Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 47

The Planned Murder

Xiao You stared blankly at Xi Men. “What?”

Tears dripped down to Xi Men’s cheek. “Let’s… break… up…” he stammered.

“But… why? Because you don’t love being with me anymore?” Xiao You asked as tears formed in her eyes.

“I still love you very much… but I cannot let you go thru danger with me… Please leave me…” Xi Men said as he wiped her tears off.

“So you would let me be with someone else that I don’t love? Someone to share my life and kids with but not love?” Xiao You asked.

Xi Men silent as he continued wiping her tears, when his own tears are flowing down to his cheek. “I couldn’t bear seeing you suffer because of me…”

“Then you could bear seeing me suffer with someone else?” Xiao You asked.


Xiao You stammered. “Now I know why you looked strange since you regain consciousness. Because you wanted to break up. Now I really know…” she slightly moves away.

“Xiao You it wasn’t like that…” he tried to grab her.

“Since you gain consciousness you were so different than the Xi Men I know! The Xi Men I know loves me and cares for me and promised to stay by me no matter what happens!!!” Xiao You screamed as tears keep flowing down her cheek.

Xi Men looked at her. His heart aches seeing her reacting that way.

“What happened?” Mei Zhuo asked as he opened the door.

“Mei Zhuo, let us alone, please…” Xi Men said as he looked at Mei Zhuo.

Mei Zhuo looked at Xi Men and Xiao You, and immediately closed the door.

“Listen, I…” Xi Men tried to move out from his bed but every move he makes pains him, so he stayed by the bed. “Xiao You, I don’t mean like that but…”

Xiao You cut him. “You are not the one I love anymore! You are not the Xi Men I know anymore!!!” she cried as she leaned to the wall.

“Xiao You, I am still the one you know and you love. I love you too much to let you go… because I love you very much I don’t wish to see you going thru all this with me,”

“Xi Men…” Xiao You cried as she slowly slides down on her back at the wall to her feet.

Xi Men heart aches more than ever seeing her like this. He wanted to run over to hold her and embrace her but his condition deters from doing so.

“Xi Men… I don’t mind at all… we have made a point to stay with each other no matter what happens… I am more than willing to go thru all of this with you… just like how you do when I am the one lying on the bed…”

“Xiao You, I am very scared to see you losing your life because of me, I cannot forgive myself for letting that happen to you,”

“With that you are more than willing to forgive yourself for letting your love go to another person’s arms? Everyone said we were meant for each other! We said that too! Where is that confident in you?! I cannot believe we are going thru this… I cannot believe it!”

“Xiao You, I…”

Xiao You looked at him and they both silent for a couple of minutes. Xiao You harshly wiped her tears off her face. “Then I’ll just do as you wish… We’ll… part ways,” she stood up and stormed out of the room.

“NO! Xiao You!” Xi Men called out. He knew he had done something very wrong. The moment he heard Xiao You said those words, his heart pains, knowing that is not what he wants. He knew he shouldn’t have mention nor think about it. He has to go out and get Xiao You back. His condition wouldn’t allow him to walk at all, but he knew he had to do so. He stood up and hurriedly to the door. The pains in him hurt him so much and with such movements some surgeries lines started to bleed. The pain on his flesh is not as hurt as the pain in his heart. He had just hurt his love of his life with his words, which hurts him even more.

Mei Zhuo looked at Xiao You blankly as he sees Xiao You opened the door and stormed out of the room. He sat quite far along with Xiao Qiao who has just reached, at a seat about a few wards away, as a sign of respect to Xi Men and Xiao You’s privacy. Xiao You saw him and immediately hugged him as she wet his shirt.

“Sis…” Mei Zhuo called.

Xiao Qiao looked at Xiao You sobbing in Mei Zhuo’s arms. Mei Zhuo then looked at Xiao Qiao with a wondering-what-had-happened-look.

“Brother…” Xiao You cried.

“What happened?” Xiao Qiao asked as she patted Xiao You’s back.

Mei Zhuo looked at Xiao Qiao, then looked down on Xiao You who is still crying. “Don’t tell me Xi Men has asked for break up…”


Mei Zhuo, Xiao Qiao and Xiao You looked at the source of the call. They looked at Xi Men, who is hanging on the door with all his might.

“I’m sorry!! I still love you! Please don’t leave..!” Xi Men said as he started tumbling down as he loses his energy to hang on along with all the pains in his body deters him to going on.

“Xi Men!!!” they called out as they rushed to him. Xiao Qiao saw some blood on Xi Men, she immediately turned around and run for doctor.

“Darn, you were very weak and you know you shouldn’t be getting off the bed!” Mei Zhuo snarled as he tried to carry Xi Men up by his hand.

“I’m sorry…” Xi Men said as he then held Xiao You. “Baby, I’m very sorry. I know I shouldn’t say those words… I don’t want you to leave me, please, baby I am sorry…”

“Wait, go in and talk,” Mei Zhuo said as he held Xi Men back into the room and on his bed. “Oh gosh you were bleeding!” he said he sees traces of blood on Xi Men’s clothes.

“What is more important than being with the one I love…” Xi Men said as he looked at Xiao You. “Bleeding is nothing compared to you…” he said. “I’m sorry… please… stay by me…”

Xiao You looked at him as she lightly caressed his cheek. “Then why do you say it in the first place…”

“Because I cared for you… I am very worried for your safety, so I ask for it… but when I heard you agreeing to me… I really wonder on my decision, and I know I am so wrong to let you go…” Xi Men said. “Don’t leave… I’m sorry,”

Xiao You nodded. “Ok…”

“I’m very sorry, baby… but you must promise to take good care of yourself…” Xi Men said as he hugged her.

Xiao You nodded on his shoulder. Xiao Qiao then entered the room with Dr. Lawrence. Xi Men lied down and the doctor checked on him.

“He is alright. We only need to bandage the bleeding part,” Dr. Lawrence said. “Don’t move too much, Mr. Xi Men, the healing process is going very well, so don’t do again,”

Xi Men nodded. “I’m sorry,” he said at Dr. Lawrence.

“Don’t say sorry to me. It’s your body,” Dr. Lawrence said and smiled lightly. “Take good care of yourself,”

Xi Men smiled and nodded. He looked at Xiao You whose eyes are swollen. The nurse requested Mei Zhuo, Xiao Qiao and Xiao You to step out of the room as she wanted to bandage Xi Men’s bleeding area.

Mei Zhuo, Xiao Qiao and Xiao You sat outside the room.

“I suppose Xi Men knows what to do next, in order to protect you,” Mei Zhuo said.

Xiao You smiled lightly. “I hope so…”


Ah Si, San Chai, Lei, Jing, Mei Zhuo, Xiao Qiao and Xiao You sat in Xi Men’s room. Xi Men sat on his bed. They all have made the place like their place for gathering. They all will go there everyday after work and on weekends.

“Guys…” Xi Men called. They all looked at Xi Men. “I have a confession to make,”

“Sure,” they all said and looked at him.

“I am going to tell you guys what happened to me… my planned murder,” Xi Men said.

They all stared at him. Finally. He finally decided to tell it out.

Xi Men’s mind went back to the scene where he recalls the black car following his car and he remembered he drive over to a secluded area…


Xi Men got down from the car and stood by his car. Then two guys got down from the black car, clad in smart business suits, walking towards Xi Men.

“Who are you?” Xi Men asked. “You have been following me since I emerged from the car park of my office,”

“We are only following orders, CEO Xi Men Zhong Er Lang,” the first guy said and landed a punch on his face.

Upon the blow on his face, the second guy kicked him on the stomach, causing Xi Men to fall. The pain was hurt enough, as he had previously had operation on his stomach.

“Who send you over?!” Xi Men yelled as he is in pain.

The first guy walked back to the car.

“It’s just business turns awry,” the second guy said. “Don’t blame us. We are just paid to do this,” upon completion of what he had said, the first guy, who previously headed towards the car, returned with a baseball stick, started beating Xi Men.

With that, the second guy continued beating and kicking Xi Men.

The assault lasted for 10 minutes. Bloods were sprinkled everywhere. Xi Men was badly beaten up. He lied on the road, soaked in his own blood. He was so in pain he couldn’t even move a bit.

The first guy threw away the baseball stick. He looked at Xi Men, who is bleeding profusely, from head to toe.
The second guy walked to their car and took out a tin of petrol headed towards Xi Men’s car and emptied the content all over the car.

Both guys carried Xi Men and put him back to his driver seat in the car.

“We are not allowed to hit your head with that stick because we may send you to the death gate immediately. So we are just kind enough to only kick your head! He warned us not to send you to death immediately!” the first guy said.

The second guy continued. “He wants you to suffer the pain. But no worries, you won’t suffer too long because you’ll die soon,” he said as he slammed the door shut.

With then the first guy lit up a fire, and throw the fire to Xi Men’s car. Xi Men’s car started to burn. The two guys then headed towards their car, and fled the scene.

With the fire started to spread, Xi Men knows the car will explode in no time. He knows he will die if he didn’t get off the car immediately, but he is too weak and painful to even move a finger. He determined to get off the car. He saw his phone in the passenger seat, but he has no time to even call for help. He gathered his strength to open the door and rushed out of the car as his energy might and as far as his feet could bring him. His available strength could only bring him to a few feet away from his car, and with then he fell and lied face down on the road. He then heard the loud explosion behind him. His car exploded. He managed to rush out in time from the car, before the explosion took his life along, and perhaps even explode his body into bits.

He really couldn’t move at all, as he has drained his slightest available strength to run for his life and safety from his own car. A part of his body is bleeding profusely that he is sprawled in his own pool of blood. He felt pain everywhere in his body and that he started to feel numb in his stomach. The numerous blows of the baseball stick and kicks from the assailants could have left his previously operated surgery line to rupture leading the blood flowing out profusely.

He didn’t know how long he had been lying there, but for him even if it is a minute it felt like an hour. He tried all his might to stay awake, hoping there is a passer by who could bring him to hospital.

He made a mistake. He should have called the guys when he noticed someone is following him. He shouldn’t have drive to this area where no one would pass by so often. He should… there is no more ‘he should’ as it has already happen. He drove to such area allowing the assault to happen. He thought driving to such area could allow him talking to them what is going on. He didn’t see it coming. Who could it be… who could have hired killers to kill him? And even specifically stated how to assault him.

He didn’t know how long he has tried keeping himself conscious, he only knows he fell in unconsciousness when he has drained his strength to keep on.


“That’s so cruel!” San Chai said, as she hugged Ah Si upon hearing Xi Men’s incident.

“We tried calling you that time but we cannot get you,” Xiao You said.

“My phone is left at the passenger seat. I only want to get out of my car, so I didn’t take the phone,” Xi Men said. “I only tell myself that I needed to get out of the car. I do not have time to think of getting my phone with me. It is just plain miracle I can still run out of my car,” Xi Men looked at Xiao You. “That’s why… I wanted you to leave me in the first place…” he then hugged Xiao You.

“I will stay by your side and go thru all of this with you…” Xiao You said.

“Thank you…” Xi Men said as he planted a kiss on her lips.

The three guys stood there looking at one another.

“So what do you want to do next?” Lei asked. He then turned looking at Ah Si. “I thought you asked people to check this for you,”

“How was it?” Mei Zhuo asked.

Ah Si shook. “My people didn’t manage to get into details,”

Xi Men looked at them. “I have decided to relate this out, and sort this once and for all,” he looked at Xiao You. “I will do this, and end this all…” and then he looked at the rests. “With this, I have to hire more bodyguards, to wherever I go, they have to follow me…”

Xiao You nodded. “I’m glad you take that effort,”

“Bring in the police. I want to relate this to them…” Xi Men said. “I consider myself lucky because they intend to actually kill me. I am still alive to tell this… I will get back to that person who tried to kill me,”

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