Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 6

Technology Savvy

Xiao You and Mei Zhuo sent Xi Men to the door. It’s close to 10pm.

“I’ll tell Ah Si about the dinner tomorrow night,” said Xi Men.

“Then I’ll tell Lei,” Mei Zhuo said.

“You know where, right,” said Xi Men.

“Yes, so… good night,” said Mei Zhuo.

“Good night,” Xi Men said and looked at Xiao You.

“Good night. Drive safely, and sleep well,” said Xiao You.

“Of course I will sleep well tonight, I’ve seen you…” Xi Men’s mind said. “Sure, thanks,”

“So, see you tomorrow night,” said Xiao You.

Xi Men nodded, as he slowly walked to his car.

Mei Zhuo closed the door while Xiao You is still looking at Xi Men walking to his car. Closing of the door blocks Xiao You’s sight and then it closed with a ‘bang’. Xiao You immediately turned looking at Mei Zhuo.

“Come, let’s talk to mom,” Mei Zhuo smiled.

“Ok,” Xiao You said as she walked to her room.

Xiao You set up the conference call with her portable computer. While she is setting up, Mei Zhuo comes in and sat on her bed.

“I thought we are talking to her,” said Mei Zhuo.

“Yeah, we are,” said Xiao You as she do some configuration on the settings.

“With this?” asked Mei Zhuo pointing at her portable computer.

“Yeah, we are going to have conference call,” said Xiao You.

“Huh? You are so technology savvy,” Mei Zhuo scratched his head. “I prefer the classic way on talking on phone just like that,”

“Brother, it’s not about technology savvy. I have my Masters majoring in Information Technology!” Xiao You said as she is still typing.

“You what?!”

“You don’t know that?” asked Xiao You.

“I only know you have a Masters, but I didn’t know you are majoring in IT! I thought you are from business too…”

“In my degree,” Xiao You said. “I study IT in my Masters,” she turned the screen to Mei Zhuo. “Waiting for mom to connect,”

“Sounds… savvy,” Mei Zhuo smiled. “I don’t know how to describe this, but it’s fantastic,”

“Connected,” said Xiao You.

“Hey, I saw us!” Mei Zhuo pointed at the screen.

“The camera is built-in here. Mom can see us, and we can see mom too when she used the camera,” said Xiao You.

“Hi Mei Zhuo, Xiao You!” someone said.

“Hi MOM!!!” said Mei Zhuo and Xiao You.

“And your dad is here,” Mrs. Ling said.

“Hi DAD!!!” Mei Zhuo and Xiao You said.

“Glad to know that you two got along…” said Mrs. Ling.

They spend 2 hours talking to their parents. They all discussed and outlined the plans for Xiao You on her stay, work and life in Taiwan. It will be a brand new start for Xiao You.

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