Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 8

The Story

“Tell me, Xiao You. What happened exactly?” asked San Chai.

“Why can’t you let her order first,” Ah Si said.

Xiao You smiled. “It’s ok. Mei Zhuo will help me order,” she looked at Mei Zhuo who is sitting next to her. “Order me what’s nice here,”

“Ok,” Mei Zhuo said as he continued glancing through the menu.

“Darn it they really looked like couple,” Xi Men thought to himself.

After everyone had placed their order, they looked at Xiao You. She is wearing a black tube top dress and her hair tied back. Suitable for dining in such posh restaurant. The main subject this time is Xiao You, who shocked everyone upon her arrival, more over being Mei Zhuo’s adopted sister. All of them focused on her.

“I met Mei Zhuo’s parents last year,” Xiao You said. “In a weird way,”

“How weird could it be?” asked San Chai.

“Mei Zhuo’s mom fell on the street when a group of teenagers ran and pushed her. I was there and I witnessed everything. The teenagers were actually running late for classes, as their bus broke down 2 streets away. And their school is another block away. So…” Xiao You said.

“Yes, that sounded pretty weird to me. And with that you became their adopted daughter?” Ah Si said.

“Well, not exactly. This is just how I met them,” Xiao You said. The waiters put down their drinks on the table to each one of them. “Mei Zhuo’s dad was there too. He was too shocked of what happened. I hurriedly ran there to see if she is alright,”

Mei Zhuo scratched his head. “I’ve never heard of this from mom,”

Xiao You smiled. “I admitted her into hospital because she sprained her ankle. Doctor clarified this matter and suggested she stayed for a few days to make sure everything is alright because of her age. She was there for 3 days. I went to see her 3 times a day to make sure she is alright. Then I got to know she is from Taiwan and is Ling. But I didn’t know she is Mei Zhuo’s mother then. She is very kind to me. After she discharged from hospital, she constantly invites me for meals, like 3 times a day and then she asked about my personal background. When I told her about my loss of parents…” Xiao You stopped. “You guys know my parents are not around anymore, right?” she suddenly asked.

“We only know this… 2 days ago?” Ah Si asked.

“I lost contact with you about a year already, I think…” San Chai then looked at Ah Si. “14 months? Since we come back from Barcelona,” she then turned looking at Xiao You. “I can’t be able to contact you all of a sudden and all mails I sent to you were bounced back to me. I sent you email until the email provider told me your mailbox does not exists because you didn’t log in for some time already,”

“Yes I know… that was when I lost my parents,” Xiao You said sadly.

Xi Men looked at Xiao You. “How I wished I could hug her now… Wait, what am I thinking?!” he thought to himself.

“We didn’t know you lost your parents. We knew the news 2 days ago of Mei Zhuo’s adopted sister lost her parents a year ago. And we only know he had a sister 2 days ago too!” said Lei. “Xiao You, I had enough of shocks from your brother. Please don’t make more for me,”

They all laughed.

“Mei Zhuo having a sister, and her sister is you, and…” San Chai said.

Xiao You smiled again. “When I told Mei Zhuo’s mother of my parents, she told me she wanted me to be her daughter. I was reluctant, at all point. I’m not over my parents’ death yet. She accepted this, and gave me courage to go through everything, like what a mother would do. She constantly asked me if I am ready to be her daughter. I still remember I was so close to quitting my degree she asked me not to. She knew my problem is with money, so she offered me. I couldn’t take money from her just like that, and I asked what I could offer back for her. She told me she wanted me to be her daughter. That was all she asked for. But she wanted me to be willingly and prepared to be her daughter, not because of the money or anything in return. After 2 weeks of thinking, I, officially became her adopted daughter, because she had been a mother to me all this while, supporting me and giving me hope at every point of sadness,”

San Chai were moved to tears. “Oh, Xiao You…”

“When did you realize I am your brother?” asked Mei Zhuo.

“After I became her daughter. She told me she had a son back in Taiwan and is learning how to manage a company. I told her I am eager with knowing I had a brother, and I asked her what his name is. She told me it’s you. I am shocked I went speechless. I didn’t know at any point that there is a connection between you and her, and I didn’t realize it, although I know she is from Taiwan and her surname is Ling.

Mei Zhuo rubbed his forehead. “At least you still know your brother’s name. I don’t even know who my sister is, how she looked like and even her name!”

“Which explains why he took the LING board at the airport,” Xi Men continued.

Everyone laughed.

“You did?” asked Lei.

“If I don’t how do I know who is my sister?” asked Mei Zhuo. “If I know she is my sister, I don’t have to bring that board. I will recognized her instantly,”

“Giving your status as manager in Ling Corporation… will it be embarrassing to bring up the board at the airport?” asked San Chai.

“Ahem,” Mei Zhuo cleared his throat. “I should have asked someone to take it for me then,” he looked at Xi Men.

Xi Men immediately take up the spoon and placed it in between them, covering their eyes, acted as if it is a shield. Everyone laughed.

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