My Loved One – Chapter 76

Saturday morning, 8.30am.

“Bye mommy,” Emily said, hugging Xiao You.

“Be good at Uncle Lei’s house, alright?” Xiao You said.

“Yes, mommy. I will,” Emily said, and then she headed to Xi Men. “Bye daddy,” she hugged Xi Men.

“Bye Emily,” Xi Men said, hugging her back.

“Daddy, jia you,” Emily whispered to Xi Men.

Xi Men smiled. “Thank you, Emily,” he whispered back and then kissed her forehead.

“Don’t worry, Xiao You. I will send Emily back tomorrow evening,” Lei said.

“I am not worried about you not sending her home on time. I am just worried she will mess up your house,” Xiao You said.

“Mommy, I am not that bad…” Emily complains.

And everyone laughed.

“I don’t think Emily is going to mess up the house. The one that is more likely to destroy my house is Alex,” Jing said, looking down to Alex who is standing next to her.

Alex grinned, and then he turned to hug Jing’s thigh.

“Thanks, Lei,” Xiao You said. “I hope Emily will have fun in the program that you are enrolling her and Alex to. She hasn’t been involved in any outdoor activity since our transfer here,”

“Hey, no problems. I thought we are supposed to thank you for allowing her to join us and Alex for the Fun Day Program,”

Xiao You smiled.

“So, are we ready to go?” Lei asked Emily.

“Yes, Uncle Lei!” Emily said.

“Alright, we’re leaving, so… see you guys tomorrow,” Lei smiled, as he looked at Xiao You and Xi Men.

“See you tomorrow,” Xiao You smiled.

Xi Men, who is standing next to Xiao You, smiled and winked at Lei.

Lei remained smiling and then he waved, everyone followed suit.

And soon, Lei and Jing, along with Alex and Emily walked to the lift.

Xiao You stood at the door and see Emily is already excited and already happily talking to Alex.

“What are you doing?”

Xiao You turned and looked at Xi Men who had just asked her that question, before she turned to look at all 4 of them walking in into the lift. “Just making sure Emily is alright,”

“Emily is 8. You don’t have to worry,” Xi Men smiled as he walked to the living room.

“Still,” Xiao You said. “What program is that again?” she asked as she closes the door.

“The theme park is organizing kids 2-days Fun Day Program. One-parent-one-child program. Since Lei and Jing only has Alex, they needed another kid, so they brought Emily along. And the child must be 6 years old and above,” Xi Men said, sitting down on the couch. “So Emily is perfect,”

“How old is Ah Si’s eldest child?” Xiao You asked, as she sits down next to him.

“Ah Si’s son, Dao Ming Chen, is 5 years old,” Xi Men said.

“Ah…” Xiao You said.

“Just for your information, Mei Zhuo’s daughter, Wei Yi is 4 and son, Wei Juin is 2,” he smiled.

“I know Mei Zhuo’s kids are younger than Ah Si’s son…”

“Yeah. So, that is why I said Emily is perfect,” Xi Men smiled. “Don’t worry about it, okay?”

“But how come when Lei said to let Emily stays overnight at his place, you would agree to it?”

“Why not? They need to be at the theme park tomorrow at 9am anyway. We have to let them have the convenience too, you know,” Xi Men said.


“Come on, it is alright. Don’t worry too much about our daughter. She’ll be good,” Xi Men smiled, placing his hand on her arm and then rubbed it. “And now we have two days on our own,”

“Suddenly feels so weird,”

Xi Men’s smile faded. “What’s weird?”

“I am used to having Emily around. Now it just feels so quiet without her around,”

He smiled. “It is like that,” he remained rubbing. “So, do you have anything in mind?”

“About?” she asked him.

“Plans to do today? Since it is Saturday today and we have two days on our own,”

“I don’t have any,” Xiao You said. “OH! Maybe we can discuss the business plans about the kindergarten!”

Xi Men looked at her. “Wha… WHAT?”

“Yeah! I think that’s a brilliant idea!”

“But why are we talking about work on Saturdays?” he asked.

“Wow, says that from CEO Xi Men the workaholic,” Xiao You said. “Aren’t you used to work on Saturdays and Sundays too?”

“That was because I don’t have a family yet. Now I do, so I am going to split my time nicely,”

“Well, you are right,” Xiao You said, and then she sighed.

He looked at her for a while, “Let’s go out,” he said.

Her smile disappears instantly. “I thought we are going to discuss about the kindergarten?”

“No,” he frowned, “Not today,”

“But you only have time to talk about these things on weekends!”

He looked at her. “I will ask Secretary Xu to arrange time for me in the office. We will talk about this at work, since it is work,”

She looked at him, pout. And sad.

“Why the face?”

“And I have to arrange time with your secretary to talk with you?”

“It is about work… well, alright,” he defeated. “I will give you the whole Monday and discuss, how is that?” he said. And then he frowned. “Ah, wait, I think I have staff meeting at 11am…”

She folded her hands on her chest and exhaled fiercely. “See,” she sulked.

“Alright, alright,” he said. “I will definitely arrange time to talk to you. I will let you know myself, not thru my secretary. It’s just that he kept my full schedule… that is why I need to check with him,”

She remained folding her hands on her chest and refused to budge.

“We hardly have time together, just the two of us. Let’s go spend some time together,” he wrapped his hands around her waist. “Let’s go out,” he insisted.

“Where to?” she asked.

“I have no idea yet,” he scratched his head.

“Sigh… at this time, I wish I can go and visit San Chai,”

“She had just given birth last week and she is in confinement period now. It is better not to disturb her. And you have just seen her at the hospital after she gives birth,”

“Because she had given birth, that is what makes me want to go and visit her even more. Sigh. I know, she needed her rest…” Xiao You said, defeated. “So… where to go?”

‘I have only planned for the dinner… I didn’t plan for the afternoon…’ he thought as he scratched his head.

His eyes suddenly brightened up. “I know where to go. Give me 10 minutes to plan,”


2 hours later.

Xiao You closed her eyes and smiled as she soaked herself in the hot spring pool.

“Warm enough for you?” Xi Men asked.

She opened her eyes to look at Xi Men who is also soaking in the same hot spring pool, sitting next to her. She nodded. “Very nice and comfortable,”

“Should be able to ease your stress,” Xi Men smiled, as he rested his head to the back.

“How come you would think about this place? You come here often?”

He shook. “This is my first time,” he said. “Actually Xin Beitou (area) is pretty famous in Taipei regarding their hot springs. It’s just that I have never thought about coming over here. Besides, it is not like I would enjoy soaking here for 2 hours on my own in a private room for 2 in a hotel room like this,”

He turned his head to look at the Japanese tatami style room, where the tatami mat acts as the carpet for the floor, and two rolled up mattress just in case hotel guests need a nap, and a private hot spring pool – which is where they are soaking in now.

She laughed. “There is a public pool out there, where you can soak with other guys, since you are restricted to your gender’s pool,”

“Excuse me, you have to be totally naked when you are soaking in hot spring regardless it is private or public pool. I am pretty self-conscious; I don’t want to be naked with other guys in the same pool. It is just weird. I know I shouldn’t be saying this because a lot of people do not mind being totally naked and are happy to bare everything to let everyone see… but not for me. The last thing I want is to see my butt naked picture in a newspaper citing ‘CEO Xi Men went to public hot spring pool in Xin Beitou and totally naked!’”

She laughed again. “I am sure you have no problems seeing your ‘well-endowed’ parts in the picture,” she quoted the specific word with her fingers and then she laughed even harder.

“Ah, yeah. Well-endowed,” he mentioned that very word impassively. And then he suddenly became mischievous, “Hmmm, wanna try me? Since you are nude now as well, might as well…”

“No! You brought me here for the hot spring. Hot spring. Hot spring,” she keeps repeating that word and pointed at him. “No, no,”

He started laughing “You’ve forgotten you’re at a loss, huh? We’re both nude now anyway. In a hotel room. With bed,” he said. “Anytime, baby. Anytime,”

She rolled her eyes. He wins this round.

After his laughter fades, “Have you forgotten about Xin Beitou altogether?” he asked.

“It wasn’t that I forgot about this place. I know about the hot spring, but never get to come before, and besides, I haven’t been in Taipei for 9 years. And previously I was travelling with Emily. I brought her to the Geothermal Valley which is about 10 minutes walk from here to see the bubbling… umm, I should say; pretty much the boiling clear water. But you won’t bring her to these hot spring places. That would be the last thing on my mind,”

“I got it,” Xi Men said.

Xiao You rested her head back leaning against the wall of the pool, “Ah, this is so nice…”

“Unfortunately you can’t soak too long per session. I have only booked for 2 hours,” Xi Men said.

“I know. And 2 hours is enough. Also, I am sure the skin is going to be soft and rejuvenated after this,” she smiled, and then patted her hand on her face with the warm water. “If only I can dip my face in this,”

He smiled as he looked at her doing that on her face, purposely avoiding her lips and eyes.

“You don’t exactly have to do that,” he extends his hand and gently holds her hand to stop her from patting her face.

“Hmm?” she looked at him.

“I have made an appointment for a facial after this,” he smiled, putting down his hand.

“Facial?” she asked.

“Yes. We will go for facial after this,”

“WE? You mean… you and I?”

He frowned. “Yes. You and I. Why the reaction?”

“You? Facial?” she is surprised.

“Why? I can’t do facial?” Xi Men asked.

She stared at him in disbelief, before a small laugh escaped her mouth and then she laughed softly. “I mean… I never thought you would do facial…”

“Guys have to take care of their skin too, alright?” Xi Men said. “Besides, I am sure you have seen some dedicated facial care just for men,”

“Well, yeah…” she still couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “I have seen them of course, Harry goes to these places but what I mean was… I have never thought you are into that too…”

“I pay attention to my appearance too, you know. But this is going to be my first time. What should I expect?” he looked at her.

She started laughing again. “Just lie down there and they will do what they need to do on your face. Sleep if you want to, but don’t snore,”

Xi Men laughed. “Have you ever heard I snored in my sleep?”

“Well I haven’t, but that doesn’t mean you won’t snore in the future too, right?” she smiled.

His laughter slowly fades and then became a smile on his face. He rested his head back again.

“Thanks for the hot spring and for the facial,” she said.

He looked at her. “No problems,”

“A very relaxing plan you have for today,” she smiled. “So, do you even plan for anything after the facial?”

“We will go home. You will need the adequate amount of time to prepare for dinner,”


“Yeah. 7pm. We need to leave home by 6.20pm,” he said.

“Where is the venue? Who are we going to dinner with? Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao?”

“Somewhere nice, just both of us,” he smiled.

“Just two of us?”

“Yeah, and dress nicely tonight since the place is quite classy,”

“Nicely…? Hmmm. I am not sure what to wear at a short notice…”

“Remember the dress I bought for you in Toronto? That will do,” he smiled.

“That black strapless dress? Wow, why all of a sudden we are going to a place this posh?” she asked.

“It’s only two of us. We hardly had the chance, so why not?” he asked.

“You are saying as though you don’t want Emily to be around,”

“With Emily around, it is family time. If only both of us, it is just plain date night. So, that is the difference,” he said. “I already booked our table there tonight so you can’t say no,”

She smiled. “Alright, I get it,” she leaned her head back. “I will need slightly less than 2 hours to make-up and prepare for the dinner then,”

“No problem,” he smiled. “We’ll be home by 4pm anyway,” he headed to the hot spring pipe and placed his hand on the pipe. “I am adding more hot spring water into the pool,”

“Sure. Soaking in this place is really nice,” she had to compliment again.

“Well, if you like this place, we can come here often,” Xi Men said. “I wouldn’t mind spending some private time with you,” he twists the pipe and hot water starts gushing into the pool.

“And you are going to ask Lei to take care of Emily again?” Xiao You asked.

“I think he wouldn’t mind to have Emily around to play with Alex. If you don’t want to, I can ask Mei Zhuo to help then,”

Xiao You laughed. “I can’t believe they became your babysitter,”

“Daughter-sitter more like it,” Xi Men said, closes the pipe and then headed back to next to Xiao You. “They do that most of the time because they do have date nights just with each other, just that they hardly ask me to take care of their kids. Unless no one else is free,”

“Really? Why so?”

“Sorry, Uncle Xi Men is a bored person. No wife, no kids, no toys, and no time. Work only,”

Xiao You starts laughing again. “Wow, what a good way to describe yourself in an unwanted advertisement,”

“Didn’t you take up this ‘unwanted advertisement’?” he looked at her.

She glared at him and then rolled her eyes, where as he laughed instead.

He smiled, “Well, right now, not anymore. I have the most important person in the world with me, I have a daughter, I am going to spend less time at work and that means I will have time,” he circled his hand over and placed it on her bare, curvy waist.

Xiao You smiled as she leaned over to his shoulder.

“Ahhh… shoot,” Xi Men said, as with the other free hand, he smacks on his face.

“What’s up?” Xiao You asked.

“Lesson of the day; never ever touch you when you are nude. Neverrrr,” he said, while his hand is still on his face. “…especially if I haven’t made love to you on that day…”

She laughed.

“Oh wait, there’s a bed in the room here…”

“NO! NO! NO! Hot spring only!” she protested.

And Xi Men laughed.


7 hours later.

“Looking pretty there,” Xi Men smiled as he stood in front of his walk-in closet tying his tie, but his gaze is with Xiao You.

Xiao You looked into the mirror to see Xi Men’s mirror image, and she smiled. “Thank you,” she said as she puts on the hoop earring on her left earlobe. “It is at times like this, I wished my hair is long so that I can tie it up or make some hairstyles,”

“You look pretty even with short hairdo,” he smiled. “But maybe not the hoop earring with the dress together,”

She looked at herself left and right at the mirror. “You are right,” she sighed as she takes it off. She then looked into the jewelry box and searches for the right pair of earrings.

“Do you have any nice necklace to go with the dress?” Xi Men asked as he walked to the dressing table and looked at his mirror image to make sure his tie is straight.


Hearing that respond, Xi Men looked at Xiao You’s mirror image as he stood behind the sitting Xiao You. “You don’t have any?”

Xiao You only bites her lips as she continued searching for earrings, and didn’t respond to Xi Men.

“It is okay. We’ll get one for you later,” Xi Men said.

She finally found a studded pair of earrings in her jewelry box. “It is okay, I don’t wear like this all the time anyway. It’s not like I attend events or dates often,” she puts the studded earrings on. “That is why I hardly buy jewelries. I just go to work, go shopping… and I wear simply,”

“Are you sure you know what you are talking about?”

She lifted up her eyes and looked at Xi Men’s mirror image again who is looking back at her mirror image. Looking at him, she wondered why he asked that question. And after staring at him for a brief few seconds, she instantly remembered.

Xi Men is a businessman. A CEO, in fact, of a huge corporation in Taiwan.

He will have to attend a lot of business or corporate functions and she is most likely attending it with him.

Right now that they are together, they will be going out for dates with each other too; definitely not the same as her usual life anymore where dates are not part of it.

“Oh… right…” she uttered.

“You will attend a lot of events and dates with me in the future,” he smiled. He leaned over and kissed the back of her ear, since he knew that is the only spot without make-up. “We’ll go out slightly earlier to get you the perfect necklace,” he stood up.

“Xi Men, you don’t have to waste money on…” she said.

“It won’t be a waste, if you will wear it more often from now on,” he smiled. “Once you are done with your make-up, we’ll leave,”


Taipei 101.

Xi Men smiled at the sight of a dozen diamond necklaces put on display in the jewelry shop.

“Which one do you like?” he asked as he remained looking at the diamond necklaces and then turned his gaze to his left to look at Xiao You.

“Umm…” Xiao You remains skeptical about buying such an expensive necklace.

“You have two minutes to pick,” he smiled. “I didn’t want to have my reserved table being released for public,”

“I don’t know which one to pick…” she said.

“Do you want it all instead?”


Her eyes widened upon hearing that and partially shocked. “No, no, no,” she immediately said. She knew Xi Men could exactly afford buying her all the diamond necklaces in the shop. “I’ll pick one… don’t worry…”

“Well, okay…” he said, and then he looked around. “The flowery design looks quite unique,” Xi Men pointed to one.

Xiao You looked at it. “I do agree,”

“Do you like it?” he asked.

Huge part of her didn’t felt like it is the right necklace. “Hmmm…” she remained looking around.

Looking at Xiao You like this, she probably wouldn’t be able to decide. Xi Men looked at the salesperson. “Do you think the necklace will complete her look? Or, if you have any other suggestion? Price is not a concern,”

“This flowery design necklace will definitely complete her look. It is simple yet elegant,” the salesperson replied. “Or…”

“This is very beautiful,” Xiao You suddenly said, pointing at a necklace placed on her left, next to the segment they were sitting at; a segment that Xi Men cannot see from where he sits.

Xi Men stood up and looked at the necklace that Xiao You had pointed. It is a very stunning diamond and pearl necklace. Even the beauty of it caught his attention.

He smiled. “Okay, we’ll take that,”


Level 85 of Taipei 101.

“Good evening, Mr. Xi Men, you have made reservation for a table for two, please follow me,” the very friendly staff said, and leads the way.

“I didn’t know there is such a beautiful and posh restaurant in this tower,” Xiao You said, her hand hooked in Xi Men’s arm.

“Don’t you think this is a best location for you to dine and see the awesome night view of Taipei? I would open one here too,” he smiled as they followed the staff.

“Well, you can do that… even though your business revolves around tea, doesn’t mean you can’t expand beyond that to food or restaurants like this. You are doing it with a kindergarten now, right?”

He leaned over and then he whispered, “I did. But I failed in the tender,”

She almost burst out laughing and she covered her mouth with the other free hand. But for Xi Men to fail in a tender…? Seems very, very impossible. “How come?” she asked.

“Because I messed up the date to submit tender,” Xi Men said.

She tried so hard to suppress her laughter. A CEO, messed up the tender date?

“Mr. Xi Men, this is your table,” the staff suddenly said, stopped and pointed to a table.

“Thank you,” Xi Men said to the staff, and then he turned to Xiao You. He was about to speak when he realized she is mesmerized by the view outside of the famous tower. He then leaned over to whisper, “Sit, honey. Sit and enjoy the view,”

She can even feel the breath with every word he speaks. That statement got her out of the stunned mode and she looked at the table in front of her.

A table for two; placed next to the window, overlooking the magnificent view of Taipei.

The table setting is very impressive along with a small vase containing three stalks of red roses with baby’s breath placed at the side of the table.

Xi Men pulled the chair. “My darling?”

Xiao You smiled, as she took the seat, and Xi Men, being the gentleman, pushes the chair in for her, before he walked and then took his seat in front of her.

“Wow,” she said, as she looked out of the window. “This is really beautiful,”

“I hope you are saying about yourself,” Xi Men smiled as the waiter passes him a menu.

Xiao You laughed, as the waiter now passes her a menu too. “I am saying about the view,”

“The view is beautiful every night. But my loved one is the prettiest tonight,” he smiled as he looked at the menu.

“Thank you for the compliment, and an extra thank you for the necklace. It is very beautiful and also… very expensive,” she said, and then she looked at the menu.

“As long as it matches you,” he smiled.

It is a 6-course-meal. The menu outlined a very comprehensive list of food for them to choose for each category. The attentive waiter took their orders and then repeated the order to make sure he is not messing it up.

Xi Men clasped his hands and puts it on the table, as he turned to look out of the window.

Such a nice view.

“You came here often?” Xiao You asked.

He turned to look at her. “This is my first time,”




“I don’t have anyone to bring here. And I won’t be coming over here alone,” he smirked.

“Well, you did everything the first time today, with me,”

Xi Men frowned a little bit and tilted his head, and soon that frown disappears. “You are right. Hot spring, facial and dinner in a luxurious place,” he smiled. “But I am happy to do all of them for the first time with you,”

She smiled.

They didn’t have to wait for long to have their appetizers served.

And then salad.



Main dish.


He looked at her admiring the food and complimenting about how marvelous the food is in this place. She enjoyed the food a lot. And he enjoyed seeing her indulging herself. He couldn’t really stop smiling nor move his eyes away from her.

“Something on my face?”

His smile faded. “Huh?”

“Is there something on my face?” she asked, as she gently touched her cheek.

“No, you look perfect. Why did you ask?” he asked.

“Because you are staring at me and that stare is… I don’t know. It is like there is something funny on my face that you grinned like an idiot,”

“Cheshire cat is the right word. Not idiot,” he admitted but also defended at the same time.

She laughed. “Right, you are a cat now,” she puts the fork down after she puts the last bite of chocolate cake into her mouth.


She laughed again.

“So, I see you enjoy the food tremendously,” he said.

“I do. I really do,” she said, and then grabbed the glass of water on the table for a sip. “Thank you. This is a really great experience,” and then she looked out of the window and enjoyed the view again.

The waiter came and took away their plates as they have finished the dessert.

“Don’t worry. This won’t be your last,” he smiled.

As Xiao You remained looking out of the window, Xi Men briefly turned to look at the waiter and gives him a brief nod.

The waiter nods back in acknowledgement.

Xi Men then looked at Xiao You, whose eyes have never left the view. “There are more places that offer great food and perhaps a marvelous view though not exactly located at a high place like this,”

She smiled and she replied without looking at him, since she is still looking at the stunning view. “I couldn’t ask for more than this,”

His eyes strayed and then he smirked, with his focus landed straight at the walking waiter. “And I hope THAT is the last,” Xi Men mumbled.

A waiter is holding a giant bouquet of red roses, and he is walking towards Xi Men.

That big bouquet of roses is already garnering a lot of attention in the restaurant. Those sit right next to the path where the waiter walks had stopped talking and turned their heads as they followed the trail of the waiter, heading to Xi Men.

His mumble is loud enough for Xiao You to hear, that upon hearing the odd words, Xiao You turned her head from looking at the breathtaking view to look at Xi Men.

As she looked at him, she realized Xi Men’s gaze and attention is actually at something behind her, she turned her gaze to see what is he looking at.

And she is surprised.

Xi Men stood up as the waiter approached his table and Xi Men took the flowers from the waiter.

Xiao You remained stunned at the sight of the red roses and everyone around is looking at them already.

Xi Men stood next to Xiao You; his left hand holds the 108 roses. And the right hand, he extends and gripped on Xiao You’s hand.

“Xiao You,” he called, lightly tugged her hand.

She immediately stood up when she felt the pull from him. And the waiter headed to Xiao You’s chair and pulled it, so that she will have ample place to stand.

The place suddenly became quiet. Or less noisy. But the people around Xi Men and Xiao You have definitely silent because they are paying attention to Xi Men and Xiao You now.

“You are very beautiful today,” he said, still gripping onto her left hand and he caressed it. He looked down as he swallowed the lump in his throat before he lifted up his head and looked at her again. “And this is for you,” he extends the bouquet of roses to her.

“Thank… thank you,” Xiao You said, accepting the roses. She bites her lower lip. She knows what is going on now. She is so overwhelmed with feelings now that her tears slowly formed in her eyes.

“Xiao You, you have no idea what you have done to me since you have stepped into my life 9 years ago. I changed back then because of you and my life changed even more drastically a few months ago because of you. You showed me the meaning of family, the value of love, that everything else in the world doesn’t mean anything if I don’t have you,” Xi Men said, “For the last 9 years, you’ve suffered so much because of me. You gave birth and raised my kid alone because you didn’t want to ruin my life. I am not going to continue letting you do this to yourself again from this moment on. I want to be responsible for you, for your life; and I want you to be responsible for me and my life, for what you have done to me,” he stuffs his left hand into his pants pocket.

And he took out a ring. The same ring he used to propose to her twice before.

He lowered his body down and bended on one knee. He looked at her, gently flings his head to ensure his signature fringe stays at the right place.

“Xiao You, will you marry me?” he raised the ring slightly higher.

Xiao You’s tears finally fell.

Nervousness hits Xi Men. He had proposed twice, though the second time didn’t exactly sound like a proper proposal, but it still is and he failed. This is the third time he proposed.

Everything has been planned accordingly.

This great idea was suggested, discussed and agreed by and with all the F4 CEOs and Lei will step in by intentionally signing both Alex and Emily up for the 2-day program in a theme park so that Xi Men had this chance to propose to Xiao You romantically at a right place and a right time with roses.

And Emily is supportive about this idea because she really wanted her parents to get married, and she loved this idea even more that she can go and have fun at the 2-day program with Alex.

But no matter how perfect things are, the final decision still lies in Xiao You’s hand. He had done his part. The ball is now at Xiao You’s court. She had rejected him twice. She could reject the third time too.

Xi Men is really nervous and he didn’t want to go thru the same process over and over again. He didn’t know what to expect anymore.

This is by far, his best planned proposal and of course, matches all the qualities and criteria of how Xiao You wanted in a proposal.

He didn’t bring the maroon colored ring box this time, because he didn’t want to be reminded about his previous failed attempts to propose to her, or worst to have the history repeats itself.

So he is not taking any chances, whether by luck or not, this time, he only brought the ring out.

And seriously, he is sick at the sight of it because it has always been with him, when it was supposed to be with her.

Seated about few tables away from where Xi Men and Xiao You are, there sat 8 people – 4 adults plus one young child had their focuses glued to Xi Men and Xiao You; and the remainder are three kids that are less interested with what is happening thus their focuses are on their food.

Well, they have planned to come here as well to witness the proposal but they didn’t want to be detected by the couple so they came separately from each other instead of a big group of 8 at about 8pm; the time when Xi Men and Xiao You were served their main dish and have been too occupied with their food and each other to take note of their friends coming to the restaurant.

“Yes, I will marry you,” Xiao You finally said in between her tears.


Xi Men looked at Xiao You, partially in disbelief that he had succeeded in the proposal.

Third time is the charm!

He is ecstatic. Way more than ecstatic. He looked down to her hand that he is gripping. He slides the ring into her ring finger. Fits perfectly.

He then stood up. “Thank you… thank you. You have finally accepted my proposal… finally… I love you so much,” he said, as he pulled her to him and hugged her tight.

“I love you too,” she said, and then sobbed in his embrace.

And the next thing they heard; everyone in the restaurant applauded.

Loudest applause definitely came from the table of eight.

“Daddy and mommy are getting married!” the young child said happily.

“Got the video, Mei Zhuo?”

“Yes, Lei. Got them all. I will send the video to Ah Si, so that he and San Chai, whom didn’t get to join us today to witness this because of San Chai’s confinement; did not miss this out as well,” Mei Zhuo turned his head and looked at Lei.

“Great. Proposal mission: success,” Lei smiled.


*4 adults: Lei, Jing, Mei Zhuo & Xiao Qiao.
*Young child: Emily.
*3 kids: Alex, Ling Wei Yi, Ling Wei Juin.

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