Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 27

The Night

Xiao You drove her way to Xi Men’s mansion, following behind Xi Men. She switched on the phone and saw hundreds of missed calls by Mei Zhuo, Lei, San Chai and Ah Si. It’s weird. There are no missed calls from Xi Men. She then dialed Mei Zhuo’s number.

Mei Zhuo immediately stopped his car and listened to the cell phone.

Mei Zhuo : Xiao You! Where are you?!
Xiao You : I’m fine. I’m not going home tonight.
Mei Zhuo : You’re not going back? Then where…
Xiao You : I will go to office tomorrow morning, sharp at 8.30am. I promise.

She immediately hangs up the call and even switched off the phone. She then reached Xi Men’s mansion. She parked the car and got down, walking to where Xi Men is waiting for her.

“Called Mei Zhuo?” asked Xi Men.

“Yes,” Xiao You said.

“Lei?” asked Xi Men.

Xiao You shook. “Mei Zhuo will tell him,”

“Oh,” Xi Men said as he turned and walked to the door. “I’ll get my cousin’s clothes for you to change,”

“Your cousin?” asked Xiao You.

Xi Men smiled. “I do not have any mei mei’s clothes here. No worries. I am not that type of person anymore,” he walked up the stairs. “If you don’t mind, please close the door for me, “

“Ok,” Xiao You said as she closed the door. She then walked to the living room. She is comfortable with the house.

A couple of minutes later Xi Men got down and handed Xiao You a pile of clothes. “This is yours for the night,” he smiled.

“Thank you,” Xiao You smiled. “And thank you for letting me stay overnight here,”

“No problem,” Xi Men said. “And maybe I should thanked you, for staying over, as in accompanying me in my house,” he smiled. “My house has always been empty,”

“So do mine,”

“At least you are there with Mei Zhuo,” Xi Men sat down at the couch. Xiao You smiled. “So you and Lei…”

“Usual,” Xiao You answered casually.

“Oh…” Xi Men said.

“I think I need to sleep now. I have to go back home early in the morning to get change and go to work,” Xiao You said.

“Ok then,” Xi Men smiled.

“Err… which room is mine?” Xiao You asked.

“Take any room, besides the 1st and 2nd at the left. That’s my mom’s and my room,”

“Ok, thanks again Xi Men,”

“You’re welcome,” Xi Men said as Xiao You slowly walked up the staircase.

“So close yet so far…” they both thought to themselves.


Mei Zhuo sat at the dining room reading the newspaper when someone opened the door. He looked up and saw Xiao You walking in and then up the staircase.

“Sis!” Mei Zhuo called. He stood up and heard Xiao You closed the door harshly. He then called Lei and informed him about Xiao You reaching home already.

Not long later, Xiao You got out from her room, with the business smart outlook, walked down the staircase and headed towards the door.

“Sis, you don’t want to eat breakfast? I have yet to finish…” Mei Zhuo said. He and Xiao You would go to office together in the morning with Mei Zhuo’s car.

“I’m going by myself,” Xiao You opened the door. “Oh, here’s your car keys,” she put it at the small table near the door.

“Then how do you go…”

“Xi Men is waiting for me outside,” Xiao You said and closed the door behind her.

“Xi Men?” Mei Zhuo asked.


Mei Zhuo reached office and went to Xiao You’s room.

“Good morning, Director Ling,” Debbie said.

“Good morning. Is Xiao You inside?”

“She has yet to come…” Debbie said as she looked around Mei Zhuo because they normally come together. She looked at the clock and it is 8.10am.

Mei Zhuo then looked at his watch. “She said she will be here at 8.30am sharp…” he then looked at Debbie. “Debbie, please call me when she is here,”

“Yes, Director Ling,”

Mei Zhuo looked at Xiao You’s door and then he turned and walked off.


“Thanks for the ride,” Xiao You said.

“Thanks for the breakfast,” Xi Men smiled. “I’ll treat you the next meal,”

“Sure, so…” Xiao You said. “Bye,”

“Bye,” Xi Men said.

Xiao You got down from the car and headed to the lift. As she is walking, she looked at the clock. “I’m not late in any means,” she said and she continued walking until she reached her room. Xiao You entered her room at 8.25am, 5 minutes earlier than what she had promised Mei Zhuo.

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