Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 33


Xi Men opened his eyes slightly and saw Xiao You, Ah Si and San Chai standing next to his bed.

“Are you alright?” Ah Si asked.

“What happened?” Xi Men asked.

“You fainted,” said San Chai.

“I fainted? I…”

“Doctor said you were having high fever,” Xiao You said.

“Extremely high,” Ah Si said. “Asked you to see doctor you said no need, look what happened now!”

“How do I know I would pass out…”

“Enough of the debate,” Xiao You said. “We let Xi Men rests. Let’s go out,” they turned and Xi Men immediately voiced out.

“Xiao You, can I talk to you?”

Xiao You turned and looked at him. Xi Men looked at her waiting for answer. Xiao You gradually walked back to the bed and takes her seat on a chair next to the bed while San Chai closed the door behind after she and Ah Si left the room.

“What do you want to say?”

“I heard from Ah Si that you and Lei broke up. What happened?”

Xiao You smiled lightly. “We just find that we don’t fit one another,”

“Were you… heartbroken?”

She shook. “No,”

“I thought you would, you both have been together for more than a month,”

“We are far better as friends. Lei and I were more than delighted that we can remain friends after break up. At least I don’t lose this friend,”

“Was it because of me?”


“Do you remember this still-slightly-visible-bruise on my face? Do you remember he punched me?”

“I didn’t know why he punched you the other day,”

“Because you were his girlfriend then. He just wanted to protect you, just what a boyfriend should do,”

“And also you had been given warning by brother,”

“You know about that?” Xi Men’s eyes widened.

“Brother told me about that,” Xiao You said calmly. “How had you been? I mean… I know you are sick, and it is obvious…”

“This is not the reason I come over,” Xi Men said. “And that fainting scenario is not in plan,”

“You should be ok soon. Doctor has given you an injection just now and prescript you with some medicines which you must finish them,” Xiao You took the medicine from the table and handed to Xi Men.

Xi Men grabbed Xiao You’s soft hand. Xiao You dropped the medicines on the bed. She is stunned with what Xi Men is doing.

“Xi Men, you…”

“I love you, Xiao You,”

Xiao You looked at him. Tears started to form in his eyes. He held Xiao You’s hand tighter. Xiao You didn’t know what to say or do. She didn’t see it coming.

“I wished I could tell you this earlier, or at a better place and not like this,” Xi Men looked at himself, feeling disappointed with his current condition. “I never knew how you felt about me. I didn’t know what to do. I was hoping I could express my feelings but… our past… makes me think twice…”

“So it will be ok for you to let Lei have me?”

“I didn’t know Lei is going after you until… until you two were together,” Xi Men said as his tears rolled down his cheek. “I did suspect him, but I thought he is just being friendly to you,”

“You seem fine with Lei being with me,”

“I am not. I just… I am very upset over the whole thing. I admit I made some mistakes,”

“What mistakes?”

“That is to let my fear control over me, fearing to express to you, fearing if you and I still can be together… and most of all, I denied my feelings towards you time after time,” Xiao You looked down. “I am still denying before I come, but I know I must… I must… do what I should… Xiao You… I… I really love you, I am very scared of losing you…” both of his hands held onto Xiao You’s hand, as more and more tears rolled down his cheek.

Xiao You wiped Xi Men’s tears away. “Silly, the Xi Men I know don’t cry…” she smiled lightly. “But I am… somewhat happy because you shed your tears for me…”

“You are the only woman in my life that ever makes me emotional besides my mother,”

“Because you love me,” Xiao You smiled as those are the words she wanted to hear badly from Xi Men. “And your love to me is returned with my love for you. I love you too, Xi Men,”

Xi Men immediately held her into his arms and they embraced. It has been the best moment in their life. They then released from the embrace.

“I took too long to do this… I was afraid of rejection. I was thinking that you don’t love me. I was…” Xiao You placed her finger on his lips.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, right?” a tear dropped onto Xiao You’s cheek.

“Yes… it doesn’t matter anymore…” Xi Men hugged her tight. “What matters now is that you are in my arms now… with me…”

Xiao You smiled lightly, and then she hugged him tight and finally sobbed hard.

“Xiao You…” Xi Men asked, and tried to release her from the hug.

“Don’t,” Xiao You said. She remained hugging tight. Xi Men was expecting to see her and ask her what is the problem, but he went stunned when Xiao You didn’t allow him to even let loose of the embrace. “I waited for this to happen, so long…”

Xi Men then smiled. He understood why she sobbed. “I’m sorry I should have done this earlier… or at a better place with a romantic dinner,” She sobbed because it happened. It finally happened. “And I don’t expect to express to you in this way, on this bed, with us… being the sick couple and me passing out…”

“It’s ok, Xi Men… it’s ok…”

“Don’t cry anymore, baby…” he said. “What happened between you and Lei?” he asked again. “I didn’t know you guys will broke up,”

Xiao You released herself from the embrace and looked at him. “We couldn’t open up ourselves to love another, not at the moment,”

“Why is that so?”

Xiao You poked at Xi Men’s chest. “Here,”

Xi Men held her hand. “I cannot let the history repeats itself. I cannot repeat my mistakes again. I cannot let you go again. I didn’t want to see you walking out of my life…” he then hugged her. “Stay with me, be with me. I promised not to make you sad, ever again,”

Xiao You smiled. She nodded. This is what she has been waiting for.

They hugged each other tight.

Xiao You suddenly remembered and looked at Xi Men.

“Xi Men…”

“Yes…?” Xi Men asked while caressing her cheek.


Xi Men stared at her. “The warning…” he then looked down. “How could I forget that…”

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