Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 22


Xiao You sat at her desk and read on one document, among piles of documents stacked in front of her on her desk. Her desk phone beeped. She pressed the button.

“Hello,” she said.

“Sis! Time to lunch!”

She looked up and stared at the phone. “Brother?” she looked at the clock at the wall.

“Of course it is me… come, I wait you at ground floor,” Mei Zhuo hang up the call.


“We’ll be late anyway…” Xiao You puts her computer on stand by mode and she stood up. “Man… this computer is very beautiful, with slim CPU, flat screen LCD monitor… ah… I love this very much,” she said as she looked at the computer. “Oh wait, I am supposed to pack up and leave for lunch! Why am I looking at you!” she immediately stood up.


Mei Zhuo stood at the ground floor of the huge Ling Corporation building, with his arms folded on his chest.

“Brother!” Xiao You called out as she walked to him with her high heel shoes.

“Took you some time eh,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Don’t mention that, come, let’s go,” said Xiao You. “We’ll be late,”

“We’re late anyway,” Mei Zhuo pointed at his watch and they headed towards the entrance.


Ah Si and San Chai sat at the Japanese restaurant.

“Why are we the earliest again?” asked Ah Si.

“Because we thought we were late,” San Chai replied casually.

Xi Men opened the door and instantly saw San Chai and Ah Si staring at him. He walked towards them and takes a seat. “I’m not late, right?”

“Expecting the rests to reach,” Ah Si pointed at the empty seats.

“Oh,” Xi Men said casually.

With then the restaurant’s door is opened again, and there comes Mei Zhuo and Xiao You. And Lei rushing in while the door is closing, making the door knocked on his head.

“Ouch!” Lei said.

Mei Zhuo and Xiao You immediately turned and saw Lei rubbing his head. Ah Si, San Chai and Xi Men also looked at them.

“Lei, are you ok?” asked Xiao You.

“I’m fine… ouch!” Lei yelled as he rubbed his head.

“Come on… let me have a look,” Xiao You said as she walked to Lei. She removed Lei’s hand from his forehead and looked at it. “It’s red and slightly bulged,”

Ah Si and San Chai turned looking at Xi Men who witnessed everything. In Xi Men’s face, he seems fine, but deep in heart he felt worried upon what he had seen. He is not comfortable with what he see, as he almost instantly looked away and then he slowly turned back looking at them. Ah Si and San Chai witnessed Xi Men’s reaction all the while.

“Can we just sit down first?” asked Mei Zhuo.

“Oh…” Xiao You said as they all walked to the table. “Hi everyone,”

“Hi,” they all replied.

Xiao You smiled at Xi Men. Xi Men smiled back at her, as if what he witnessed doesn’t bother him. Xiao You sat down next to Xi Men, and Lei sat down next to Xiao You. With the only place left next to Ah Si, Mei Zhuo took the seat.

Xi Men, as he is sitting opposite Mei Zhuo, said, “Do you want me to change place with you?” he pointed as Xiao You is sitting next to him.

“It’s ok. We don’t have to sit together all the time,” Mei Zhuo replied as the waiter handed him the menu.

Xiao You looked at Lei who is still rubbing his forehead. Xiao You pushed Lei’s hand away and rubbed hardly on his forehead.

“XIAO YOU!!!” Lei yelled as he tried to avoid.

“It will not get better if I don’t rub hard!” Xiao You said.

Ah Si and San Chai laughed. Mei Zhuo laughed harder. Xi Men just smiled.

“Xiao You, congratulations for your new job!” Ah Si and San Chai said.

“Thanks!” Xiao You said.

“This is why I called up for lunch! For celebration!” Mei Zhuo said.

“Yeah, congratulations,” Lei said as Xiao You kept rubbing his head.

“Thank you,” she said.

“I wish I wasn’t here to witness all of this,” Xi Men thought to himself. “She seems so casual about this… How did she feel about me? What should I do? Mei Zhuo has given me the warning… but should I keep to it or cross border?” he looked at Mei Zhuo who is focusing on the menu.

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