My Loved One – Chapter 67

A week later, in a coffee house opposite Xi Men Corporation.

Xiao You sits at the square table looking at the menu, wondering what to order.

*Door open.

He saw Xiao You immediately after he pushed the door open.

“Mr. Xi…”

Xi Men immediately puts his finger on his lips, imitating the action of requesting for the waitress to quiet. “She is here, thank you,” he softly said and smiled at the waitress as he lowered his hand.

“Sure,” the waitress politely as well as softly replied too, as she took the menu and followed Xi Men, walking towards where Xiao You is sitting.

He heads towards her from her back.

Xi Men walked and as he was about to reach the table, he immediately bended his body and kissed her cheek at the speed of lightning.

Shocked at the sudden kiss, she immediately turned and saw Xi Men smiling as he took his seat in front of her.

“Hi honey,” he smiled.

She rolled her eyes before she replied his smile. “So it is you,”

“Why? Who dares to outrage my woman’s modesty?”

“Imagine someone came to you from the back and kiss you just like that,” Xiao You said.

“I would be elated,” he smiled.


He laughed while the waitress puts down the menu in front of him.

“I think I need to practice and get myself familiar with my hand whacking to anything beside me,” she lifted her hand up and started flinging (or whacking) with the back of her hand towards the side of her cheek.

His laughter fades upon hearing that and also witnessing what Xiao You did. “Do you need to do that?” he deadpanned.

“Of course! To protect myself,” she said, air-whacking again.

“Hmmm, I have forgotten I am good at reflex,” he somehow replied.

She stopped air-whacking, and glared at him.

He just smiled evilly at her. “So, what do you want to eat?”

“I am not sure yet. I have been looking at the menu for a long time. What is nice here?” she asked.

“They marked their specialty with a red star in the menu,” Xi Men said.

“Oh, really?” she looked for red star items now.

“Yeah. I tried their signature spaghetti before. Not bad,” Xi Men said, flipping the menu.

“If it is nice, I want to try their signature spaghetti then,” Xiao You said, lifting her head up and the waitress take it as a clue to approach the table to take their order.

“Okay, make it two then,” Xi Men said, lifting his head up and then placed the order at the waitress.

“Two signature special: spaghetti seafood aglio olio, and two black coffee,” the waitress repeats the order.

“Yes,” Xi Men and Xiao You replied at the same time.

“Okay,” the waitress said as she collects the menu and then left to the kitchen.

Xi Men smiled as his beautiful partner sitting in front of him.

“So,” he said.

“Hmm?” she looked at him.

“Why do you come here all of a sudden?” he asked.

“To spy you,”

He laughed. “From here? Opposite of my building?” he asked. “Are you sure you can see me from here?” he laughed again.

She laughed. “Just kidding. I did too much research at home that my head hurts today. So I decided to stay away from the computer today,”

Upon hearing she said her head hurts, “Are you alright? Do you want to go and see a doctor?” he asked with concern.

“I am fine, don’t worry,”

“Why don’t you stay at home and sleep if your head hurts?”

“I didn’t want to sleep too. So… since I just want to stay away from the computer, I decided to come out and go to the kindergarten later to look around and think as well as decide what kind of artwork or additional things to put there,”

“Sigh,” he said. “Did I do it wrong again this time?”

“Why do you say that?”

“I’ve told you I am setting up the kindergarten for you to work to ease your boredom. Not to make you busy and sick,” Xi Men said.

“I am fine, Xi Men. I am just doing what I love and I am super excited about it that I have spent too many hours facing the computer, which I will reduce the hours from tomorrow onwards. And it is not like I will be having headache the whole time,” she said.


“Yes,” she said. “If you are free later, you can come and see the kindergarten with me, and give me some ideas how to decorate the place,”

He smiled. “My next appointment is 3pm so I have some time until then,”

“Alright,” she smiled too.

“You are really lucky I am in the office today, that you can just call me up and say, ‘I am at the café opposite your office, wanna go for lunch together now?’”

She laughed. “Because I am smart!”

He laughed again. “So, how did you come out to here? Hail a cab?”

“Have you forgotten that there is a bus stop outside the penthouse that goes straight to the MRT station?” she looked at him.

He stared at her, “The bus that I said I didn’t know how long it will take to go to MRT station?”

“Yes, so smart of you. And by the way, the bus took 15 minutes to reach the MRT station, if you want to know,”

“I have completely forgotten about the bus stop in front of the penthouse’s guard house,”

“Because you drove, that is why you pay no attention to it or doesn’t care. I remember since you said that in front of all of us a couple of months back, during my visit to Taiwan,”

He looked at her. “You remembered?”

“Yes, and I remember you ate my daughter’s vegetable too,” she smirked.

“That…” he immediately quiets. “Ahem,” he cleared his throat.

She laughed. “Gotcha!”

He glared at her as the waitress puts down two cups of black coffee.

“I really need to hire a chauffeur,” he said.

“Why is that topic popping out all of a sudden?” she asked.

“How can I let you take bus and MRT?” he asked.

“Me? Why me all of a sudden? I thought you meant to hire a chauffeur to fetch Emily to and from school?” Xiao You asked.

“That is one point. But for you as well,”

“Don’t bother about me, Xi Men,”

“No, I must,”

“Like, for what?”

“So that when you want to go out, the chauffeur is there to bring you,” Xi Men said.

“It is not like I will be home all the time next time. Once the kindergarten opens, it meant I have a workplace to go to everyday, and I will follow you when you go to work,” she said.

He stared at her. She is right.

“Then what if I go for business trip? How do you want to go to work?” he asked.

“You told me I can stay at home and that I can choose not to go to the kindergarten since I am the boss, right?”


He slaps his forehead.

She laughed at him.

“Sheesh,” he hissed.

She laughed again.

“How come you never thought about it when I told you the other day that you needed to hire a chauffeur for Emily?”

He just looked at her and then he shook his head.

“Oh hey,”

“What,” he deadpanned.

“When Lei goes overseas for work, Jing follows. When Mei Zhuo goes for business trip, Xiao Qiao follows. When Ah Si goes overseas for business trip, San Chai follows too, right?”


“Then what about you?”

“Well, for those married or attached, they will bring their wives and secretaries. Where as for me, since I am single, I only bring Secretary Xu,”

“And now?”

“Now, I am attached. I have you. Of course you will follow me when I go overseas for business trip. Why the odd question?”

“Because just now, you are saying as though you will still go overseas alone and that I am not going to follow you… which, is fine with me and you can have Secretary Xu as your ‘partner’ at that point of time,”

He glared at her, and she laughed.

“Fine, you win,” he said.

She laughed again. “Okay, I tell you what,” she said.

He looked at her. “What?”

“Just hire one already. To fetch Emily, to fetch me, and to fetch you. Actually, even if you are going overseas for business trip, there may be times where I may not follow you too. Maybe, I said. So if you are away, I need the chauffeur and someone has to fetch Emily to school still. And also, there are times where you need someone to fetch you to work when you don’t feel like driving, or when you are sick,” she said. “Oh, not to mention, if we have chauffeur, it means we have someone to fetch us to airport if we were to go holidays or business trip, right?”

He smiled. “Set,”

She smiled as she takes her cup of coffee up for a sip.

He smiled briefly, seeing she is happy.

He then extends his hand to take his cup of coffee up for a sip.

“Hmmm, nice,” she smiled as she puts the cup of coffee down, back onto the saucer.

“You can come here often, since your kindergarten is just located right opposite,” he gently glanced over to outside of the cafe where Xi Men Corporation is located at.

She laughed. “We’ll see,”

He smiled.

“We are going back to Toronto in a week, and then the following week is Harry and Christina’s wedding,” she said.

“Can’t wait to go back?” he asked.

“You can say so,” she smiled. “I miss my parents,”

He smiled. “What about Harry and Christina?”

“Of course I miss them too,” she smiled.  “Now that I think of it, I miss a lot of things already,”

“Remembering, or reliving a lot of things now?”

“Sort of,” she smiled. “And you had to remind me of that,”

“Ah? My fault now?” he asked.

She laughed.

He just smiled, and after her laughter slowly subsides, “Since you are reliving them, tell me about Gavin Kang,”

Her smile fades off and she is surprised to hear that name from Xi Men. “Gavin Kang?”

He nodded.

“You know Gavin?” she asked.

“Harry told me about him,” Xi Men said.

“You mean… you knew about Gavin for some time already?”

“You can say so. It was at the time when I head to Toronto to find out about you and Emily,”

“Oh, that time? So… it’s been so long already…” she said.

“You can say so,” he smiled.

She just smiled briefly.

“Tell me about him,” Xi Men smiled.

“I guess… if Harry had told you about Gavin… there is nothing else for me to add…” Xiao You said.

“I want to hear it from you,” Xi Men smiled again. “Though I know he is not somewhat really important to you, which is why you have never mentioned to me, but I do believe there is a reason why among so many guys that went after you, Harry only mentioned and remembers him,”

Xiao You smiled faintly and she took a deep breath. “Gavin is a South Korean studying in my University. He is completely different from you,”

Xi Men laughed. “Why are you comparing him to me?”

She smiled, “Just saying,” she took another deep breath. “But if I hadn’t been loving and remained in love with you… I think I might be with him,”

Xi Men’s laughter and even the slightest smile fade off completely. “What?”

She smiled as she looked at his reaction. “Might, just might. Doesn’t mean I will,”


“When I was in University, a lot of guys are going after me. If I am really interested to be in a relationship, I think I will be in one, and probably will already be in one before Gavin comes,”


She smiled. “Didn’t expect I will be such a ‘hot property’?”

“I know. I am just glad that ‘hot property’ is mine now,” he replied.

She laughed and he smiled.

After her laughter fades, “Because of how I felt for you, I don’t really look at guys more than just being friends. So whenever each and every one comes to me, I just reject them,”

He smiled faintly. “I heard about that from Harry too,”

“And another one more thing…”

His smile faded slightly. “Hmm?”

“At the end of the day, I head back home and faced Emily, and then I will remember you. And it reminds me of how I felt towards you. So I can’t be with anyone and assuming if I did, it wouldn’t be fair to the other person,”

The smile grew back on Xi Men’s face. “I love you too,”

She makes a small laugh upon hearing that.

“You still haven’t say anything that have made me felt there is something special about him that made him into some special list,” Xi Men said.

“Whatever views or opinions that made him into such list, doesn’t mean the same view is shared by you, Xi Men,” Xiao You said.

“I know. I don’t mind. I just want to know from your view and opinion,” he smiled.

“Fine, I’ll tell you based on my views,” Xiao You smiled. “Because Gavin is Harry’s, Christina’s and my best friend, so he gives a deeper impression to me,”

“Just like that?” Xi Men asked.

“Everyone has their own way in expressing their feelings or desire to be with me. For Gavin, it is left undetected until he confessed to me on the night of our graduation. I didn’t know he had feelings for me, because I have always treated him just as a best friend,”


“He takes it really well, and he gives me the vibe that… he knew he will be rejected, but he wants to try it anyway,”


“Yeah. And then he left soon after, because he claimed that his mother is asking him to go back to Korea. That was the last time I saw him… and talked to him,” Xiao You then sighed. “Gavin is a nice guy. A very nice person,” she added. “He also has this charm that attracts girls… that he didn’t know,”

“Harry also told me about that…”

“But just to let you know, your charm is different,” Xiao You smiled.

That puts a smile on Xi Men’s face. “Well, you didn’t sound like a girl,”


“You said he has this charm that attracts girls, but you are not attracted, so that puts you… well, not like a girl then,”

She laughed.

“I guess, because you are smitten already by a different charm, from the man that is sitting in front of you,” Xi Men said.

She laughed again. “You and your sweet talk again,”

“All the time, honey,” he laughed too.

After their laughter fades,

“I also heard from Harry that… all three of you headed to airport to send him on that day,” Xi Men said.


“Since you are with me now…” he clasped his hands and puts it on the table. “Care to tell me, what he told you during the goodbye hug?”

Xiao You looked at Xi Men, “You mean, Harry knew Gavin told me something during the goodbye hug?”

“Because he said the hug lasted longer than it should,”

Xiao You stared at Xi Men, and then she smiled. “I didn’t know Harry noticed that too… or probably… it is too noticeable,”



Gavin turned his head and looked at Xiao You. “I’ll miss you too, Xiao You,” he heads over to her for a hug.

Xiao You hugged him back, with her hands around his neck, “I’ll miss you too, Gavin. Hope things will be good to you over there,”

“I hope so too,” he softly said, only loud enough for Xiao You to listen.

Xiao You smiled.

“Xiao You, I know your deceased husband doesn’t exists,” Gavin said.

Xiao You’s smile fades and her eyes widened in his embrace.

“Or rather… the man who fathered Emily isn’t dead,” Gavin added.

Xiao You froze.

“And you love him to bits,” he continued.

“No, Gavin… no…”

“You can stop lying already. I know it is the truth. Are you still planning to lie to me even when I am leaving this place, that we may not see each other again?”

Xiao You is stunned. “I…”

Gavin smiled. “You invented a story about him, you are so good at it that you have no problems repeating the same thing over and over again without flaw… you are so good that I truly believe your deceased husband exists. And I have always thought you couldn’t move on from losing your husband, thus your rejection towards men,”

Xiao You’s eyes strayed.

“So when I found out you haven’t been married… and also including your confusing behavior in rejecting men in your life… I finally found out the reason why. The man existed. But he is not dead,”

Xiao You went speechless.

“I know you will never be able to open yourself up to love someone else. Your heart has always been pointing towards Emily’s father. You only love him,”

She is stunned. “I… how do you know…?”

Remained smiling, “Just spent a little time analyzing since I found out the truth,”

“How long does it take you…?”

“Just one night,”

“Please don’t tell anyone…”

He nodded. “I didn’t know what the reasons that lead to both of you not to be together are. I am very sure there is at least a reason why,”

Tears welled up in Xiao You’s eyes. She then nodded as her hands around his neck also tightened. “Yes, there are reasons…”

“You don’t have to tell me,” Gavin said. “Promise me… if you meet him again… and if he is single… be with him. He is your happiness. He is the only person who will make you happy from deep within,” he tightened the hug.

She swallowed the bitter lump in her throat, already thinking about Xi Men, and the reasons why they are not together are played repeatedly in her mind. “Thank you… Gavin, thank you,” that is all she could say, even though she knows very well Xi Men and her could not be together.

Gavin smiled. “Xiao You, I like you so much, I think I love you…”

She is surprised, and a tear fell down to her cheek.

“…but I know, soon, I will be a man who had loved you. I will find someone new to love,” he happened to continue his statement with a smile.

A small laugh escaped her mouth. “Please do,”

He laughed too as they slowly relived from the hug, with Xiao You wiping her tears on her face harshly.

He then leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “Good luck and all the best in life, Xiao You,”

“Same to you, Gavin,” Xiao You smiled.

*End of flashback.


Xiao You smiled. “Gavin is right about everything. Since it took him a day to analyze and found out about everything, I knew how much he cares, or feels for me. I have always thought Harry is smart, until I heard such thing uttered by Gavin, I realized he is smart in a unique way that I have never seen before,”

“So Gavin was telling you to come to me…?” Xi Men asked, partially in disbelief.

“Gavin knew you are the only one I love and will love,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men just stared at her.

“So… yeah. That is about it,” she smiled.

Xi Men smiled. “Sounds like he is quite a good friend to you, and that he leaves back to Korea on good terms with you,”

“Well, according to what I feel, he is. Asides from Harry and Christina, he is my next best friend. Lost him when he leaves that particular day,”

“Why didn’t you ask Harry for his contact? You can still keep in touch with him,”

“I know Harry is still in contact with him. If I want to know about Gavin’s condition, I only have to ask Harry. To me, I treat Gavin as my best friend, but I don’t know if he is treating me the same… and you know, based on the past, I am not sure if he still have feelings for me or not… and I don’t want to misguide him, which is why I don’t want to contact him on my own,”

Xi Men smiled lightly and nodded. “Alright… I got it,”

“It has been so many years. I hope he had become the man who had loved me and now had moved on. I hope he had found someone new to love, just like what he said,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men just smiled. He didn’t say anything.

“I wish I can see him again,” she said, at the same time looking at the waitress putting down two plates of spaghetti on the table.

He looked at her and then he smiled, before he lowered his head down as he lifted the fork up. “Any idea how he is doing now?”

“According to Harry, Gavin is now a celebrity in Korea, which is good for him,” Xiao You smiled. “And since Gavin is a celebrity, Harry said he is very busy that it took Gavin days and sometimes weeks or even months to reply Harry’s email,”


“But most importantly, he is happy doing what he is doing now in his home country,” she smiled as she dives her fork into the spaghetti.

He just smiled as he looked down onto his spaghetti, and he dives his fork into it too. ‘I guess I am honored. I felt like I have owed him too…’ he thought.

“I guess, he must be living a marvelous life now,” Xiao You said, voicing her thought.

He looked at her and then suddenly laughed at her facial expression.

“What,” she deadpanned.

“You look like you are jealous or something. Did you regret that you never picked him and you missed out the chance to be the girlfriend of a celebrity?”

“I am not that type of person. I don’t favor statuses. I am only seeking happiness,” she protrudes her tongue at him. “Happiness will get you a long way,”

“Well, actually, your situation is not that bad now,” he said. “Because you are the precious significant other of the CEO of Xi Men Corporation, and not to mention… he is part of F4,”

“Self-advertisement again,” she pointed at him.

He laughed, and then it slowly fades to a smile as he lowered his head to take his first bite of the spaghetti.

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  1. yes, ximen has to collect points for xiao you to willingly accept him, gavin will be one, yes more loving loving moments, if xiao you agree to get married maybe the end of the story nears… so more chapters please. thank you for writing still even if winglin conks out..

    • Hahaha. You are right. Actually, your comments had always amazed and surprised me on how similar your thoughts are to the events and flows of my stories. And you still do. 🙂

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        • Well, with winglin out, I believe writers will find a place to write and post their stories. There are still a couple of fan fiction sites such as asianfanfics so there is a chance they may go over. You can try there, and see if there are any writers still writing about MG. Besides, MG will be aired again in Philippines at end of this month so, some writers may make a comeback (may, I said). And of course, the sad part is that winglin was the place where everyone is/used to be, and now writers will be scattered all over the places and therefore readers have to go everywhere just to read, which is sad.

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