pulled him up and then dragged him to the chair at the waiting area, near where Jing stood.

“I’m sorry, dude. We can’t let you rush in. We can’t let any of your sudden move harms other patients or the doctors in other operation rooms,” Lei said. “You also won’t know which room she is in, since there’s a few,”

Ah Si nodded. “So much that it’s for her safely,”

Mei Zhuo, San Chai and Xiao Qiao walked to them.

“I have talked to the nurse. And one had run in, I hope they manage to stop it in time,” Mei Zhuo said. “Dude, you can’t do anything by rushing in…”

“Sometimes, these are the only things that come across the time. To go in and save,” San Chai said.

“Why don’t you tell me earlier?! Why do you have to lecture me, then only tell me about the baby? A minute late is a minute of waste!” Xi Men said in between his sobs at San Chai.

“I was trying to tell you earlier when you interrupt me and ask me on my intention!” San Chai said. “And like I said, I thought you knew. I was angry at you for allowing her to abort your kid, until you tell me you don’t know the truth,”

Xi Men looked at San Chai, still sobbing, before he looked away. “Xiao You…”

At that point, a lot of flashbacks came to his mind…



At Lei’s company’s annual dinner…

Xi Men looked at the girl in black mask that slowly walks off. He felt just different, even just by looking at her. “Who is that girl?” he pointed at Xiao You walking to the cocktail table.

“Her name is XYZ,” Ah Si said.

Xi Men looked at Ah Si, “XYZ?”


After the annual dinner where Xi Men invited XYZ to his penthouse…

Xi Men looked at her. His heart beats very fast. It’s been happening on and off the entire night. This is the closest he gets to her. He can even smell her sweet pheromones.

“Gosh… your eyes look so beautiful…” Xi Men said.

“Thank you,” XYZ said.

Both of them looked intensely at each other.

“It’s the wine,” XYZ said.

“No, I am not drunk… not drunk by alcohol…” he said. “But maybe drunk in you… “

XYZ just smiled.

“Are you someone that I know…? I don’t know who you are with that mask… but… but I feel so connected to you…” Xi Men said. His hands traveled to the back of her. He then pulled her to him and he hugged her. Xi Men felt her skin on her neck. Smooth. “Do I really know you… XYZ?”

“You may know me. You may not know me,” XYZ said. “But you know me now,”

At that instant, Xi Men felt the presence of XYZ reminds him of Xiao You. He hugged her even tighter.

“I miss you so much…” Xi Men said, at the thought of XYZ is Xiao You.

He then looked at her eyes. The same sparkling, dazzling eyes that drowns him. The mask, at the moment, seems to be her skin instead of the protecting mask. He looked at her lips. And he kissed her.

His sexual desire sets in. For some reason Xi Men got lost in her. He had never lost his control over a lady like this.

And then they proceed to the intercourse session.


In the dressing room at the studio set where Xiao You was modeling at,

Xi Men at first saw this model tilting her head looking at her rack of clothes. She had the unpleasant look on her face despite she is looking at the clothes.

Xi Men remained staring at Xiao You for a while before Xiao You, felt annoyed with the feeling of someone staring at her, looked up and glared at Xi Men. Xi Men immediately looked away, and soon walked away.


At the reunion dinner about 2 months ago, it is the first time he recognized her…

“Xiao You…?” Xi Men said gaping at the pretty lady in front of him.

And he really couldn’t take his eyes off her.


Xi Men’s eyes focused on ‘something’ that is behind Lei, in the wardrobe. Lei is horrified with Xi Men’s panicking and stare at that object. Lei slowly turned his head to see what Xi Men is looking at…

It is laid on top of the pile of clothes. Something black in color.

Xi Men reached forward and took it up. It is a mask. He looked at that mask.

Xi Men looked at Lei. “This is…” he then looked at the mask. “XYZ…”

He turned looking at Jing, and grabbed the tee shirt that is in her hand. He closed his eyes as he placed the shirt on his face and he smelt it. He could no longer contain his feelings. The tears fell from his closed eyes as he suddenly cried out loud into the tee shirt, and he is overcome by emotions, slowly kneel down to the floor due to his weak knees.

He cried so hard for the first time in his life. “Xiao You… I didn’t know it’s you…” he said between his sobs. “I don’t know what to feel…” he said. “The mask is XYZ… the smell on the tee matches… it is her pheromones… that is the same smell I smelt in the hospital… it is her… she is XYZ… Xiao You is XYZ…”


“The two other pregnancy test kits!” Xi Men said. He went to retrieve it from the table. “Let me see…” he quickly reached for the pregnancy kits’ box and read the instructions on how to read the result lines on the pregnancy test kits.

Xi Men looked at the box, and then he looked at the test kit. Then he looked at the box, and looked at the test kit again. His facial expression changed.


It’s positive.


“I once love the father of my baby,” Xiao You said, touching her tummy.

Xi Men looked at her. “You are still in contact with him?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said.

“Oh,” that’s all he could say.

“I think I still love him,” she smiled.


“I love him, in a madly state,” Xiao You said, staring at the stereo. “I love him thru all the hardships till despair, my heart has been deeply in hurt but I will never forget,”

She smiled lightly. “The only regret that I left for him was the day I left, I could not stop my tears, if I could rewind the moment, I will not cry, I will let him know that I can be fine as well,” she then turned looking at Xi Men with the smile still on her face. “Just like this song, it explains my heart so well,”

“I want to let him know that… I can be fine as well… I am fine,” she added.


“I don’t hate you anymore,” she said.


“I still have some moment left before going into the operation room. I want to talk to Xi Men,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men looked at Xiao You, and he sat down at the edge of the bed. “Yes, Xiao You?”

Xiao You smiled lightly. “I suddenly want to hear Ken’s Can Hear Love,”

“Oh?” Xi Men asked.

“Yes, can you sing for me?” Xiao You asked.

“Ah?” Xi Men surprised.

Xiao You nodded.

“Oh,” Xi Men said, “I am not a good singer,”

“I think you’ll be fine,” she said.

“Okay…” Xi Men cleared the throat. He took multiple deep breaths. And he started singing the song, with the imaginary background music playing in his mind. “Does not believe love will not be heard…” he sings wholeheartedly.


She raised her head and look at him. “I’m sorry to have come with this decision… I have to…” she sniffed hard. “I’m very sorry… please forgive me,”


Flashback ended.

“Xiao You…” all Xi Men could do is utter her name in sorrow.

At the other side…

“Dr. Wang…” Xiao You called.

Dr. Wang looked at Xiao You. “I know you’re not ready. I’ve told you that pregnancy is not about yourself. This baby has a father. And you denied the father’s right. Somehow before I start this, I already felt there is something missing or you have not done,”

“I… I wanted to know what happen… can I stand at the side of the entrance… and… let me see…” Xiao You said, as tears dropped to the side of her face. “Let me see from the entrance as you speak to him…”

Dr. Wang looked at her. “You don’t want to face the father?”

“I only wanted to see from far…” Xiao You said. “From behind the door, please…?”

Dr. Wang took a deep breath. “Okay,” Dr. Wang walked to her, and gently pulled her up, and then letting her stand on her feet.

Xiao You patted the hospital clothing she is wearing.

And they walked to the hallway, and then they reach the entrance. “You stay here. Careful when the door opens,”

Xiao You stood aside, behind the entrance. “Okay… thank you, Dr. Wang,”

Dr. Wang nodded. And she gently pushed the door open with Kelly walking next to her.

Xiao You looked thru the glass, straight at her friends. With Xi Men sobbing. She swallowed the lump in her throat. “And so they know…”

With the sight of Xi Men sobbing, sorrow filled her heart. “He knows… didn’t he?”


From the corner of Xi Men’s eyes, he suddenly saw the door flipped open, and he looked up to meet the gaze of Dr. Wang who has walked and is standing in front of him, with a nurse next to Dr. Wang.

“Dr. Wang!” Xi Men called out.

Dr. Wang smiled. “I was told the father is here?”

All of them looked at Xi Men.

“Yes… I am the father…” Xi Men said.

Dr. Wang tilted her head, and then clasped her hands together. “I was also told that all of you were making some troubles around here,”

A few of them dunked their head down.

“Kelly, who is the King Kong you were saying earlier?” Dr. Wang said softly at the nurse next to her, but loud enough for them to hear it.

“That guy in white shirt,” Kelly mumbled.

All of guys looked down to see what color of the shirt they are wearing, and then looked next to them, to all of them land their eyes on Mei Zhuo’s shirt. Mei Zhuo, still has his head dunked down facing his shirt, has his eyes looked up looking at their friends with a word ‘oops’ slipped out from his mouth. He then lifted his head and cleared his throat. Damage has been done. He is now labeled as King Kong.

Dr. Wang smiled.

“Dr. Wang, is… is the operation done?” Xi Men asked.

Dr. Wang looked at Xi Men. “May I know what happened? Why all of a sudden there is a father, and that has to make some scenes during the operation? Why not before? Or after?”

“I’m sorry, it is a mistake. I didn’t know I was the father… I…” Xi Men said.

“Sounds quite complicated. But still, it is your problem with her. I have yet to start the process, I almost did. You were lucky,”

Xi Men suddenly smiled, he is happy to know that the abortion has yet to happen.

“Since all of a sudden there is a father, the entire situation has to be reevaluated,” Dr. Wang said.


“The father of the baby has to be a part of the situation and decision-making,” Dr. Wang said. “Okay, here’s the deal. You both should talk properly. And once confirmed, you can rearrange the time again with me. I’ll go in and terminate the procedure,”

“Thank you, Dr. Wang. I’m so sorry. Thank you… thank you!” Xi Men said happily.

Dr. Wang nodded and then she walked in into the operation room’s door where Xiao You is standing next to the door.

Dr. Wang looked at Xiao You whose tears are running down her cheeks. “So this is the only missing part that you didn’t do before you come in here, right?”

Xiao You looked at Dr. Wang, and she nodded.

“So it is confirmed that he is the father?” Dr. Wang asked.

Xiao You stood there for a while before she has the courage to nod her head.

“I am not sure what is going on between you two, that, he doesn’t even know he is the father… or he is freaking confident his sperm did not impregnated you, but I kinda figured he is,”

Xiao You stared at Dr. Wang. “How do you know?”

“I kinda know he likes you, or has some feelings with you from the way he looked at you and does stuffs for you. And I look at the way you looked at him, well, I can’t read your mind but I can read body language,” Dr. Wang said. “It is quite relieving for me to know that he is the father,” she said.

Xiao You smiled faintly.

“Okay. I am glad we now know who the father is. But I disagree with your decision to deny him his right. You’ve seen it yourself right here. He was sobbing like shit when I saw him at the waiting area. Obviously something must have happened in between as he wasn’t like this when I go in earlier. I have never seen a guy cry like this in my life. So much that his sadness could imply some sorrow in my heart,” Dr. Wang said. “If you hear me well, I will terminate this procedure right away. I will grant the father his right to discuss with you and if he said OK for the abortion to happen and so do you, I will perform it according to the laws. At least I can perform with ease of heart,”

Xiao You dunked her head slightly. “I am sorry,”

“This is one of the biggest decisions in life, lady. You need him to sort this with you. Most probably you will have lots to verify with him. Take your time but don’t take too long until the baby is too big to be aborted,” Dr. Wang patted on her shoulder.

“Dr. Wang,” Xiao You called.

Dr. Wang looked at her.

“I don’t want to bother your time too much, but I hope I will have a solution and decision today,”

“So, you want to go for abortion today?”

“If all goes well,”

Dr. Wang took a deep breath. “I have a couple of patients to attend and operations to do later. I may not have the time but I’ll grant you this tentatively. I will only perform the procedure after the father says YES. Once both of you have talked, discussed and agreed with abortion, then you can look for Kelly at the nurse counter and told her this. I’ll fit in a slot if it is permissible,”

Kelly nodded at Dr. Wang’s instruction.

“Sure… thank you,” Xiao You said.

Xiao You looked down and wonders what to tell or how to deal with the friends later. She closed her eyes. So much that she didn’t want anyone to interrupt this. It happens now.

And Xi Men had found out the truth.

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