Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 45

Xi Men’s Shocking Condition II

It’s 10pm. Xi Men has been admitted into the emergency room for 12 hours. All of them had been waiting outside the emergency room. No doctors or nurses coming out from the room could tell them when the operation(s) will be over or even telling them Xi Men’s condition.

Ah Si, Lei and Mei Zhuo are still clad in their business suits, only loosing their ties.

“Why don’t you guys go home first,” Mei Zhuo said.

Ah Si and Lei looked at their watch. They then looked at their partner and nodded slightly.

“I’ll go home with San Chai then, but call me if you have any news, even in midnight,” Ah Si said.

“I’ll go home too. I’ll fetch Jing to your house to take her car. Call me,” Lei said.

Mei Zhuo nodded. “Baby, you go home with Jing, ok?”

Xiao Qiao nodded. “Please take good care of Xiao You, ok?” she smiled. “And take care of yourself too,” she hugged him.

“I will, I love you baby,” Mei Zhuo embraced her and kissed her forehead.

“Call me too if you have any news on Xi Men,” Xiao Qiao said.

Mei Zhuo nodded. Everyone knows Mei Zhuo could not go home because of Xiao You. They know Xiao You won’t be leaving, not before she got to know if Xi Men is alright. Mei Zhuo, as a brother, should stay there with her.

“Xiao You… we leave first… give us a call if you need us,” San Chai said at Xiao You.

Xiao You looked up. They looked at her trying her best to smile at them and nodded lightly.

“This is the Xiao You I recognized when she stepped into my life as sister…” Mei Zhuo said. “The tough Xiao You…”

“You can go home too, brother…” Xiao You said.

“I’m ok. I’ll stay here with you,” Mei Zhuo smiled.

After they all left, Xiao You suddenly voiced out.

“At times I think I am weak…” Xiao You said.

“You have been a tough lady I ever knew. You don’t shed tear easily… until it affects you deeply,” Mei Zhuo said looking at her.

Xiao You smiled. “I thought I am back as I used to be…”

“If I am not wrong, the reason why you don’t drip for now… is that you know dripping more won’t change the fact that Xi Men is in the room,” Mei Zhuo said.

“As long as I have dripped, right?” she looked at him. “At least I am not worried like in the morning… not knowing what happen to Xi Men and if he is…” she stopped. “Ok…” she then said. “Now all I need to think is whether he will make it alive coming out from this room,”

“You have been silent for the past few hours. I know you must have thought about this… a lot,” Mei Zhuo said. “I know you have made up your mind not to shed another tear as long as Xi Men still remained in the room. I can see that when you smiled towards the friends of ours when they leave just now. It represents your decision,”

“They must be surprised on my smile,”

“They will know you are one tough lady. You’ve been tough enough to survive the accident, and it’s a miracle you don’t lose your memory. You have been tougher than what we can imagine, sis,” Mei Zhuo smiled.

“Have you ever wondered how sad I am and how weak I am in my heart?” she looked at Mei Zhuo.

“You don’t have to tell. We all know. Because we are too,” Mei Zhuo said. “It’s just how we all handle it,” he smiled. “I could only say you handle it very well… far better than any other girl out there could handle,”

Xiao You smiled lightly. She looked at the watch. It’s already 10.20pm.

“Come, don’t worry,” Mei Zhuo hugged her.

There is a sound coming from the emergency room. Xiao You and Mei Zhuo looked at the door as a few doctors emerged from the room.

“Doctor!” Xiao You called as she saw the same doctor that they meet in the evening.

The doctor looked at Xiao You. “The operation is over. The surgeries are very successful. But it is up to him now, whether he will survive or… lying in coma forever,”

“Doctor…” Xiao You called.

“Miss, if you wouldn’t mind, I’ll get back to you as soon as I settled something,” the doctor smiled at her and then he left with the other specialists who are then talking to each other seriously. More doctors as well as nurses coming out from the room.

“Now… I am very surprised that Xi Men’s surgery needed this MUCH of doctors…” he refers the word as a mean of ‘uncountable’ doctors.

They then see the nurses pushed Xi Men out of the emergency room. They were pretty much in shocked when they see Xi Men.

“This is Xi Men?!” Mei Zhuo asked. “Oh my goodness how could it be?! He is… practically bandaged up like a mummy!”

“Brother! How could you make fun of the poor guy lying there?!”

“Look, he is really not recognizable as they said, and he really doesn’t look like Xi Men,”

Xi Men’s head was bandaged, and his cheeks, chin and nose were pasted with medical plasters. His eyes were black and blue, and some bruises can be seen on the corner of his mouth where it is not bandaged.

“To be honest with you, I really couldn’t believe he is Xi Men…”

“He is,” Xiao You said. “His hair… is so Xi Men,”

“Sis… is there… anything else you can describe to me that he is Xi Men?” Mei Zhuo seems a bit frustrated with Xiao You’s impractical answer.

“His bracelet on right hand,” Xiao You said.

Mei Zhuo immediately looked at Xi Men’s right wrist, and it is really the same bracelet Xi Men wore everyday!

“He wore a ring on his left last finger,” Xiao You said.

Mei Zhuo looked at Xi Men’s left hand. And she was right. There’s the ring.

“Ok, I trust you,” Mei Zhuo said. “Poor Xi Men even his both palms are bandaged…”

The nurses then push Xi Men into intensive care unit.

“Brother,” Xiao You said looking at Mei Zhuo. Mei Zhuo looked at her. “Xi Men has now finished his surgeries. So you can go home and take a good rest. You are still wearing office attire,”

“Are you sure you’ll be alright alone here for a while? I’ll come back after I took my bath,”

“I’m fine. In fact, you can sleep at home after the bath and you don’t have to come,”

“No, I will be back after bath. I cannot let you alone here. So don’t go anywhere, ok?”

Xiao You smiled. “You’re a caring brother. Alright,”

“Ok, see you,” Mei Zhuo smiled as he turned and walked off, taking his cell phone out. He press some buttons on his cell phone and then put it to his ear. Not long later, “Hello, Ah Si…” he said. Xiao You looked at him walking off until he vanished from her sight. She then turned and walked into the ward.

Xiao You sat down next to Xi Men’s bed in the private intensive care unit. She took a detail look of Xi Men, from top to toe. She then put her hand on his head.

“Mei Zhuo is right… I could barely recognize you…” Xiao You said. “What exactly happened?” she held his bandaged hand. “You were beaten up… it must be very painful…”

Someone opened the door. Xiao You looked up.

“I thought you’ve left,” the doctor said.

“Oh, no. I didn’t. I’m staying here,” Xiao You said.

“I didn’t have the chance to introduce myself earlier. Hi, I’m Doctor Lawrence,” he extends his hand.

“Hi… I’m…”

“Ms Ling,” he cuts her off. “I know,” he smiled.

Xiao You smiled. Miss Yang or Miss Ling, both are the same person… anyway. “So… you can tell me his condition now?”

Doctor Lawrence nodded. “Upon admission, we thought he is dead. He is soaked in his own blood. We were very surprise when we detected soft breathing and then we realized this is an emergency case, and we needed to do the surgeries immediately. If by any means we try to delay, it will harm him. His body suffered the worst. He has 3 broken ribs, a couple of veins ruptured, but luckily it is minor veins, and bones all over his body have cracks, including his legs, hands… and head,”


“He suffered some hard blows on his head, probably some kicks and punches. There are no any other possible objects that could impact such blows besides that,”


“Such as blunt, sharp and hard objects,” Dr. Lawrence said looking at Xiao You. “Nevertheless, there were bruises and cuts all over his body. He lost a lot of blood. We were very worried when we perform surgeries on him because we may cause him losing more blood. But we were lucky we had enough in our blood bank. He may need more blood here, please prepare for your friends to donate. Mr. Xi Men is an AB person he can accept all kinds of blood,”

“Ok, that sounds better,” Xiao You said.

“Ms Ling, to be honest with you,” Dr. Lawrence said. “We never thought Mr. Xi Men is going to make it. With such injuries, people slumped to their death almost immediately. We kept our eyes on the heart beating machine to ensure he is still alive. We were very worried,”

“Of his life, or of his status?” Xiao You asked.

Dr. Lawrence smiled. “Both. We cannot afford to lose in the operation because of his status. But we are also worried if he cannot make it. Like I told you, we sense the determination in him,”

Xiao You nodded. “Determination is important…” she looked at Xi Men.

“When we have decided to perform immediate surgeries on him, we called all the specialists in Taipei to come for this operation, which starts at 11am after we have done all the examinations, x-rays, checking and the hospital procedures. I’m sorry Ms Ling, we only found out he is Mr. Xi Men from his wallet so we called to his office to inform them this. There is no other contact details we can call to reach this news to,” Dr. Lawrence handed the wallet to her.

“It’s ok… but his cell phone is not with him?” she took the wallet.

“There is no cell phone with him,” Dr. Lawrence said. “Even… sorry to mention this, even the picture of you and Mr. Xi Men in his wallet doesn’t state your number, so we couldn’t call you,”


“Yes, I’m sorry, Ms Ling. We have to check his wallet to find if there is any number we can call. The only number he had is his own cell phone number and office number in his stack of business cards,”

Xiao You opened the wallet and looked at picture of Xi Men and herself. “We didn’t take any photos together, but this one is cut out of the whole gangs’ picture… a couple of weeks ago,” she thought to herself. “It’s ok… really,” Xiao You said to Dr. Lawrence.

“We have performed all possible surgeries to him altogether. We know doing so many surgeries together may be dangerous, but it is harmful to him if we don’t. The healing process will be painful though,”

“Means there are no more other surgeries in the future?”

“Not to say no, we have to depend on Mr. Xi Men’s condition time by time,”

“Ok… so what have you done for the surgeries?”

“His broken ribs and veins, correcting his bone structure for all the cracks, and we took the longest time to look for other possible injuries that has been inflicted to his head due to the blow. There were no blood clot but the blow pressure puts his brain temporarily malfunction,”


“There is a brain dead session just now in the operation theater for 5 minutes. We are worried if it could impacted his life and memory,”

“You mean he could be losing his memory? Wait, I don’t get it. He is brain dead for 5 minutes?”

“Yes, he may lose partially of his memory. Ms Ling, he went brain dead for 5 minutes and all of a sudden all the blood went rushing back into his head after that, without us doing anything! We didn’t know what happened!”

Xiao You looked at him. “Then why the sudden brain dead?”

“We were checking on his cracked part of his head. We are cleaning the blood that time and it’s just all of a sudden the machine detected the blood stop flowing,”

“But 2 minutes is long enough to damage a person’s brain, what more than a 5-minute could do?”

“That is why we are worried there may be permanent damage in his brain,”

Xiao You took a deep breath. She finds it hard to accept that fact.

“We have done our best. We will keep checking Mr. Xi Men time by time to see what we can do,” Dr. Lawrence said. “I’m sorry if that upsets you, Ms Ling,”

“Accidents do happen,” Xiao You said. “Sometimes things happen for no reason,” she looked at him. “There is no reason why all of a sudden his brain went dead and then there is no reason why 5 minutes later everything came back to normal,”

“I’m sorry, Ms Ling,” Dr. Lawrence said. “All I could say is that the assailant is very cruel, since they could even do this to him. I think they really wanted to kill him…”

Xiao You looked at Dr. Lawrence. “Thank goodness he didn’t die,”

“We will do everything we can,” Dr. Lawrence said.

She nodded. “Thank you for everything,” she bit her lips as she looked at Xi Men.

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