Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 40

Mei Zhuo’s and Xiao You’s Talk

Xi Men walked slowly into the room and stood aside. Xiao Qiao then closed the door. She then walked to one side of Xiao You’s bed. Xi Men looked at San Chai talking to Xiao You softly. Xiao You responded softly too. She looked very weak, with bandages around her head. Xi Men then touched his forehead. A small plaster is still on his forehead.

“I am so not prepared for this, what should I do…” Xi Men thought.

Xiao You slowly turned and looked at Xi Men. She then smiled. Indeed, she is weak even in her smile.

“Ok… she is trying to be nice to me… after all I believe San Chai and Xiao Qiao told her that I am her boyfriend or what, so, she must be trying to befriend with me…” Xi Men thought to himself. “Ok, Xi Men… cool…” he mumbled.

“Why Xi Men, come closer,” San Chai said.

“Ok, now she knows my name is Xi Men… so I don’t have to introduce myself again to my beloved…” with that Xi Men walked closely to the bed.

Xiao You’s eyes still focused on him. Even if she is weak, her eyes still glow and as though it is smiling at him.

“Hi… how are you,” Xi Men asked.

San Chai and Xiao Qiao looked at him. Xiao Qiao tried hiding her laughter.

“This guy is taking things too far…” Xiao Qiao thought.

“What is wrong with him?” San Chai asked.

“You’ll know,” Xiao Qiao said.

“Xi Men…” Xiao You said softly as she slowly lifted her hand.

“How are you feeling?” Xi Men asked as he took her soft and weak hand.

“I’m ok, how about you?” she asked.

“I’m ok too,” Xi Men said.

“Why… you look very pale,” Xiao You said.

“Really?” Xi Men asked. “Darn… why is she not asking me yet about me?!” he thought.

“Have you been this pale since the accident?”

“Ok, she knows about the accident, what should I do next?” he thought again. “I’m not sure because I don’t look at myself that often, they looked at me more,” he pointed at Xiao Qiao and San Chai.

“I thought Xi Men would take care of his look no matter where he goes. Wearing the best suit, driving the best car, why you don’t bother about your pale look after the accident?” Xiao You asked as she held his face.

“Wait… this is going too far, how come she knows…” Xi Men thought to himself. “I’m sorry I caused you like this,”

“It’s not what you wanted to happen, dear. You cannot do anything,” Xiao You said. “I still remember how that teen struggles with the steering wheel when the car swerves and spins,”

“You… remember?” Xi Men caught up with her word. “And… dear?”

Xiao You nodded lightly. “It is very obvious that you cannot avoid it. And don’t blame yourself. Because you didn’t make it happen, right?”

“You…” Xi Men said. “She…” he looked at Xiao Qiao.

Xiao Qiao smiled. “She did not lose her memory,”

“She didn’t?” Xi Men asked and stared at Xiao You. “You didn’t?”

Xiao Qiao laughed. “She remembers everything so well you would have trouble asking her to forget!”

“You mean… all this while when I am outside, she is fine here, without losing her memory and talking with you guys?” Xi Men asked.

“You said you are not prepared to face her. So I give you chance to make yourself prepared,” Xiao Qiao said.

“But you can tell me that she is alright!”

“You never ask me to tell you her condition,” Xiao Qiao smiled.

“You mean you thought she had lost her memory? And that is why you sat outside not wanting to come in… until Xiao Qiao forced you in?” San Chai said and then she laughed.

“Well, yes!” Xi Men said and then looked at Xiao You. “Darling?”

Xiao You smiled. “How could you think of me forgetting you…”

Xi Men smiled widely. “I am so afraid that I would lose you in this accident, I am so worried…”

“You’re so silly,” Xiao You said as Xi Men planted a passionate kiss on Xiao You’s lips.

“I admit. I would prefer to be silly rather than losing you in real,” Xi Men smiled as happy tears dropped down his cheek.

“I’m calling the rests to come in…” Xiao Qiao said and she opened the door. “You guys can come in now…”

“What is going on… why do we need to stay outside and wait?!” Ah Si yelled.

“As long as you get to come in, that’s what matters, right?” Xiao Qiao said.

“Look what we got here…” Mei Zhuo said as they stood at the door looking at Xi Men talking softly with Xiao You.

“So does that mean that we are not suppose to come?” Lei asked.

“Oh, ok, we’ll split this lovebird apart for a couple of minutes to give you few hunky and wealthy businessman a grand entrance and grand visit to our patient, Miss Yang Xiao You,” Xiao Qiao said.

“Ok, that’s not what I meant…” Lei smiled.

“Hey, Xiao You,” Ah Si called. “How are you feeling now?”

“I’m tired,” Xiao You smiled. “But I’m happy to be here,”

“How’s your head?” Mei Zhuo asked. “Pain?”

“We were afraid that you’ll not remember us, so we called all the doctors around the world to be ready in case you…” said Lei.

“You mean you know she is… she didn’t lose her memory?” Xi Men asked.

“San Chai told me when she called,” said Lei.

Ah Si and Mei Zhuo nodded.

“You mean you tell them but not me?” Xi Men asked.

“No,” San Chai said. “Practically they asked,”

“Yeah, I ask her about it,” Ah Si said. Mei Zhuo and Lei nodded.

“Oh…” Xi Men said. “My fault for not asking,” he smiled.

“There’s pain slightly though,” Xiao You said.

“Do you want to see doctor?” asked Xi Men.

“Doctor said it’s like that for the first few days,” Xiao Qiao said. “So it is ok,”

“Is it…?”

“Ok, I know you’re being caring, but, let’s take it this way…” Mei Zhuo said. “She hurt her head… of course it hurts!!”

“Especially the first few days!” Lei continued.

Everyone laughed.

“Ok… I was just being… you know…” Xi Men smiled.

“Can I have some time with Xiao You?” Mei Zhuo asked. He then looked at everyone. “For a few minutes, alone?”

Xi Men looked at Xiao You. She nodded at him.

“Ok, sure thing,” Xi Men smiled. “Take good care of her,”

Mei Zhuo looked at Xi Men. “I’m her brother, ok?”

“And don’t make it feel like you’re leaving for a long time…” Ah Si said as he held San Chai’s hand and walked out of the room.

Xi Men smiled as he also slowly walked out of the room with the rests, and closed the door behind him.

Mei Zhuo sat down next to Xiao You’s bed.

“Brother,” Xiao You said.

“Sis,” he called. “All of a sudden I felt like a stranger to you,” he smiled.

“We’ve been thru a lot of things, brother,” Xiao You said.

“Yes, I know,” Mei Zhuo said. “But I can see you’re a lot happier with Xi Men, I mean, extremely happy,”

Xiao You smiled.

“Even when you are lying in the hospital bed because of the accident, you still looked happier than when you are with Lei,”

Xiao You laughed. “I couldn’t believe you said that,”

“It’s true,” Mei Zhuo smiled. “I thought previously Lei and you would make a good couple. But too bad it doesn’t work out for you,”

“I was thinking that way too,” Xiao You said. “It just… not working,”

“Perhaps it is because you and Xi Men are really meant for each other,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Really?” Xiao You asked.

“That’s what I think,” Mei Zhuo said. “Sis,”


“I missed the days we are close. After you and Lei were attached, we never really got to sit down and talk,”

“I know. After Lei and I are attached, we only hang out with each other. Then, things get worse. You and I hardly talk anymore,”

“And after you and Lei break up, you and I still don’t talk to each other. Is it that you felt I am the one causing everything?”

“No, it wasn’t. I admit I am unhappy with you for a period, but it’s all over,”

“Then you and Xi Men got together, and of course, you two hang out more and we just don’t have time to talk to each other… until now. But I wasn’t expecting to be able to sit down and talk to you like this,”

“Me neither,”

“It’s kind of weird because we only have time to talk to each other with you lying on bed and with Xi Men out there perhaps trying to destroy the wall hoping to talk to you,”

Xiao You smiled. “You are my brother. We don’t need to find time to talk to each other like this. We can always sit down in the comfy couch in our living room and talk at anytime,”

“To be honest, I have been looking forward to talk to you but I never got the chance,”

“Perhaps this is the way for us to rekindle our sibling relationship,”

“Yes, I agree that. Sis…”

“Yes, brother?”

“Can we remain close like how we used to be?”

“Of course! We are close no matter what, right?”


“Yes, but you are kind of overprotective,”

Mei Zhuo smiled. “Yes, I admit that,”

“Maybe you should try not so overprotective over me,”

“Actually I was just wanted to protect you… after all… mom…”

“I know, brother,”

“But with Xi Men… I think he will be the one who is overprotective over you, perhaps more than me,”

Xiao You smiled.

“Actually Xi Men is a good guy. After you went back to Canada the second time… he didn’t… you know… one week policy,”

“I heard about it,”

“It’s you who changed him,” Mei Zhuo said as Xiao You stared at him. “I didn’t allow him to be with you because I didn’t want you to get hurt again like the previous times. I didn’t want to see you became like the girls who was once his mei mei. It’s because you are my sister,” Mei Zhuo looked at her. “If you’re not my sister, why do I bother, right?”

Xiao You nodded lightly. “Thank you, Mei Zhuo, for being such a good brother to me,”

“Maybe you should thank mom instead,” Mei Zhuo smiled. “Well, I think my time is up. I could imagine Xi Men walking right and forth outside this room waiting to see you,” Xiao You laughed lightly. Mei Zhuo stood up, he then pinched Xiao You’s nose. “I will always care for you and be there for you,”

“Thank you,”

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