One Week In Paris – Chapter 30

Day 5 of 8 days in Paris.

Xiao You moves her head slightly on the soft and comfortable pillow, pulling the blanket to cover her properly.

It is a bit colder right now.

Is the heater not working?

*Deep breath.

*Head lifted from pillow.


Suddenly Xiao You felt Xi Men pulled even more of the blanket and covers her, before he pats her shoulder and then he lied down on the bed again.

With her eyes closed, Xiao You smiled briefly at that action.

“Awake?” Xi Men asked all of a sudden.

“Partially. Trying to sleep back…” she replied without opening her eyes.

“Go ahead, alright? It is not time to wake up yet,” he said.

“Have you been monitoring me?” she asked, lifted her eyelid slightly to look at Xi Men.

“I saw you smile all of a sudden,” he said, looking at her.

She smirked. “I’m going to sleep some more,” she closed her eyes again.

“I’m trying to sleep back as well,” Xi Men said, covering himself with the blanket too.

She could sense he is smiling when he said that.

“It is quite cold,” she said, finally opening her eyes to look at him, “Is the heater broken?”

He looked at her, “No it wasn’t. It would have been colder if the heater is spoiled. I guess the temperature today is lower thus it is colder,”

“Maybe,” she closed her eyes again. “Don’t you feel cold?”

“It did feel colder but it is still bearable,” he said.


“Do you want me to go and adjust the heater…” he is about to sit up, wanting to go to the heater when Xiao You grabbed his arm.

“It is okay. Don’t worry. Just sleep. I’ll try to sleep now,”

“Alright then,” he said, lying back down and closed his eyes, trying to sleep again.



[From her view]

This time, it is different.

Very different.

Last night…

The kiss they shared is a passionate kiss.

Kissing Xi Men sends chill down her spine.

She loves the way he kisses.

He is a damn good kisser.

She lets him lead the way.

When she pulled back, the kiss had already left them breathless.

But he wasn’t satisfied; he leaned over and kissed her again.

This time, he is slightly aggressive, and soon, it turned out to be kissing her hungrily; wanting to have a piece of her.

But he soon slowed down and he eventually stopped; gently pulling back from her.

She didn’t know what went wrong.

She looked at him curiously, wanting to know what is happening.

He gives her a smile, stood up and then swiftly carries her into his arms and heads to the bedroom.

He then gently lay her down on the bed.

Instead of going straight to cure his lust like the previous night, he spent some time looking at her, caressing her face; and still kisses her again before he moves on to remove her clothes and touched her.

He really knows what he is doing.

He is aware with the situation, instead of looking zoned out like the night before.

He spends time with her and touches her appreciatively.

She had never experienced something like this.

No one had ever spends so much time on her and touched her like this, making sure she enjoyed them.

He would kiss her on her lips in between of what he is doing.

He plants kisses on her body too.

She felt that with the way he touches her, it is as though he is not going to leave an inch of her skin untouched.

He has his skill.

And for some reason, she loves it. She enjoys it.

There is no restriction.

No restriction at all.

She lets him do all he wants on her.

She lets him touch her the way he wants on her.

She is so comfortable with his touches; she just wants it to go on and on.

In midst of all touches, he leaned over to her…

“You are ready,” he whispered before planting another kiss on her cheek.

She bites her lower lip when he said that. She knew what he meant.

He takes his position, and bridges their gap.

To her surprise, he is very gentle.

He is making sure she is alright.

He is making sure she didn’t get hurt because of what he is doing.

Extremely different from the night before.

It wasn’t that he is rough the day before, but she could feel he pay more attention and cares about her right now.

It was pure intercourse last night.

But she can’t say the same tonight.

There is something different about his movements tonight as well.

It feels very passionate.

He is good. So damn good.

The sensations he is giving her are overwhelming.

She opened her eyes and looked straight into his eyes, and she looked at his expressions too.

His mouth is ajar, his lips are red, and his gaze is intense.

She could feel the different emotions and vibes he gives her.

What she could feel today isn’t there yesterday.

And she loves the whole attention and effort he is giving her.


[From his view]

This time, it is different.

Very different.

There is something about her right now that is making her irresistible.

He couldn’t stop kissing her.

He kept wanting to be close to her.

He felt so different about her.

He could sense that she lets him take the lead.

She is going to follow him.

She gives him a vibe that she is a follower.

He never liked a girl who takes charge of everything though occasional demands are always welcomed, so he absolutely favors the way she does this and lets him do what he wants.

And most importantly, he could feel she trusts him.

There are so many hidden emotions from her.

And since she trusts him so much to let him do what he wants on her, he treats her with care.

He isn’t going to treat her like what he did the day before, although she had no problems with what he had done because she had probably gotten use to it or expected it to happen.

He is aware with what he is doing right now.

He isn’t zoned out like yesterday.

He is so gentle with her that he had never done this to anyone before.

It is something that comes from within.

She deserves the best treatment.

She deserves the best of him.

She has such a beautiful figure and smooth skin that he couldn’t stop admiring her.

He paid attention to her facial expression and responses as he touches her and when he took her.

There are so many feelings and emotions from the unification; physically, mentally and emotionally.

She seems to love what he is doing.

She wasn’t shy to express what she felt with her face and the sounds she uttered.

His gaze could not leave her the whole night.

He couldn’t afford to.

The responses and the gazes she gave are different as well.

He saw the way she looked at him.

It wasn’t there before this.

Unexplainable, but… it’s just not the same.

For once, she became someone he didn’t want to stay away from.

He kissed her again and again, regardless of what he is doing towards anywhere else on her body.

He had never felt like this before.

Now he wants this… over and over again.


“Xiao You, time to wake up,”

Xiao You moves her head slowly as she struggled to lift her eyelids up.

Before she could actually open her eyes, she felt his hand running on her hair, and then his finger caressed her jaw line.

“Wakey, wakey,”

“8am already?” Xiao You asked.

“More precisely, it is 8.15am,” he said.

“It feels like a nice day to sleep in,” she replied, and fight against herself to open her eyes.

She looked at him lying on his side of the bed, looking back at her, before her eyelids fall back down again.

“Well, do you want to sleep in today instead of going out?” he asked.

“No… can’t afford to let one day go just like that,” she said, opening her eyelids again.

He smiled. “Okay then,”

“Are you tired?” Xiao You asked.

“I am. My legs… they already have a mind on their own,”

She chuckled.

“But it is okay. Just do as what is in your plan,” he said.

“No, I don’t mean that tiredness,” she said.

“Huh? Then?” he asked.

“Last night… you know? It may sort of drained you,”

He looked at her for a brief while and then he smiled. “Yeah, that session lasted for a long time… I can’t believe how I did that as well,” he then chuckled.

“So you are saying… it has never happened before?” she asked.

“Nope. There are long sessions but never as long as that,” he said. “But that may mean I have good ‘endurance’ skill,”


He laughed. “So, you wanna go freshen up first or I go first?” he asked.


Xiao You looked at her image in the mirror, making sure she has washed all the facial cleanser’s soap off her face.

As she looked at her face, she remembered the session she shared with Xi Men last night.

It is a good one.

There is no tinge of guilt in Xi Men after the session or waking up this morning.

She smiled.

She didn’t want him to regret about sleeping with her.


Her smile slowly fades as she begins to ponder.

What is the session all about then?

If 2 days ago was just pure lust… then what about yesterday?

He treats her differently last night, and she has to admit she felt differently towards him too.

Also, it didn’t feel like he is treating her like another player of the game.

And she remembered…

After the intense session is over, they shared an unexplainable passionate kiss on the lips.

There is no need for that, right?

Then… why?


Xiao You opened the door of the bathroom.

“Yes, do let me know tonight, thank you,”

Xiao You turned her head to the direction of the living room, where she heard Xi Men’s voice is from, and then she heard the phone receiver being put down.

“You’re done?” Xi Men asked from the desk.

“Yeah,” Xiao You said, and then she saw Xi Men walks to the bedroom. “Are you talking to someone?”

“Umm, yeah,” he said, leaving the desk and walking to the bedroom now.

“Oh, umm… who is that?” she asked curiously.

He smirked at her, “Why do you want to know?” he asked.

“Well… umm…” she said. “Nothing,”

He just smiled as he walked to her, “Not gonna tell you,” and then kissed her on her cheek before he enters the bathroom.

She pouts. “What is he up to?”


“It looks like it may rain in a while…” Xiao You said, looking up at the gloomy sky.

Both of them are heading towards the Notre Dame tower.

“But the sky looks about the same every day…” Xi Men said, lifting his head up to look at the sky.

“It looked slightly… more overcast today,” she said.

“More overcast today?” he asked back. “I mean… it just looked the same to me like the days before…”

“Come, let’s get in line quickly,”

Both of them head to the end of the queue and joins the line, which is not as horrifically long as they saw the last time.

They looked at few more tourists came and joined the line, standing behind them.

“So… we are going up to the tower just to see a bell?” Xi Men asked.

“And gargoyles,” Xiao You replied.

“Ah, right! Gargoyles in Notre Dame,” he said.

She smiled. “Yes,”

“But the line doesn’t seem to move…” he said, looking further ahead to the queue. “Like, at all…”

“Remember the papers I brought with me?”

“Yeah,” Xi Men replied.

“I read this from the papers two days ago; for Notre Dame bell, they only allow a small number of visitors every 5-10 minutes… so that it doesn’t jam up at the top,” Xiao You said. “I didn’t know why I had leave this part out during my research until reading it two days ago,”

“I see… then it looks like we will have to wait for a while,”

“I do think so… since they have 5-10 minutes gap in between…” she said.

“Hmmm…” he said. “But, you are saying if you had read that note days earlier, it means 2 days ago you would queue up and go to this tower?”


“Ah, and that means you wouldn’t sulk all of a sudden if you knew,”

She glared at him. “Ahem,”

“Oops,” he covered his mouth. “Hee… sorry,”

She glared at him for another few seconds before she returned her gaze to the front, smiling.


Cold wind.

“It is cold,” Xiao You said, tapping her legs and eventually moving about, hoping to make herself warm.

“Yes, it is colder today. Colder than yesterday,” he said. “But you’ve been staying in Toronto for a decade now, and you still can’t get used to cold?”

“I am used to staying indoor when the weather is cold. And besides, I don’t have fat to make me warm,”

He laughed. “You are not saying I am fat, are you?”

She also laughed, “I am talking about myself, not you. Besides, what you have is meat and muscle, not fat,”

He smiled, and then unbuttoned his wool jacket, causing Xiao You to look at him.

“I know you aren’t exactly afraid of cold like I am but you don’t have to show off that you can withstand cold by unbuttoning that, you know?”

He laughed again. “I am not showing off. Come, I’ll keep you warm,” he spreads his arms wide.

“Huh?” she looked at him.

“If you are not coming now I am really going to get a cold,” he said.

She immediately leaned over him, hugging him.

He then adjusted his jacket so it partially covers her and then he wrapped her nicely with his arms, keeping her warm with his body heat.

She rested her head on his chest and eventually listened to his steady heartbeat.

“You know you don’t have to do that,” she said.

“You said you are cold, so I guess this is what I can do,” he said, looking ahead, wanting to know if the queue actually moves.

“I mean, you don’t necessarily have to unbutton your jacket and hug me when you can just hug me normally…”

“Oh, that. Well, my jacket keeps me warm, so my body is warmer and adding in my body heat, it is warmer for you,” he said.

She smiled. “Alright, whatever you say,”

He smiled too, and then he looked around.

“You know, there is one thing I like about Paris…” Xi Men said.

“Hmmm?” she lifted her head to look at him.

“You can kiss and hug anywhere you want and no one will give you a stare like most places in the world where they can only do this in private,” he said.

She giggled. “They don’t call Paris a city of love for nothing,”

“Yeah, I know,” he smiled. “City of love,”

Xi Men felt something dropped onto his face.

“Hmmm?” he lifted his right hand up and then runs it on the spot where ‘something’ had dropped on.

Hearing that, Xiao You lifted her head up, and looked at him lifted his head up to look at the sky.

“What is it, Xi Men?” she asked.

He lowered his head down and looked at the floor, before he then looked at her. “It is raining,”

“Raining?” she asked, immediately looked up to the sky as well.

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