Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 37

Band Of Brothers

“Xi Men!” someone called. Xi Men looked up. It’s Ah Si and San Chai. “Xi Men,”

Xi Men looked at them, knowing what they want to ask. “I am fine, and Xiao You is in the room,”

“What happened?” Ah Si asked.

Xi Men looked at the policeman questioning a teenager. “Him,” They both turned looking at the teenager. “He drives at a very high speed and he lost control of his car. Ended up the car spins and crush onto 7 cars. Mine included,”

San Chai and Ah Si looked around. All are the victims of the car accident. Everyone is talking to each other, some worried, some cried, some panicked, and all the emergency rooms as well as the outpatient rooms are fully in use. The outpatient rooms are located outside, and further inside is the emergency rooms.

“Xiao You will be alright,” San Chai said at the forehead-bandaged Xi Men.

Xi Men looked at his palm, imagining Xiao You’s blood on his palm earlier at the accident site.

“Xi Men?” Ah Si asked.

“She bled profusely. My hand, her seat, her clothes… all soaked with her blood,”

“Xi Men…” San Chai said as tears started to form in her eyes.

“Xi Men!!” someone yelled and heavy footsteps are heard running towards them. They all looked up besides Xi Men and see it’s Mei Zhuo. Xiao Qiao followed behind.

“Is Xiao You alright?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“She is still in the emergency room,” Ah Si said.

“How did it happen?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“It was him,” Ah Si pointed at the teenager who is talking to the policeman. “He started it,”

“Are you ok, Xi Men?” Xiao Qiao asked.

“He’s not fine,” San Chai said. “Don’t ask him too many questions,”

Xiao Qiao nodded. “Alright…”

Xi Men sat there staring at the floor. “I cannot do anything to avoid it…”

Mei Zhuo sat down and patted on Xi Men’s shoulder. “There’s nothing you can do afterall,”

Xiao Qiao, San Chai and Ah Si looked at Mei Zhuo’s reaction. They thought upon Mei Zhuo will panic or freak out and possibly scold or beat Xi Men up.

Xi Men looked at Mei Zhuo. “I’m sorry I failed to protect her…”

“It’s ok, dude,” Mei Zhuo closed both of his palms together. “It’s not your fault this accident occurs,”

Xi Men suddenly looked up. “I got something I needed to ask that teen,” he stood up and walked towards the teenager.

They all stared at Xi Men.

“Hey you,” Xi Men called.

The teen turned looking at Xi Men. “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to cause the accident,”

“Mr. Xi Men, the car he drive is his father’s car,”

“Mr. Xi Men?” the teen asked. “Mr. Xi Men of Xi Men Enterprise? You are the tycoon?”

Xi Men stared at him. “Ok, he doesn’t know me, so he is not hired to create this accident,” he thought to himself. “Yes,” he replied.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Xi Men…” the teen said.

“It has already happened anyway,” Xi Men said as he turned and walked back to his seat.

“What is it, Xi Men?” Xiao Qiao asked.

“Nothing,” Xi Men said. “Congratulations,”

“Huh?” Xiao Qiao looked at him.

“I saw your ring,” Xi Men said.

“Ring?” San Chai asked as she looked at Xiao Qiao’s hand.

“You’re pretty observant on this, dude,” Mei Zhuo said.

“I just saw it. Congrats,”

“Thanks, but I got no mood to talk about it now, seeing Xiao You in emergency room,”

“The ring is so nice, Xiao Qiao!” San Chai said.

Xi Men just smiled lightly. “I am glad this accident does not happen because of me. I cannot bear to see Xiao You in the emergency room because of me…”

“What happened to Xiao You?” they heard someone said. It’s Lei, walking towards them.

“Accident,” said Ah Si.

“I thought she is safe in your arms,” Lei said at Xi Men.

“Lei, the accident…”

“I want you to know, although we have not been in love with each other previously, it doesn’t mean I didn’t care about her. Although you can rest assure I won’t be with her anymore, but it doesn’t mean I am stepping out because I still like her. At least all the while she is with me she is safe from the moment she stepped out of the house until she reached home,” Lei said.

“Lei…” Mei Zhuo called.

“It is not fair for both of us to be together if we don’t love each other, that is why we break up in the first place. I believe I have given you enough time to ask yourself if Xiao You is for you during my whole relationship with her,” Lei looked at Xi Men.

“I know…” Xi Men said softly.

“All I hope is that she is happy being with you, and all I trust in you, Xi Men, is that you will give her happiness and as the woman of your life, it is your responsibility to ensure her safety,” Lei said.

“It’s not what you think, Lei…” said San Chai.

“He just couldn’t avoid the accident, he didn’t make it happen,” Xiao Qiao said.

“I know what had happened while I am walking in here. Everyone has been talking about it. I couldn’t blame you for the accident, but I could blame you for not alert enough to do what it is to make sure Xiao You is safe,”

“Lei, I wished the one lying inside the emergency room is me, not her. Do you know how it feels when…” Xi Men when Lei cut in.

“When the one you love is lying in there and not knowing what will happen to her? Is that what you want to say, Xi Men?” Lei asked. “Then do you know how it felt when she stormed out of the house with Mei Zhuo’s Porsche and drive to a place where only you manage to find where she is, and then you tell us that you’re still searching for her when you’ve already found her? She is my girlfriend that time and heck, yes, I don’t love her but I do like her and cares for her. After all she is officially my girlfriend, and in fact she and I are both trying to work the relationship out. Then do you know how I feel then?”

“Lei, it’s past… can you just stop mentioning about it?” Ah Si said.

“I am wishing the best for you and Xiao You but I just can’t accept it when I am being told that she has been admitted into the emergency room,”

“There is nothing he can do to avoid the accident, Lei,” said Xiao Qiao.

“It’s ok, Xiao Qiao. He is just mad at this moment, let him be,” Xi Men said. “I understand what you are saying,”

“Lei, you mean you had yet to accept the fact that you and Xiao You…” Mei Zhuo asked.

“I’ve accepted it. I even accept the fact that she is happy with Xi Men because they are meant for each other. But seeing things like this, I don’t know if you two are meant to be together. And…” Lei sat down next to Xi Men. “And all I wish is the best for her, and only you can do that,”

Xi Men looked at Lei. “Me?”

“The best in her life lies in you. That is why I am relief that you are the one for her because I know you can do it. I don’t wish to see such things happen. After all she is not only your love, she is also someone dearly to all of us here,” Lei said.

They all nodded.

“Take it as though I am scolding you, advising you or mad at you. I wanted to see Xiao You lead happily with her life. It is her destiny to meet with us again after she left to Canada, lost contact with San Chai, being Ling’s foster daughter and back to our lives. Please take a very good care of her and don’t let all of us worried again. You can ask for our help at any time, even during my 15 hours sleep,”

Xi Men nodded.

“If such things happen again, we will just scold you again and again, but we will stick with you guys to make things work. You just have to bear with me scolding you,” Lei said.

“And me,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Me too,” Ah Si said.

“We are all brothers since we are kids. We will always stand by you and help you go through this,” Lei said.

“So feel free to tell us if anything has happened,” Mei Zhuo said as he patted Xi Men’s shoulder. “She is my sister, I need to take care of her too, you know,”

“Thanks, guys…thank you for believe in me. I will do everything I could to make her happy, even if it takes my life away,” Xi Men looked at the door of the emergency room. “Please make sure Xiao You is alright,”

“Are they meant to be… afterall?” Lei, Mei Zhuo, Xiao Qiao, Ah Si and San Chai thought to themselves.

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