Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 44

Xi Men’s Shocking Condition

Xiao You woke up on a bed with Xiao Qiao, San Chai and Jing sitting next to her.

“Where am I?” Xiao You asked.

“Hospital,” Jing said.

“Hospital… what happened?” Xiao You asked.

“You fainted. Doctor said you’re alright,” San Chai said.

“Hospital… HOSPITAL!!! Where is Xi Men?!” she finally recalled. She sat up and shook Xiao Qiao who is nearest to her. “Where is he? Is he alright?”

“He…” Xiao Qiao. “Is in the emergency room…”

Xiao You immediately got down from the bed and rushed to the door, running out.

“Xiao You!” they all called and followed her.

Xiao You ran to the reception and asked for the emergency room. After the nurse told her the location, she immediately runs to where the nurse said. She then saw Mei Zhuo, Lei and Ah Si sitting together, outside the emergency room.

“Brother!” Xiao You called out.

The three guys immediately turned and looked at Xiao You.

“Xiao You, you’re ok?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“I’m fine, how’s Xi Men?” Xiao You asked.

“We don’t know yet,” Lei answered.

“How long has he been in there?” Xiao You asked.

“6 hours,” Ah Si said.

“6?! And he is still not out yet?” Xiao You asked.

“Xi Men is very seriously injured,” Lei said.

“Seriously injured?” asked Xiao You. “What happened?”

Mei Zhuo looked at her. “Someone found Xi Men sprawled on road and send him in. He is badly injured he is not recognizable. The only thing that identified him is his identity card in his wallet,”

“When they found out about him, the hospital calls the office, direct to Secretary Xu,” Lei said. “And then he called Mei Zhuo,”

Xiao You sat down on the bench outside the emergency room. Stunned. She didn’t know what to do. Hearing the description is hurtful enough. “Why he call you and not me?”

“Because I called over and ask him to call me should he have Xi Men’s news,” Mei Zhuo said. “Don’t blame him, because I ask him to,”

Xiao You went speechless. “What exactly happened…”

“No one knows,” Lei said.

They all looked at each other without even speaking a word. It’s 4pm, and there is no news of Xi Men’s condition yet.

Mei Zhuo held Xiao Qiao’s hand. “Do you want to go home?” he asked her.

“I can still stay,” Xiao Qiao said. “No worries,”

Mei Zhuo smiled at her. He then looked at Jing and San Chai. “You two want to go home?”

“It’s ok,” Jing and San Chai answered together.

“Xiao You…” Lei asked Mei Zhuo pointing at Xiao You.

Mei Zhuo shook. “She will not go home, not before Xi Men is alright,”

“Can I talk with you guys… alone?” Ah Si asked looking at Mei Zhuo and Lei.

“Sure,” Lei walked off.

Mei Zhuo looked at Ah Si and nodded as he followed Lei’s trail. Ah Si then followed. He signaled the girls to stay on and takes care of Xiao You.

Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si stood a bit further from the girls.

“What is it, Ah Si?” Lei asked.

“I am kind of worried of Xi Men,” Ah Si said.

“What is it that I, or we all girls cannot listen on?” Xiao You said suddenly, standing beside Ah Si which scares him.

“Xiao You!” the guys called.

“If it’s about Xi Men, I hope you can tell me,” Xiao You said.

Mei Zhuo, Lei and Ah Si looked at each other. They nodded and walked back towards the bench where the rests of the girls sat.

“I am worried of Xi Men. We have not experience such things before. And even the worst was way back then that San Chai was kidnapped. That was the only time,” Ah Si said.

“Where is Xi Men found at?” Xiao You asked.

“The cable hill. You know where all the network cables located at?” Lei asked.

“Oh, THAT hill,” Jing said. “But no people go there… why would Xi Men go there?”

“And if no one goes there, how is he being found?” Xiao Qiao asked.

“There’s a network team went up to fix its network cable. They were on the way down when they saw Xi Men,” Mei Zhuo said. “At about 10am, before, I should say,”

“The person sending Xi Men in stated in the police report that he is sprawled in a pool of blood. His car is badly burned. The door is opened,” Ah Si said.

“Burned? Opened?” San Chai asked.

“Which means his car got on fire, and possibly Xi Men is running away from the car so the car door opened,” Lei said.

“But it looked… I mean, if it’s just the car burned, why is he bleeding?!” Xiao You asked.

“Look. He is not recognizable upon admission. I think something has happened to him, not just the car burning, something more,” Ah Si said.

“The police have speed to the scene upon learning on this incident. I hope they could tell us what they have found from the scene,” Lei said.

A doctor comes out from the emergency room. All of them immediately focused on him.

“Doctor!” Xiao You called. “Is the patient alright?”

The doctor looked at her. “You know the patient?”

“Xi Men Zhong Er Lang?” Lei asked the doctor, if they had mistaken asked the doctor.

“Oh, yes. And you are…” the doctor asked.

“His girlfriend,” Xiao You said.

“And we are his friends,” Mei Zhuo said.

“He is going thru a major operation now. All the specialists in Taipei have been called over upon his admission to perform the operation now. He is very badly injured that he must be operated,” the doctor said.

“How was his condition upon admission?” asked Ah Si.

“When he first comes in, he is totally covered with blood. His face is all bruised, cuts and swollen. His body is bruised, swollen and we detected broken ribs and bones. Bleeding points were everywhere. Did he go thru any operations before?” the doctor asked. “On his stomach?”

“YES!” they all answered together.

“The surgery line is split opened. We have a specialist attempting to seal the split back,”

“Why is he like this? Isn’t it just an attempt to rescue his life from his burning car?” Lei asked.

“No. There is no possibility a person could have such injuries if he is just simply trying to run away from his car. He could have been beaten up,” the doctor said.

“Beaten up?” they all repeated.

“Yes, these injuries could not be inflicted by himself. Even if he fall down, rolling down a hill or staircase, there is not even a slight possibility that he could injure himself that way,” the doctor said. “The operation won’t be over not in the next 3 hours. I’m sorry I need to get something for Mr. Xi Men,” he said and left.

Ah Si immediately took up his phone. “I am going to ask my people to check who did this to Xi Men,” he then slowly walked off.

The doctor then come back and wanted to head back into the emergency room when Xiao You holds him back. “Doctor, may I know… will he be alright?”

“It’s too early to say. He may be lucky that there is no fracture in his head but we detected some blood clot in his head, perhaps some blow of pressure hits his head. He may be alright, and may be not. He may regain consciousness and may be not. He may be coma for a while or for the rests of this life…”

“Will he die?” Xiao You asked. The rests are shocked with Xiao You’s question.

“I don’t know. But there is a possibility. I’m sorry I cannot secure you with an answer,” the doctor reluctant to answer “But I can see his determination to live on because I have never seen any patient with such serious injuries and still be able to breathe upon admission,” he said and immediately went into the emergency room.

Xiao You stunned.

“Doctor said Xi Men had determination…” Mei Zhuo said. “Xi Men is that kind of person. He will be alright,” he hugged the stunned Xiao You. “He has determination to live on because he wanted to be with you,”

Xiao You sat down at the bench. Tears started to fall down on her cheek. “If like Lei said, if we are destined to be together…” she looked up as everyone looked at her. “Things won’t happen one after another, which will affect our relationship,”

“Things don’t work at its best all the time,” Lei said. “You two are meant to be!”

“Or not,” Xiao You said.

“Xiao You, why do you think it that way?” Jing asked.

“Then what about me?” San Chai asked. They all looked at San Chai. Xiao You turned looking at San Chai, not understanding what she is saying. “Ah Si and I have been thru so many obstacles in the past but I didn’t give up like you do. I still have faith in the relationship all the while, until now!” she held Xiao You. “This is not the end yet, Xiao You, have faith in yourself. If you felt you two are meant to be, then you two are meant to be!”

“Take it as a challenge for your relationship. Xi Men and you will go thru it together and make it til the end,” Xiao Qiao said.

The guys nodded.

Xiao You looked at them. She then looked at the door of the emergency room. “Alright… I’ll keep my faith in the relationship…” she said. “That we are meant to be together…” she continued. “Or maybe not…” she thought to herself.

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