Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 1


It is one usual night for their gathering. There sat Dao Ming Si, San Chai, Hua Ze Lei, Mei Zhuo, Xiao Qiao and Xi Men. Dao Ming Si and San Chai are lovingly staring at each other while Mei Zhuo chatted through sweetly with Xiao Qiao. Xi Men and Hua Ze Lei stared at each other and smiled.

“Seems like we’re the only one left,” said Xi Men. Lei laughed.

“Well, we still have each other,” Lei said and they burst out laughing.

The other two couple looked at them. All of a sudden, they heard some sound. Mei Zhuo took out his cell from his pants and looked at it.

“Hello, mom…” Mei Zhuo answered the call.

“So… Ah Si,” Xi Men said. Ah Si looked at Xi Men. “San Chai and you have been together for some time, so when can we expect your wedding?”

“Not so soon…” San Chai said.

Ah Si turned and looked at San Chai. “Why? We’ve been through so many things together, and, why not?” he turned panicked.

“Let’s say in another few years,” San Chai answered and looked at him. “I’m not prepared anyway. And don’t think I will marry you just like that with Xi Men’s question. I still want a proposal,”

“You want a proposal? I can do that now…” Ah Si said and Lei cut him.

“Marriage is about 2 people. If she is not ready, you don’t have to propose now,” Lei said and smiled, as he knows what Ah Si is thinking at the moment. The rests nodded.

“Well… ok,” Ah Si said, disappointed.

Mei Zhuo is still on phone. The rests looked at him as he listened with attention on the phone with his mother.

“Mei Zhuo won’t take this long on calls, I mean, with his mother,” Xi Men said.

“Ok,” Mei Zhuo said and hangs up the call.

“What did your mom said that makes you…” Lei didn’t manage to finish his line when Mei Zhuo turned to Xiao Qiao and asked.

“Your flight is 11am tomorrow?”

“Yes,” Xiao Qiao said.

“Oh yeah… you are going to Italy for concert tomorrow!” said San Chai. “I totally forgot about it!”

“It’s ok,” Xiao Qiao smiled. “So, what did your mother say?”

“My sister is coming back tomorrow. She ask me to pick her up,”

“Sister?!!!” they all asked at the same time.

“You have a sister? Outside of Taiwan?” asked Xi Men.

“Oh yeah, you guys didn’t know this,” Mei Zhuo said. “My parents adopted a girl about a year ago, in Canada. My parents got to know her when they were there. She lost her parents in an airplane accident, 3 months before meeting my parents,”

“A year ago?” asked Ah Si.

“Oh yeah, there is an airplane crash back then, which the whole world knows. Some what like engine failure if not mistaken,” San Chai said.

“Canada,” the word struck Xi Men’s mind.

“Yes. And sadly her parents are on the plane,” Mei Zhuo said. “My parents liked her the first moment they met her. They insisted to take care of her, in which they said she declined at first. Then she just gave in,”

“She must be lovely,” Xiao Qiao said. “Your parents liked her very much that they offer to adopt her,”

“I think so too,” Mei Zhuo said. “But you are the loveliest to me,”

“Cut it out Mei Zhuo, the topic we are on now is your sister, not you,” Lei said.

The rests laughed and nodded, as sign of agreement.

“She is about the age of San Chai. She is pursuing her degree back then. She was so close to quit her studies because of her parents’ death and money is an issue to her. My parents offer her money to continue. In which she did. And now, she is a Masters graduate,” Mei Zhuo said and took the wine glass up. “Even higher qualification than me,” he drank the wine.

“It’s a different story, dude. You never liked studies,” said San Chai.

Mei Zhuo smiled. “She graduated her Masters last month. My parents asked her to come back to Taiwan, and worked in our company,” he put down the wine glass and poured some into it. “She is from Taiwan, and followed her parents to Canada couple of years back. And now she is coming back. Because of my parents,”

“She graduated last month. What makes her stay there until now?” asked Xiao Qiao.

“She has something to settle before she is able to come back,” Mei Zhuo said. “She is coming back tomorrow. 10am schedule to reach. Mom asked me to pick her up. So I remembered on your flight tomorrow, that’s why I asked,”

“So she will work in your company?” asked Ah Si.

Mei Zhuo nodded. “You all knew pretty early that I don’t like working. And when I start working, I kind of like it. Thinking back, I’ve worked a year, right?” he looked at Xiao Qiao and she nodded in agreement.

“Wow, it’s already 14 months since we come back from Barcelona, right?” asked Ah Si.

“That also mean we have last seen Sha Ge 14 months back,” Lei said and turned looking at Xi Men. “And never got any news from him… And what is wrong with you?”

They all looked at Lei, which then looked at Xi Men.

“What? What is wrong with me?” asked Xi Men.

“You have been unexceptionally quiet, not sure when it starts, but probably when Mei Zhuo started talking about his sister,” Lei said.

“You wanted her?” asked Ah Si.

“Ah Si, I am not aiming on anyone without looking at her,” Xi Men said.

“No,” Mei Zhuo said. “Since Xiao You, you have changed. You are not the playboy we know anymore. You don’t… spend time with girls anymore! The Xi Men we know is not you!”

“Oh, come on…” Xi Men said. Hearing the word Xiao You makes his heart beat faster.

“Yeah, Xi Men. You don’t have that 1 week policy with you anymore. You don’t date girls anymore… You were dating with your work all the time! We don’t get to meet you… like we need to make appointment with you just to have dinner with you!” said Ah Si.

“Are you gay?” asked Lei.

“Oh Lei, I am not! I like girls, ok!” said Xi Men.

“Whatever, Xi Men,” Ah Si said and turned looking at Mei Zhuo. “You met her before?”

“You mean my sister? No. I’ve never met her before. I don’t know how she looked like,”

“Then how do you know which one is her tomorrow?” Lei asked.

“Oh yeah…” Mei Zhuo scratched his head. “How do I know…?”

“What is her name?” Xi Men asked.

“Err… my mom keep mentioning ‘your sister’ all the time…” said Mei Zhuo.

“Or did she mean your sister’s name is ‘Ni Mei Mei’?” asked San Chai and everyone laughed.

“You were so dumb, dude. You don’t even know her name, how could you pick her up?” Ah Si said.

“I just suggest you put up a card board and write LING on it, make her find you. I bet she know the surname of her adopted parents is Ling,” Xi Men said.

“Good idea, take it,” said Lei.

“I don’t see if there is any other way though…” Mei Zhuo said.

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