Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 13

Black Coffee

Xiao You sat at home reading the newspaper when someone rang the door bell. She put down the newspaper as she walked towards the door.

“Let me get the door, Young Miss…” Ah Mei said as she hurriedly walked towards the door.

“Its ok, I’ll get it,” Xiao You smiled as she opened the door.

Lei stood at the door looking at Xiao You. “Miss Ling opened the door for me?”

“Lei! Its so early to see you here!” Xiao You said as she glanced at the clock. “9am!”

“I was just dropping by,” Lei smiled and started to walk in when Xiao You blocked him.

“Just a kind reminder. I didn’t change my surname to Ling, ok. But I still accept being named as Ling,” she smiled and make way for him to enter.

“Ok,” Lei smiled. “Its kind of surprise to see you opening the door for me,” he sat down at the couch in the living room.

“You mean I can’t open the door?” Xiao You said.

“Normally Ah Mei will open the door,” Lei smiled pointed at Ah Mei who serves him tea.

“It doesn’t matter to me. I got used to do everything by myself in my life, and now you ask me to ask someone else to serve me… I can’t adapt to it,” Xiao You smiled as she drank her black coffee.

“You are now different, Xiao You. You are one of the Lings,” Lei smiled.

“I love to be independent,” Xiao You smiled. “So you don’t have to work today?”

“I’ve told you I’m dropping by. Going out later?” he asked as he sipped his tea.

“Yeah, 10am with San Chai,”

“I fetch you out. So you don’t have to ask a driver to fetch you,”

“You mean Mei Zhuo?”

“Mei Zhuo is fetching you? I thought you have your own driver,”

“He just couldn’t let him,”

“Ok, I’ll handle him,” Lei said as he took out his cell from his pants and dialed Mei Zhuo’s number. He slowly walked off from the couch and talked on his phone.
Xiao You drank her black coffee and continued reading the newspaper. Soon, Lei came back and sat down.

“Settled. I’ll fetch you out,” Lei said.

“Ok,” Xiao You said. “Thanks,”

“You’re welcome,” he said looking at Xiao You’s coffee. “Black coffee,” Lei said. “You like that?”

“Been drinking this for the past few years,”

“Bitter. You are ok with that?”

“Life is like this coffee. Bitter. But in its bitterness there is sweetness in which you will enjoy and appreciate,”

“So philosophical, like Xi Men,” Lei said. “He likes black coffee too. Do you know that?”

“Yes, he taught me this,”

Lei went silent. “Oh,” he shortly said.

“Here, take this newspaper and read it while I change,” Xiao You said and she handed the newspaper to Lei.

“Huh?” Lei asked and stared at her blankly.

“I’m going out, I need to get fix myself too!” Xiao You said.

“Oh,” Lei said as he grabbed the newspaper.

Xiao You smiled and turned to walk off, then she stopped and turned looking at Lei. “Lei,”

Lei looked at her. “What is it?”

“You didn’t change. You are still the man with few words,” she smiled, turned and walked up the stairs to her room.

“I’ll take that as a compliment!” Lei yelled.

Xiao You smiled looking at him and walked off, lost from Lei’s sight.

“I’ve never realized she’s sweet, until the day I met her again,” Lei said, referring to the gathering night a few days ago. He sat there and recalled the moment Xiao You walked into the posh restaurant with her hand hooked on Mei Zhuo’s arm. She is dazzling. Everyone is so amazed with her look.

“Young Master Hua Ze…” Ah Mei called out.

Lei looked up and smiled at Ah Mei. “Yes, Ah Mei?”

“Would you like me to refill tea for you?” Ah Mei asked.

“Can you make me black coffee?” Lei asked.

Ah Mei looked at him. “Huh?”

“I’m just curious with the taste,” Lei smiled.

“Ok…” Ah Mei said and headed to the kitchen. She then returned with a cup of black coffee. “Young Master Hua Ze, here is your black coffee,” she put it down.

“Thanks,” Lei said and take a sip of the coffee. He swallowed hard on the coffee. “Yuck, how do people drink this…” he looked at the coffee. “Ah Mei… get me some sugar… I cannot swallow this!”

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