My Loved One – Chapter 75

5 days later.

*Door pushed open.

“Xi Men, what are you doing?” Xiao You said, as Xi Men practically dragged her into the coffee house located opposite Xi Men Corporation.

“CEO Xi Men,” the waitress politely called as Xi Men enters the coffee house with Xiao You in his hand.

“Come on, honey, just a cup of coffee!” Xi Men said, and then he looked at the waitress, “Table for two,”

“Xi Men! You asked me to follow you to work today for ideas! Not for black coffee! If I want to enjoy black coffee, I can do that at home instead!”


*Flashback to last night at 9pm.

Xi Men sits in the living room, facing the television as he scrolls thru his smartphone to read emails.

Xi Men then lifted his head up to look at Xiao You who is using the laptop computer on the coffee table in front of him. And then he switched his gaze to look at Emily who is doing her homework, also on the coffee table.

“Xiao You, what are you doing?” he asked.

Xiao You frowned as she turned to look at Xi Men. “What do you mean what I am doing? You know I am researching about the kindergarten,”

“You’ve been doing that every day on MY working hours at home. Why don’t you come over and sit with me and just… accompany me?” Xi Men asked.

“Aren’t you facing your smartphone?” Xiao You asked.

Xi Men lowered his head down to look at the smartphone in hand, and he deliberately tossed it aside. “Now I am not,”

She rolled her eyes.

“Come on… we should be spending time with each other… not with gadgets,” Xi Men said.

“The kindergarten is going to open in 2 months… I need to know what else to put to decorate that place and makes it livelier and happier,”

“I thought we’ve done with the decorations already?” Xi Men asked.

“We did. But not on the walls. I just thought of doing more on those bare walls,” she said, returning her gaze back to the laptop screen.

Xi Men frowned for a Xiao You. He suddenly tilted his head and smiled briefly. His smile vanished soon so that she doesn’t see it. “Xiao You, why not, you go to work with me tomorrow,”

“For what?” she asked.

“Since you’ve done the research online and don’t have any idea now… I guess you will get some ideas in the kindergarten since you get to see it yourself. And if needed, you can customize the decorations: take measurements on the spot and get a clearer idea what to do and put there,” Xi Men said.

Xiao You tilted her head as she looked at him. “Do you get ideas like that?”

“I get ideas constantly when I am away from my desk,” Xi Men said.

“You mean at the toilet, daddy?” Emily happened to ask before she started laughing.

Xiao You and Xi Men turned their heads to look at Emily.

Xiao You laughed while Xi Men glared at his adorable daughter.

Xi Men smacks his forehead with his palm. “Of all things and places!”

“Hehe, sorry, daddy,” Emily apologized.

“She must have gotten the wittiness from you,” Xiao You said.

“I thought that is yours,” Xi Men said, putting the hand down. “Anyway, just go get some ideas at the kindergarten,”

“What makes you think that I will have ideas just by looking at the kindergarten, when I can’t even have any from my research?” Xiao You asked.

“Then I’ll buy you some interior designing books,” he said.

“Sounds like a good idea…”

“So, do you want some books? If yes, I’ll get it for you,”

“Alright then,”

“So, I take it that you are going to my office tomorrow…” he suddenly became ecstatic.

“Huh? Why office still? I thought you just say you will buy me books?”

“Yes, you can see it at the office tomorrow,”

She frowned. “You can buy it and then give it to me at home tomorrow night, right?”

“Huh?” he asked. “Why at home?”

“Then why in the office?”

He looked at her for a brief while before he comes up with an excuse, “You can see and then head to the kindergarten and compare on spot. If it fits, then we can measure and buy or book it immediately without the need of you taking another day to go and do. You see, honey, I am not always in the office to do all these measurements with you,”

She looked at him. “Hmm… what you said makes sense…”

“And you said the kindergarten is going to open in 2 months. Those decorations if needed to be customized, will take some time. Better treasure the time you have, you know?” he convinced her.

“Mommy, daddy just wants you to go to the office,” Emily blurted as she remains doing her homework.

Xiao You and Xi Men turned to look at Emily.

Emily slowly raised her head when she realized her parents are looking at her. “Umm, that is what I feel,” she said.

Xiao You turned and looked at Xi Men this time. “Something smells fishy,” she pointed at him.

“Nothing fishy. I just want you to go out and get some fresh air and also getting some fresh ideas for your kindergarten since you have been struggling with it,”

She looked at him. “Really?”

“Trust me. And don’t worry, there is nothing to do with my couch,” he pointed back at her.

She laughed as she understands what that means.

“What couch?” Emily asked.

“Nothing,” Xi Men and Xiao You said at the same time.

“Oh,” Emily just responded and then she continued doing her homework.

“So? Go to my office tomorrow, alright?” Xi Men asked as he looked at Xiao You.

“Fine, I’ll go to your office tomorrow with you,” she said.

“Great,” he smiled.

*Flashback ended.


“I have only sat in your room for 30 minutes browsing the books for idea and I haven’t even know what I want to do, and you dragged me out… forcing me to go for coffee?!” Xiao You literally sat down on the chair where Xi Men had demanded her to.

“It wouldn’t hurt you to go out of my room for a while and take a break for coffee,” Xi Men said, sitting next to her.

“URGH,” she puts her hands on her head.

“Black coffee,” Xi Men said at the waitress who is standing next to him, with one finger up.

“Sure,” the waitress replied and then walked to the kitchen.

“And you told me to treasure my time!” Xiao You continued to complain and at the same time, lowered her hands down and placed them on the table.

“You have me, remember?” Xi Men smiled at her.


“Just take it easy, alright?” Xi Men pats her hand. “I hope you understand that those decorations or whatever you wanted to put on those walls are not urgent,”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“It means, even if you can’t figured out what to put on those walls today, you still have tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the following days,”

She looked at him. “What?”

“Yes, you can actually do it anytime. Not necessarily must be within these 2 months before you had your kindergarten officially opens,” Xi Men said.


“If the things you want to put on your wall are customized and couldn’t make it before the opening of the kindergarten, I can always request them to deliver on Saturday or Sunday and hang them up on the wall, since no kids will come on weekends. There is no rush for it,”

She frowned. “That is not what you meant yesterday… you were asking me to treasure my time and…”

“You, you should treasure your time in some ways, but they are really not urgent,” he smiled as he gently rubbed her hand.

She looked at him as she tilts her head by slight. “Something is just weird…”

“Well,” he interrupted. “Other than the decorations, I hope nothing else bothers you and takes up your time from accompanying me?”

She looked at him and then she smirked in disbelief. “Are you saying, you are doing this so that you get to have some time with me? Just because I don’t sit down and watch TV with you?”

He smiled. “Maybe,”

His answer is sort of weird… but she didn’t sense anything with it.

“I can’t believe this,” Xiao You said.

“Believe it,” he smirked.

“And well, I still have some business plans to work out on,” she said.

“Business plans?” he asked. “I thought I have outlined everything for you?”

“Yes, you did most of them. But there are still some that I feel it is missing, because this is about how I am going to manage the place and all…”

He smiled. “Well, to me, when I outlined all of those to you back then, I felt I have covered every single part of it. And yes, this is also a new industry for me, so I may have overlooked something which I am still unsure now, but for anything and everything, just remember you have me. I will do it with you,”

She looked at him and smiled briefly. “I know,”

“You are free to discuss with me. Don’t keep it all to yourself. You have a businessman sitting and umm… living with you, you know,” he smiled.

She smiled upon hearing that. She then nodded.

“I don’t want you to stress yourself up. That is not what I want from you when I set that kindergarten up for you,” Xi Men said.

“Okay,” she smiled, and then took a deep breath and exhaled it.

“Oh, I forgot to ask you. Have you thought about the psychology course? Do you plan to take it?” Xi Men asked.

“Well, right now, I want to focus on the kindergarten first since it is going to start in 2 months. And when it is beginning to stable, which I truly believe will take a while, I will contemplate taking up the course, so, if all goes well, I can join the next year’s intake,” she smiled.

“Sounds like a good plan. You decide, alright,” he smiled.

She just nodded.

“I love you,” he smiled as he leaned over for a kiss on her cheek.

“I love you too,” she said.

Xi Men smiled. His eyes traveled to his wrist watch to look at the time.

And the waitress puts down a cup of black coffee.

Xi Men pushed the black coffee to Xiao You.

“Thanks,” she said, taking the cup of coffee up for a sip.

He smiled as he looked at her taking a sip of the coffee.

She puts the coffee down on the saucer after savoring the sip of coffee.

She then frowned, and she turned to look at Xi Men, before she looked at the waitress.

“What’s up, honey?” Xi Men asked.

“Why didn’t she serve you your coffee?” Xiao You asked.

Xi Men smiled. “I didn’t order,”

She is surprised. “Huh? What?”

“Yes, I only ordered one. For you,” he smiled.

“And…? What are you going to…”

And he interrupted. “Because today, I am not the one that is going to have a coffee break with you,”

She stared at him. “What?”

He smiled. “Someone will,”

“Someone? Who?” she asked.

He just smiled.

She pointed at him, “Just like I have said yesterday. Something smells fishy,”

From the corner of his eyes, a white car stopped right in front of the coffee house.

He casually turned his head and looked out of the coffee house.

Upon seeing him turning his head to look out of the coffee house, she looked out to where and what he is looking too.

Someone, who is wearing a pair of sunglasses and a cap, gets down from the white car. Upon standing on his feet after emerging from the car, he straightened his shirt and lifted up his head to look at the signboard of the coffee house.

Xi Men smiled. “I think he is here,”

“Who?” she looked at Xi Men again.

He then turned to look at Xiao You. “I thought you are supposed to recognize him,” he smiled.

She frowned at Xi Men, and then turned her head to look at the entrance now as the guy entered the coffee house now.

“Good morning, sir. How many people…?” the waitress asked.

He looked at Xi Men and Xiao You. “They are here,”

Xi Men smiled wider. “Yes, he is here,” he rose to his feet.

“Ah? Who…? I don’t recognize him…” Xiao You inadvertently rose to her feet too.

“Honey, look again,” Xi Men smiled.

The guy walked to Xi Men and Xiao You’s table and as he is approaching the table, he suavely takes his sunglasses off.

“Hi,” he said.

Xiao You’s eyes widened as she stared at him in disbelief. “Gavin Kang?”

The guy smiled. “Yes, it is me,”

Xiao You’s hands slowly covered her mouth as she remains in shock to see Gavin in front of her.

“Thank you for coming,” Xi Men eventually extends his hand out to Gavin.

Gavin graciously accepts Xi Men’s hand for a handshake. “Thank you too, Xi Men,”

“Xi Men?” Xiao You repeats after Gavin, and she turned to look at Xi Men. “You mean… you invite Gavin? He… he knows your name…?”

Xi Men smiled at her, “This is your wish, right?”

“How… how did it happen?” Xiao You asked.


*Flashback to the week before Harry’s wedding – at the bridal boutique.

“Did you invite Gavin Kang to your wedding?” Xi Men turned to look at Harry.

Harry turned to look at Xi Men, “Gavin Kang?”

Xi Men nodded. “Yeah,”

Harry smirked. “I did invite him, but he can’t come. His schedule is pretty hectic,”

Xi Men pressed his lips together.

“Why do you ask?” Harry asked.

“Just wondering,”

“Oh,” Harry then smiled.

Both men turned to look at the girls.

After a moment of silence,

“Do you…”

Harry looked at Xi Men when he heard Xi Men speaks. “Yeah?”

Xi Men also turned his head to look at Harry. “Do you think… if I want to contact Gavin… will he… umm… alright with me? You know, judging at the past where he has feelings towards Xiao You…”

Harry looked at Xi Men for the longest time. “I don’t know,”

Xi Men exhaled a deep breath.

“Why the sudden?” Harry asked. “Because of Xiao You?”

Xi Men smiled faintly, “Of course,”

Harry smirked. “Well, if you would like to… I can try to contact him and see how it goes…”

Xi Men smiled wider, “Yes, please do,”

*End of flashback.


Xiao You smiled as she is touched by Xi Men’s effort.

“You told me you wanted to see him. So I try to contact him,” Xi Men smiled at Xiao You, before he smiled at Gavin, and Gavin nodded by slight.

Xiao You looked at Xi Men in disbelief. “Because… I told you I want to see him… you asked him to come to Taipei…?”

“Something like that,” Xi Men smiled. “I’ll let Gavin do the talking,”

Gavin just exchanged a smile with Xi Men.

“Enjoy your coffee, alright?” Xi Men smiled at Xiao You.

“AH? You mean…?”

“I told you I am not the one that will be having the coffee break with you,”

“You mean… he… he is the one that is going to have coffee break with me…?” Xiao You asked.

“Yes,” Xi Men smiled.

Xiao You smiled as she turned to look at Gavin. “I am so happy to see you again…”

“Yes, me too,” Gavin happened to slowly open his arms, and eventually Xiao You leaned over and hugged him.

Xi Men feels contented that all his effort pays off. He is happy to see Xiao You gets to meet Gavin again.

The hug only lasted a mere 2 seconds – totally different to when Gavin leaves Toronto.

Xi Men thought because he is there that they decided to end the hug quickly, but from the body languages of both Xiao You and Gavin, it seems that they only want the hug for a while. He inadvertently smiled after the quick analysis.

“I’ll go back to my office now, alright? Have a good chat,” Xi Men smiled at Xiao You.

Xiao You smiled. “Thank you, Xi Men…”

“No problem. I love you,” he leaned over and kissed her forehead. He then turned and looked at Gavin. “Order whatever you want to eat or drink. Don’t worry about the bill. I’ll settle it,”

“Thank you again, Xi Men,” Gavin smiled.

“No problem,” Xi Men patted Gavin’s shoulder.

Xi Men gives them a smile before he turned to head to the door.

“One of the best things is life is about making my loved one’s wish comes true… and seeing the smile of happiness and gratefulness on her face,” Xi Men murmured and heads out of the coffee house with a smile.


“I didn’t know what to say… I am really… really happy to see you again, Gavin. I thought I won’t see you again…”

Gavin smiled. “Me too. I have never thought I will ever see you again since I boarded that plane and left Toronto,” he then looked at her with a smile. “You’ve look prettier and sports a nice short hairdo which suits you,”

“Thank you,” she smiled, patting her short hair.

“Looking at you now… I believe life is good,”

“Yes, life is good. I believe your life is good too, since you are a celebrity in Korea,”

Gavin smiled and he nods. “Yes, I am good too. Being a celebrity has its pros and cons. It’s just that I am extremely busy,”

“Then, I am really surprised why you have time to be here…”

“Because of Xi Men,” Gavin smiled, as he looked at the waitress putting down a cup of caramel macchiato, to which he soon takes it up for a sip.

“Umm… how… how did you and Xi Men…”

Gavin puts down the cup of caramel macchiato after he had taken a sip. “Well, Harry emailed me after his wedding the other day. He told me about Xi Men, and he said that Xi Men is looking for me, and asked if I am comfortable to talk to Xi Men,”

“Oh,” Xiao You said. “But his wedding wasn’t that long ago… and I thought Harry said you hardly check your emails…”

“That is actually the best part. On the very same day Harry sends me that email, I happened to check my emails so I replied to him almost immediately,”


“Long story short, Harry gave me Xi Men’s contact details, and gave Xi Men my contact details. And because it is Harry and it is for you, I trust that Xi Men is a genuine person that is really looking for me and not from the media, since you know, my celebrity status…”

Xiao You nodded as she understands.

Gavin tilts his head and smiled. “Upon obtaining my contact details, Xi Men wrote me an email to tell me who he is, and that was a few days back,”

“A few days? Just a few days ago?”

Gavin smiled and nodded. “He asked for my telephone number so that we can discuss things via phone conversation due to the urgency of the content,”

“Urgency of the content? What do you mean?”



3 minutes after Gavin replied Xi Men’s email, citing he had a couple of minutes right now for a phone call, Xi Men immediately called Gavin up.

Gavin: Hello, Mr. Xi Men?

Xi Men: Hi Gavin, please call me Xi Men. There is no need for the honorific (smiled).

Gavin: Umm… sure. From your emails as well as Harry’s introduction, you are Xiao You’s…

Xi Men: Umm… significant other. I should say she is my significant other, because she is more than just a girlfriend to me but she is not my fiancée yet.

Gavin: Oh…

Xi Men: Umm… maybe… maybe I should also say, she is my daughter’s mother.

Gavin (eyes strayed): Huh?

Xi Men: I am Xiao You’s daughter; Emily’s real father.

Gavin (eyes widened): Real father?

Xi Men: Yes.

Gavin: Oh. Wow. I am so… surprised.

Xi Men (small laugh escaped his mouth): I am sorry about that…

Gavin (smiled): Nice to hear that she is with you now. So… what can I help you with?

Xi Men: I hope it wasn’t anything that troubles you… but… can I know… umm…

Gavin: Hmm?

Xi Men: This is something I want to do for Xiao You.

Gavin: Sure. Tell me.

Xi Men: I know the so-called history between you and Xiao You.

Gavin (eyes strayed): Umm… okay… what about it?

Xi Men: Umm…

Gavin: I hope you are not calling just to ask if I still have feelings for her?

Xi Men: No, no, no. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to ask it so weirdly like this… I mean, I am doing this for Xiao You. Because, to her, you are still her best friend.

Gavin: Alright…

Xi Men: And she actually would love to meet you again, as a friend.

Gavin (eyes brightened): Really?

Xi Men: Yes. She hasn’t been in contact with you ever since you left. She had told me before that she would love to see you again.

Gavin (smiled): I see…

Xi Men: Umm, Gavin. I wanted to fulfill her wish, to make her happy. That is… of course, if you would like to meet her too…

Gavin: I do wish to see her again, but because we haven’t talked to each other since I left the place, I have never had the chance to go back to Toronto.

Xi Men: She is based in Taipei, Taiwan, right now.

Gavin: Really?

Xi Men: Yes.

Gavin (smiled): Let me ask you one question.

Xi Men: Sure.

Gavin: If I still have feelings for her, are you going to hit me when you see me?

Xi Men (smiled and eventually lets out a small laugh too): No. Because I know how lovable Xiao You is, it is your right to still have feelings for her. So, why should I hit you for something that is not within my control?

Gavin (smiled): Really?

Xi Men (smiled with confidence): Of course. I just have to know where her heart points to… and the end of the day, who she goes back home to at night.

Gavin (smiled even wider and the he laughed): You are funny. I like you.

Xi Men (smiled): Thanks.

Gavin: That is why you are a successful businessman, and on top of that, one that Xiao You’s heart had never let go off.

Xi Men (smile fades): Ah? How… how did you know I am a businessman and…

Gavin: Harry told me you are a businessman, and I have always known Xiao You loves Emily’s father, and that means… it is you.

Xi Men: Oh (smiled).

Gavin: Anyway, so, how do you want to arrange for the meet up?

Xi Men is ecstatic upon hearing that: Umm, well, I understand that you as a celebrity, you are very busy that you sometimes don’t have time for yourself. But if you have time, please come to Taipei to meet her. If you couldn’t allocate a longer time to come, then you can arrange the time and instead, I will go to Korea with her to meet you. Whichever you prefer.

*Flashback ended.


“I felt his sincerity thru his voice on the phone. He really wants to make this meeting happened. So, I agreed to him,” Gavin smiled. “Oh, and you know another thing? Xi Men was even saying that he is willing to buy my time if it is needed, for me to see you,”


“At first, it felt like arrogance. It is like; he has money so he can do everything. But that is not what he meant. He wouldn’t do it unless buying my time is the last resort. I realized he just wants to fulfill your wish. He is really going over the top to get things for you,”

“I know… he is this type of person…”

“After we hang up the call, Xi Men and I continued to correspond via emails and eventually Xi Men and I have gotten a bit closer, I mean, friendlier,”

“That sounds good…”

“Yeah. I told him I will make the trip to come to Taipei instead of him going over to Korea. There would be no more surprise for you if he brought you to Korea,”

“All well played, dude,” she rolled her eyes.

Gavin laughed. “And today, I was supposed to have a recording but it was postponed. So realizing I have nothing else on my schedule today, so I came,” he said. “I just told him yesterday night,”

“Yesterday?” she asked. “Yesterday… night?”

“Yes, via email,”

So that was the time where XI Men was looking at his smartphone, and then he started talking to Xiao You and eventually ‘applies pressure’ on her to ‘force’ her to go to his office.

Xiao You smiled. “Xi Men and his tricks to get me out of the house because of this surprise,”

Gavin looked at Xiao You. “Huh? Anything?”

“Oh, nothing,” Xiao You smiled.

“Oh,” Gavin said. “Well, after I told him I am coming, Xi Men wanted to arrange everything for me. But I told him I’ll book my own flight tickets because I can fit my own timing, so… I depart from Korea this morning, and when I land in Taipei, he gets someone to pick me up and drives me here,”

“So when are you going back to Korea?” she asked.

“My flight is at 7pm later,”

“7pm? Today?”

“Yes, that is the last available flight to go back to Korea tonight because I have a recording tomorrow. Earliest flight out of Taiwan tomorrow morning won’t make it for my recording in Korea,”


“Don’t worry. I guess… this won’t be the last time we’ll meet. Since you are based in Taiwan now, which is closer to Korea than Canada is to Korea…”

“Sure… sure,” Xiao You smiled. “It is nice to know that you want to meet me too…”

“I have always wanted to see you and Harry as well as Christina again. Harry invited me to his wedding, but my schedule doesn’t permit me to go to Toronto. And I didn’t know you are already based in Taiwan until Xi Men told me. And besides… the prime reason, because we haven’t keeping in touch with each other personally, I don’t know if it is right to… you know, meet like this,” Gavin smiled. “But I am glad for Xi Men. He made this happen for you and me. It is like I have just found my long lost friend,”

Xiao You smiled. “Yeah… Xi Men is really something…”

“Something extraordinary,” Gavin said. “That is why you love him so much,”

Xiao You looked at Gavin.

“If Xi Men wasn’t special, you wouldn’t love him for so long and for so many years. You are willing to love him silently and not opening yourself up to love someone else. He really deserves your love,”

Xiao You just smiled. “Umm, Gavin, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything,”

“Ummm…” she hummed. “Your feelings…” then she pointed to herself, “To me…?”

He looked at her and he smiled. “Remember on the day I left, I told you…”

“That you will be a man who had loved me, and you will find someone new to love?” Xiao You interrupted.

He stopped for a brief while, and smiled again. “You remembered,”

“Yes, I do. So…?”

“I’ve done that,” he smiled. “Exactly the way that I have said it,”


“Yes, come on, Xiao You. It has been so many years! Of course I had moved on! And since nothing has ever developed between you and me, it is easier to manage. It is not like something happened and I was heartbroken real bad and need damn a lot of time to nurse my heart back,”

She laughed. “You are right about that,” she said, and after her laughter fades, “And since it’s been so many years, now, tell me. Did you leave Toronto because of me? Be honest,” she points at him.

“Hey, I have been completely honest since back then and I have said this so many times! My mother is the one that asked me to go back, alright? It is not you. I am not ‘weak’ that I need to leave a place after I have been rejected, okay?”

She laughed. “Okay! Now that makes me feel better,” she said. “Now, tell me about ‘the someone you love’?”

“Ah? What do you mean?”

“You told me just now. You’ve ‘done just that’ – moved on, and found someone new to love,”

“SHEESH,” Gavin hissed. “I can’t imagine you are still that sharp,”

“I’ve kept sharpening it,” she joked.

He laughed. “My girlfriend is an actress. We’ve been together for 3 years now,”

“Ah, she must be pretty,”

“You can say like that,” he smiled.

“Nice to hear that. Congratulations,”

“Thanks,” he said. “Same to you,”

She laughed. “Keep it first. Congratulate me only when I am getting married,”

“Mentioning of that… the strange thing is…”

Her smile faded, “Hmm? What strange thing?”

“Xi Men told me in the email that he proposed to you twice, and you have rejected both times,”

“Oh, he… he told you that too?”

“Yeah,” Gavin replied.


“Didn’t I told you that, if you found him, be with him?”

“I am with him now. It’s just that I have my reasons why I reject his proposal, you know…” Xiao You said.

“Fine. And I just need to know one thing,”


“You will definitely marry Xi Men, right?”

Xiao You smiled widely. “Chances are 99.9%,”

Gavin smiled widely too. “Now, that is good to hear,”

“If I am getting married, will you come to my wedding?” she asked.

“I won’t dare to promise you just yet, but if it is going to happen; let me know when. I’ll come if my schedule permits,”

“Okay, but if you come, bring her along with you,” she pointed at him.

“Sounds like some rules that I need to adhere?” he asked her and then he laughed.

“Come on,” she said. “Just bring her along,”

“Okay, only if her schedule permits,” he pointed at her.

“Alright,” she smiled.

It is nice to meet a close friend again. And catch up.


Knock! Knock!

“Come in,” Xi Men called out as he scribbles something on the notepad in his CEO room.

CLACK (door open).

PAK (door close).

“Yes, Secretary Xu?” Xi Men asked, continued scribbling on the notepad.

*Light footsteps.

Xi Men’s eyes strayed upon the silence, where Secretary Xu usually will say something by now, and also sensing the extremely light footsteps, which is totally different from Secretary Xu’s; he turned his head to meet the eyes of his loved one who had already reached and standing next to him.

“Eh, Xiao You?” he immediately smiled and he stands up. “Done with the meeting already?”

“Yes, Gavin needs to go to the airport to catch his flight back to Korea,”


“Yes,” Xiao You smiled. “Thank you for the surprise meeting,”

“No problem, I hope you like it,”

“Yes, I do,” she smiled. “Thanks for making my wish come true. I didn’t expect you’ll do that,”

“And I found your best friend back for you,” he smiled. “I hope you are still friends with him,”

“Yes, we are. And you know… he doesn’t have feelings for me anymore. He has a girlfriend now,”

“Oh, I know he doesn’t have feelings for you, but I didn’t know he had a girlfriend now,”

“Oh? How do you know?” she asked, extending her hand out to play with his tie.

“His body language told me just now,”

She glared at him. “You can sense that from his body language?”

“Yes, and I can sense something is coming up too,” he pointed at her hand which is playing with his dark purple satin tie.

She laughed. “I just want to tell you I appreciate everything you have done for me,” she smiled. “And I love you very, very much,” Xiao You said, using the tie, she pulled him to her for a passionate kiss.

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