Love/Hate – Chapter 8

“Are you doing this to all woman you just met?” Xiao You asked, when Xi Men was kissing her neck.

Xi Men stopped. “No…” he said, he then looked at her. “You’re the first,” he takes a step back. “I’m sorry,”

Xiao You smiled. “I’m not surprised,”

“I didn’t mean… I’m sorry…” that’s all he could say.

“Looks like you do not only want to see my face but you want to have a piece of me,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men looked at her, “XYZ, you are really stunning and in the eyes of all men who are not gay, they would definitely react on you,”

“Again, I am not surprised,” Xiao You said.

“You mean a lot of guys have tried to…”

“Anyone who can get an erection WILL,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men swallowed a lump in his throat. “For some reason… I just lost in you…”

“It is not surprising because many guys out there do lose themselves in someone they just met or someone pretty,” Xiao You said, sitting down on the couch and crossed her right leg over her left leg.

The way she sits is defined seductive by Xi Men, and he sat down too.

“I am not sure about other guys… but to me, you are pretty and… you smell good,” Xi Men said, swallowed the lump in his throat again.

“Is Mr. Xi Men only attracted to pretty girls?” Xiao You asked.

“I… I… no,” he said. “To get me to this… I… she needs to be… I just needed to be attracted to the lady regardless of her outlook…”

“Why are you choking on your words?” Xiao You asked, her finger gently tracing her own jaw line near her chin.

‘Shit… she is seductive…’ Xi Men thought. “How many guys have hit on you?”

“You don’t have to know,” she leaned forward to grab her glass of wine.

When she stretched her hand, all Xi Men see was her beautiful skin. He has already aroused when he touched her just now.

She emptied the glass of wine. She stood up and walked.

Xi Men immediately stood up and headed to Xiao You. He hugged her from behind. Xiao You stunned when he just crashed at her back.

“Don’t go,” he said. He dives his nose at her neck, recognizing the sweet pheromones’ smell that aroused him earlier. He then smelt her hair. “I know you… I know that I know you… who are you…” he murmured.

“You don’t have to know that either,” Xiao You said. “I’m XYZ tonight,”

He tightened his hug at her waist. He was so close to her, she can literally feel the bulge from his pants. Now he is really aroused by her for sure! She smirked.

Looks like his brain is malfunction at that point of time. He lost control over himself, and he starts kissing her smooth skin already. She turned and he kissed her lips, ignoring the mask on her face. She kissed him back.

“You enjoyed me, don’t you?” Xiao You asked.

“You make me feel very good…” Xi Men said. “I can’t have enough of you…” he kissed her again.

It was a kiss of lust, and not a passionate kiss.

Xi Men’s hands traveled to the back of Xiao You. He can feel all the curves on her body. And then he felt her bare, smooth skin on her shoulder. He started breathing deep.

Xiao You slowly released herself from his embrace. He looked at her lustfully, and looking at her walking seductively into his bedroom.

He followed her into the room. She sits at the middle of the bed.

“Why do you have to be this seductive…” he whispered, as he crawled onto the bed to get near her.

“It is you got smitten by me… I have never seduced you at all, Mr. Xi Men,” Xiao You said, in a teasing manner. “Listen… I have never seduced you…”

“You’re such a teaser…” Xi Men said, approaching her. He looked at her up close. He stared into her sexy sparkling eyes. “To match with those eyes… you must have a pretty face…”

“I will not remove my mask,” Xiao You smirked.

Xi Men smiled, “I don’t mind that anymore… it’s like your second skin,” he gently pushed her down, with her lying on the bed looking at him.

He looked at her, full with lust. He touched her bare shoulder and then to her hand. And then he reached to the zip at the side of her dress. He held onto the zip, and slowly he pushed it down. He looked at the zip as he pushed it. The zip is attached to the dress that is designed to fit every curve on her body perfectly; thus making him able to see the perfect curve as well as more skin revealed when the zip is slowly pulled down. He looked at her in amazement. Her body is so curvaceous!

How many guys would die to be in his position to see that!

Xiao You suddenly reach for him and closed his opened jaw. He then looked at her.

“Close that jaw of yours before your drool starts dripping and stained my dress,” she said.

He blinked numerous times. It is just a little bit more than half of a decade he has not been with a lady. His reaction is like he has not seen a woman in his life!

“Oh my gosh… how… I… your…”

“What?” she asked.

“Nevermind…” he said as he leaned forward and captured her lips with his’.

He kissed her hungrily, while one of his hands supports himself from crashing himself down on her, the other hand of his worked its way to touch her chest beneath the unzipped tube top dress.

He then heard her breathing deep and making the arousal noises softly. She even gripped the sleeve of his shirt as a way she responded to his touch. He knew he is doing it the right way.

Very soon after he removed her dress, and without him knowing when and how, or rather too occupied to noticed, she had removed his clothes as well.

Both of their clothes piled up together on the floor next to the bed.

He stared at her in awe. He saw her beautifully shaped boobs and her luscious body. Now not only he could not get his hand off from her; his eyes could not get off her body either. His hand has never left her body, more so now she is in front of him without any piece of cloth.

He then whispered at her. “I want to take you…” he breathes deeply as he smelt her sweet smell. He could no longer hold on or control himself. He looked at her very much aroused at his touch on her.

He then held her hands, “Tell me if you are in pain… I’ll take care of you and make sure you are comfortable…” he said.

“Okay,” she said.

He’s ready. Over half a decade he has been a ‘vegetarian’, now he is losing all his control over a stranger that he just met in Lei’s annual dinner.

Suddenly he wonders if his skills had gone stale.

Nevermind, he will get back on his right track very soon after.

He looked at her intensely, and she gripped his hand tight as he gently bridges the distance between them. Making the only gap they had disappeared.

“Huh…” he breathes deeply. The feeling was intense even before the session starts. “You are… tight,”

“I know,” she said.

“Are you… chaste?”

“Don’t ask, you don’t have the right to ask. Now shut up and start,”

And he abides her, and move… and heading their way into ‘paradise’.


Xiao You opened her eyes. She heard Xi Men snoring next to her. She refused to move just yet, because she did not want Xi Men to know she is awake.

She is glad her mask is kept on throughout the night. And he did not manage to see her face. She remembers how many climaxes she reached throughout the intimacy round she had with him. Rounds, correction.

She glanced over to the clock placed next to the bed. It’s 5.30am.

Four hours ago was their first round. And it did not take too long for Xi Men to reach climax because he was totally aroused. And she seductively teased him so much he could not hold on to go to second almost 20 minutes right after the first round. And then another round again 30 minutes after the second round. He got so tired right after that he just dozed off almost immediately next to her.

“This is my best intimacy ever,” he said shortly before he dozed off.

Of course this is his best intimacy, because he has not been having intimacy for 6 years! Even if that is the worst sex he ever had in his life, who wouldn’t say or felt the same thing after not having intimacy for months or years in his case?

‘I guess it’s enough quota for him for 6 years of not touching a lady,’ she thought to herself. She then slowly removes the mask that Xi Men had claimed as her second skin.

Now she had tested his ability. Not bad for a guy to be able to have 3 rounds in 3 hours. Plus all the tiredness that he gets throughout the day and yet he can still performed for 3 rounds are considered very, very good. She knows that someone out there could only go for one round and then collapse completely right after that. Worst than Xi Men a lot, for sure. Not that she experienced before, but she read about such complains the ladies put in the forum, website, blogs, magazines and even some of her friends.

She slowly sits up, without waking Xi Men. She then glances over him.

She remembers how much misery she puts him through the night by rejecting to dance with him. She likes the face of him when he stared at her dancing with the Opera Ghost at dancing floor instead of him. She remembers how she had been seducing and teasing him the whole night, even though she told him she did not. Mind games, to be precise. It is all about his personal control. She doesn’t have to be seductive and he is already a victim in her hands. With her teases, it just adds on to him, causing him to lose his control over her time after time. She knows she had the power over him.

She knows somewhat this is not something new to him because he has been a playboy during his teenage life. She knows he won’t get hurt in this.

She then rose to her feet and picked up her clothes. And she then puts them on.

Xi Men is still snoring at the same position. Looks like he won’t even know if someone barge in into the penthouse and rob him; either his property, or his life.

Oh well, Xiao You has been quiet and makes sure he did not hear her or feel her moving. She has to make sure he is not awake to see her, and more so she did not want him to see her face. She did not want him to know XYZ is her.

Xiao You then ensures that nothing belongs to her has fallen out or left in his place. Mobile phone, wallet, her mask and any piece of her clothes is all intact with her.

She then turned and looked at Xi Men.

“You keep asking me if you know me. Yes, you know me,” she said.

“ZZZ…” Xi Men snored.

“This is our meaningless intimacy. Our one night stand,” she said.

She looked at Xi Men. She did a good job. She wants to leave the place without him knowing it. So she has to make him dead tired so she can ditch him while he is asleep.

She walked to the bedroom door and opens it. “The ever great playboy Xi Men always left before the girl wakes up, now the playboy is ditched before he wakes up,” she said.

She then closed the door quietly, and proceeds to the main door.

She then stopped her steps and looked at the empty glasses which they used to drink wine at the coffee table in the living room a couple of hours ago.

She then left the penthouse.

“Xi Men will not know who XYZ is,” she murmured.

She then left the premise by halting a cab.

Her mission is accomplished.

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