Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 32

“They’re friends now”

Mei Zhuo stood at the airport’s arrival gate. He looked out to the gate with some sadness in his eyes. Suddenly…

“Dear!” someone called in front of him.

Mei Zhuo immediately looked at the person. “Eh, Xiao Qiao, I didn’t see you coming out from the gate,”

“I already waved at you just now,” Xiao Qiao said. “You were the one who is not paying attention,” she handed the luggage to him.

Mei Zhuo took the luggage in his right hand, and his left hand held Xiao Qiao’s hand and walked towards the entrance. “How was the trip?”

“Fun, nice and tiring. Do you miss me?”

“Of course I do,” Mei Zhuo smiled.

“Wait, there’s something bothering you,”

“No, there’s nothing,”

“I can see it in your eyes. You can’t lie to me, Mei Zhuo,” Xiao Qiao said. “What happened?”

“You were only away for two months, but so many things happened here already,”

“Why? What is it?” she looked serious.

“Xiao You, she…”

“What happened to her?”

“Lei, he…”

“What happened to him?”

“Xi… huh…”

“What is going on?”


“Mei Zhuo, say things properly…”

“Xiao You is with Lei but things just don’t work right between them,”

“Then what about that Xi something that you said earlier?”

“Xi Men?”

“Ok, then?”

“I also don’t know what happened between these 3 people,”

“Mei Zhuo, you… you can’t tell a story right. I mean… huh,”

“Xiao You is mad with me too,”

“What?” Xiao Qiao looked at him. “Now, what really happened?”

“We had a fight,”

“Fight? About what?”

“So many things…”

“Nevermind, save it. I’ll ask San Chai about it. She’ll tell me a better story than you,” Xiao Qiao said. “Anyway, come, let’s go,”


Xi Men lied on his bed at 1pm when his cell phone rang non-stop. Xi Men slightly opened one of his eyes and closing it back tightly, not wanting to pick up the phone.

“Hang up…” Xi Men mumbled. “Stop calling…”

It is the 45th call for the day that he didn’t pick up. He didn’t even see who the caller is. He then heard a car stops outside his mansion. He heard the engine went dead, someone slammed close the car door and locks it. A couple of minutes later, someone opened the door and walks in.

“Xi Men,”

Xi Men opened his eyes slightly to see who called him. Ah Si. He shut close his eyes like he didn’t see him.

“Xi Men…” Ah Si sat on the bed. “What happened to you? I have been calling you for the past few days and you didn’t pick up the phone!”

“Hundreds of missed calls every single day for the past few days,” Xi Men said slowly.

“What is wrong with you?” Ah Si asked. “And you didn’t go to work!” Xi Men just silent while covered intact under his blanket. “You are so NOT you these days, you are a workaholic and now you don’t go to work!” he looked at Xi Men whose eyes still remain closed.

“I…” Xi Men took a deep breath and then stops talking.

Ah Si looked at him. “Man… you really looked pale…” he then put his hand on Xi Men’s forehead and realized it is hot! “Xi Men, you’re having high fever! Have you seen a doctor?”

“No…” Xi Men answered softly. “I will be fine soon,”

“Fine? You… wait, you’ve been sick for couple of days?” Ah Si looked at him. “And that is why you don’t go to work and picking up your phone?”

“None of your business,”

“You’ve been sick since that day you found Xiao You at the pier, right? You sat there for 2 hours and got fever? In that case you really need to see a doctor or else you will not recover!”

“Just let me sleep and rest!”

“In a minute I thought you became Lei because you refuse to get out of the bed. Now I know you are not,” Ah Si dialed his personal doctor’s number on his cell.

“How I wish I was him…” Xi Men mumbled.

Ah Si turned looking at him. Xi Men may have spoken too loud that Ah Si heard what he said. Ah Si hangs up the call, even before his doctor picked up the call. “You still love Xiao You, don’t you?”

“No,” Xi Men said.

“Stop cheating me, Xi Men. You have done so many things for her and with the way you react, it is so obvious that you are still in love with her,” Ah Si said. “You wish she was with you and not Lei, right?”

“Don’t drag me into this, Ah Si,” Xi Men took a very deep breath. “Whatever it is, she is with him. That’s the fact,”

“Mentioning of that, it reminds me on why I keep calling you. And since the calls are unanswered, I have to come and see you personally,” Ah Si looked at him.

“I don’t want to listen to their stuffs anymore,” Xi Men said.

“It’s easy to get answers out of Xi Men when he is sick with half-clear mind,” Ah Si thought to himself. “What about it? You just don’t want to be involved in the love triangle?”

“There is never love triangle relationship,” Xi Men opened his eyes and stared at Ah Si. “I… am never in and just didn’t want Lei to think I was in the relationship whatsoever,”

“In which you did,”


“You think you are just trying to help in their relationship?”

“I find her, and bring her back to Lei,”

“Are you trying to be nice?”

“We are friends,”

“By handing the person you love to your friend?”

“She chose him,”

Ah Si smiled. He had just trapped Xi Men.

“Wait,” Xi Men opened his eyes. “What did I said?”

“You handed Xiao You to Lei because she choose him, you said that,”

“Look, I know Lei needed to find her so I looked for her. And you looked for her too,”

“What makes you manage to find her first and not Lei?”

“I am very surprise you said that, Ah Si. All my life I never knew you ask and say these kinds of stuffs,”

“Because I wanted you to be happy too, Xi Men. You are so good in hiding your emotions and none of us really know what you are thinking. Perhaps we manage to see this time all because of Xiao You. She really affects you emotionally and mentally,”

“Say whatever you want, Ah Si,”

“Stop denying that you love her,”

“I really don’t,”

“Means you don’t deny that you love her,”

“Ah Si!” Xi Men sat on his bed and stared at Ah Si. A while later he put his right hand on his head. He then slumped back to his bed. “I don’t love her,” he yelled.

“You really don’t?”


“You know what, Xi Men…” Ah Si asked.


“Do you know why I come over?”

“No idea. You said you cannot get to me,”

“Because…” Ah Si said looking at him while Xi Men sprawled on his bed. “You do the wrong thing,”

“What wrong thing?”

“You handed the person you love to the person she doesn’t love,”

Xi Men opened his eyes, again, and look at him. “What?”

“Xiao You and Lei are never in love with each other. They are just… has this some kind of affection towards each other but it is not love,”

“Say that again?”

“Xiao You and Lei are now friends,” Ah Si said. “They’ve broke up,”

Xi Men stared at him speechless.

“Lei could only treat her as friend. He…” Ah Si took a deep breath. “He still love San Chai,” he looked at his phone. “I am not the open type person. I am still very much hated the fact that Lei loves San Chai but I put my trust on San Chai for choosing me,”

“It’s a miracle how Dao Ming Si could control himself over this kind of stuff,”

Ah Si stared at Xi Men. “Ok, the thing is not about me now. Its YOU,”

“There is nothing about me!”

“Lei told me he cannot love her and Xiao You told San Chai she cannot love Lei!”


“Xiao You told San Chai that she is still very much in love with you,”

Xi Men looked at him again. “She loves me?”

“She told San Chai that,”

Xi Men immediately sit up, looked around, and then fixed his eyes on Ah Si. “Ah Si,” he held Ah Si’s arms. “Drive me to Xiao You’s place. I cannot drive when I am having dizziness each time I stood up,”


“Please, I need to see her now,” Xi Men tightened his grip on Ah Si’s arms.

“Alright, alright!” Ah Si harshly pushed Xi Men’s hands away as he massaged both his arms.

Xi Men immediately stood up, holding on stuffs around him so that he won’t fall, walked to his bathroom to clean himself and then to the wardrobe and get a clean change.


Ah Si drove to his house, on the way:

“Xiao You still stays at your house?” Xi Men asked as he laid his head back on the passenger seat’s headrest

“She is not ready to talk to Mei Zhuo yet. Mei Zhuo comes over everyday to see if she is doing fine,”

“What about her work?”

“She is taking her medical leave, just like you,”

“You mean she is sick?”

“She is but you’re worst,”

“How many days already…?”

“5 days since the day you met her at the pier,”

“Means she and I are sick for 5 days…?”


Ah Si pulled up in front of his mansion and Xi Men immediately got down from his car. With his body drifting from left to right, he got to the door and opened it. He then walked in into the mansion.

Ah Si immediately got down from the car and chased Xi Men.

“Xiao You!!!” Xi Men yelled.

“Stop screaming! This is my house!” Ah Si yelled back. “I know where she is, I brought you to there,”

“Thanks, Ah Si…”

“You should only come when you’re fine. See! You can’t even walk straight!”

“I need to find her,” Xi Men said. “I really need to find her…”

Ah Si hooked on Xi Men’s arms and brought him to the living room of his mansion, where Xiao You and San Chai are talking to each other. Since Xiao You stayed over at Ah Si’s mansion, San Chai took a few days off to accompany Xiao You, after all, it is Ah Si’s company she is working at. Taking a few days leave is not a problem.

“Xi Men?” San Chai called out.

Xiao You, whose back is facing them, immediately turned upon San Chai’s calling and looked at Xi Men.

“Xi Men, what happened to you? Are you ok?” San Chai stood up and immediately rushed to Xi Men.

Xiao You just stood there stunned.

“He is looking for you,” Ah Si looked at Xiao You.

“Xiao You…” Xi Men called and looked at her. He released Ah Si’s hands and walked towards Xiao You, with holding on the closest items that he can remained stable.

“Xi Men… what… what happened?” Xiao You hangs onto him. “You look pale,”

“He had fever,” Ah Si said.

“Xiao You… I…” Xi Men then closed his eyes and slumps down.

“XI MEN!!!” Xiao You screamed.

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