Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 21

Xiao You’s First Working Day II

As the lift opens, Mei Zhuo and Xiao You stepped out of the lift.

“Everyone is waiting for us at the meeting room. That meeting room is only for IT by the way,” Mei Zhuo said. They walked towards the meeting room.

“Director Ling,” one guy greeted. “Good morning, Miss CEO Ling,”

“Good morning, Ming,” Mei Zhuo smiled. He then turned looking at Xiao You. “Ming is the office security officer here, for IT,”

“Good morning, Ming. Don’t call me Miss CEO Ling… call me Xiao You,”

“Yes, Miss CEO Xiao You,”

Xiao You looked at him. Mei Zhuo laughed lightly. He then pointed at the door, and Ming opened it. Inside the meeting room, everyone went silent as they see Mei Zhuo and Xiao You walked in. Mei Zhuo sat down at the chairman chair and Xiao You sat next to him.

“Good morning everyone,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Good morning Director Ling,” they all replied.

“Brother is gorgeous in that director style!” Xiao You thought to himself.

“Today with the urgent meeting, will only take a short while of your time. This is my sister, Xiao You. She will hold the title of IT Director,”

They all looked at Xiao You, somewhat disbelief at a young lady to take hold of the position.

“From now onwards, all of you will report to her, including you,” Mei Zhuo pointed at Chen.

“How much did she know that I have to report to her? Did President Ling even know about this? Or you just put this up?” Chen said.

Mei Zhuo and Xiao You stared at him.

“How dare he say that?!” Xiao You said to herself.

“Of course dad knows about this!” Mei Zhuo exclaimed.

“GM Chen,” Xiao You voiced out.

Everyone in the room stared at her. Mei Zhuo stared at her as well. It’s time for this Director to shine.

“According to what you said, it feels as though you do not even respect my father,” Xiao You said.

The managers talk among themselves while Chen stunned looking at her.

“How many years have you worked in the company?” Xiao You said.

“20,” Chen said arrogantly. “Obviously more than you,”

“20 years of working experience. And you want to tell us that you don’t know how to differentiate between your position and mine?”

Mei Zhuo looked at Xiao You. “She has definitely changed…”

“My father gave me this position because he knows I can handle it better,” Xiao You said.

“Better than me?” Chen said.

“Definitely better than you,” Xiao You said. “Try me,”

Chen looked at her angrily.

“Your first report to me will be end of next week. You will report to me every Friday from next week onwards,” Xiao You smiled at him, forcefully.

“Yes, Director,” Chen said.


Mei Zhuo led Xiao You into her room, the biggest room in 60th floor.

“This is your CEO room,” said Mei Zhuo. “Director,”

“Don’t do that to me, brother!” she said.

“You were so good in the meeting room just now. I am shocked with how you handle that,” Mei Zhuo said. “Xiao You, you had changed, tremendously. You are not the Xiao You I know before,”

Xiao You smiled. “Office politics,”

“Keep it up sis. We cannot let Chen do what he wants,” Mei Zhuo patted on her shoulder.

“I will, brother,” she replied.

Someone knocked the door. “Come in!” Mei Zhuo called out.

A lady comes in. “Director Ling(s), I am Debbie. I’m your secretary,”

“Ah yes,” Mei Zhuo said. “After of all resumes I have gone thru, she is the perfect candidate as your secretary,”

“You mean she is a new hirer?”

“No, I mean of our company. She is the office assistant for IT department. I promote her to be your secretary. She is very good in what ever she do,” Mei Zhuo smiled. He turned and looked at Debbie. “Don’t let her and me down,”

“Yes, Director Ling,” Debbie said.

“Call her Director Xiao You. She is more comfortable with that. Or CEO Xiao You,” he smirked at Xiao You.

“Ah… not again…” Xiao You murmured.

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