Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 11


San Chai and Xiao You sat down at an ice-cream outlet having ice-cream and chatting when they heard some sound. San Chai looked at Xiao You who then searched her handbag and take out the cell phone.

“This is the latest model and the most expensive one!” San Chai exclaimed.

“I know. Brother said that too,” Xiao You looked at the screen for the caller’s name. “Xi Men bought me this,” she pressed the pick-up button.

“Xi Men?” asked San Chai. “Xi Men bought you the latest and the most expensive cell phone in the market?”

Xiao You nodded : Hello?

Mei Zhuo : Xiao You, are you done with shopping?

Xiao You : Not yet. Why?

Mei Zhuo : I am going out with the guys tonight. I thought of picking you up and bring you for dinner. After that I drop you home and then I go out.

Xiao You : Oh…

Mei Zhuo : What about an hour later?

Xiao You : Nevermind, I can go out with San Chai again tomorrow. So you can come and pick me up.

Mei Zhuo : Nevermind, I give you some time though. Estimate to arrive in an hour, so you wait me at the entrance then.

Xiao You : Ok, then…

They hang up the call.

“Leaving at what time?” San Chai dialed Ah Si’s number.

“In an hour,” said Xiao You. “Brother said there’s guys night tonight,”

“Surprising,” San Chai said. “They only do that on Fridays,” she placed the cell phone on her ear.

Ah Si : Done with shopping?
San Chai : Mei Zhuo is picking Xiao You up in an hour.
Ah Si : Alright then, I come and pick you up in an hour too. Entrance, ok?
San Chai : Ok.


San Chai and Xiao You sat at a bench at the entrance, waiting for Ah Si and Mei Zhuo to pick them up. Holding their shopping bags, they chatted non-stop, just like how they used to be. A car pulled up in front of them, and comes out Ah Si, walking towards them.

“It’s yours,” said Xiao You.

San Chai smiled. “Do you want me to wait until Mei Zhuo arrives?”

“Nevermind, its ok,” said Xiao You. “Go ahead with your plans,”

Ah Si took the bags from San Chai’s hand. “Are you sure you will be fine alone here? Its ok for us to wait for Mei Zhuo for a while,” Ah Si said and put all the bags into his car.

“Yes, I will be fine,” said Xiao You. “Thanks,”

“Maybe I’ll drop you to Mei Zhuo’s house tonight to accompany her while we have our nights out,” said Ah Si.

“Yes…” San Chai said, while Xiao You said “No!” at the same time.

“Why not?” asked Ah Si.

“By the time you finish with your ‘guys night’ it’ll be late,” said Xiao You. “We both will need to sleep though,”

Ah Si smiled. “Ok, make sure you take good care of yourself,”

“Yes, see you tomorrow,” Xiao You said to San Chai and gave her hug.

“Yes, see you,” San Chai said as they released from the hug. San Chai walked towards the car. “I’m meeting with Xiao You tomorrow at 10am,” she got in.

Ah Si nodded and got onto his car. With then, he sped off.

Xiao You sat alone at the bench. She looked at all the cars passing in front of her. She mumbled to herself. “I need to get a car for myself. I can’t bear being dependent to brother to fetch me… Oh, it is so pathetic…” she closed her face with her hands.

Mei Zhuo, driving his Mercedes Benz, pulled up in front of Xiao You. He immediately emerged from his car and ran to Xiao You.

“Sis! Are you ok?” asked Mei Zhuo.

Xiao You looked at him. “Oh, you’re here already?” she picked up the bags.

“Are you crying?”

“Crying? NO!”

“I thought you were crying!”

“Oh… no, I am not… just…”

“Just what?”

“Nothing, come, let’s go,” Xiao You said.

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