My Loved One – Chapter 28

Xiao You took a deep breath as she stared at Xi Men in front of her, and standing very far back of Xi Men, there is a lady figure, where Xiao You could not see her face properly.

“Emily is your daughter,”

“I know,” Xi Men said. “Which is why I am coming over now to get her,”

Xiao You frowned. “Get her?”

“I am taking her back to Taiwan with me,”

“What?! WHY?!”

“What do you mean by why? She is my daughter. Of course she has to follow me,” Xi Men said.

“NO! You can’t do that! You are going to marry your fiancée and you…”

“Don’t worry, Xiao You. It will be a happy family. Me, my fiancée and Emily will make a good and happy family,” Xi Men interrupted and said.

“No! Hell no! I give birth to her and raise her up! What makes you think you have the privilege to take her away from me just like that?!”

“Because she is my blood daughter! I have my right as a father to take her with me!” Xi Men said.

“If you want to be a father, go have your own kid with your fiancée and leave Emily alone! She is my daughter! You can’t take her away from me, Xi Men Zhong Er Lang!”

“And let her stay with you?”

“Yes. She is my daughter,”

“She is my daughter too, Yang Xiao You,”

“I have been the one raising her up,”

“Well, thank you for raising her up for the last 8 years. Now I will overtake that from you,”

“No! I will continue raising her up!”

“She can have all the comfort and money she wants as long as she is with me,”

“You are not the only one that can give her that. I can give her that too,”

“You are just a kindergarten teacher, Xiao You! How much can you earn to provide the comfort to her, compare to what I can give her?” Xi Men snarled.

Xiao You stared at Xi Men, speechless.

“I know how difficult it has been for you. So I will pay you money for the time and effort you have spent on Emily as a compensation. Is a million a year good for you? So… let me make it up to CAD$10 million. That’s a whole load of money,”

What he said angers her. “Do I look like someone who wants your money?! I am not hungry for your money! I will not take your money and I will not give you Emily! She is mine!”

“She is mine too! You give birth to her silently and didn’t even inform me about her! She is 8 years old now and I missed all those precious growing up years of her! How are you supposed to compensate my loss in that, huh?!”

She could only stares at him as her guilt eats her up.

“I will settle the documentations to bring Emily back to Taiwan. I will settle the whole process. I won’t bug you even a bit,” he said. “And I will prepare documentations to have her change her surname to Xi Men from Yang,”

“No, you can’t take her away from me! I will not give you my only daughter!” she yelled at him.

“I said I will give you money!”

“I said I don’t want your money! Emily is not a transaction! She is MY daughter!”

“She is MY daughter too!”

“You can’t take her with you!”

“Do you want to bring this matter to court, Xiao You?” he asked.

“So, you are threatening me now?”

“I am not threatening you. I am just following the right procedure to get my daughter if by all means you do not want a peace settlement, then we will go to court,”

“Fine! Go to court!”

“Great,” he exhaled a deep breath. “You do know that if this matter has been brought to court, the CAD$10 million doesn’t apply anymore,”

“Who wants your shitty money?!” she yelled.

“FINE! I give you an option to have an agreement between us, and you choose to go to court. Be prepared to pay for your lawyer and court fees and get yourself broke, Xiao You! I will win this fight,”

“I am her mother! I WILL win this fight!”

“In terms of financial, I am more stable than you! In terms of her future, I am more capable in providing that!”

What Xi Men said suddenly struck her.

He is right. He is more financially stable than she is…

“But… but in terms of mentally and emotionally, I am…” she stammered.

“You are just her mother. You’ll work your ass off just to provide to her. I have my whole empire and I don’t have to struggle shit like you to provide her. She can go travelling lavishly around the world with my money and I will still be able to support her. She is better off with me,” Xi Men said.

“I…” she is stunned.

“And I am her father, and that means I can provide her mentally and emotionally as well. Perhaps even better than you did, because she will grow up in a perfect family,”

“Perfect… family? What perfect family?”

“Just like you have said. Me and my fiancée will get married. We will be husband and wife, and we will be Emily’s parents,”

“Parents? With your fiancée? To my daughter?! NO! You can’t! Emily is not going to call someone else her mother!”

“That is not what you can decide,” Xi Men gave her an arrogant look. “When the court grants me my daughter, I am the one that will decide what the best for my daughter is,”

Xiao You didn’t know what to say anymore. She is too stunned at how suddenly her situation became her disadvantages…

“I am going to give you one more chance. Think of this properly. If you really want to bring this whole matter to court, my offer of CAD$10 million doesn’t apply anymore. I will fight my way out to get Emily’s custody. When you lose, you don’t even get a cent from me. Instead, I will ask you to compensate me in terms of my loss of forbidding me to know about Emily’s existence,”

She looked at Xi Men, suddenly despises him already.

“You are at a loss, Xiao You. Take the CAD$10 million or be prepared to be sued out of your wits!” he extends his hand out all of a sudden.

Emily came out from Xiao You’s back and took Xi Men’s extended hand.

“Emily, let’s go home,” the despicable man in front of Xiao You said.

“Sure, daddy,” Emily happily said at Xi Men. She then turned around and looked at Xiao You, “Bye mommy!” she waved, as both she and Xi Men walked towards the direction of the woman who remains standing way further back of Xi Men.


Xiao You jumped up on her queen bed as she breathes in and out heavily. “Emily…” she called, only to realize she is in her room. She looked around in the familiar dark room, and then turned to look at the clock on the side table.


She took multiple deep breaths again as she remains sitting there, deep in her thought.

After analyzing that the last thing she had done is meeting Harry at the pier and hasn’t catches a glimpse of Xi Men, as well as she hasn’t talked to Emily about Xi Men yet; which means there is no possibility that Emily will call Xi Men ‘daddy’, she closed her eyes and breathes a sigh of relief.

“It is just a dream,” she mumbled. “It is just a dream…” she repeated. “Darn, it is too real…”

She puts her hand on her forehead and wiped her sweat.

“What a horrible dream. And I have never seen such a hateful Xi Men,”

She lied down on bed again and closed her eyes, hoping to resume sleeping.

In about 15 seconds, her eyes popped open.

“Even though the Xi Men I know doesn’t sound like a tad bit of the scornful Xi Men that I have just dreamt, is there a possibility that he will come to get Emily back to Taiwan?”



Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao, who are sitting in the living room of Xi Men’s penthouse waiting for Xi Men to pack up his bags, turned to look at the door.

“Xi Men, you have a visitor!” Mei Zhuo yelled as he returned his gaze to the magazine in his hand and remained flipping it without having a particular article to read.

“Can you open the door for me?” Xi Men yelled from inside his room.

Mei Zhuo lifted up his head, and then he glared at Xiao Qiao. “Why am I here again? Becoming his butler all of a sudden?”

Xiao Qiao laughed softly, “Well, you know he asked his butler and maids to leave back then and he has been staying alone ever since. And right now, he is packing. Just help him,” she patted Mei Zhuo’s shoulder. “Or do you want me to open it instead?”

“Nah, I’ll do it,” Mei Zhuo said, putting the magazine down, “I’ll just be the butler or the servant for a minute,” and then heads to the door.

Xiao Qiao smiled as her husband walks to the door.

Mei Zhuo opens the door and looked at the visitor.


Xiao Qiao, who is sitting at the couch and had her focus at the door; and Mei Zhuo, who is holding the door knob; gaped and stunned.

“Oh… hi… Amanda,” Mei Zhuo quickly said, though half of him remained surprised.

“Hi Mei Zhuo. This is Xi Men’s house, right?” Amanda asked. She then tilted her head slightly to look at Xiao Qiao on the couch, “Hello, Xiao Qiao,”

“Hi…” Xiao Qiao replied with a smile and also a partially surprised look on her face.

“Who is it?” Xi Men asked as he emerged from the door of his room.

“It’s…” Mei Zhuo said.

“Hi Xi Men,” Amanda said, turning her head to look at Xi Men.

Xi Men stared at Amanda who is standing at the entrance. He is surprised as he had never given her his address before and that this is her first time stepping her foot in into his house.

He then frowned after that ‘surprised’ phase has passed in mere 5 seconds. “Why are you here?”

“I want to talk to you,” Amanda said, stepping in into the house basically uninvited, causing Mei Zhuo to take a few steps back to avoid bumping onto Amanda while still holding onto the door knob.

“I don’t have anything to talk to you,” Xi Men said, turning his head. “Please leave,”

“Just a while,” Amanda said. “I am not asking for days,” she stood there, and Xi Men holds his steps.

Xiao Qiao stood up and looked at Mei Zhuo who remained disconcerted at the entire situation.

“Maybe… we should…” Xiao Qiao said, eye-signaling to leave at Mei Zhuo.

“Xiao Qiao and I will take a walk at the park downstairs,” Mei Zhuo said and nodded at Xiao Qiao.

Xiao Qiao grabbed her LV handbag with her and practically dashed to the door to where Mei Zhuo is standing.

“Call me when you are done,” Mei Zhuo said and closed the door behind him.

After the door is closed, Xi Men slowly turned to look at Amanda. “How do you know I stay here? Who told you?”

“Your father told me,” Amanda said.

“As expected. I am telling you, I don’t like you crashing into my house uninvited,”

“If it is not because you put the wedding on hold, I wouldn’t have come, right?”

“I kinda figured, there will be nothing else that will make you came, right?” he asked her back. “Wait, you said… put the wedding on hold?” he frowned.

“Mr. Xi Men said you want the wedding to be put on hold for another year. But we have agreed to have it soon and it is only 4.5 months away…”

Xi Men looked at her and smirked. “He sure loves you so much; he must have not dared to tell you and your father the truth that I am calling the wedding off,”

“You are calling the wedding off?” Amanda surprised. “Why?!”

“Yes, I am calling the wedding off. So if you are postponing it for 10 years, I will not marry you still,”

“Why, Xi Men, why?”

“Go and ask Mr. Xi Men, don’t ask me,” Xi Men said.

“Are you having wedding jitters…?”

Xi Men stared at Amanda. “No, I don’t have any jitter and I am NOT looking forward for a wedding that I am not interested or happy with,”

“Xi Men…”

Xi Men took a deep breath, his eyes traveled down and looked up again to meet her in the eyes. “You are a kind of girl that everyone wants to be with. You are a very nice person and very friendly. But you are not my type. And just so you know, Amanda. You claimed you love me, but I don’t love you. I want you to be clear. I don’t love you and I will NOT love you,”

“What is it about me that you don’t like…?”

“Love is not something you can force yourself to do or to have. When there is none, it means none. No negotiations necessary. I am helping you and saving you from a torture that you are about to have with me. This wedding is set up by my father and he asked me to go along with it which I did but… I just do not want to go along with it anymore,” Xi Men said. “We do not have anything else to say, please go home. I have a flight to catch,”

“Flight? To where…?”

“I am not obligated to tell you where I am going and what I am going to do, right?” Xi Men asked.

Amanda looked at Xi Men. “Xi Men, I really want to marry you…”

“You are not the one I want to be with,” Xi Men said.

“Xi Men…”

“Listen,” he looked at her. “There are better candidates out there to be your husband. And your father’s wide network will help you in finding that particular person. It will not be me,”

“But why, Xi Men? We arranged everything and now we are only 4.5 months away and…”

“Amanda,” Xi Men said. “Firstly, if you really want to know, I love someone else, before you came into the picture actually,”

Amanda is stunned. “Someone else?”


“Is it within these 2 months? You hardly spend time with me…”

“No, it begins 9 years ago,” Xi Men said. “I need to be responsible for what I feel. And since my heart is with someone else, it will not be given to you no matter what you do or how you plead for it. Look, I am sorry that you were being dragged into this by your father and mine. But you need to accept the fact that this is your, and my life we are talking about; not our parents. And you need to know we will never work out. Yes, you can put in all the effort, but I will never be able to love you like how I love her,”

Amanda stared at Xi Men speechless. She didn’t know what to say.

“I can’t believe that up to the last minute, he still wouldn’t tell you what happened. And still say, to postpone for another year when he knew no matter what happens; I will never marry you,” Xi Men said.

“We can… work on it together,”

“There is no ‘we’ in you and me,”


“Look, Amanda,” Xi Men interrupts. “You are really nice. I do not want to hurt your feelings. Please remember, by not marrying me, you are setting yourself free too,”

“My father is very unhappy,”

“I know,” Xi Men said, tilting his head slightly. “Who wouldn’t,” he looked at Amanda, “And because of this, Mr. Xi Men has disowned me too, do you know that?”


Xi Men smirked. “As expected. He wouldn’t have told you,” he lets out a deep, relieving breath, “So since he had disowned me, I am not the CEO Xi Men anymore. I am not even comparable to your status. I am just a commoner. No job. No career. And no one. So who am I to be placed in one of your name lists to be married to you?”


“Amanda,” Xi Men said. “A part of me is glad we had this talk. Even though I know it doesn’t sound like a talk but me telling you stuffs you didn’t know, and I just want to make things clear between you and me. The wedding is off. I will not marry you. Do yourself a favor and find one you will be happier with,”

“What did she have that I don’t?” her tone suddenly became harsh.

Xi Men looked at Amanda, “I don’t want you to compare yourself to her. This kind of comparison is not healthy and will not do you any good,”

“What did she have that I DON’T?!”

Xi Men looked at Amanda with a straight face. “She has my love. You don’t,”

Amanda glared at Xi Men. “But since your father has disowned you, it means you are no longer the CEO Xi Men! You are no longer rich! She will not like you!”

“Then you will take me still when I am no longer CEO Xi Men or rich?”

“Yes, I will,” she took a step forward.

Xi Men took a step backwards as she took the step froward. “No, you don’t. And you won’t,”

“I love you, Xi Men,”

“Can you live in poverty?” Xi Men asked. “Can you live with handbags you bought from night markets instead of Prada or Chanel handbags? Can you do your own laundry? Can you live with the same few pairs of clothes for a year? Can you live without your father’s help and just rely on yourself?”

“I haven’t tried before, that doesn’t mean I can’t,”

“Easier to say than it is done. I am a commoner now. I am poor and jobless. What makes you think a guy like this can give you a perfect home when all you have around you is just luxury? You won’t live thru those painful and suffering days,”

“Then can she?” Amanda asked.

“Yes,” Xi Men replied without hesitation.

“Huh, you are so sure she will still be with you after you get stripped all of your key status off,”

“I am a commoner. I will match her and only her, because she is a commoner too,” Xi Men said.

Amanda gaped. “She is a commoner?! Why, Xi Men… why?”

“I don’t have to reply to you anymore, Miss Lee. Your visit over here is too precious that I am unable to receive further. A commoner like me does not live up to par like a first class resident like you,” Xi Men said, heading to the door and opened it. “Go home,”

Amanda followed him to the door, and then she stood next to him. “You hate me?”

“I don’t,” Xi Men said. “I just want you to be clear that I am not worthy of your time, or your life,”

“Asides from her having your love… what did she have that I don’t?” she looked at him.

“Will you leave after I answer you?” Xi Men asked as he looked at her.

“If I say no?”

“Then you don’t have to know what she has that you don’t,” Xi Men said.

Amanda swallowed the lump in her throat. She took a deep breath and nodded. “Fine, I’ll leave after you tell me,”

Xi Men looked out to the door, giving her a hint that he wants her to walk out from the door now.

Amanda gets what he means. She stared out of the door. If she happened to walk out from the door, there is a chance he will not say anything and close the door. But if she doesn’t do as he said, she will never know the answer.

Holding onto her handbag’s strap, she walked out from the door and stood there, waiting for Xi Men to reply.

“She has my daughter,” Xi Men answers, and he closed the door.


“Hi mommy,”

Xiao You, who is sitting in the living room staring at the black screen of the television, turned to look at Emily. “Hi sweetie,”

Emily looked at the television. “Mommy, why are you staring at the television? You didn’t switch it on, you know…?”

“I know, I was… thinking,” Xiao You said. “I mean… deep in some thoughts,”

“Really?” Emily asked.

Xiao You nodded. “Do you want to eat breakfast? I can cook some pancakes for you,”

“Mommy… you have asked and given me my brunch 45 minutes ago,” Emily frowned.


“Yes, and it is 12 now…”

Xiao You turned to look at the clock hanging on the wall. “Ah, 12 noon already?”

“Mommy, you’ve lost track of time?”

“Or rather, I was so into deep thought… I didn’t know time flies,” Xiao You smiled.

“Sounds like some really serious thought. Mommy you hardly lost in time,” Emily smiled. “And you’ve completely forgotten about me already had my brunch… which… is even more… creepy,” she frowned.

Xiao You smiled. “I am really sorry. Sit down, Emily,” her smile fades until it is just a small curve on her lips.

“Sure, mommy,” Emily said, sitting down as asked. She then stared at Xiao You.

Xiao You smiled at her. Emily frowned a bit.


“Do you have enough sleep since we just came back from Taipei yesterday morning?”

“I’ve slept for 11 hours, still feel slightly tired but overall I am fine,” she responded. “Maybe I will go for a nap later,”

“That is good… do you enjoy your trip?”

“Definitely! This is my best vacation!”

“School is starting in 2 weeks, can’t wait to go back to school to tell them what you have done over the summer?”

“Yes!” Emily said excitedly.

Xiao You smiled, but her smile soon fades. Deep inside her heart, it is a conflict. To see her daughter this happy, she is worried about what will happen if she were to tell Emily about Xi Men. If she is happier, then it would be alright, but what if she is…


Xiao You looked at Emily upon hearing her calling. “Yeah?”

“Mommy, are you okay?” Xiao You asked.

“Yes I am,” Xiao You smiled. “I… I am happy that you are happy,”

“Mommy, something is not right with you,” Emily frowned immediately.

Xiao You stared at her daughter, and after a really long pause… “Emily, do you like Xi Men?”

“Uncle Xi Men? He is a nice guy!” Emily smiled. “Of course I like him,”

Xiao You could only stare at her daughter. She purposely says ‘Xi Men’ instead of ‘Uncle Xi Men’ because she wasn’t quite sure if she should continue implying what she shouldn’t have referred Xi Men as to his daughter. “Well… I can see that you do like him…”

Emily smiled. “Uncle Ah Si, Uncle Lei and Uncle Mei Zhuo are nice too. But I like Uncle Xi Men the most. And he spends the most time with us,”

Xiao You smiled lightly. “That is good to hear,”

Emily tilted her head. “Umm… if nothing else… can I watch TV…?”

“There is…!” Xiao You said, staring at her daughter with her eyes wide, and then she softened up. “There is… umm… something,”

“Oh, okay,” Emily joyfully said as she looked at her mother. “What is it, mommy?”

Xiao You looked down to the floor for a while, before she looked at Emily again. “I am always afraid this day will come,”

“Ah?” Emily’s joy is gone but she is now confused.

“Emily,” Xiao You gently holds Emily’s hand.

“Mommy, are you sick?” Emily asked as she puts her hand on Xiao You’s forehead to check her temperature.

“No, no, I am fine,” Xiao You said as she casually holds Emily’s hand from leaning on her (Xiao You) forehead and then Emily retracts her hand since Xiao You had said she is not sick.

Xiao You then swallowed a lump in her throat, while Emily looked at her mother reacting weirdly around her.

“You know…” Xiao You said.


“When you were younger… you always ask about your father,”

Emily’s eyes widened as she understood why her mother is reacting like this.

“When you were 5, you asked why everyone else’s fathers are sending them to school in a car while I walk you to school,” Xiao You said.

“I don’t remember that,” Emily said.

“You are probably too young to remember, or you just don’t remember them since they are not significant to you,” Xiao You patted her head.

“Probably,” Emily replied.

“There was once you stood and you were gripping onto your school bag while you stare at your classmates’ fathers came to bring them back home from school,”


“Yes, you were staring at them, and you didn’t know I was coming from the back,” Xiao You said.

“I actually remembered there are a lot of times, my classmates asked why my mother would be so free to come and pick me up, and they could only stare at me with envy because their parents have to work, so they have to rely on nanny, or school buses to fetch them home,” Emily smiled.

Xiao You looked at Emily. Now she understood how Emily finds her solace in her friends’ enviousness towards her of having a mother to come and pick her up from school to go home, while her friends have to go back on their own or picked up by someone else. But Emily knew her friends have a father and a mother; or rather a complete family at the end of the day; and it is not the same to her.

“Because my working hours are flexible,” Xiao You smiled. “And I know, Emily. During some school competitions or performances, you look at your friends and see that they have a whole family to come and support them, but to you, it is only me, and your grandparents,”

“And Uncle Harry and Aunty Christina!” Emily smiled.

A small laugh escaped Xiao You’s mouth. “That wasn’t what I have expected,”

“Mommy,” Emily called. “I know when I was younger, I could have envied other kids, for having something I don’t have. But that doesn’t mean I am not happy. I am 8 years old. I have a lot of friends who doesn’t have a father or a mother. I am not the only one,”

“Didn’t have a father or a mother? How come?”

“I mean, they do, but their father and mother are not together anymore,” Emily said.

Xiao You looked at Emily. She must have meant divorce.

“I do not want you to compare yourself to your friends,” Xiao You said.

“I didn’t compare. I am just a part of the group,” Emily smiled. “And there are some… their parents are separating. My friends are upset,” she looked at Xiao You. “I am glad I don’t have to go thru that…”

“You are very happy with what you have now?”

“Definitely,” Emily smiled.

Xiao You doesn’t feel ecstatic at all about what Emily has said. Though a part of her is relieved… if she didn’t accept Xi Men, Emily wouldn’t feel bad… wait, or will she?

“But that is not the point you are asking or talking to me… right?” Emily said, interrupting Xiao You’s thought.

Xiao You smiled lightly.

“Mommy,” Emily said. “I do remember I asked about a father when I was younger, but I don’t remember how often or how many times. Mommy, I am sorry if that hurts you,”

“No, Emily, no… it is completely fine,” Xiao You said. “Everyone will definitely desire and want something they don’t have… it is very normal and you can think of that,”

Emily smiled and nodded lightly.

“I think it is time,” Xiao You took another deep breath.

Emily frowned.

“I never knew when is the right time to tell you about this, and I know… you have the right to know,”

“About?” Emily asked.

Xiao You swallowed a lump in her throat. “About your father,”

“What about him, mommy?”

Xiao You took a deep breath; and she didn’t know what to expect next. She swallowed the lump in her throat and caressed Emily’s face. “You know I always tell people that my husband died and that for you to grow up well and happy, you took my surname…”

“Mommy, I know you didn’t get married. You have been telling me that since I was young, and just that you do not want people to keep asking, so you create a big lie to say daddy died. And well, because I don’t have a father… so that is why my surname is yours,”

“And the lie that I have created… has caused you to do and say exactly that when you tell your friends or teachers in school,”

“It is okay, mommy. When I was younger, I may not understand. I have always wondered why we couldn’t just tell them that I don’t have a father. But don’t worry, mommy, now I understand. Because you just wanted to protect me,”

“Emily,” Xiao You called with a faint smile. “I have never told you about your father… I want you to know… your father is a nice person. He didn’t do anything wrong. I want you to know he really didn’t do anything wrong,” Xiao You said, remained gripping both Emily’s hands. “And I want you to know I love your father very much,”

“I have always know my father is a nice person… you always said that,”

“I know,” Xiao You smiled faintly as she stared at her daughter, and not for long, her smile fades, “Your father is rich, successful and he is a famous figure. And he is a person that really worth my time and my love for,”

“Umm… okay,” Emily doesn’t really understand why her mother would say that.

“And I am sorry, Emily. I am sorry we have to live like this,” Xiao You caressed Emily’s face with guilt shown on her (Xiao You) face.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, mommy,” Emily said, as she quickly hugged Xiao You.

“Your condition of living could have been better. You could have a father that would send you to school and pick you up after that. You could have a father to cheer you up in every competitions and performances you are about to do in school. And you could have a normal family like you have always desired,” Xiao You patted Emily.

“Mommy, it is okay. You have always taught me to appreciate what we have. I don’t have a father, but I still have you. I am good with just both of us, and grandma and grandpa,” Emily said, eases from the hug, and sits back to her place.

“You do have a father, and he is very well alive,”

Emily’s friendly and happy face changed immediately. She looked at Xiao You in disbelief.

Seeing her daughter’s reaction like this, Xiao You reached forward to grip Emily’s hand tightly, “He didn’t know about you, just like you didn’t know about him,”

Emily remained in disbelief.

“I have never told him about you,” Xiao You said, “I… I haven’t been keeping in touch with him,”

Emily didn’t say a word.

“Your father and I have a complicated relationship… and this is between me and your father. I don’t want you to hate him,” she, with tears in her eyes, caressed Emily’s cheek. “It is my fault for not telling him about you, and it is my fault for not telling you about him… but I have my reasons why I am doing these…”

Emily just looked at Xiao You.

“Sweetie… are you alright?” Xiao You caressed Emily’s face again.

“Do I know him?” Emily asked, looking straight into Xiao You’s eyes.

Xiao You is taken aback with the sudden question. She bites her lower lip and she nodded. “Yes,”

Emily blinked a few times, before she looked down. “Have I met him in person…?”

Deeply saddened with how Emily reacted, Xiao You said, “Yes, I can see he loves you a lot…”

Emily then lifted her head and looked at Xiao You, “Then may I know who is he?”

Tears finally streamed down Xiao You’s cheek, and after a long pause, while gripping Emily’s hand tightly, she said, “Xi Men. He is your father,”

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