Meant to Be… or Not? – Chapter 9

The Story II

“Mind telling me about your Masters? Complete in one year, or less than one year?” Xi Men asked casually.

They all looked at Xiao You. How could a person complete her Masters in one year!

“Good question,” Xiao You said. “After completion of degree about 2 months later, Mei Zhuo’s mother asked me to come back to Taiwan and helped manage her company. I was shocked. I studied business and so did Mei Zhuo. She told me she will be offering a manager position for me too. And I can’t take it. Mei Zhuo is the manager in business area of his company. I just told her I wanted to remain in Canada. She kept asking me on why not coming back and helped her managing her company. I then told her my reasons after much persuasion. She wanted me to come back to work in her company. Out of nowhere I blurted out if I study in different course I will definitely come back and help her. She immediately asked me to choose a course, study it, and come back to Taiwan to manage her company upon graduation. I am so tensed by then. I got first class in my business degree, and I can easily fit in into any course for Masters. It was then I witnessed how great IT was, so I enrolled in IT for my Masters,”

“Witnessed? How?” asked Lei.

“I saw a guy with his computer one day, doing all the weird configurations and settings and he got what he wanted! I befriended this guy and asked him. He then told me he is an IT student and he told me a lot of IT stuffs. I am motivated by it. Then it hit me that if I study IT, I can work in different department in the same company as Mei Zhuo. So I took it up,”

“But since you come from business background…” said Mei Zhuo.

“Thinking back it was like going through the worst time in my life. I took up my Masters major in IT and minor is business. Because I had no exposure in IT, I have to study like from the bottom. But thank goodness I am only taking general IT, not close to programming yet. And people used up to 2 years to complete their Masters. I used 8 months to complete everything,”

“You must be psycho…” said Ah Si. “Are you a study freak?”

“I am surprised too why I can finish up so fast. I am able to catch up the subjects so I took up plenty of them in one semester, and I passed with flying colors in my exam,” Xiao You said.

“I have a sister who is so good in studying, yet I am not,” Mei Zhuo said.

“I don’t find difficulty in the business part. Only the IT part takes my life away,”

“If it is not you, she wouldn’t be taking her Masters nor taking IT,” Xi Men said at Mei Zhuo. “She didn’t want to make you upset if she is being offered manager position in the same department as you so she did this,”

“Sounded as though you understood her well,” Ah Si said.

Xi Men looked at Xiao You. Xiao You, who didn’t saw Xi Men looking at her, smiled happily at Ah Si. She then turned looking at Xi Men. Xi Men immediately turned away.

“What am I doing?! Turning away when she looked at me?!” he thought to himself.

Xiao You laughed. “I am still in love with this guy…” she thought to herself.

“So what is your plan here?” San Chai asked.

“I’m going to start working in 2 weeks time at Ling Corporation,” said Xiao You.

“If you don’t mind, in the mean time before you start working, you can go out with San Chai, do some shopping, catching up…” said Ah Si.

The rests nodded in agreement.

“But I need to work as well…” San Chai said.

“Xiao You is back. I have no problem with you not working for 2 weeks. I’ll talk to mom about that,” Ah Si said.

“San Chai, you are now ok with Ah Si’s mom?” asked Xiao You.

“Never been better,” Lei said. “After the Barcelona trip, San Chai had another heated argument with her. She broke his mom’s precious vase then,”

“Did you?” asked Xiao You.

Ah Si nodded. “And then,” He placed his hand on San Chai’s waist. “My mom yelled at her that she won’t be able to pay her back the value of the vase to her, and San Chai immediately yelled out that she will pay her back by marrying me,”

San Chai closed her face with her hands while they all laughed. “It was embarrassing!”

“What happen then?” asked Xiao You.

“She got angry and walked up the stairs and fell down…” San Chai said.

“Oh my goodness is she ok?” Xiao You asked.

“She knocked her head and San Chai admitted her into the hospital. She took care of her for a week, and constantly argue with her in the hospital room,” Xi Men said.

“At one point, she told Ah Si’s mom, ‘Your son is just the same as you. Stubborn,’ and then they argue again, ending with ‘You still have to face me because I am marrying your son no matter what and I have to face your stubbornness and I have to live with it for the rest of my life’,” Mei Zhuo said. “With then Ah Si’s mom went silent and their relationship gets better each day,”

“My mom knew that moment that she will not leave me, nor do I,” said Ah Si.

“I know that,” Xiao You said. She smiled. “So I’ll ask you out, ok?”

“Sure,” San Chai said.

“With Xiao You’s return, we are now considered complete!” said Lei taking up his wine glass. Everyone took theirs up and cheers.

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