Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 15

Messed Up!

Xi Men entered the gigantic building of his office. Everyone greeted him as he headed straight to the lift. When the lift opened its door at floor 84, Xi Men walked out of the lift, and headed to his room.

“Manager Xi Men,” Secretary Xu called. “There is a message for you,”

“Ok,” Xi Men said as he took the note and headed straight into his room without even looking at it. He sat down on his chair and leaned his back at the chair, and his head rested on the chair too. “Argh…” he yelled as he placed his hand on his forehead. “I drink too much wine last night… just too much,”

He then positioned himself and read the note on his hand. “Can’t get to your cell, so contacted you through office. Call me back – Ah Si,”

Xi Men searched for his cell in his pants, and realized he didn’t have it with him. He thought for a while. He then took up the phone and dialed Ah Si’s number.

Ah Si : Hello.

Xi Men : Ah Si. Looking for me?

Ah Si : Xi Men? Whoa… its so hard to contact you.

Xi Men : I forgot my cell. I left it charging at home. What’s up?

Ah Si : Do you know… are you sure you… you… did you… arghhhhh

Xi Men : What are you saying?

Ah Si : I mean…

Xi Men : Get to the point. Ah Si don’t say things like that.

Ah Si : Xiao You. What do you think when you heard this name?

Xi Men : Are you ok? Or you have make San Chai pregnant?

Ah Si : Cut that crap! You want a beating?

Xi Men : Ha ha ha. What’s with the name?

Ah Si : I am asking you. What are your feelings towards Xiao You?

“Xiao You again…” Xi Men thought to himself.

Xi Men : Why are you asking this question again… I thought you all know!
Ah Si : Look, I know Mei Zhuo is a bit overprotective about this new sister. I am not totally agree with what he do, provided you like her.
Xi Men : Is this the reason you called?
Ah Si : You know San Chai worries about everything. She just told me Lei fetch Xiao You to the shopping mall.
Xi Men : Lei? Not Mei Zhuo?
Ah Si : San Chai just thinks too much, but I wanted you to know that if Lei…
Xi Men : We all know Lei very well. I believe he is just being nice to fetch her. That’s it.
Ah Si : That’s what you said, right?
Xi Men : Yes.
Ah Si : Ok, fine.

Ah Si hangs up the call and Xi Men stares at the phone upon hearing the loud ‘clack’. He then puts the phone down. He held both his palms together.

“Why is Lei fetching Xiao You…” Xi Men said. He looked around. “Did he… is he… argh… Why do I become like Ah Si… is Lei starting to like Xiao You? But I thought he only loves San Chai… no… San Chai is now with Ah Si… oh no, oh no…”

The phone on Xi Men’s table rang and Xi Men jumped up all of a sudden. He immediately picked up the phone.

Xi Men : What?! (yelling)
Xiao You : Its me, Xiao You.

Xi Men paused. It was a minute of silence.

Xi Men : Xiao You?
Xiao You : Wow, you took kind of long to remember me.
Xi Men : No, no… I was… surprised that you called.
Xiao You : You called me last time with this number. Since I cannot get through to your cell, so I call your office number. And it’s engaged earlier.
Xi Men : Oh yeah, I left it at home. I was on the phone with Ah Si.
Xiao You : Oh. I am at this shopping center which is quite close to your office. Do you want to take lunch with San Chai and I?
Xi Men : Oh, I had an appointment with a business partner later.
Xiao You : Oh, too bad then. Talk to you later. Bye!
Xi Men : Bye…

They hang up the call.

“Too bad I have this appointment…” Xi Men said as he dialed Secretary Xu’s extension. “Secretary Xu, can you tell me where are we meeting Mr. Thomas Lim?”

“Mr. Thomas Lim? Its tomorrow at 1.30pm at his office,” Secretary Xu said.

“Tomorrow?!” Xi Men snarled. “What a NEWS!” he thought to himself.

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