Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 29

The Pier

Xiao You sat inside the Mercedes Benz, parked at the pier, overlooking the sea. She didn’t want to go to the hill anymore because she knows Xi Men will look for her there. She also didn’t want to go to beach because he will look for her there. At that moment, she wants to be alone. Her tears keep flowing down her cheek.

“I have tried opened up to love someone else… but why…” Xiao You said. “When I put my trust in you, Lei… why did you destroy everything that I tried?” she cried.

She sobbed hard. “Why didn’t you stand up for yourself, Xi Men? Do you really like me, at least? Why did you just let them hit you with words that you seem defenseless…”

Xiao You hit on the steering. “Brother… I hate you for being too protective… I hate you, I hate you, I hate all of you!!!” she yelled.

She sat in the car for a couple of minutes and then she got down from the car. She walked slowly to the bench with is located at the pier, where people can sit and overlooked the sea. She sat down.

A person sat down next to her. She doesn’t seem to realize this and she just stared at the sea with her swollen eyes.

“Enjoying the view?” the person suddenly said.

Xiao You shocked with the familiar voice and immediately turned and looked at the person sitting next to her.

“Xi Men?!” she called out.

Xi Men smiled. “Yes, it’s me,”

“How come… I mean… you know… why… ahhh,” she said.

“Today my instinct tells me again that you’re here,” Xi Men said. “Does that mean that you are meant to be with me?” he thought to himself.

“I never told you about the pier, right?” asked Xiao You.

“Nope, you’ve never mention anything about this place. So, now you believe with my instinct stuff?”

Xiao You just turned back looking at the sea. “Go away. I don’t want to see you,”

“I can’t,” Xi Men said.

“Just go,” Xiao You said.

“I don’t want to leave you alone here,” Xi Men said. “Just pretend I wasn’t here,”

“How could that possibly be?” Xiao You said.

“Then how could I be possible leaving you alone right here at the pier at 9.30pm?”

“I’m very upset, Xi Men, please leave,”

“I’m very upset too, Xiao You, please don’t ask me to leave,”

“How can you be upset?”

“Because I have just gone through the worst day in my life. Quarreling with my buddies. And one even punched me,” Xi Men said. “And one slapped me,”

Xiao You stunned when she heard him mentioned the word ‘slapped’. “I’m…”

“It’s ok,” Xi Men touched his right cheek where Xiao You slapped him. The spot that Lei punched is an inch upper.

“I didn’t want to say I am sorry. What do you think I want to say?” Xiao You said. “I am not sorry for slapping you,”

“That’s why I said its ok. Because I know you have reasons why you slap me,”

Xiao You didn’t say a word and just looked out to the sea.

“Are you happy with Lei?” asked Xi Men.

“Fine,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men’s cell phone rang. He looked at it and then he looked at Xiao You, who is still looking out to the sea.

Xi Men : Mei Zhuo.
Mei Zhuo : Did you manage to find her?
Xi Men : Yes I did, but she didn’t want to see all of you.
Mei Zhuo : You did? Where are you?
Xi Men : If I tell you right now you would come, right? She is shooing me away at the moment I didn’t know what she will do if you all come too.

He looked at Xiao You who seemed emotionless. She didn’t respond on what Xi Men said to Mei Zhuo.

Xi Men : If you come over she may not want to see all of us again.
Mei Zhuo : Then do what you can. I’ll ask the search to stop. Once she is alright can you drop me a call and then I will come over. Thanks Xi Men.
Xi Men : You’re welcome. I’ll do what I can.

They hang up the call.

Xi Men looked at Xiao You. “So you want to go back home tonight?”

“I would like to stay at San Chai’s place,” she answered. “I didn’t want to stay at your place again. Since staying at your place will create tremendous of problems,”

“Actually I don’t mind…”

“But I do,” Xiao You said. “I don’t wish to see another fight,” she didn’t look at him at all. “Go home. I want to stay here, I want to be alone,”

“I’ll just sit here and wait until you wanted to go home. I promise not to disturb you. Just let me make sure you’re safe. That’s all I ask,”

Xiao You didn’t say anything. Xi Men waited for her answer, but since she was silent all the way, he takes it as she agreed. He sat there for 2 hours and didn’t talk to Xiao You, as what he had promised. Sitting there next to Xiao You was more than enough for Xi Men.

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