My Loved One – Chapter 77

5 weeks after the proposal.


Xiao You, who is sitting on her dressing table, quickly dashed to the door of her bedroom upon hearing her fiancé’s voice. “Xi Men, quick! We are going to be late!” she yelled right at the opening of the door.

“I know!” Xi Men said, removing his shoes hastily at the entrance of his penthouse; and eventually the shoes landed each at a side.

He threw the house keys on the dining table and he quickly headed to the master bedroom.

He pushes the door which Xiao You had opened just now, and he enters.

He quickly took off his shirt, but in midst of the busyness, he hadn’t missed an opportunity to look at his fiancée who seemed ready to leave the house, “You look pretty in that dress, honey,”

“Thank you but you do not have time for this,” Xiao You said. “You told me you’ll be back by 5pm. It is almost 6pm now,” she grabbed the bath towel and then passes it to him. “I am going to call the police if you are not back by 6.30pm!”

Xi Men laughed as he took the bath towel from her hand. “I dropped you a call at 5.10pm saying I am coming back home already, and you know it takes an hour plus to reach home from airport; why the need to call the police if I am not coming back by 6.30pm?”

“Who knows a knife is being pointed at your throat and asked you to tell me that?” she asked.

He laughed.

“Now go and shower! Quick! The dinner is at 7pm!” Xiao You said.

“Alright, alright,” he practically dashes to the bathroom for a quick shower now.

Xiao You then sits down on the dressing table again and puts on a bracelet on her left hand.

And then she remembered.

She is almost done with her preparation for the dinner, but Xi Men barely even started since he had just come home and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

They need to leave by 6.20pm to make it to the dinner venue on time.

Xiao You rose to her feet, and heads to the walk-in closet.

She has decided to handpick his attire for the Ling Corporation’s annual dinner, in order to save some time.

Usually, Xi Men is the one picking his attire as he decides what he wants to wear for that day.

Xi Men has good eyes for fashion and he knew how to dress up well to match the occasion as well as for himself, of course. She didn’t have to worry that he will wear sloppily.

And this time, it is her first time picking his clothes.

She entered the walk-in closet; to which Xi Men had separated his’ and hers’ row and rack of clothes. Xi Men’s clothes is on the left wall upon entering the closet, and Xiao You’s on the right.

Xiao You stood in front of the long row of menswear.

She went blur for a moment because he had too many suits and shirts and ties… and pants!

It is as though she is in a shop now.

Well of course, right behind her is HER row of clothes… but she’s a woman! Woman is bound to have so many clothes for different occasions!

So it is something very different for a guy to have this much of clothes in his wardrobe!

“So many… how to pick?” she scratched her head.

She looked left and right, looking at all different shades of colors and design of shirts.

“He is just like a woman,” she mumbled. “He’s metrosexual. Sooooooooo metrosexual,”

She then takes out a light blue long sleeves shirt out from the rack and looked at it.

“I don’t want to wear that,”

She is surprised to hear someone talks and she turned to look at Xi Men standing at the entrance of the walk-in closet, having a towel wrapped around his lower half of his body; and well, he is topless now.

She still thought he is showering so she didn’t expect to see him there.

“Gosh, can you NOT do that?!” she said.

He smiled. “If I can’t talk, then what do you want me to do to not ‘surprise’ you?”

“Umm… well, at least… some noises?”

“It will still shock you,” he smiled as he steadily and casually walked into the walk-in closet.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Right before you said I am like a woman, that I am sooooooooooooooo metrosexual,” he smiled and stood next to her.

“Umm. That’s… umm… pretty long time you have spent standing there,” she said, and then pressing her lips together. “And… umm… that’s a very quick shower…”

“It is indeed a quick shower. No time for hot, slow bath, my lady,” he laughed.

She rolled her eyes.

“We are running late like you have said, so I can make do with a quick bath before going out,” he smiled. “Anyway, put that shirt back. I don’t want to wear that,” he said.

“What’s wrong with this shirt?” she asked, looking at the light blue shirt in her hand.

“Doesn’t match with you,” he casually replied.

“Huh? Me? You are the one wearing it,” she said.

“What color is your dress?” he asked, without looking at her, and took a pair of formal pants out from the rack.

She rolled her eyes. “You can see what I am wearing… this is raspberry red,”

“I can see, but I am asking you… how are you going to match a raspberry red colored dress with a light blue shirt?” he smiled, finally turned to look at her as he wears the pants.

“Umm… you don’t have to match your attire with me… you know?”

“I don’t have a raspberry red colored shirt,” he smiled as he walked to her. “But I do have light pink,” his hand reached forward and grabbed the light pink long sleeves shirt in the rack. “Hold this,” he passes the shirt to her.

She took the shirt from his hand.

He then took the light blue shirt from her other hand and puts it back onto the rack. “So, this color is nice with your dress, right?” he smiled as he looked at her, with the light pink shirt in her hand.

She lowered her hand to look at the shirt, and then at her very elegant, floor-length raspberry red evening dress. “But that didn’t answers why you want to match with me…” she said.

“Because there is no one else that I want to match myself with,” he smiled as he leaned forward, wanting to kiss her; but she covered his lips and stops him from coming closer.

He frowned as he didn’t know why she is doing that.

“Lipstick,” she said as she lowered her hand now. “Don’t ruin my makeup before the dinner even start,”

He laughed as he understood now. “Right,” he then lifted her hand up and kissed the back of her palm, before taking the shirt from her hand and he puts it on. “You look really pretty in that dress,”

“Thank you,” she accepts the compliment. “Thanks to the hunky that bought me the dress,” and that refers to Xi Men.

Xi Men smiled. “I can’t believe you actually forget about this corporate dinner when I told you just 3 weeks ago. That actually buys you a lot of time to go for dress shopping. Remember that panic look on your face when I remind you about this dinner yesterday and you instantly remembered you have no dress to wear? Thankfully I didn’t get your measurement wrong to buy this dress for you last night via web and get it delivered this morning!”

She laughed. “Thank you my beloved fiancé, for your prompt action,”

“Maybe you should really go shopping and buy some dresses for events like this instead of last minute ones,” he said as he buttoned up his shirt.

“I am sorry, this rarely happens actually…” she said.

“I know. Harry told me before that this practically has never happened before,” Xi Men said. “But I guess, you are too busy with so many things, thus forgetting about the dinner,”

“Thank you for your understanding,” she smiled sweetly.

“So how are you going to repay me?” he asked, taking his Braun Buffel belt from the belt rack.

“Hmm? I need to repay you? Oh, you mean the dress? You want cash?” she asked him back.

He chuckled. “Cash? No. I have plenty of cash, but there’s only one of you, so I want you,”

“I am giving you the rest of my life already. What else do you want from me, huh?” she asked.

“Hmmm… you are right about that,” he smiled. “Ah, I didn’t see Emily around,”

“I already send her to my parents’ place, which is next door, at 5pm since tonight is a corporate dinner… where kids are not… well, allowed to attend,” Xiao You said.

“Oh. Yeah, we don’t bring kids for corporate dinner. The event doesn’t fit for kids below 16…”

“I know. Emily understands as well,” Xiao You smiled.

“Your parents moved back to Taipei just in time to take care of Emily. A week right before this dinner,” Xi Men said.

Xiao You glared at him, “They are my parents. Not your daughter-sitter!”

He laughed. “I know. I mean, it might be a headache on where we need to put Emily to if your parents are not around,”

“Jing’s house. Alex is there,” Xiao You said.

“Hmmm… with the maids and nanny…”

“Ah, you are almost ready. I am not!” she suddenly shrieks, turned and walked away hurriedly.

“Careful honey,” he said, pulling the drawer of ties out and scanned which one he should go for. He then lifted his head up and frowned. “But your look is complete… how come you say you are not ready yet?” he mumbled.

He turned his head and then walked out from the closet to look at Xiao You standing at the dressing table, searching for something at her jewelries box.

He then smiled. “No wonder. Just the accessories,” he then turned around again to go into the closet to grab a suit.

Oh, and a tie.


“Thank goodness we make it to leave on time,” Xi Men smiled.

“If we can’t, it is entirely your fault,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men laughed. “I know,”

“Told you not to go to Hualien but you still want to go,”

“I am taking a flight over so not much time will be wasted on traveling, you see,” he said.

“But the airport is an hour away from here. And when you call me at that time, you have just landed at the airport,” she said.

“I need to make sure things are going well over there, you know,” he smiled.

“So, is it okay?”

“Yes,” he smiled. “They are building it as planned and everything is on schedule. Don’t worry,”

“Oh okay,” she said, taking a deep breath.

He smiled. “Nervous for the wedding or nervous for this dinner later?”

“Both,” she replied.

He laughed. “Don’t worry. Both will be good, whichever you are more nervous with now,”

“This is the first corporate event I attend with you…” she said.

According to what she said, he found out she is more nervous about the dinner now.

“First time for everything, right?” he smiled as he extends his hand over and gripped her hand.

“Since this is Mei Zhuo’s company’s annual dinner… all attendees would be his partners and also customers, and that also means you will know most of them too… but, what am I supposed to say or talk?”

“Say or talk? What do you want to say or talk?” Xi Men asked.

“That is why I am asking you, right?”

Xi Men laughed. “Honey, you are accompanying me to the dinner. You don’t have to say anything to anyone there,”

“Oh… umm… really?” she asked.

“Yes, honey,” Xi Men smiled.

“But… they will ask me stuffs and all… right? I mean… by any chance?” she asked.

“Then just be yourself. Don’t worry and don’t be nervous,” he said.

“And I don’t know them…”

“Don’t worry, honey. Just don’t worry. It is okay. You don’t have to know them. And I am the one dealing with them, so I should be the one that needs to know them; that is all that matters, right?” he smiled. “And if you need to know them, then just do it one by one and no rush in knowing all of them at the same night. And most importantly about all, tonight, you are my gorgeous fiancée,”

She smiled.

“Okay?” he squeezed her hand, and then touched the engagement ring on her ring finger.

“Okay,” she nodded.


“CEO Xi Men, Miss Yang, welcome to Ling Corporation’s annual dinner,”

“Oh, she knows me…” Xiao You murmured, to which Xi Men heard.

“Thank you, Tracy,” Xi Men smiled, and then turned to look at Xiao You. “This is Tracy, Mei Zhuo’s secretary,” he then leaned over to Xiao You, “Of course she knows who you are because Mei Zhuo told her that you are coming with me, and if she didn’t know who you are… she won’t be able to keep her job,”

“Umm…” she then looked at Tracy. “Hi Tracy, thank you,”

“You are welcome, Miss Yang,” Tracy smiled.

“Tracy, has Ah Si and Lei arrived?” Xi Men asked.

“No, CEO Hua Ze and CEO Dao Ming haven’t arrived,” Tracy politely replied.

“Hmmm, okay. Thanks,” Xi Men smiled as he puts his hand on Xiao You’s waist and gently pushes her, as they both enter the hall. “I can’t believe I am the one that is almost late to leave house, but the earliest to arrive…”

“You are not the earliest,” she smirked as she saw Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao further ahead, talking to some businessmen.

“Ahem. Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao are not counted as this is Ling Corporation’s dinner,” Xi Men said, knowing how cheeky she is. “You know they have to be way earlier,”

She laughed. “But they are busy talking to other people… we can’t talk to them now…”

“Yeah. It is okay. We’ll just talk to them later… do you want to drink something?” he asked, as he looked over to the finger food table which is just a few steps away.

“Umm… sure,” she smiled.

“Is champagne okay with you?”

“Okay,” she said again.

“Alright, be right back,” he smiled as he walked away.

She stood there for a while as she looked around the hall.

There is really no one, other than Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao; that she knew.

“So, you are Xi Men’s fiancée,”

Xiao You turned her head to her right to look at a very pretty woman looking back at her.

“Yes, I am,” Xiao You replied.

She (the woman) looked at Xiao You from top to toe, obviously not impressed with what she (the woman) saw.

Looking at how this woman looked at her (Xiao You), history seems to have repeated itself, well, that is what Amanda did to her (Xiao You).

Xiao You knew exactly what this woman is doing and looking forward to from her (Xiao You).

The moment the lady looked at Xiao You in her eyes, Xiao You returned the same way of looking at her, from top to toe and then back at her eyes.

Just the same way she did to Amanda.

The lady is extremely irritated with what Xiao You had done to her.

Signal successfully sent across from Xiao You.

The woman then smiled. “My name is Cecelia,” she said.

“Okay, good to know,” Xiao You said, smiling casually.

Cecelia’s smile fades. “You are not going to introduce yourself? How rude,” she rolled her eyes.

“Why does it interest you?” Xiao You asked.

Cecelia looked at her, dumbfounded with the way she replied.

Xiao You then smiled. “Trust me you already know my name. You just want me to introduce myself and then you will say, ‘Oh, I know. Your name is all over the newspaper when Xi Men announced who you are for the first time to the public at that press conference and also when he had make a formal announcement about being engaged to you.’. So… do I actually need to repeat my name?” Xiao You asked.

Xi Men turned around with two glasses of champagne in his hands, when he saw someone talking to Xiao You. He frowned as that ‘someone’ is quite familiar but he cannot recall who she is. He saw the facial expression given by that ‘someone’ to Xiao You. Sounds like a confrontation. He didn’t like what he sees. He heads over but stopped short about few steps away from them when that ‘someone’ speaks.

“You are good,” Cecelia said. “But then, I don’t know what Xi Men likes about you to have fallen head over heels at you,” she glared at Xiao You.

“Does it concern you as well?” Xiao You asked.


Xiao You smirked slightly. “So, Miss Cecelia. What do you do for living and what’s your connection here with?”

“Oh. My boyfriend is the youngest son of President Min of Min Group of Companies,” Cecelia proudly said. “I am a model, but my boyfriend told me that I don’t have to work anymore if I am going to marry him. So how about you? I doubt you are a model,” she mockingly said.

Xiao You smiled. “As you know, my fiancé is THE Chief Executive Officer of Xi Men Corporation which doesn’t need any further introduction,” she intentionally pronounced the word ‘THE’ louder. “And well, I am not a model but then, I am probably not as ‘lucky’ as you to stop working once I get married,”

“Oh, really? Why?” Cecelia suddenly is interested to know why is Xiao You being so ‘unlucky’.

“Because my fiancé knows very well how much I love to be independent and he gave me a small company of my favorite industry to manage. So I am not going to sit at home doing nothing; waiting to be served, waiting to get money, waiting to go shopping and waiting to die. I am going to work and contribute to this community, so… I guess you are way ‘luckier’ than me because you can just stay at home and do all sort that I have just mentioned,”


Xi Men knew Xiao You is being really sarcastic at this point of time. He really wanted to laugh out loud upon hearing what she had said. He knew she didn’t mean what she said but yet she intentionally make it sound so rude and believable because he understands that is the way for her to send her message across and not to be bullied.

“Miss Yang Xiao You. I want you to listen properly,” Cecelia said.

“See, told you that you know my name,” Xiao You smiled.

“I was your fiancé’s girlfriend,”

Xiao You’s smile faded as she looked at Cecelia. Though her face reacted as though she is surprised, deep in her heart, she wondered when that was since Xi Men… well, did have a LOT of ‘girlfriends’.

Xi Men’s desire to laugh fades immediately.

Girlfriend? Who is this Cecelia? He had no idea who she is.

Cecelia finds joy in seeing that reaction at Xiao You’s face, and she completely has no idea Xiao You is actually evaluating the possibilities of Cecelia being Xi Men’s girlfriend.

“No, you are not,” Xiao You said. “His ex-fiancée is not you,” her first step of defending.

“Well, before that,” Cecelia smiled.

“Oh really? Before that? Means, when?” Xiao You asked.

“Hmm… I guess… around… 10 years ago,” she smirked. “So that means I own him before you did,”

Xi Men’s eyes strayed. 10 years ago?

“Oh,” Xiao You said, looking at Cecelia.

Cecelia knew she has the upper hand now. Ah, such joy to be on top!

Finding that Cecelia has enough of fun, Xiao You decided to burst her bubble. “But 10 years ago, Xi Men was a playboy who has weekly girlfriends. So that means you are just his girlfriend for a week,”

Ah, hearing what Xiao You said, Xi Men remembers his lifestyle again 10 years ago. Mei-meis. But, Cecelia is one of his mei-meis? He can’t really remember at all, well, since he had so many of them, and furthermore, it’s been more than 10 years… the only woman he had remembered all along is just Xiao You and not anyone else.

Cecelia’s happiness suddenly changed to frustration and anger. “So?! A week is still a girlfriend!”

“But I am his fiancée; the one that he is going to settle down with,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men smirked again when he heard what Xiao You said.

“URGH!” Cecelia hates to be defeated. “I don’t get it! I am at least better than you! You are not elite and you are not a model material! I seriously don’t understand why Xi Men would have chosen you over tons out there! And he… he… trust me he will call off the wedding just like how he did with that Miss Amanda! And you will be left alone!”

Xiao You just looked at Cecelia. “Again, why does it concern you that I MUST be an elite or a model to be with Xi Men?”

“Xi Men is the last eligible bachelor of F4 and he is at the top class, and you are just a commoner. You don’t match him. Not like me, not like many of us here,”

“Well, yes. I am a commoner and Xi Men is indeed from the top. And Miss Cecelia, you probably match him since you said you are a model, but I thought you are seeing the youngest son of President Min? So why are you still eyeing my fiancé?”

Cecelia looked at Xiao You, her head filled with anger.

“Let’s see, Miss Cecelia. You probably want to make me sad or angry or unhappy about you owned a piece of Xi Men, well, 10 years ago. Hmm. Yeah, I know and I understand. You are one of his mei-meis when he sleeps with about 50 women a year when he was a playboy. And that means… statistically, you are just 1 of the 50 women in that one year. Well, Miss Cecelia, you are right. You own a piece of him but that was 10 years ago just for a week, but… I own him now, and ever,” Xiao You smiled. “And that is like… many, many… many weeks,” she adds. “Until he dies,”

Xi Men smiled, and he tilts his head. He couldn’t believe Xiao You would say something like that.

“He is just marrying you because of you having his daughter. Not anything else. Trust me. He’ll not marry you for love,” Cecelia said.

“Miss Cecelia, you have no idea what Xi Men and I have been thru, how sure are you it is not love? Are you there to witness every single thing that we have been thru, to tell me that it is just a pure responsibility that he is taking?” Xiao You asked. “Xi Men and I have our own journey and love story which is what leads to us today. Whether you like it or not, the relationship between me and Xi Men is only between me and Xi Men; it is not open for debate by outsiders whether we are compatible or not, or whether we should be together or not; or whether Xi Men should have dated someone else or not. Thank you for your concern, but we do not need your concern or approval whether we are good being together or not because this is our lives, not yours,”

Cecelia took multiple deep breaths in anger.

“I don’t want to be like you. I am not interested to be like you or many of you out there. I can tell you that I am the fortunate one to be involved in a love relationship with the last eligible bachelor of F4,” Xiao You smiled.

Cecelia could only swallow the lump in her throat as she didn’t know what to retaliate now.

“Oh, before I forget…” Xiao You adds, “I supposed you are one in the list of girlfriends that wanted to stop Xi Men from his playboy days, changed him and wanted him to just see you exclusively… and failed. But 9 years ago, Xi Men stripped off his playboy image overnight…”

Cecelia tilts her head slightly when she heard Xiao You said that, since it is the truth.

“…because of me,” Xiao You finishes her statement. “He changed because of me. And that means, you are worthy of his week. I am worthy of his life,”

The fiery gaze grew in Cecelia’s eyes. “I really don’t like you,” she literally gritted her teeth when she said that.

Xi Men loved the way Xiao You had defended for herself; and he wanted to see more, but then he had decided to walk over to them and to stop Cecelia from going overboard.

He immediately raised that glass of champagne in front of Xiao You when he stood next to her.

Both Xiao You and Cecelia turned and looked at Xi Men.

“Honey, yours,” Xi Men smiled, looking at Xiao You.

Xiao You then raised her hand and took the glass from Xi Men’s hand. “Thanks,” she smiled at him.

“Hi Xi Men,” Cecelia smiled flirtatiously.

Xi Men turned from looking at Xiao You to Cecelia, and in that brief one second of turning his head, his smile vanished effortlessly. “I heard your conversation,” Xi Men replied with a straight face, totally not buying that flirtatious facial expression she is giving him. Since he has a free hand now, he puts it around Xiao You’s waist, “If you don’t like my fiancée, it is your problem; not ours,”

Cecelia’s smile fades off upon hearing what Xi Men said.

“Yeah, you should get that flirt off your face now that you are seeing someone and that I am engaged. Not something appropriate to do, lady,” Xi Men said.

“Fine,” Cecelia replied, folding her hands on her chest as she looked at Xi Men. “Didn’t see you for so long… didn’t know your ‘taste’ has changed,” she glared at Xiao You. “Thought you’ll do better than this,”

“If Xiao You didn’t make it, then no one else will,” Xi Men said. “Not anyone at all. Especially weekly ‘girlfriends’ of my past when I was a playboy,”

Cecelia looked at Xi Men.

Deep inside Xi Men’s heart, he knew his message has been sent across because he is hinting to her that she is not at all ‘eligible’ to be with him.

“‘Better’ or not; lies in the heart, not in the face. I love her. I love her so damn much it will kill you,” Xi Men oddly uttered. “What my fiancée said is right. Everything she said is right. I don’t need to repeat what she has said to you,”

Cecelia doesn’t need to know whether he really will ‘kill’ her by loving Xiao You so damn much, but a part of her already ‘died’ when he said that. She knew she will never win in whatever conversation is going to have with them. He will stand by Xiao You’s side. “Fine,” she turned around, wanting to leave.

“Oh, hey,” Xi Men said.

Cecelia turned around again and looked at Xi Men.

“I want to correct you something,” Xi Men said.

Xiao You and Cecelia stared at Xi Men, does not know what he wants to ‘correct’.

“Xiao You is my fiancée. She is taking my status, and that means, she is NOT a commoner,” Xi Men said. “But you are. You are not from any elite class’ family. You haven’t married the youngest son of President Min, who, someday will take over a small business division unit of Min Group of Companies. Since you haven’t married him, it means you are not part of elite group yet. So what makes you think you can question the status of my fiancée and even compare yourself to her?”

There is a slight change of facial expression on Cecelia’s face.

“And even if you married your boyfriend now, you are not by any means having a higher social status than anyone of us here and that includes me and my fiancée. So watch what you speak,” he tightened his grip on Xiao You’s waist. “Anyway, I appreciate your concern about us. But I can tell you honestly that she is the woman that I loved, and I will marry her definitely. Do not worry about me potentially leaving her like whatever that had happened to Miss Amanda, because I will not do that to Xiao You. And that will NEVER happen,”

Xiao You smiled as she looked at Xi Men.

“Let’s go,” Xi Men said, looking at Xiao You.

“Sure,” Xiao You smiled.

Both of them walked away from the fumed Cecelia.

“You… and your history of philandering days,” Xiao You murmured.

“I am sorry…” he pouted. “I am so sorry baby…”

“First, Amanda. Next, your mei-mei. I wonder how many more I need to fend? Hundreds?” Xiao You asked, looking at him.

“No more. I am not going to leave you alone and let you be harassed like this. I’ll ward them all off by myself,” he said. “Umm… well, you know, since I was the one that… umm… creates all the havocs in my life… and practically… dragged you in,”

“Now you know, huh?” Xiao You said.

“Darling, please don’t be mad at me… please?”

“Mad? It’s not like I didn’t know that part of your life. I was the last one, remember?”

“You are not the last one because you are not my mei-mei. You are my one true love,” he bares his teeth at her. “You are my only one; my loved one,”

She smiled. “You and your sweet talk again,”

“My sweet talk is only for my sweet fiancée,” he smiled. “Didn’t know my past will catch up with me after so many years. Anyway, thank you for not being mad. I am so thankful for you. I like how you defended for yourself. You are so awesome in that conversation. I am so happy and so proud of you,”

“Thank you. But do you know who she is?”

“Nope, I can’t remember at all… but she is probably right that she was once my mei-mei,”

“But if you don’t remember who she is, how do you know she is not from elite group?”

“Because when I was a playboy, I don’t go for dates with elites,” he smirked.


“Yes. It is my principle. I don’t want to mess around with ladies having the same status like I am,”

“Oh, then what are your types?”

“Pretty ones. Models…” he finds himself answering.

“I remember you said I wasn’t your type,” Xiao You said.

He looked at her. “Well… I admit you are not my type. But that’s like… at that time. Right now, you are the special one that I have totally fallen in love with,”

She smiled.

“So, you are the only exception,” he smiled too. “And I will continue to fight for you, just like what I have told you. Come what may. I am not afraid. We’ve been thru the toughest periods dealing with Emily, your parents, my parents and the press. Nothing else will be tougher than those,”

“I know, and… wedding is in two months,”

“Ah, that’s another tough thing,” he said, sipping his champagne.

“Ahem?” she glared at him.

“Nothing. I love you,” he grinned, and then he turned and looked at the entrance. “Ah, Lei and Ah Si have arrived,” he conveniently changed the topic.

She glared at him for his quick act of changing topic, and then the glare fades as she smiled contently.

She is going to marry this last eligible bachelor of F4.

She is going to marry the guy that she has been in love with for 9 years.

Everything is perfect now.

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  1. I don’t trust you. Is everything really perfect now like Xi Men says? That line is the type of line that authors write when something BIG is going to happen, so I’m smelling something fishy here.
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