Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 14


Xiao You looked out of the window as she sat in Lei’s car. Lei looked at her, on how she admired the scenery.

“Seems like you missed Taiwan,” Lei said as he focused on road.

“I do,” Xiao You smiled. “I have always been missing Taiwan,”

“What about us?” asked Lei.

Xiao You smiled. “Once in a while,”

“Once in a while? That’s pathetic,” said Lei.

Xiao You just smiled. “You didn’t sleep for 15 hours last night. Are you sure you have enough sleep?”

“I talk with you for an hour, right?” Lei smiled. “Yeah, I just sleep 6 hours…”

“Thinking back, you teased me the whole conversation!” Xiao You laughed.

Lei laughed, “Yes, and I enjoy that!” Xiao You laughed. “Hey, in the phone call, you told me you were getting along well with Canada. Do you have a boyfriend there?”

“No,” Xiao You said shortly.

“Oh, come on, there must be dozens of guys running after you!” said Lei.

“Well there are guys asking me out, but I just reject them,” Xiao You said. She thought to herself. “I couldn’t open up to love someone else,”

“So means all this while you were single?” asked Lei.

Xiao You nodded. “Not in the mood for love anyway,” she said while looking out the window.

“Why?” Lei said.

“Huh?” Xiao You asked. “What?”

“Why not in the mood?” Lei asked. “You just said you were not in the mood for love,”

“Oh, I said that?” Xiao You said. “Man… I must have blurted it out…” she mumbled.

“You still like Xi Men, don’t you?” Lei asked.

“NO!” Xiao You exclaimed immediately and shocked Lei.

“Whoa!” Lei said. “You got a huge response for that!”

“Sorry… I was just… surprised you said that,”

“And I am surprised you answered that way!” said Lei and chuckled. “You don’t love Xi Men? I mean… honestly with what happened between you and him…”

“I may have loved him before. But it doesn’t mean I will always be,” Xiao You said. “I know when to hold back and let go. And I have taught myself to let go… long time ago,” she turned looking outside the window. “I must say this even though I know I am lying to myself,” she thought to herself.

“Ok, glad to hear that. You shouldn’t have any problem hanging out with us, with Xi Men around, with that kind of thinking,” Lei said.

“You mean…”

“You have grown matured. Prettier. Cuter. Tougher. Whatever it is, you have totally changed from the person I have always known. You are more confident, and you know what works the best for you,” Lei smiled.

“Yes, I am. Thanks for the compliment,” said Xiao You.


San Chai stood at the shopping mall’s entrance waiting for Xiao You when she realized it’s Lei’s car slowing down in the road and pulled up next to her.

“Lei?” San Chai asked.

Xiao You got down from the car. “Thanks, Lei!” she closed it and waved at Lei. Lei waved back and saw San Chai. He waved at her too. San Chai waved back and Lei drive off. “Hi, San Chai!”

“Wasn’t that Lei?” asked San Chai.

“Yes, so?” asked Xiao You. “I mean… why?”

“Why is he fetching you?”

“Oh, he dropped by my house today so he said to fetch me here. Come, let’s go,” Xiao You said and dragged San Chai into the shopping mall.

“Xiao You… Lei do not have to pass by your house to go to office,”

“And you mean?”

“He went to your house, not drop by. He purposely went to your house,”

“Well, he and I are kind of… you know what, we chatted for an hour last night,”

“An hour? That’s pretty long for someone from F4, and more over he is Lei…”

“It is quite fun talking to him,” Xiao You said.

“Xiao You, do you think… he may be…”

Xiao You stared at San Chai. “Don’t you think it that way! Lei cannot be liking me or somewhat related to that! We are just close friends!” she hugged San Chai’s shoulder. “I know you two’s story when Ah Si lost his memory,”

“Xiao You…”

“I know he only loves you,”

“I am with Ah Si, not Lei. And he is nice looking, single…”

“No, no, no,” Xiao You shook.

“Perhaps he’s fond of you?”

“Hmm… I may accept that!” Xiao You said and they both laughed.

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