Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 28

The Brothers’ Fight

The guys gathered at the living room of Dao Ming’s. San Chai and Xiao You are in one guest room upstairs chatting.

“What actually happened yesterday?” Ah Si asked.

Lei looked at Ah Si. “Something went wrong,”

“That was obvious, I mean… until Xiao You drove your car away?” Ah Si said.

“She looked for you, right?” Mei Zhuo looked at Xi Men.

Xi Men stared at Mei Zhuo. “No, she didn’t,”

“How come you went out for breakfast with her today morning? What did you do to her?” Lei asked.

“I was just being nice to have breakfast with her,” Xi Men said.

“Being nice? Did you slept with her?!” Lei stood up and yelled.

“What the heck are you talking about?! She is my friend and you are my friend! How could you judged me like that!” Xi Men stood up and yelled back.

“Because she loved you once and you fell for her too way back then!” Lei yelled.

“Wooi! Enough both of you! This is my house!” Ah Si stood up and yelled at them.


“What happened downstairs?” asked Xiao You.

“I heard Ah Si yelling,” San Chai said and they both stood up.

“Let’s take a look,” Xiao You said.

They opened the door and looked at the guys from the staircase.


“Did she spend yesterday night at your house?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“Yes, because she said she don’t want to go back home,” Xi Men said.

“So that means you already found her and didn’t call back, right?” Lei said pointing at Xi Men. Lei has always been known as a calm person. This is their first time seeing Lei getting angry.

“She requested that,” Xi Men said.

“Xi Men, she is my sister! Who do you think you are?!” Mei Zhuo yelled.

“She is my girlfriend!” Lei yelled. “Mei Zhuo has given you warning to back off from her because all you could give is sadness!”

“She is my friend!” Xi Men yelled. “I know you are her boyfriend but you don’t even understand her!”

“I had enough of this, Xi Men! You are my friend and I believe you wholeheartedly and trust you to had let her go!” Lei yelled.

Ah Si put his hand on his head. “Why do I ask them to assemble in my house at the first place…” he said.

“What are you suppose to mean? That I am going to eat her up? I know she is your girlfriend, I know!” Xi Men yelled.

“She sleeps at your house and you didn’t let us know! You want to tell me you know she is my girlfriend when you betrayed me?” Lei yelled.

“Hello!!! She sleeps in another room!” Xi Men yelled.

“As though I would believe you because you still love her!” Lei shouted.

Xi Men went silent immediately. Mei Zhuo and Ah Si looked at him. Lei stared at him with fiery eyes.

“How could you say that when the one she love is you,” Xi Men said.

“You still love her that you could do whatever she asks you to do and betrayed us as your brothers! She sleeps in your house and you just let it be without letting us know until now and all you tell me is that you know she is my girlfriend but keep it silent from me! You’ve crossed the border!!!” Lei screamed as he flung a punch on Xi Men’s face.

Xi Men immediately fell down to the floor.

“Lei!” Ah Si and Mei Zhuo screamed as they stepped in to stop Lei from hitting Xi Men.


“Xiao You…” San Chai said.

Tears fell down Xiao You’s cheek. She couldn’t stand anymore. She ran down the staircase and stepped in into the chaotic scene. She pushed Mei Zhuo and Ah Si away, and threw a slap on Lei’s face.

“Xiao You!” San Chai called out.

Lei stunned and immediately looked at the teary Xiao You. “Xiao You…”

“That’s for not believing me,” Xiao You said. She turned and threw a slap on Xi Men’s face. “That’s for not standing up for yourself and let him punch you,”

Xi Men stared at the angry Xiao You. “Xiao You…”

Xiao You turned and dashed to Mei Zhuo. She grabbed the car keys from Mei Zhuo’s pants and hurriedly ran to the door.

“Oh no… not again… SIS!!!” Mei Zhuo yelled as he ran towards her.

Lei and Xi Men looked at each other.

“We are friends, what happened to you two…” Ah Si said.

They all heard a car’s engine started, and it sped off.

Mei Zhuo ran back in. “Ok, now, please, forget this for once. Please go and find Xiao You. I am worried with the way she drives now with all these emotions,” he ran to Ah Si. “Give me your car keys,”

Ah Si immediately gave him the car keys and took another batch of keys at the nearby table as he and Mei Zhuo rushed out of the house.

Lei and Xi Men, staring at each other, then hurriedly ran out of the house.

They all get onto their cars and sped off for the search of Xiao You.

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