Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 48

The Murderer?

Someone knocked on the door. Xi Men looked up at the door. Lei opened the door and smiled.

“Hi! How are you doing?” Lei asked.

Xi Men smiled. “I’m fine, like usual. I still can’t move too much, so I still sit here all the time. I still cannot discharge yet… Thanks for coming!”

“You’re welcome,” Lei smiled as he sat down at a chair next to Xi Men’s bed. “Where’s Xiao You?”

“Mei Zhuo had just fetched her home to bath. Since I tell out the incident, Mei Zhuo had taken an extra care on Xiao You. He wouldn’t allow Xiao You to go out alone, not until my case is solve,” Xi Men said.

“Oh,” Lei smiled. “Mei Zhuo is definitely a good brother,”

“So how about you and Jing?”

“So far everything went pretty well. As days go by, I felt she is the missing part of my life,”

“Isn’t that good?”

“Do you think I am pretty rush into this? Once she emerged from the plane I straight away ask her to be my girlfriend,”

“I know you well, too well to understand what makes you do it,” Xi Men smiled. “You may have made her wait for you too long, but it is good if you two are together now. We all know since kids that you like her, she is your first love,”

Lei smiled. “I used to think San Chai is the one for me. Jing and I rejected each other timeless… and now we are back to where we are, each other…”

“I hope Jing is not a replacement to your heart… like what happened to you and Xiao You,”

Lei shook. “There are some feelings going on with me and Jing, but it never happened to Xiao You and me. That kind of feelings just never exists after all. I have even… never had this kind of feelings with San Chai,”

“Really?” Xi Men asked.

Lei nodded. “So I am very sure of what I did, it may seem rushed to ask her the minute she got off the plane… when I see her, the feeling is indescribable,”

“The feeling of love, right?”

Lei smiled. “Then what about you and Xiao You?”

Xi Men smiled. “I’m so stupid to even think of asking her to leave,”

“You do that because you love her,”

“You mean you agree with what I do?”

“Of course NOT!” Lei snarled. “You may be right at one point, but you are not totally. You both are our friends. We know what makes you two together and at any reasons, you can solve your problem so you don’t have to make Xiao You leave you!”

“I felt guilty to bring her into this… but I felt more if I make her leave…”

Lei smiled. “Do you remember the time when she is the one lying on the bed?”


“Do you remember how you stayed up the nights just to look at her, the support you give to her, the feeling you felt when she is lying there?”


“That’s the same thing she have and done when you were lying unconsciously,”

“I know… I heard her talking…”

“What will you feel when the moment she woke up, she tells you to leave because she didn’t to be with you anymore?”

“You mean if she lose her memory?”

“No, just as her condition as now,”

“Of course I will be sad, I wanted to take care of her so much and hope I was the one lying there instead of her,”

“So why treat her the way you don’t wish to be treated?” Lei said. “We all are friends. We will do everything for each other to make things happen. Remember everything we did for San Chai, just to make her and Ah Si be together?”

Xi Men smiled and nodded. “Yes,”

“We will do the same to you and Xiao You,” Lei smiled. “Because we know you and her are meant to be together,” Xi Men just silent. Lei continued, “When you are lying here unconsciously, she did mention if you and her are meant to be together,”

“Then?” Xi Men asked curiously.

“She said things happened one after another. There were so many obstacles in your relationship. She really wondered if this means you two shouldn’t be together,”

“It is so silly of her to think it this way…”

“We convinced her. That is why she stayed on,” Lei said. “Xi Men,”

Xi Men stared at Lei.

“You should take very good care of Xiao You. After all this happened, don’t you appreciate more on Xiao You? She almost lost her memory in an accident and you almost died, didn’t that shows you guys’ determination to live on and to love one another?”

Xi Men smiled lightly.

“If you two are not meant for each other, then why are there so many obstacles in your relationship? I trust it actually tests your love for one another. And you two can continue to be like this today, shows it is yours. She is yours. The love is yours. What do you think the meaning of ‘meant to be’ means? For some, it is just a few words. You two have gone thru your love journey like no other, didn’t that shows more than what you asked for that you two are meant to be together? Xi Men, don’t let such things deter you from getting what you want,”

“Lei, you know I love her very much…”

“Yes, ever since studying! You never admit that,”

Xi Men silent and then laughed. “Yes, I never admit that… until she came back recently,”

“Even when she come back, you never admit that. I kept asking you and you say no,”

“Oh yeah! You kept asking me because you wanted to get her!”

They both laughed. Lei patted Xi Men.

“But she is meant to be yours. After all these years and obstacles, she is still back to you. You can see… she migrated to Canada and she came back. She is so coincidently became Mei Zhuo’s sister. Then, she is with me, we tried and failed, and then, she is with you. All of this is more than enough to prove to you that she is meant to be with you. The warning, her runaways; which you are the only one managed to find her, the accident, your planned murder, everything between you two… you guys managed to go thru it. Didn’t that answer your queries?”

Xi Men nodded. “Yes, definitely,”

“Hmm…” Lei thought.

“What is it?”

“Did you actually suffer anything because of your temporary brain dead in the surgery room?” Lei asked. “Because the Xi Men I know doesn’t doubt in his decisions,”

Xi Men laughed. “Ok, I felt very normal and very good. Lei, thank you very much. You opened up a lot of queries in me. I will appreciate her, no worries,”

Lei smiled. “Glad you said that. So how was your case? What did the police tells you?”

“Gerard Tong is dead when I am still unconscious?” Xi Men asked Lei. “The police told me that when I relate the case to them,”

“Tong Enterprise’s chairman?” Lei asked. “Yes, he died of heart attack and it was because his company is officially declared close and bankrupt, and was even sued by many large organizations and banks for many, many reasons. I think it happened about a week after your incident. I mean his death. I still remember the headline of the newspaper saying he suffered heart attack. We can just read the news about him every single day until his death and funeral. Man… that guy suffered for few days because of his heart failure. Anyway, what is the relation with him?” he looked at Xi Men. “He is behind your murder?”

“He is the only person that I had a failed business with. He told me he will get it back to me. I am so worried; especially the accident involved Xiao You. Then my murder,”

“Then he is there when you were beaten up?”

“No. He hired people to beat me,”

“But you didn’t fight back?”

“I tried. They have 2 people, armed with weapons. I have bare hands. I have limitations there,” Xi Men said.

“Since Gerard is dead…”

“I think my case is solved, right?”

“Pretty impressive,” Lei said.

“Huh?” Xi Men asked.

“He died just like that when you suffered because of the assault he asked people to do onto you,” Lei said. “In the first thought I pitied him because of his business and he died because he cannot cope with it, but I was so wrong. And I really wonder how come Ah Si’s guys cannot be able to check who is behind your murder,”

Xi Men smiled. “Gerard Tong is not some kind of people who strays on the street and let you know what he is doing. You can’t blame Ah Si’s guys for that. I appreciate what they can do for us though,”

“I just can’t believe we cannot bring him to court for what he did to you,”

“I suppose he suffered enough before he died,”

“How can you say that? He doesn’t know your pain of being beaten up repeatedly and lying on this bed suffering and you still can’t be discharged now!”

“I would say he suffered more. Well, until he died,” Xi Men said.

“You will just let it be?”

“Well, it’s up to the police if they wanted to charge a dead man,”

“It’s pretty weird you will think it that way, as if it doesn’t bothers you,”

“That’s how business world do. I am far more than glad he is dead for he won’t be able to try to kill me again,” Xi Men said. “And perhaps Xiao You,”

“Won’t there be any possibility it’s not Gerard Tong?” asked Lei.

“Who else in the world will hate me this much to kill me for business purposes?”

“Hello… It’s your business, that’s why I am asking,”

Xi Men stared at him. “There is no other failed business besides Gerard Tong recently,”

Lei sighed. “Are you sure there is no other person who tried to kill you? Your life is still in danger if we don’t know the exact person trying to kill you,”

“Not any other person that I can think of. But I believe that the police should have gathered enough information on my killer. So, I should let them just handle it,”

“I really wish to teach Gerard Tong a lesson,” Lei said.

Xi Men smiled. “We will do that, if that was few years ago. Now we’ve all grown up, we are well known businessman and CEO of giant corporations. We can’t be seen punching people just like that!”

“Well… maybe one place…” Lei signaled.

“VS!” they both yelled together. Then they laughed, recalling they beat a couple of person up in the famous bar.

“Come on, Lei, Gerard is dead. Everything’s over the moment he died,” Xi Men said. “Just let it be. I bet he had suffered enough because of what he did to me before he died,”

“Then what about your assailants?” Lei asked. “You don’t want to find them out?”

“They are just paid. If Gerard is dead, they won’t come after me anymore,”

“I really cannot understand how you can just let it be like it doesn’t matter to you,”

“I know your hand is itchy,” Xi Men smiled. “But you can’t beat a dead person anyway. What’s more can you do?”

“Yeah, my hand is ITCHY,” Lei said.

“The best gift is not beating him up. It is that knowing with his death, I can lead my life with no worries that he is going to kill me again,”

Lei nodded. “Agreed. Though I am not you, I can feel there’s a taste of freedom and safety upon knowing Gerard’s dead,”

Xi Men smiled looking at Lei. “Now I suppose I can live my life better,”

Lei smiled. “If you think your case is solved, I supposed… you know what to do next,”

Xi Men smiled. “Yes, I know,”

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