Perfect – Chapter 2

Both Xi Men and the person he had just crashed onto looked at each other.

His eyes widened.

His jaw dropped.

Her eyes widened.

Her jaw dropped too.

He recognized that face, but he is too surprised to utter anything now…

“Xi Men, John is over here,”

That calling from his father puts him out of daze.

That also puts her out of surprise.

“I…” Xi Men looked at her, but soon gazes to his father.

He returned his sight to her.

He, all of a sudden, stuffs his phone that he is currently holding into her hand, “Coming!” he replied to his father, and then hurried heads to his father.

“Xi…!” she turned around to look at him with his phone in her hand and watches him approaching a white car that is parked at the roadside.

Xi Men gets into the passenger seat where John has already opened the door for him.

Once Xi Men gets in, John then heads to the driver’s seat and entered.

Xi Men’s head immediately turned to the direction of the female he had just crashed onto.

“What is it?” Mr. Xi Men asked.

Xi Men turned his head to look at his father, “Huh?”

“I have to call out to you to ask you to come to the car,” his father responded.

“Oh, I accidentally crashed onto someone, so I was apologizing,” Xi Men said, turning his head now to look out of the car.

“Oh…” his father said. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I am alright,”

“And the other person?”

“Yes,” Xi Men replied, and then he turned his head to look at her again, and softly said, “I guess…”

John then drives the car.

Xi Men’s eyes are glued to her, still standing in front of the building.

And she is looking back at him.

It’s not that she can really see him due to the tinted glass of the car, but she is looking at the car, knowing he is sitting at the back passenger seat.

As John drives away, Xi Men’s gaze followed to where she is – even when he has to turn his head to the back, while she watches the car driving away.

Until she vanishes from his sight.

Now that he can no longer see her, Xi Men then straightened his head.

He soon turned his gaze to look out of the window, to the view.



And then he smiled.


“Where are you flying to from Hong Kong?” Xi Men asked his father.

“I am going back to New York. I don’t have any other appointments here in Asia for the month,” Mr. Xi Men replied.

“Oh…” Xi Men responded.

“So, I may drop by Taiwan next month,” Mr. Xi Men said.

“May,” Xi Men repeated after his father with a smirk on his face.


“Your ‘may’ always turns out to be ‘never happened’,” Xi Men said.

Mr. Xi Men laughed upon hearing that. “It totally depends if there are any appointments at this region. Besides, I don’t have to go to Xi Men Corporation Taiwan because I have you, and I know you manage the company really well,”

Xi Men smiled as he picks up a small piece of roasted pork, “I know. Just let me know once you are confirmed coming,”

“Definitely,” Mr. Xi Men said. “By the way,”

“Hmmm?” he munches the piece of roasted pork in his mouth.

“Are you interested to meet President Wang’s daughter?”

Xi Men paused and then gazes at his father. “What?”

Secretary Xu’s eyes strayed to the direction of Xi Men upon hearing that.

“We can arrange,” Mr. Xi Men replied.

“NO,” Xi Men uttered and then continued munching the piece of meat in his mouth. “I don’t want to,”

“But you are not dating anyone at the moment,” Xi Men’s father said.

“So? Not dating anyone doesn’t mean I need to meet someone,”

“I know, but since you are not dating… and I don’t know if you met anyone… but you have reached the age to get married and have kids,”

“Oh my gosh. Not this talk again…” Xi Men squeezed his nasal bridge almost immediately.

“I believe you know your mom is very concerned about this,” Mr. Xi Men said.

“So you are saying she talked to you about this?” Xi Men asked.

Mr. Xi Men nodded. “Yes, whenever we talked to each other on the phone. This topic is a customary topic for your mom,”

Xi Men rolled his eyes.

“You can go out and meet some people,” Mr. Xi Men said. “No harm. Not necessarily needs to date them once you meet them and then get married followed by having babies,”

Xi Men glared at his father.

Mr. Xi Men suddenly gazes at Xi Men suspiciously, “Are you… homosexual?”

Xi Men is startled at that question, but soon feels it may be of a good advantage to him, “Will you stop asking me to date and get married if I say I am?”

Mr. Xi Men then glared at him. “I will beat the gay out of you,”

Xi Men pulled back slightly, staring at his father.

“I am not against gay. But I am, if it is you,” his father said.

Double standard.

“You are not gay, I supposed?”

“I am straight,” Xi Men answered. “But just don’t ask me to date, okay? This topic has been going on for years and I am really, really sick of it,”

“Your mom is getting more anxious as years passed by,” Mr. Xi Men said, lifting the glass of tea up for a sip.

“I know. She talked about it quite frequently nowadays,” Xi Men sighed. “I am not worried about getting married but she…” he sighed again.

“Because to her, not many good girls left as days passed,” Mr. Xi Men said. “They probably met someone and date; and your mom feel you shouldn’t let the opportunity passed,”

“There are plenty of good girls. The next time you talk to mom and if she talked to you about this, please ask her not to worry. I will do the decision myself,” Xi Men said.

“I thought you are staying with her in the same house,”

Xi Men looked at his father.

“What I meant is, why don’t you tell her yourself?” Mr. Xi Men asked.

“I did. It is not effective,” Xi Men said.

“The only way to stop her is to do what she says, you know?” Mr. Xi Men asked.


“Just bring home a girl, son,” Mr. Xi Men said. “I actually would love to see you settle down too,”

Xi Men glared at his father. “Dad…”

“Any girl is fine. Elite or commoner,”

Elite or commoner.

Xi Men just looked at his father.

“You don’t necessary have to be with elite; because… what if you don’t like her?” Mr. Xi Men looked at Xi Men. “And… I don’t want to see you end up like me and your mom,”

Xi Men slowly lowered his gaze and pressed his lips together.

“As long as you love each other, that’s what matters,” Mr. Xi Men smiled.

Xi Men also slowly smiled when he sees his father smiling.

“Well, you are old enough to think about it. So… let’s move on. What time is your flight to go back to Taipei on Friday?”





Sitting in the small living hall, she looked at the phone in annoyance.

So many notifications.

But it is not her phone.

And she is unsure if the messages are for her.

Since she can’t unlock the phone, she can’t read or check it.

“THIS IS NOT MY PHONE! Why is he passing me his phone all of a sudden?!” she said in frustration.

“I can’t use this,”

“And what is this supposed to mean?!” she asked, looking at the phone in her hand, which the notification light remains blinking. “What is this phone for?”


She almost dropped the phone when it rings and vibrates in her hand suddenly.

She looked at the phone…



Her gaze strayed.


Not only messages coming in into the phone; now even phone calls!


She drops the phone on the couch, and then puts the soft pillow on top of it to muffle and soften the ring.

She doesn’t care.

It is not her phone.

So it means the caller is not looking for her.

She folded her hands on her chest and looked straight to nothing and at the same time drowned in frustration, while waiting for the ring to die.

The phone rings for a long time.

Really, really long.

She turned her head to the direction of the pillow, where it is on top of the phone, secretly despising the caller for not hanging up the call.

That is when the ring stops.

She then exhaled a deep breath.

She removes the pillow and then…


“Goodness…” she rolled her eyes as she gazes over to the screen.


Still numbers.

Looking at the numbers and its format, she knew the number is a local number.

She then puts the pillow down again to muffle and soften the ring.

And again, the phone rings for a long time…

She somehow is getting uneasy at the phone ringing like this.

It just rings, and rings, and rings…

And then it stops.

She swallowed the lump in her throat.

She then gazes over to the pillow, again…


“ARGH…” she runs her hands thru her hair.


“Stop calling!”

“I am not the owner of this phone!”

“The one you are looking for is not here!”

She took a deep breath as the phone remained ringing under the pillow.

“Gosh…” she squeezed her nasal bridge, stressed…

Something struck her mind.

Her eyes strayed.


She lifted her head up.

“What if this person calls at night when I am sleeping?”

“I can’t unlock his screen to get to that mute button,”

“I have no access to this phone to silent the phone!”

“Will it ring the whole night?!”

“OH MY! Am I going to lose my sleep because of this?!”

The call ended.

She reached for the pillow, and then lifted it (the pillow) up.

She grabbed the latest model & also the most expensive smartphone and looked at the screen.

Notification light blinking.

3 missed calls.

She looked at the smartphone in her hand.



She looked at the screen.

Local numbers.


She did not register the number that was calling earlier in her mind, so she doesn’t know if this is the same caller.

She stares at the ringing phone in her hand now.

“If I don’t pick this up… and this number calls at night… how am I supposed to sleep?” she murmured.

“Should I pick it up and say he dropped the phone or something…”

The phone keeps on ringing in her hand.

And she remained staring at it, debating if she should pick someone’s call up…

“Ah… my sleep is so much more important,” she uttered.

She looked at the ringing phone.

Her finger reached forward…

And slides the green button on the screen to pick up.

She then puts the phone warily on her ear, “Hello?”

“Hi, took you a while to pick up the call, eh? And I’ve made four calls,”

She is taken aback.

Apparently this call is made for her, not for the owner of the phone.

“I… I didn’t know…” she responded.

“It is okay. I am calling from my hotel so you may not recognize the numbers, thus I keep calling you, somehow quite assured that you will pick it up sooner or later,”

“O… oh,” she said.

“Anyway, I am calling to ask, you know, since you are holding my phone, are you free to meet up tomorrow night to return my phone to me, Miss Yang Xiao You?”

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21 thoughts on “Perfect – Chapter 2

  1. Can’t believe…. the way XM want to keep in touch with XY…..can’t wait for their first meeting….
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u……. Ann. May you continue to write our favourite couple 😘😘😘😘

  2. Nice one Ximen. That’s what I call “fast thinker”. 😉 He sinply handed his phone to Xiao You so that there is an excuse for them to meet.

  3. interesting so far sis. though i would like to know what the original title would be after all post are out..because you mention..i’m incredibly curious now. haha 🙂

    • Hahahaha, the original title actually did not go too far off from the title now, sis; I mean it was supposed to be more than a word for the title. Umm… hahahah. I think you kinda get what I mean.

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