Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 34


Lei sat at the mini bar in Mei Zhuo’s house, drinking with Mei Zhuo.

“You’ve really decided?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“You may hate me for the decision. But yes,” Lei drank the wine.

“How could I hate you when you know this relationship is going nowhere therefore you and Xiao You break up now,” Mei Zhuo looked at his wine.

“Not only me, Xiao You too,” Lei smiled. “She knows this is not going to work out too,”

Mei Zhuo stared at him. “What is the problem now? Why is it that…”

“Summary, we just like each other. We don’t love each other. Not up to the level. And it’s not going to be anyway,”


“Mei Zhuo, do you sense some kind of feeling with Xiao Qiao?”

“Why is it about me now?” Mei Zhuo asked. “I love Xiao Qiao very much,”

“Love and like are both different things. I could only like Xiao You. The most I do to her is just hold her hands and give her a kiss at her cheek. I didn’t do more than that. Because I do not have that kind of feelings to her,”

“What do you mean by ‘didn’t do more than that’?” Mei Zhuo eyed him.

“I am not capable to kiss her because I don’t feel to. When I hugged her I felt like a big brother to her, as though I am in the same position as you,”

“If you know how to differentiate this early, you don’t need to start a relationship with her at all,” Mei Zhuo sipped his wine.

“I liked her in the beginning thinking this relationship will work because I wanted to give myself a chance to love someone,”

“But San Chai had your love already, right?”

Lei just silent. “Maybe,”

“Since you have decided on breaking up with her, I think I’ll just go with it,”

“You won’t hit me, do you?”

“Why should I? You both are not hurt at all,”

Lei smiled lightly. “I suppose that is the best way to do,”

“Let me confirmed… Xiao You is not hurt, right?”

“She is delighted that we can still remain friends,” Lei sipped his wine. “But there is a thing,” he looked at the glass of wine while Mei Zhuo looked at him. “She couldn’t open up to love me because I felt she still loves Xi Men. Maybe you should take back the warning,”

“I do that because of her. I just didn’t want her to be sad,”

“If taking back the warning will make her happy, will you do it?”

“If taking back the warning will make her happy tentatively, why should I do it?”

“I know you are a good big brother to her, but why do you want to do this? Why don’t you just let her do what she wants?”

“If Xi Men will make her happy, then I’ll be glad to take the warning off,”

“How can Xi Men make her happy when the warning is still on?”

“Xi Men knows what to do,” Mei Zhuo then looked at Lei. “If he wants Xiao You, he would do everything to get her,”

“Even if it means losing you as a friend?”

“Maybe,” Mei Zhuo said as he swallowed down the whole glass of wine.

“You know what, Mei Zhuo…” Lei said.

“What is it?”

“What happened to me and Xiao You at this moment probably triggered Xi Men. Although we see it as though it doesn’t matter to him, I am expecting he knows what he really wants. I could feel…” Lei said looking at Mei Zhuo. “I could feel that he will do something about it. He will not stand there waiting for things to happen or just let it pass by,”

Mei Zhuo smiled slightly. “You were never wrong in assumptions. You always know what will happen next as though you are the one making it happen,”

“Wasn’t that what you are expecting? On Xi Men reacting this?”

“Let’s just say… hopefully your assumption is right again this time. But I want to see how far he is willing to go to get through this big brother,”

Lei smiled and shook lightly as he took up the glass of wine. “Big brother,” he mumbled and swallowed the wine.

“I may be protective…”

Lei cut him. “Overprotective,”

Mei Zhuo stared at him. “Ok, overprotective… but isn’t it that what I do actually gives the best to Xiao You?”

“Have you asked if she is offended with the way you do stuffs?”


Lei nodded. “Xiao You did mentioned to me she didn’t blame you for being protective because you just wanted to be a good brother, but I know she is not happy when you stepped in into her life as though you were controlling her,”

“I don’t feel like I am controlling her. I just wanted the best for her,”

“You may not feel that way, but others do,”

“Others? You mean… you as well?”

“Maybe,” Lei smiled.

“What do you mean maybe,”

“Have you ever thought why Xiao You didn’t want to come home?”

“Because she didn’t want to see me,”

“And why she didn’t want to see you?”

Mei Zhuo silent. “No idea, why then?”

“Mei Zhuo,” Lei called and patted his shoulder. “You need to think this on your own. It’s time for me to go home,” he stood up and walked.

“But Lei…! You should tell me what you know!”

“I don’t know what you did to make her avoid seeing you. You are her brother. You see her more than I do,” Lei smiled and waved. He opened the door and left.


Xi Men looked at the documents on his table. He looked happy and doesn’t seem like not feeling well. He is just weak and tired that he doesn’t feel like walking around. He still has headache and fever but he forced himself to go to work because his father said the documents waiting for him to sign have piled up to mountain high. He took the medication as prescript by the doctor. He took two tablets out of the medicine pack and swallowed it with a cup of water.

He smiled suddenly when Secretary Xu knocks the door and comes in.

“Manager Xi Men,” Secretary Xu called. Although Xi Men no longer holds the Manager title but CEO of Xi Men Enterprise, he has always asked Secretary Xu to remain calling him manager as he is used to it.

Xi Men looked up at Secretary Xu. “Since when you comes in… ah, nevermind. Looking for me?”

Secretary Xu smiled. “Manager Xi Men, I have postponed all your appointments for last week since you fell sick and would like you to reschedule it. However, you have one appointment today that I wanted to postpone because of you not feeling well but he insisted to see you,”

“Which company?” Xi Men asked as he put his hand on his forehead.

“Mr. Gerard Tong of Tong Enterprise,” Secretary Xu said.

“Tong Enterprise?” Xi Men asked. “I thought he had rejected on selling his company a couple of months ago and it slumps down in the share market after that. At high rate of $47.00 it drops until $8.27,”

“Manager Xi Men, it was last week. Today its share stands at $3.70. A dollar dropped from morning,”

“Worst,” Xi Men said. “I thought after he rejected then we didn’t keep in contact with him. But since when do we have this appointment with him?”

“Manager Xi Men, last week. You said ok to proceed with the appointment,”

“Did I?” Xi Men looked at Secretary Xu. “Ok… so what time is the appointment?” he looked at his watch, which bears 2pm.

“2.30pm,” said Secretary Xu. “Are you in a rush, Manager Xi Men?”

“2.30pm should be ok,” Xi Men said. “I need to go by 5pm,”

“Something coming up, Manager Xi Men?”

Xi Men smiled. “Just wish me luck,”

“Good luck, Manager Xi Men,”

“Thanks,” Xi Men smiled.

As Secretary Xu went out, Xi Men called Xiao You.

Xiao You : Xi Men.
Xi Men : Xiao You.
Xiao You : Are you fine today?
Xi Men : I still have fever and headache.
Xiao You : If you are not feeling well then we can just cancel…
Xi Men : No, Xiao You. We cannot cancel what we planned for the night. I have told you I will talk to Mei Zhuo tonight and it will happen no matter what.
Xiao You : I am…
Xi Men : Afraid? You have been saying that since 2 days ago. We’ve prepared for this for 2 days. Don’t be afraid, dear.
Xiao You : I know…
Xi Men : I have an appointment at 2.30pm, but I will make sure I leave office at 5pm as I’ve promised you. My chauffer will pick me and you up, and as I have promised you, to reach Mei Zhuo’s place by 8pm after dinner.
Xiao You : Ok… did you take your medicine?
Xi Men : Yes, baby. I just took. How’s work?
Xiao You : Hectic. A lot of reports I need to check since I didn’t go to work the whole last week. There are some internal system failures while I am not around and I need to check why.
Xi Men : So we both are pretty busy today.
Xiao You : So why you called?
Xi Men : I miss you, so I called to listen to your voice.
Xiao You smiled : I miss you too…
Xi Men : So I…
Xiao You cuts in : Talk to you tonight. System down again.

“CLACK!!” Xi Men held the phone as Xiao You hangs up immediately. Xi Men just smiled.


Xi Men sat at his chairman seat in the boardroom as he glanced through the proposal.

“Did the requirements list in the proposal suit you, Mr. Xi Men?” Mr. Gerard said.

“If you list these couple of months back when Xi Men Enterprise is very much interested with your company, I will say yes,” Xi Men closed the file and put it on the table.

“Mr. Xi Men…”

“You rejected when we are interested in your company. Now your company is doomed, and you wanted us to take it?”

“Mr. Xi Men, I…”

“I thank you, for putting my interest in place. But there is no way this business will work,” Xi Men smiled and stood up. “Thank you for coming, Mr. Gerard Tong,”

“Mr. Xi Men,” Mr. Gerard called and Xi Men turned looking at him. “You know my business has always been working well. It was just some management change in my company that makes the havoc. That is just a small matter to you. Why don’t you just help me?”

“Mr. Gerard, business is business. I cannot help by buying up your company knowing it will not be able to survive even if I bought it. If you have agreed on this a few months back then yes, I will help. But not now,” Xi Men said and he looked at Secretary Xu. “Meeting’s over,”

“Xi Men Zhong Er Lang,” Mr. Gerard called.

Xi Men immediately turned. It is so rude of someone to call him his full name.

“You will get this back, I promise. When you regret this, it’s too late,” Mr. Gerard said, packed up his documents and passed by Xi Men to the door.

“Manager Xi Men…” Secretary Xu said. “What did he mean by that?”

Xi Men looked at Mr. Gerard walking to the lift. “Not sure, but it doesn’t feel good,” Xi Men then looked at Secretary Xu. “Tell me, Secretary Xu. What did I do wrong?”

“No, Manager Xi Men. You didn’t do anything wrong. You were following the business rules,”

Xi Men then nodded slightly. “I agree with you. It’s just plain business,” he looked at his watch. “I still have piles of documents to read and sign and it’s already 4pm…”

“Manager Xi Men, if you don’t mind then I could help you sort out which documents are important for you to sign today and leave the rests to tomorrow so you can leave at 5pm,” Secretary Xu said.

Xi Men smiled. “That is very nice of you, sure. Thank you very much,”

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