My Loved One – Chapter 80 (Final)

Xi Men & Xiao You’s Wedding Day.

F3 and their wives (and kids) are standing at a garden of Xi Men’s nice bungalow; all smartly and prettily (and cutely) dressed up.

“Nice to sip this and enjoy the view,” Mei Zhuo said, sipping his champagne.

“Since Xi Men already had a bungalow here, then you can come here and stay whenever you want,” Lei said, his turn to sip his champagne. “Xi Men is alright with it,”

“I know,” Mei Zhuo smiled.

“Hey, looked at Xi Men’s parents. They are so happy,” Jing said, as all of them turned to look at Xi Men’s parents talking to Xiao You’s parents and they shared some laughter too.

“I am so glad that Xi Men’s father accepted Xiao You,” Lei said. “After, you know, what we have encountered with him…”

“Xi Men’s determination pays off. He really wants to be with Xiao You and now they are finally married,” Mei Zhuo said. “And yes, thanks to you Lei, whose head is the first on the chopping board, all for brotherhood,”

“Why, thank you,” Lei smiled.

All of them laughed.

“Gosh, Lei, Jing, your son is so adorable,” Xiao Qiao said, and everyone turned to look at Alex, who is standing a bit further away from them, tying the ribbon at the back of Emily’s pretty white dress.

“Awww…” all of them said.

“I taught him how to tie a ribbon for days, and he uses that skill to tie a ribbon for Xi Men’s daughter?!” Lei said.

All of them laughed.

“Hey, that’s a good skill to master to woo a girl, you know,” Mei Zhuo gently elbowed Lei.

“Alex is 6! For goodness sake!” Lei said.

“Start young, dude,” Mei Zhuo laughed.

“NOOOOO!!! Too young! Too young!” Lei exclaimed.

“Although he is adopted, I think he probably inherits your skill as well to get a senior as his partner in the future, just like you and Jing,” Mei Zhuo smirked, and everyone starts laughing.

Lei glared at him. “If this is not Xi Men’s wedding, I will splash this champagne to your face,”

“So should I thank Xi Men for that?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“Trust me, you should,” Lei said.

And everyone remained laughing.

“Hey guys,” Xi Men suddenly walked in and joined the group. He is smartly dressed in an extremely perfect black wedding tux and a silver tie.

“Oh hey, Xi Men, how’s things?” Lei asked, as Xi Men stood next to him.

“Awesome. I am so sorry I haven’t had the chance to come and entertain you guys since the ceremony just now,” Xi Men said.

“No worries. It is your day, do what you need to do. We will be fine here,” Ah Si smiled.

“That is an awesome wedding ceremony, Xi Men. A garden wedding in a bungalow facing the sea, huh, with Chinese tradition, really, really awesome,” San Chai gives him a thumb up.

“Thank you,” Xi Men smiled.

“Anyway, where is Xiao You?” Xiao Qiao asked.

“Oh, she is touching up on her makeup. She’ll be out soon,” Xi Men smiled. “Thanks guys, help yourself with the food. And thanks for coming,”

“Gosh, don’t be so long-winded. You’ve been saying your thanks since we came to Hualien yesterday,” Mei Zhuo said.

Xi Men laughed, and he happens to glance over to his right, and then his focus landed somewhere further from where he stood.

“Oh, hey, be right back,” Xi Men said, and he turned to his right and walks away.



Harry, who is standing next to the snacks table alone, turned and looked at Xi Men walking to him.

Harry immediately smiled, “Hey, congratulations, man,” he extends his hand.

“Thanks a lot,” Xi Men said, grabbing Harry’s hand for the handshake. “Why are you alone here? Where is Christina?”

“I won’t be standing here alone if Gavin could make it, and Christina; she is with Xiao You in touching up her makeup,” Harry smiled.

Xi Men laughed. “Now, blame that on Gavin and not me,”

Harry laughed too.

“Well, okay… I hope you enjoyed the view here so far… since you are alone right now, I bet you are looking around more than you actually would,”

Harry laughed at Xi Men’s point. “I definitely enjoy the view. Just like you have told me yesterday, it is nicer in the day,”

Xi Men laughed. “Right,” he said. “Oh, yeah… I haven’t introduced you to my friends, right? They are also Xiao You’s friends. Instead of you standing here alone, let’s just join them with me,”

“Oh… is it… alright?” Harry asked.

“Of course. You are Xiao You’s best friend and Emily’s favorite uncle. I believe they are eager to know you too! Come…” Xi Men said.


“You look really pretty,” Christina said, as she helped to stretch Xiao You’s dress properly.

“Thank you, Christina,” Xiao You smiled as a hand of hers gripped Christina’s. “Are you tired?”

“No, I am okay. Why would I be tired when you are the bride?” Christina asked.

Xiao You laughed as the makeup artist touched up the makeup on her face. “Because you just arrived last night and here you are today, at my wedding, without proper rest yet,”

“It is okay. I can rest tomorrow,” Christina said. “I almost cried during your ceremony just now. I am so happy for you,”

Xiao You smiled. “I guess I almost cried as well, I am finally married to Xi Men…”

“He is really the right guy for you. Really didn’t waste your 9 years loving him and only him,” Christina smiled.

Xiao You smiled, now she’s a blushing bride.

“Oh! That proposal video they put up just now! That was such a romantic proposal in the posh restaurant!” Christina said.

Xiao You smiled wider. “I admit that’s a very romantic one… Xi Men totally planned everything. He had apparently plan, behind my back, with Lei… I mean, Lei is of the F4 and Xi Men’s best friend, to have this ‘kids day’ so that Lei can bring Emily out for two days, and then leave Xi Men and I alone for some private time. Xi Men planned for a hot spring bath, and facial… and then we go for dinner at this place…” she said. “Oh, actually, at that night of proposal, both Xi Men and I didn’t know everyone else is there to see the proposal, and Mei Zhuo secretly takes a video of everything,”

“Are you sure Xi Men didn’t know?” Christina asked.

“Yes, he really didn’t know,” Xiao You smiled.



Xiao You couldn’t stop smiling at the sight of the bouquet of 108 roses in her hands along with the perfect night view of Taipei outside.

Xi Men smiled as he looked at his blushing fiancée. The ring is proudly on her ring finger.

He finally succeeds in proposing to Xiao You.




Xiao You turned to look at Xi Men, and at the same time Xi Men lowered his head and dives his hand into his pants to take out his smartphone.

“A text message,” Xi Men said, upon seeing the text message icon on the screen.

“Is it Lei? Anything to do with Emily?” Xiao You asked.

Xi Men unlocked the screen and saw the sender. “No, it is Ah Si…”

“Ah Si?” Xiao You asked.

‘Saw your awesome proposal video. Wish I can be there with the rest to see you do that in person. You finally did it, man! Congratulations!’

Xi Men frowned. “Proposal video? What proposal video?” he asked.

“Huh?” Xiao You asked.

Xi Men lifted his head up and turned his head to look around the restaurant, trying to spot familiar faces.

And he saw everyone else in the restaurant!

Lei and Mei Zhuo eventually waved at him after they saw him (Xi Men) looking at them.

“Urgh… everybody is here,” Xi Men said, looking at them, and then he turned to look at Xiao You, “Everything is caught on video,”

*Flashback ended.


“Everyone knows he is going to propose that night, so they plan to go there to see the proposal. They didn’t tell Xi Men about it,” Xiao You smiled.

“Ahh… I see!” Christina said. “The proposal is indeed wonderful! It is so touching! I can’t help with my tears when I saw that!”

“I cried too when I saw the video just now!” Xiao You said.

“Did you hear the crowd applauses when they watched the video?” Christina asked.

“Yes, I do… that was massive,” Xiao You said.


“My gosh, my tears are coming up again,” Xiao You said.

“No, no, no, don’t let that happen,” Christina said. “Hmmm… let’s change the topic so you wouldn’t feel like crying now… that will ruin the make-up…” she added. “Umm… oh, I heard your kindergarten is going very well, right?”

“Oh yeah. I was so stressed up initially because I didn’t know what to expect, but now that it is up and running, it is really good and it is not stressful at all. The kindergarten and nursery’s reception is very good. I enjoy working with kids, if you remember,” Xiao You smiled.

“Yes, I did. Then what about the Child Psychology course that you said Xi Men had sourced for you and you want to take?”

“Their upcoming intake is next month but I didn’t go for it. I have decided to go for the following intake, well, provided if my hands are not full and I can manage it…”

“I believe you can do it,” Christina smiled. “So, if you take the course up, you are going to be a psychologist in near future?”

“Yes, it is my dream to be one, and Xi Men made it happen,”

“I am extremely happy for you,” Christina patted Xiao You’s hand.

“Thank you, Christina. I am very happy, indeed,”

“I have never seen you this happy, Xiao You. You had really found your perfect life,” Christina said. “And Xi Men is really the only person you need, for you to achieve and have everything,”

“Gosh, Christina… don’t make my cry…” Xiao You tried to smile.

“Ah, I shouldn’t have said that as I tried so hard to not make you cry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, smile…” Christina said.

Xiao You eventually smile when Christina said that. And soon her smile fades slightly. “Christina… I have always wanted to tell you something…”

“What is it?” Christina asked.

“I am sorry that both Emily and I have taken too much of Harry’s time from you for the last 9 years…”

Christina is surprised to hear that. “Don’t say like that. We are friends, right? Both of us love you and Emily, and Emily really likes Harry. It is okay. And I know, you and Emily really needed Harry at that point of time, since, you know, he is the only man available. And we are best friends. We will help as much as we could, whenever we could,” Christina smiled.

Xiao You smiled and nodded. “I am so thankful for your endless help and support to Emily and I…”

“Don’t mention,” Christina smiled, patting Xiao You’s hand. “We are friends, friends helped each other. And we will always be friends,”

Xiao You smiled.

She then took a deep relieving breath. “So… how is your marriage life now, Christina?”

“It is good, and thanks to you, if it is not you or Xi Men, we wouldn’t be able to go for honeymoon,”

“No problem!” Xiao You said.

And they both laughed.

“And I am happy to bring you around Taiwan for your honeymoon!” Xiao You said.

“Oh yeah! Harry said Xi Men is going to manage your kindergarten and nursery while you bring us around. Is it true?”

“Yes. I have discussed it with Xi Men. Xi Men said he can’t take the whole month off from his work for now, and since you guys are here, I decided to just ask him to keep an eye on my kindergarten as well for the month. So we will be having fun while he worked!”

Christina laughed. “That sounds so evil,”

Xiao You laughed along.

After the laughter subsides, “Then do you have any plans for honeymoon?” Christina asked.

“I haven’t discussed with him,” Xiao You smiled.

“Well you better do it quick,” Christina said.

“Why?” Xiao You asked.

“You have just said he can’t leave for one month, it means he has a lot of work to do. So if you don’t talk to him, he might not bring you to one, and slowly he will forget about it and gets himself drowned in that pile of work. And then he can’t allocate days to go for honeymoon with you. I know both of you are really busy but you still need to go for a honeymoon with Xi Men because you guys have just gotten married. You have Emily, so both of you don’t really get a lot of chance to be with just each other. I hope your honeymoon is not this bungalow in Taiwan though this is a nice place, but you definitely want to go further, right?”

“Hmmm. You are right,” Xiao You said. “I’ll talk to him tonight,”

“I wish you all the best in your future with Xi Men, Xiao You,” Christina said.

“Thank you, I wish you all the best with Harry too,” Xiao You smiled.

“When will we see each other again after this whole month?” Christina asked.

“You can come and visit me, or I will go over and visit you,” Xiao You said. “I will try,”

“Oh yes, please come. I think the likelihood of you coming over to Toronto is more than I could come over to Taiwan, since you know Harry doesn’t get long holidays. My guest room will always be there for you,” Christina smiled.

“Thank you,” Xiao You said. “Don’t worry. If you need a long holiday, tell me. I will get Xi Men to fix Harry’s boss!”

Both of them laughed.


“Xi Men,”

Everyone turned to the direction of both Xiao You and Christina walking towards them.

“Hi honey,” Xi Men smiled, as his pretty bride in a white, custom made A-line shape strapless dress, is walking towards him.

Xiao You stood next to Xi Men as she hooked her hand into Xi Men’s. “Introducing Harry to the gang?”

Christina smiled as she stood next to Harry, and hooked her arm into Harry’s.

“Yes,” Xi Men smiled. “Everyone, this is Christina. Harry’s wife,” he said, pointing at Christina.

“Hello,” everyone said.

“Here, let me introduce,” Harry said, pointing at each and everyone to Christina, “That is Hua Ze Lei, his wife Teng Tang Jing; Ling Mei Zhuo, wife, Ying Xiao Qiao; Dao Ming Si and wife, Dong San Chai,”

“Hello,” Christina smiled.

“This three guys,” Xiao You pointed at Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si, “And this guy…” she pointed at Xi Men who is standing next to her…

“What ‘this guy’?” Xi Men pointed to himself and asked.

Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si also looked at Xiao You, wondering what is she doing.

Ignoring Xi Men, “Makes up the F4 of Taiwan,” Xiao You said, looking at Christina.

Everyone laughed at the way Xiao You introduces them.

After the laughter dies down,

“Nice to know all of you,” Christina said.

“Nice to know both of you and Harry too. We heard a little bit about you both for you are Xiao You’s best friends in Toronto,” Jing smiled.

“Yeah…” Harry and Christina happened to reply.

All of them exchanged friendly smiles.

“So what are you guys talking about?” Xiao You asked Xi Men.

“I am saying Taiwan is amazing,” Harry smiled.

“You’ve only been here for a day and you are saying it is amazing? Wait until I show you the entire Taiwan in this one month,” Xiao You said.

“I believe you in that,” Harry said, and all of them laughed.

“Oh, I have something for you,” Xi Men said to Harry, and then turned his (Xi Men) head, looking around, seemingly searching for something.

All of them looked at Xi Men, wondering what he is looking for.

“Something for me?” Harry asked.

“For both of you,” Xi Men said, and then called out, “Emily!”

“Yes, daddy!” she suddenly popped up next to Xiao You.

“WHOA,” Xi Men turned to the look at Emily appearing at the other angle of him. “I didn’t see you just now. Where were you?” he asked, as he looked at Emily.

“I was at…”

“Nevermind,” Xi Men interrupted. He then flagged Emily to stand in front of him and Xiao You.

“What is it, daddy?” Emily asked.

“Emily, do you want Uncle Harry and Aunty Christina to be your godparents?” Xi Men asked.

Everyone is stunned.

“Godparents?” Emily asked.

“Xi Men… why…?” Xiao You asked.

“Harry and Christina have always wanted to be Emily’s godparents since you got pregnant,” Xi Men said, looking at Xiao You. “It’s just that you didn’t want them to because you do not want them to take half of the responsibility to take care of Emily. But now, you don’t have to worry because you have me to do it with you. And as you know… Harry and Christina love Emily so much,”

“How did you know that they want to be…?” Xiao You looked at Xi Men, and then at Harry.

Harry looked at Xiao You, “I told him during our first meeting,” he smiled and he turned his gaze to look at Xi Men. “And you remembered,”

“Of course,” Xi Men smiled at Harry, and then he lowered his head down to look at Emily, “So, Emily, what says you?”

“Mommy, can I?” Emily asked, turned and looked at Xiao You.

Xiao You smiled. “Well, you are big girl now, you can decide if you want to or not,”

“Daddy Harry and Mommy Christina!” Emily immediately called.

Harry and Christina laughed, bend down and hugged Emily at the same time.

Xiao You and Xi Men smiled.

“That’s so nice of you,” Xiao You smiled, looking at Xi Men.

“They played a huge role in Emily’s life, and your life too. I am doing what I should,” Xi Men patted her hand which is on his arm.

“Can I ask why didn’t you do it during our last trip to Toronto for Harry and Christina’s wedding?” Xiao You leaned over and asked.

Xi Men murmured, “I didn’t want to mess their wedding by having to include their goddaughter into the wedding at the last minute and sort…”

“Serious?” Xiao You asked. “They wouldn’t have involved Emily too if it is too last minute… you know,”

He looked at her, and then he leaned over and whispered. “Fine… I actually forgot at that time…”

Xiao You covered her mouth as she tried to hide her laughter.

“I forgot because… I have so much stress at that time to handle… you know, the press conference…”

“Alright,” Xiao You replied. “I accept that,”

Xi Men smiled. “And now, both Harry and Christina are no longer Emily’s favorite Uncle and Aunty, but her favorite godparents,”

Xiao You smiled as she looked at Emily smiling happily at her new godparents, and then turned to look at her parents.

“Oh, since Harry and Christina are no longer her favorite Uncle and Aunty, let’s ask Emily who is her new favorite Uncle and Aunty now… you know, among the F3…” Xi Men said.

The F3 immediately exchanged glances with each other.

“Umm…” Emily looked at her father, before she turned to look at Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si.

“Emily! Pick me!!!!!” Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si said at the same time.

“Oh come on! All of you are her favorites! Don’t make her do that!” Xiao You said.

Jing, Xiao Qiao and San Chai laughed at their husbands’ antics and desire to be Emily’s favorite uncle.

Harry and Christina laughed at the situation.

Emily scratched her head as she looked at Lei, Mei Zhuo and then Ah Si.

“You guys are equal!” Xiao You said again, and then turned and playfully smacked Xi Men on his arm, “This is your fault!”

Xi Men laughed.


Xi Men took his tux off and laid it down on the bed. “Tired,” he said and he slumps his butt down on the bed.

Xiao You smiled as she is sitting at the dressing table, looking at herself in the mirror, taking off the hairclips that are secured on her hair one by one. “Isn’t that expected?”

Xi Men removed his tie, and he turned to look at her. “So how are you feeling?” he asked, as he rose to his feet and walked to her.

“Feeling? I am tired too,” she said, searching for more hairclips.

“Tired? Is that all?” he lowered his body down and then whispered to her, “I thought you are looking forward to be my wife,”

She smiled. “As much as you are looking forward to marry me,”

“I have been looking forward to marry you all my life, Xiao You. These 3 months of waiting are the killer. But I am so glad everything turned out perfectly for us,” he leaned closer to her ear, “Have I told you that you look extremely pretty today?”

She smiled. “Yes,” she turned her head and they kissed briefly. “Thank you,” she softly replied. “And you are extremely handsome today,”

“Hmmm, lipstick,” he pressed his lips, releases it and pressed it again.

She laughed. “If you kiss my cheek, you will have powders on your lips instead,” she said. “So pick,”

“I know places that are makeup free,” he immediately planted one at the back of her ear. And then he kissed her nape.

She tilted her head slightly, “Ah, that’s ticklish,”

“I told you I know where to kiss and no makeup will stick on my lips,” he smiled, as he is now on his knees, his hand circled around her waist.

“Talk like a pro, huh,” she said, poking his nose.

“Of course. I know you inside out. And everything else,” he winked.

She frowned a little bit and looked at him. “What are you hinting, huh?”

“Stop what you are doing so I can carry you to bed,” he said.

“I need to find these hair clips out or risk letting them poked and penetrate my head,” she said, continue searching for hairclips. “You’ll lose your wife if that happens,” she winked at him.

“Urgh…” Xi Men said, and he slowly moved away as he gives her space to move her hands to search for hairclips, so she wouldn’t elbowed his head due to tight space. He then turned and looked at the dressing table. He saw something really familiar on the table.

A stone. A love shape stone.

“That stone…” Xi Men said, pointing at the dressing table.

“Familiar?” she asked.

He remained looking at it for the longest time, and then he remembered. “Yeah. Yeah… I remember that stone now. Emily picked that stone up from the beach here,” Xi Men said.

“And you give it to me,” Xiao You said. “Saying, I should give you back before I go back to Toronto,”

“Oh yeah…” he instantly remembered about that part now. “You didn’t give it to me…”

“The problem is, you left Taipei first, and I cannot give it back to you as we have initially agreed,”

“So… you brought it back to Toronto?” he asked.

“I can’t toss it away in the airport since Emily asked you to keep it… and I wondered what you will tell her if she asked it back from you someday when she came and visit you in the future… well, of course it is not like I know we are going to be together…”

Xi Men smiled. “So you bring it back to Toronto with you, and then back to Taipei with you… and now back to Hualien with you too. But how come I didn’t see it at home?”

“I didn’t take it out from the luggage since the day my 6-week vacation ended,”

“Oh,” he said. “No wonder I didn’t see it,”

“I’ll put it here. It belonged here anyway,” Xiao You smiled, looking at the stone she had placed at the dressing table.

“Why not in your office in the kindergarten? You get to see it everyday instead of you putting it here and only see it once in a long, long time… like, we don’t know when we will be coming to Hualien for holiday…”

“Hmmm… that sounds like a better suggestion,” Xiao You said. “Alright, I’ll bring it back to Taipei then,”

He smiled.

“Do you remember what Emily said about this stone?” Xiao You asked.

“She asked me to give it the person I love,” he said.

“And then you gave it to me but you said it is because Emily liked the stone so you wanted me to keep it,” Xiao You said. “I truly believe that is not the truth,” she gazed at him.

He laughed. “I admitted that statement is just a camouflage. I gave it to you because I have always loved you,”

She exhaled her deep breath thru her nose. “See. I knew it. Got fooled along the way, huh?”

He laughed. “Well, at that time, we know we won’t be together. And that is the only way to make you keep the stone,”

“Lame,” she said.

He laughed again. “Even though it is lame, I managed to get you to do it!”

“Urgh…” she groaned.

He smiled. “Looks like the stone is now playing a huge significance in our lives,” he stood up as he walked to the bed and the same time he straightened the long sleeve of his shirt in his hand.

She smiled.

He lifted up his left hand, wanted to see the button on the sleeve to unbutton it, when something outside of the window caught his attention, causing him to look out of the window.

“Eh, sky lantern,” Xi Men said, as he walked towards the window.

Xiao You looked at Xi Men, and she looked at what he is looking at. She saw the sky lantern in the sky. Someone nearby must have released it. Xiao You smiled.

Xi Men smiled at the sight of the sky lantern in the sky. “I remember releasing our sky lantern here in Hualien,”

“I do too,”

Xi Men is like a happy kid right now, as he looked at the sky lantern.

Xiao You smiled, before returning her sight to her mirror image as she continued scouting for hidden hair clips.

His eyes suddenly strayed, and a small laugh escaped his mouth.

“What’s that all about?” Xiao You asked, upon hearing his small laugh.

Xi Men turned and smiled at her. “Do you remember we wrote our wishes in the lantern?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“My wish came true,”

Xiao You stopped doing what she is doing and then looked at him. “Huh?”

“I only made one wish. And you are my wish,” he looked at her lovingly.

She looked at him, surprised with what he said.

“Even though at that moment I know very well we are not possible, but when I wrote ‘happiness’ in the lantern, my heart and mind are wishing that the ‘happiness’ is to be with you. I can always wish, and I can always dream, right?” Xi Men smiled.

She just smiled back.

“I just can’t believe my wish came true,” he said.

“So is mine,” Xiao You chipped in.


“My wish is to get happiness too. I think I get it now,” she smiled as she looked at him.

Xi Men smiled at her glances at him. “You didn’t think you get it. You are indeed getting it,”

She remained smiling as she then returned her gaze to the mirror and continued searching for hair clips.

He then turned and looked at the sky lantern again. “It is great to know that our wishes came true,”

“Indeed,” she said.

Xi Men smiled as he then turned around and slowly walked to the bed, lifting up his hand to unbutton the sleeves.

“Oh, Xi Men, there is one thing I wanna ask you,” Xiao You said, while her hands are still busy.

“Sure, what is it?” he asked, unbuttoned his sleeves.

“Are we going for honeymoon?” Xiao You asked, looking into the mirror, at his mirror image.

“Honeymoon? Hmmm. I haven’t exactly thought of it because I was occupied with preparation for the wedding. Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know. Surprise me,” Xiao You said, looking at her image now, still finding the hidden clips.


She looked into the mirror and glared at Xi Men’s mirror image as he begins laughing hysterically next to the bed.

“This is our vacation place, and our wedding venue! And you wanna honeymoon here?!” she yelled.

He laughed even more as he looked at her reaction. “Why not, honey? We have a perfect bungalow facing the sea and it is like a different place from Taipei,”

“My gosh. I can’t believe Christina is right about this!”

“Christina? What did she say to you?” Xi Men asked in between his laughter.

“Girls talk. So I am not telling you whether you like it or not,” she said, “I don’t care! I am not settling with Hualien as the honeymoon destination!”

“You married me already, right? So if I said I am not bringing you, you can’t do anything, right?” he laughed again.

“OHHH!!! So you tricked me into marriage and then now you are showing me your…!”

“Alright, alright, alright,” he interrupts her but he remained laughing. “Gosh, why are you so cute,”

“HMPH,” she folded her hands on her chest.

He headed to her, crouching and hugged her from the side. “I am just kidding. We haven’t talked about honeymoon after all, so… where do you wanna go?” he kissed her cheek this time, completely forgotten that she hasn’t removed her makeup, and finds his lips are covered with powder now.

She looked at him and laughed as he wiped away the powder from his lips. “Can you take leave?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t think you wanna hop into the plane within a month since Harry and Christina are here along with the possibility of going over to Korea to visit Gavin before they go back to Toronto, so, we can go next month. Maybe… around 2 weeks after they left?” Xi Men asked. “I can talk to my father so he can help me manage a bit while we are away, and besides, I have ample time to let Secretary Xu arrange my meetings and appointments. At least early notice is better than last minute ones,”

“Hmmm. Alright, I think that will be good too,” Xiao You said.

“But if we were to go to honeymoon, what are we supposed to do with Emily?”

“Didn’t you tell me Lei, Mei Zhuo or Ah Si are your daughter-sitter?” Xiao You laughed.

He laughed. “Right. You remembered. So you want me to put Emily with them for weeks?”

“Why? You are so attached to her right now that you don’t wanna leave her behind?” she teased.

He laughed. “Of course not in that sense. You have always worried about her,”

“Didn’t you say Emily is already 8 now? She is going to be 9 in few months,” she said.

He laughed. “Alright, you can pick who you want to put her with and I’ll arrange. Oh, maybe… Lei and Jing? Since Alex is there…”

“I am just saying. We can put her with my parents, who are staying in your former penthouse,”

Xi Men just gave her a straight face when she laughed out loud. “You could have just said to put her with your parents instead of my friends!” he glared at her.

She laughed. “I couldn’t imagine you have forgotten about my parents!”

“Because you mentioned my friends, so I have totally forgotten about your parents,” he rolled his eyes. “Ah! Didn’t you say your parents are not my daughter-sitter?”

Her laughter fades and she glared at him, where as he laughed right now.

“Why on earth did I marry you?” Xiao You asked.

“Because you love me,” Xi Men smiled.


“Alright, alright. Enough of teasing you. So, where do you wanna go? Don’t ask me to surprise you. I have been to almost everywhere in the world, it is your call,”

“Some suggestions, probably? Since you said you have been to almost everywhere…”

“Hmmm… there’s Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines…”

“Further, further,” Xiao You said.

“Umm… Las Vegas, New York, Paris, Italy…”

“Italy! Let’s go to Italy!” she immediately said.

“Alright then. Italy. Set,” he smiled, he leaned forward, almost kissed her cheek, and then stopped at about half an inch away. “Powder, no,” he gently turned her head and kissed her lips. “AHHHHH… lipstick!”

She laughed.

“So, done finding your hairclips?” he asked as he repeatedly pressed his lips.

“I think so,” she smiled as she touched her hair again.

“Thank goodness you don’t have to find hairclips every night,” Xi Men rolled his eyes as he stood up.

She laughed. “Yeah, I think I am done,” she said. “Now, time to remove makeup…”

“It’s okay. Leave it on,” he said, as he swiftly carried her up from her seat.

“But…” she wrapped her hands around his neck since he carries her up.

“Do it later. We have more important things to do now,” he said, as he puts her down on the bed.

She laughed. She knew what he meant. “That is not important, Xi Men!”

“Of course it is important!” Xi Men desperately said.

“But you were complaining about my lipstick and powder on my face just now!” she said.

“Then I’ll make do with it!” he said.

She laughed. “Are you really sure about it?”

“Yes, damn sure,” he said as he pulled the zip of her dress down.

“You can’t even wait?” she asked.

“I have waited for the whole day!”

She laughed again and soon her laughter faded and it’s a smile now.

“Gosh, you are so beautiful today…” he said, caressing her face. Not only that, he is looking at her face in a close proximity, scanning her facial features. “My loved one,” he called fondly.

“Hmmm?” she replied lovingly.

He smiled, looking at her in admiration, adoration and blissfulness.

“I love you,” he uttered.

“I love you too,”

He caressed her jaw. “Today, you are finally my wife. My lovely wife,” he smiled, as he slowly leaned forward and kissed her passionately, to which she returns.

He really loves kissing her.

He loves to be close to her.

He loves to be intimate with her.

And then something pops up at the back of his mind.

“Hmmm,” he pulled back from the kiss. “There is one thing I wanna ask you,”

“Your turn to ask me?” she asked.

“Yes,” he smiled.

“Okay. What is it?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“What is your idea of having another kid?”

Her smile fades, and stunned. “Another kid?”

“Yeah, what do you think?” he excitedly asked.

“But we already have Emily,”

“I am saying ‘another’ kid. Of course, another one, asides from Emily,”

“But why suddenly…?”

“I was thinking… Emily is 8 years old, and like you’ve said, she is turning 9 in few months. If we want to have another kid, we should have it soon. 9 years is already a huge gap between Emily with her sibling, I didn’t want to add more years,” Xi Men said.

“Umm…” she bites her lower lip and slowly lowered her head down.

His smile slowly fades upon seeing her reaction. “Why? You didn’t want to?”

“I… I haven’t prepared myself for another kid,”

Looking at her reaction, “I think… I think I have scared you about that topic…” he asked.

“I…” Xiao You didn’t know how to answer.

“I… umm… I think I shouldn’t have asked that on a wedding night…?” he frowned.


“Well…” he suddenly squeezed his nasal bridge, and then releases it. “It is okay. If you didn’t want another kid, I am fine with Emily,” he smiled forcefully.


He looked at her.

“I do agree at times, Emily seems to be lonely since she doesn’t have a sibling… but…” she tilts her head, “I hope you can give me a bit of time to prepare myself mentally and emotionally, because I still remember the 10 months I have suffered as well as seeing myself putting on weight and…”

“Xiao You,” Xi Men holds her hand, and she stopped. “I will not let you suffer alone anymore. If you are pregnant, I will be there with you all the time. I will make sure you don’t feel you are alone in this, even though I know I won’t feel something inside me growing… unless it is fat, well, anyway,”

She laughed when he said ‘fat’.

He smiled as he looked at her laughing. “I will make sure things are not going to be the same like what you have experienced 9 years ago. Never. I promised you that. Yes, if you need time to prepare, take all the time you need. Even though I didn’t want to increase the years gap between Emily and her sibling, the most important at the end of the day, is you. I will respect your decision,”

She smiled and she nodded. “So do you want a son, or a daughter?”

“I don’t mind. But the family name must be mine,” he smiled. “Emily can have yours, since we didn’t plan to have her surname changed anyway,”

She smiled. “Alright. I will let you know when I am ready,”

“Okay, no pressure,” Xi Men smiled. “I love you very much,”

“I love you too,”

He leaned over and kissed her on her lips.

“Oh wait,” she gently pushed him.

“Interruption again,” he grumbled. “Yes, honey?” he immediately plastered a smile on his face.

She laughed as she caressed his funny-looking face.

“Emily is next door, Harry and Christina are just opposite, your parents, my parents and your F4 friends; they are all staying in this bungalow tonight. So, keep your voice down,” she said. “Shhh,”

“Oh, I didn’t tell you one thing,” Xi Men said.

“Which is?”

“You know this room is our room, right? Remember a few days ago when we came over for this wedding’s preparation, I mentioned that in the future, whenever we come here for vacation, we will stay in this room and no one else can stay in this room, like ever?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Because this room… during the construction, I have specifically asked the contractor to install soundproof walls and doors so no one outside this room will hear whatever noises that comes from this room,” he sneakily said.

“OH!!!!! So you have all of these planned!” she pointed at him.

“Of course!” he said.

She laughed at first, couldn’t believe how well Xi Men had planned this.

But after all, he is the unpredictable Xi Men.

“So, tonight, you can scream or moan or yell, no one will hear you,” he leaned close to her, “Just lose control tonight, baby,” and he kissed her neck.

“Lead the way, Xi Men. Lead the way,” she softly said.

And he begins with kissing her passionately, before proceeding to make love for the first time as husband and wife.


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