Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 19


The clock bears 11pm. Xiao You sat at the bed and looked out the window in the dark. Her tears flow down her cheek. She has been sitting there for the past an hour.

“Why is my life so complicated…” Xiao You finally voiced out after the whole long silence.

She looked at the picture of her parents, whom she lost them more than a year ago in a plane crash. “I wished you didn’t board the plane… and left me alone in the world,”
She then looked up. “If you didn’t leave, I would still be in Canada… I won’t be Mei Zhuo’s sister… I won’t be seeing Xi Men… Things just got more complicated than what I thought,”

She then sit at the edge of the bed, and curled up. “I only wanted a simple life…”

She wiped her tears off her wet cheek. “But things are good to me, right? I lost my parents, I got new parents. I even got a brother who is protective. I got my Masters… and if it is not Mei Zhuo I wouldn’t be a Masters graduate. I got a career ahead of me. I got more than what I want in my life… but to get all this, I only had to give up one thing… my love…”

“Life has never been easy. Xi Men had never loved me… I should have known it,” tears flow down her cheek again.

She wiped her tears off harshly. “Its good Mei Zhuo had stepped in, else when will I know that Xi Men and I are not meant to be together, and I am wasting my life on such things that had no future… I am so upset with myself…”

She took a deep breath. “From now on I will lead my fresh new life… all over again,”

Suddenly her phone rang. She looked at the screen for the caller’s name.

Xi Men.

Her heart sank. She had just told herself that she is leading a new life. She had not thought on where she should ‘put’ Xi Men in her life.

Xiao You : Hello…
Xi Men : Hi, you still haven’t sleep?
Xiao You : No, not yet.
Xi Men silent for a moment.
Xi Men : Have you been crying?

Xiao You silent. “How on earth did you know I cried?” she thought to herself.

Xi Men : I sense some sadness in your voice. And I also sense some difference because you don’t sound that way in phone.
Xiao You : I’m fine.
Xi Men : So you have been crying. What happened? Mei Zhuo bully you?
Xiao You laughed slightly : No, he is not. He’s very nice to me.
Xi Men : Really? Then why are you crying?

“You. It’s you,” Xiao You thought to herself.

Xiao You : I missed my parents.
Xi Men : I am sorry for the news of your parents. I didn’t know this happened.
Xiao You : It’s ok. None of you knew about this anyway. I lost contact with San Chai prior to this last time.
Xi Men : Why didn’t you contact her back?
Xiao You : Why do you make it sounds like interview session and your questions are endless?
Xi Men laughed : I’m sorry. I was just curious.
Xiao You : So what made you called?

Xi Men stunned. “How do I tell her that I called because I wanted to listen to her voice? Mei Zhuo had placed a warning to me. I can only act as a friend to her and nothing more…”

Xiao You : Hello?
Xi Men : Oh, sorry. I felt I didn’t call you for some time, so I called. Plus, you’ll start working tomorrow, so I wanted to know if you are nervous, prepared, ready…

“I should have known that you would say that. Why am I asking such a stupid question,”

Xi Men : Are you prepared then?
Xiao You : I’m not sure.
Xi Men : Can I have lunch with you tomorrow?

“Darn! What am I doing?! Mei Zhuo ask me to stay away!” Xi Men knocked his head as he thought to himself.

“Didn’t Mei Zhuo had asked you to stay away from me?” Xiao You thought.

Xiao You : As you know I am working with Mei Zhuo in the same company, I will be having lunch with him. But if you want to, you can join us. I will ask Lei, Ah Si and San Chai to join.
Xi Men : Ok then. As a celebration for your first day at work as manager.

“Thank goodness the rests will be there…” Xi Men thought.

Xiao You : Sure then. 12pm. I’ll confirm the venue with you tomorrow after discussion with brother.
Xi Men : Ok. So, don’t cry anymore, ok? You needed enough rest, especially first day at work. You won’t look pretty with swollen eyes.
Xiao You : No worries. I am not crying.

“I wished I was there to hug you and let you cry on my shoulder,” Xi Men thought.

Xi Men : Xiao You…
Xiao You : Yes?
Xi Men : May I ask… after you have been in Canada for some time… what is the first thing you want to see or to be at, in Taiwan? Hill? Beach?
Xiao You : Anywhere. If I want to see the nightlife of Taiwan then I will be at the hills. If I want to listen to the sea water came crashing on the sand, then I will be at the beach. I have always love Taiwan in so many things, I cannot exactly tell you where I want to be or to see.

Xiao You thought to herself, “I only want to be with you and seeing you…”

Xi Men : Oh… Well, it’s late already. So, sleep early ok?
Xiao You : Ok. Goodnight.
Xi Men : Goodnight.

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