My Loved One – Chapter 68

One week later,


“Any idea where they will be?” Xiao You asked as she entered the entrance of the hospital hurriedly with Xi Men and Emily.

“I have no idea. I only received a call from Ah Si saying they’ll be here…” Xi Men said.

He looked around, hoping to spot a familiar face.


He turned and headed to the registration counter. “Miss, I am looking for Dao Ming San Chai, may I know what room is she in?”


Mei Zhuo stared at Ah Si for a brief moment, and then he (Mei Zhuo) starts laughing.

“Laugh what!” Ah Si yelled at Mei Zhuo.


Xi Men and Xiao You turned their heads to the source of the loud yell.

That yell itself has already announced where they are.

Well, at least, where Ah Si is.

“It is okay, thank you,” Xi Men briefly looked at the receptionist to thank her, and then he turned to Xiao You. “Let’s go over,”

Three of them dashes to that direction and down the hallway, finally meeting Ah Si, who is glaring at Mei Zhuo, umm, laughing hysterically in front of Ah Si.

“Ah Si,” Xi Men called. “How’s San Chai?”

“It’s just Braxton Hicks!” Mei Zhuo said at Xi Men.

“Braxton Hicks? What’s that?” Xi Men asked, looking at Mei Zhuo.

“It is the name for expectant mom experiencing contraction but not anywhere near birth,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men turned his head to look at Xiao You. “Oh?”

“Yup, Xiao You got it right,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Thank you. Knew about that term when I was pregnant,” Xiao You said.

“So, that’s a false alarm?” Xi Men asked.

“Yes, she is still very much pregnant inside the room,” Mei Zhuo said.

Xi Men turned his head and looked at Ah Si. “And I thought someone said she is giving birth…”

“You can’t blame me when San Chai was screaming because of that contraction and she is the one that says it is time to give birth!” Ah Si said.

“San Chai has never had Braxton Hicks before?” Xiao You asked Ah Si.

“No,” Ah Si replied.

“Actually, can’t really blame Ah Si for not knowing that. Xiao Qiao has that when she was pregnant with Wei Juin and Wei Yi,” Mei Zhuo said. “Which is how I know about Braxton Hicks,”

“Then why are you laughing at me!” Ah Si yelled again.

“Hey, this is hospital. Don’t yell,” Xi Men said, putting his finger on his lips.

“Because I am finding a good opportunity to laugh at you!” Mei Zhuo laughed again.

“URGH,” Ah Si groaned.


All of them turned and looked at Lei, Jing and Alex.

“Hey,” the three replied.

“I heard your voice, so I know you are here,” Lei said, pointing at Ah Si.

“Exactly the same way I did…” Xi Men said.

“How’s San Chai? Given birth?” Jing asked.

“No, not even close,” Ah Si said.

“So, you are going to wait here?” Lei asked. “That might take a while…”

“What Ah Si meant was San Chai is not going to give birth yet. It’s just contraction,” Xi Men said. “Braxton Hicks, he said,”

“What?” Lei said. “False labor?”

“Yeah… go back home. Go back. Sorry for the trouble,” Ah Si said, scratching his head.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Mei Zhuo said.

“And you are saying that after having a good laugh at me!” Ah Si pointed at Mei Zhuo.

“So, San Chai is in the ward?” Xiao You asked.

“Yes, with Xiao Qiao in there. She’s going to be discharge soon,” Ah Si said, pointed at the ward. “You can go in and see her if you want to,”

“Sure, let’s go in,” Xiao You said at Jing.

“Alright,” Jing said, and then she turned to look at Alex. “Alex, come with mommy to meet Aunty San Chai,”

“Okay,” Alex said.

“Emily, you come in as well,” Xiao You called.

“Alright mommy,” Emily said.


“Sorry ladies…” San Chai said.

“Hey, no worries. Sometimes it happens, especially you haven’t had that before, you definitely thought you are going to labor,” Xiao Qiao smiled.

“I’m at my week 37, by next week I will be in full term so I thought I might go into labor like a week earlier… you know, it is possible,” San Chai said.

“Yeah, I know,” Jing smiled.

“Umm… San Chai, I am going to Toronto tomorrow, and I’ll be back a week later… so if you have given birth when I am still in Toronto…” Xiao You said. “That means I can’t visit you in the hospital…”

“Don’t worry,” San Chai smiled. “You can always visit me at home if I had given birth,”

“But you are in confinement… you really needed the rest…”

“It is not like you come everyday,” San Chai said. “Just once or twice is fine,”

“Hmmm… alright,” Xiao You smiled.

“Oh, right. I remember hearing from Lei that you are going to Toronto but I didn’t know it’s tomorrow,” Jing said. “But why are you going over to Toronto all of a sudden? Missing home?”

“Nah, it’s my best friends’ wedding,” Xiao You said. “You know Harry?”

“Ah, Harry’s wedding? I see. Are you going alone?” Xiao Qiao asked.

“No, with Emily and Xi Men,”

“Oh, family trip, huh,” Xiao Qiao smiled. “But a whole week… isn’t that a bit long for attending someone’s wedding?”

“Oh, I am the bride’s maid of honor. So I need to go there earlier to prepare and help out…” Xiao You said.

“Oh? Maid of honor!” all three of them said.

“Yeah,” Xiao You smiled.

“That’s great,” Jing smiled.

“Yeah. And I am going back to meet my parents as well since it has been a month since I came back to Taipei. So I just plan to spend some time with them as well,” Xiao You smiled.

“Alright. Send my regards to your parents,” San Chai smiled.

“Our regards too, yeah,” Xiao Qiao and Jing said at the same time.

“Sure, will do,” Xiao You said. “Umm, Ah Si said you will be discharged soon, so any idea what time you will be leaving?”

“Doctor has given me the green light to leave actually but I am just resting here,” San Chai said. She then sighed. “Now I will have to go back home and wait again, seeing when will this little baby going to come out,” she rubbed her tummy.

Everyone laughed.


All the three CEOS along with their families walked out from the hospital’s entrance and then stopped at the middle of the junction where they will part if they parked their cars at different sides of the hospital.

“My car is parked that side,” Mei Zhuo pointed to the right.

“Mine is here,” Xi Men said, pointed to the left.

Mei Zhuo and Xi Men turned to look at Lei.

“And you? Where do you park?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“Same with Mei Zhuo,” Lei said. He then turned to look at Jing. “Are you sure we don’t have to wait for San Chai to discharge and we can just go now?”

“San Chai still wants to rest for a while more, so she asked us to leave first,” Jing said.

“And yes, we are darn sure about that,” Xiao Qiao chipped in.

“Alright then, so…we’ll go then. Since both of your cars are that side and mine is this side… then we’ll split here,” Xi Men said.

“Sure, safe flight tomorrow,” Lei said, man-hugged Xi Men.

“Thanks,” Xi Men smiled, patting him back.

“See you after your Toronto trip,” Mei Zhuo said, his turn to man-hug Xi Men.

“Okay. Whatsapp or email me if there’s anything. Or if San Chai has given birth,” Xi Men said, looking at the guys and ladies exchanging hug with each other.

“No problem. What time is your flight tomorrow again?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“8.50am,” Xi Men replied.

“Oh, early flight,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Then you guys better rest early for tomorrow. Bye Xiao You. Enjoy your trip,” Lei said, friendly-hugged her.

“Bye Lei. See you around,” Xiao You said.

One by one exchanged their hug, and everyone bid goodbye again.

And so Mei Zhuo, Xiao Qiao, Lei, Jing and Alex headed to the other side, where their cars are parked at.

Xi Men, Xiao You and Emily turned around and head towards the opposite direction from the rest of the friends.

“I really thought San Chai is going to give birth,” Xi Men said, looking at Xiao You who is on his left.

“I thought so too,” Xiao You said, her left hand is holding Emily’s hand.

Xi Men laughed softly. “And all of us rush to the hospital for… nothing,”

Xiao You laughed along. “It is okay. It’s just going to be within the next few weeks,”

“Is Braxton Hicks contractions very common?” Xi Men asked.

“Some expectant mothers will experience that, but not all,” Xiao You smiled.

“So, did you experience it?”

“I did, on my last trimester,” she smiled. “About… twice,”

“Did it scare you?”

“Not really. My doctor prepped me about that before I experience it. He asked me not to panic when I have contractions for it could be Braxton Hicks… but if the pain is too long, then it is not Braxton Hicks. That’s birth on the way,”

Xi Men laughed when he heard that, and then he looked at Emily, “See, mommy suffers so much for you,”

“Eh, daddy, are you putting the blame on me?” Emily asked, causing Xi Men to glare at her.

Xiao You laughed. “Both of you are not going to win this,”

“True,” Xi Men and Emily said at the same time.

“Mommy’s the winner!” Emily said.

Xiao You laughed again. “Right. Now, go back and continue packing your clothes. We are going to airport really early tomorrow because of our early flight at 8.50am so you must make sure everything is packed before you sleep,”

“Alright, mommy,” Emily said.

Click. Click.

Xi Men turned his head to the right upon hearing the odd sounds.

“Mommy, I miss grandpa and grandma. I am so happy we are meeting them already!” Emily said.

“I miss them too, sweetie,” Xiao You smiled as she looked at Emily.

“And I am so excited we are going to meet Uncle Harry and Aunty Christina again!” Emily said.

“Yes, indeed. I wonder if he has become fat,” Xiao You said, and then laughed.

Emily laughed. “No, mommy. You know Uncle Harry is pretty conscious with his image and he doesn’t even have a layer of fat in his body!”

Xiao You laughed. “You are right. I haven’t seen a fat Harry before. Anyway, remember to pack your beautiful dress for Uncle Harry and Aunty Christina’s wedding,”

“I already did, mommy. Actually I feel that I have already done packing… but I will just double check later,” Emily said.

“Alright, good girl,” Xiao You smiled, and then she turned to look at Xi Men, whose head has turned and faced the other side. She tilted her head. “Xi Men?”

Xi Men turned and look at Xiao You. “Hmm?”

“What are you doing?” Xiao You asked.

“Nothing,” Xi Men responded, and he dives his hand into his jeans’ pocket to take out the car keys as they are slowly approaching his BMW.

“Okay,” Xiao You smiled.

Xi Men smiled back, before taking a glimpse over to the right for about 3 seconds, and when confirming there is nothing, he then returned his gaze again to his BMW and he unlocked it.


“Mr. Xi Men Zhong Er Lang, Miss Yang Xiao You and Miss Emily Yang Hui Qi…” the airline representative said as she looked at the flight details in the system.

“Yes,” Xi Men said, passing 3 passports to her.

“Mommy, she call me Miss,” Emily happily said.

Xiao You and Emily stood just right next to Xi Men as they waited to get checked in.

Xiao You smiled. “Yes, you are a young female. So you are a Miss,” she poked Emily’s nose.


Xi Men and Xiao You looked at the airline representative clicking things and had her focus on the screen to check them in into the flight.

Since it might take a little while, Xiao You happened to turn her head to the left and look around the moderately busy airport.

And something catches her eyes.

Someone is taking photos at her direction.

She turned away since she didn’t want to be captured in people’s photograph, where she understood tourists tend to take photos of whatever they find fascinating in anywhere and that includes in the airport as well.

She turned her head and looked at Emily, who is looking at her father.

“Any luggage to check in, sir?”

“Yes,” Xi Men said, and he grabbed the two luggage, which belongs to him and Xiao You, from the luggage trolley and puts it on the manual luggage travelator where the airline representative will tag the bag. “Emily, do you want to check in your luggage?”

“Yes, daddy. This one,” Emily tried to lift the smaller luggage.

“Okay, come, let daddy take,” Xi Men said, taking the luggage instead from Emily’s hand.

Xiao You smiled a bit, and then she turned over to the left, and again, she saw someone pointing a camera at her direction, and the weird thing is, when she saw him, he immediately turned and walked away.

She frowned.

She turned to the right side again and looked around, and then to the left again.

“Mr. Xi Men, these are your seats,” the airline representative stood up and uses the pen to circle the seat numbers on the flight tickets. “This is the gate,” she circled the gate number as well “…and boarding time is 8.10am,”

“Sure, thank you,” Xi Men said, taking all three passports with the flight tickets in each of the passport.

He turned to face Xiao You and saw her looking to her left looking near, and far.

“Got our tickets, daddy?” Emily asked.

Xi Men immediately lowered his head to look at Emily, “Oh yes, yes, I have,” he said, and at the same time, because he speaks, Xiao You returned her gaze to look at Xi Men.

Xi Men scanned the first page of the passports in his hand to find Emily’s passport, and once found, he extends the passport to Emily.

“This is your passport. Hold it tight alright,” Xi Men said at Emily.

“Yes, daddy. I know about this. This is not the first time I travel, you know!” Emily said.

Xi Men and Xiao You laughed.

And then their eyes met.

“So, what are you looking for just now?” Xi Men asked.

“Looking for? No, I didn’t,” Xiao You said. “There is nothing to look for in the airport,”

“Oh, okay. So, do you want to stay in this area, or go into the departure hall?” Xi Men asked.

“Let’s go in,” Xiao You said.

“Alright then, we’ll go in,” Xi Men smiled.

And he himself turned to his left and right to scan around the area, trying to find out what Xiao You could have been looking out for.


Since the first class seating arrangement in the plane is 2-2, Emily and Xiao You sits together, and then Xi Men sits at the other side.

Xi Men took out the in-flight magazine and browses it.

Emily looked at Xi Men, who is sitting far away (from Emily) and is separated from Xiao You with an aisle in between them. She wanted them to sit together and talk.

But right now, the only thing she can do is wait.

Wait until the plane flies and when there is no one sitting next to Xi Men, she will ask them to sit together.

Xiao You then takes out her phone and puts it into flight mode. She then turned to look at Xi Men.

“Xi Men,”

Xi Men lifted up his head from looking at the magazine and turned to look at her.

“Remember to put your phone into ‘flight mode’,” she said.

“Okay,” Xi Men said, immediately dives his hand into the pants to take his phone out.

Flight mode: ON.


Knock! Knock!

“Come in,”

The door opened, “CEO Ling, here’s the coffee you have requested…”

Mei Zhuo turned his head to look at his secretary walking towards him and puts down a cup of coffee. “Thank you, Tracy,” he said, as he pulls the cup closer to him.

“And… this document requires your signature today,” Tracy said, putting down a green file in front of Mei Zhuo. “This is to approve financial release of TWD$50 million for annual renewal fee of asset insurance to Hua Ze Corporation,”

“Oh, it’s that time of the year again?”

“Yes, CEO Ling. Time sure passed by fast, right?”

Mei Zhuo smiled. “Even faster these few months. So many things have happened,” he opened the file and looked at it for a while, and then puts it down after reading two lines. “Anyway, I’ll take a look at it later,” he said.

“Sure, CEO Ling. I’ll be out…”

“Okay. Go ahead,” Mei Zhuo said, taking his cup of coffee up and takes a sip as he moved his focus to the computer.







‘Mrs. Dao Ming, wife of CEO Dao Ming was admitted to hospital purportedly for check up.’

Mei Zhuo laughed. “Come on… that’s a false labor. Not really a check up! Who will go to the hospital for a check up so late at night?!” he clicks onto the title of the news.

‘Dao Ming Corporation’s CEO Dao Ming Si’s wife has been admitted into the hospital reportedly for a medical check up. It was said that Mrs. Dao Ming suffered pains, which leads to the admission into the hospital late at night where doctor has clarified that mother and baby are safe. An hour later, Mrs. Dao Ming was seen leaving the hospital with CEO Dao Ming by her side. This will be the couple’s third child.’

Mei Zhuo couldn’t contain his laughter upon reading it. “What a way to fabricate…” his continued reading the news.

‘During the one hour of stay in the hospital, CEO Dao Ming’s F4 friends; CEO Ling Mei Zhuo from Ling Corporation, CEO Hua Ze Lei from Hua Ze Corporation and CEO Xi Men Zhong Er Lang from Xi Men Corporation came to pay a visit, along with Mrs. Ling and Mrs. Hua Ze. And strangely enough, CEO Xi Men is spotted leaving the hospital with a woman and a young girl in tow and they are seen really close to each other.’

“Oh?” it grabs Mei Zhuo’s attention. “Spotted leaving the hospital with a woman and a young girl… close to each other…” Mei Zhuo repeated after the line. “Sounds like they already spot Xiao You and Emily…”

Next thing after the line.


Oh! It’s a picture of Xi Men, Xiao You and Emily!

Though the photo seems to be taken from not too far, the image of Xiao You and Emily are not very sharp, especially because it is night. But for one who has seen her, well, like Mei Zhuo; he knew that’s Xiao You and Emily.

Mei Zhuo’s eyes traveled down to the two lines after the photo and he takes another sip of his coffee.

‘CEO Xi Men was previously engaged to Miss Amanda Lee, daughter of President Lee of Hex Corporation, and the engagement have been called off just 2 months ago. Could this woman be the reason that the relationship between CEO Xi Men and Miss Amanda Lee falls apart?’


“WHAT!!!!” Mei Zhuo is shocked by the news but also a split second later, the disturbing liquid spots that exists all of a sudden on the computer screen makes him realized he had spurts the coffee from his mouth and eventually, that is how the liquid spots appeared on the computer screen.

“AH, SHIT,” he quickly puts down the cup of coffee, turned and grabbed a sheet of tissue and immediately wiped the screen.

And then he realized there are coffee spots on the document in front of him.

Document confirmed spoiled.

“Shit. TRACY!” he called out for his secretary.

Within 3 seconds, Tracy had ‘almost’ barged into the room. “Yes, CEO Ling,”

“I spoiled the document. Get a new set for me,” Mei Zhuo smacks the file close and then passed it to Tracy.

Tracy immediately headed to him, since judging from his tone, he must have been annoyed.

“Yes, sir,” she grabbed the green file and then walked out from the room.

Mei Zhuo returned his gaze to the computer screen again.

“Could this woman be the reason that the relationship between CEO Xi Men and Amanda falls apart,” Mei Zhuo reads the line again. “This is bad,” he said. “BAD,” he repeated, immediately grabbed his smartphone up from the table and starts dialing Xi Men’s number. “Xi Men, you are so not gonna like this,” he said, as he puts the phone on his ear.

‘The number you have dialed is not reachable. Please try later.’

Mei Zhuo’s eyes strayed, finding it weird to that he could not reach Xi Men’s mobile.

Where is Xi Men anyway at this moment?

He instantly remembered Xi Men is leaving Taipei today.

And it’s an early flight.

Early flight.

8.50am, he remembered Xi Men said.

He immediately gazes towards the time displayed at the computer screen.


“What the f*ck, Xi Men! Why do you have to leave to Toronto today?!” Mei Zhuo yelled at the phone and then he pressed the touch screen to hang up the call.


He frowned at the ringing phone in his hand; he had just hung up the call a second ago.

The screen bears Hua Ze Lei.

Mei Zhuo picks the call up. “LEI! Have you read the news?

“Yes. That is why I call you,”

“What are we supposed to do now?” Mei Zhuo asked anxiously on the phone.

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