Perfect – Chapter 5

Sitting on the couch in the living hall, Xiao You runs the towel over her wet hair. “I wonder why is he extending his stay all of a sudden,” she asked to herself. “It is odd,”

“Nevermind, I can ask him when I see him…”



“Extending your stay?” Xiao You asked, her eyes brightened up.

“Yeah. Since it’s just Saturday the day after tomorrow, and it’s not like I am working on that day or need to go back to work immediately on that day so… I can extend my stay,” Xi Men smiled, tucking his hands into his formal work wear pants’ pocket.


A handsome guy in a formal wear… and folded sleeves.


Imaginary saliva drooling.

“So… I assume that’s an ‘okay’ from you,” Xi Men suddenly said.

Xiao You looked at him, “Ah?”

“This weekend? Spend it with me?” he said.

“Oh… umm… o… okay,” she answered.

“Great,” he cheerfully said.

Xiao You smiled.

“Hmmm… why not… let’s meet tomorrow for dinner, after you have finished your work,” Xi Men smiled.

*Flashback ended.


“Tomorrow,” Xiao You said. “I am seeing him tomorrow,” she adds. “Yeah, I can ask him tomorrow,”

Pressing her lips together, she just runs the towel on her hair.

All over; and from all the directions.

She bites her lips now, recalling images of Xi Men in front of her during dinner.

At the first sight of him when she sees him at the restaurant…

He is still smartly & formally dressed; pretty confirmed he heads straight to the restaurant after work.

Shorter hairdo now compare to 12 years ago.

He smiles the moment he sees her.


His perfect facial features.

That million dollar smile.

That sharp, penetrating eyes.

Unknowingly, thinking of Xi Men makes her stopped drying her hair.


“It is really nice to see you again, Xiao You,”

“If you don’t know yet… you have changed so much,” he adds.

“And you are very, very beautiful now,”


Recalling that brings a smile to her face.

“Nice to hear them from Xi Men…”

She suddenly snaps herself out of it and her eyes strayed.



What is this feeling…

“Oh my gosh… I am smitten again. No. No, no, no, no…” she tells herself and in midst of that, the towel in her hand, that is used to dry her hair, dropped.

“And my hormones are not helping!” she rubs the right side of her neck. “No way, noooooooo way,”

She runs her hand thru her hair this time, and then unfortunately for her, her hand gets caught in the tangled hair; which is formed due to excessive rubbing her hair with no coordination, and eventually her got-caught-hand pulled the tangled hairs’ roots.



Lying down on the king bed in the dark hotel room, Xi Men’s eyes remained open, looking at the ceiling.

He isn’t looking at anything in particular, but just… not sleeping.

He had just made a call to the airline to reschedule his departure date.

Now he is leaving Hong Kong on Sunday at 3pm.

He had to go to work on Monday, so he must leave on Sunday.

He wanted to leave with a later flight, but there are no more seats available and putting him in the waiting list will be slightly dangerous; as in, what if he really can’t get a seat.

“Oh well, leaving at 3pm is better than 8am or 9am (of the same day), right?” he exhaled a deep breath.

“On a bright side, at least I have few more hours of peace,”


He rolled to the side, pulling the blanket.


Not thinking of anything, the image of Yang Xiao You appears in his mind.

He suddenly smiled.

It is nice to see her again, since they last see each other 12 years ago.

12 years.

She had changed so, so much!

Her beauty.

Her body shape.

Even her personality.


“Thanks to your words… I am very happy with who I am now,”

“You made me say to myself that I will be more lovely and confident,”

“That is pretty much the turning point of my life, Xi Men. I live by those words and those positive words made me a better person,”


“She changed because of what I have said,” Xi Men murmured.

He then smiled.

“I have never expected she will live with those words…”

He remained smiling; unsure if he should be glad or amazed.

Or both.

But seeing how much she has changed…

He just smiled.

Now he recalled meeting her yesterday.

When he realized the woman he bumped onto is Xiao You, he is taken aback by her massive changes from the Xiao You he remembers.

She is so damn beautiful now.

And the aura she is emitting.

The brief meeting had left him speechless, and she had already left a deep impression in him; just by the sight alone.

When his father calls out for him, he knew he has to leave immediately, meaning there is no time for him to talk to Xiao You.

Not even a ‘hello’.

That is why he stuffs his phone into her hand, as that will be a way to contact her.

And well, he managed to talk to her by calling to his phone, and then have dinner with her as a mean to catch up.

And now, they will meet up again.

“I am glad I will be spending the weekend with her… instead of seeing my mom, asking me to select a woman from the green file and date!”


He laid on the king bed and took a really deep breath, and then exhaled it thru his mouth.

“Cool down…” he said to himself, taking another deep breath.

“You have an additional two days away from your mom now,” he said to himself, and then smiled.

He then looked at the ceiling of his hotel room again.

“Ah wait…” his eyes suddenly widened, looking shocked.

“Ahhh…” Xi Men smacks his forehead. “Now I have gotten back my phone, I forgot to ask for Xiao You’s number!”


Xiao You accesses each and every piece of her clothing hanging in the wardrobe.

“Which one should I wear tomorrow?” she asked herself.

“White shirt with black formal pants?”

“Dark blue shirt with floral white skirt?

“Pink dress?”

“Or my little black dress?”

She then stood there, unsure which one to wear.

She is going to work tomorrow, and she will be meeting him after that…

“Hmmm… what are we going to eat tomorrow? And I wonder where the dinner will be? If we are just eating at some random shop… then I don’t have to…”





“Hmmm… why not… let’s meet tomorrow for dinner, after you have finished your work,” Xi Men smiled.

She smiled, “Okay, sure,”

“Great. See you tomorrow,”

“See you,” she said.

He smiled and waved briefly.

She waved back and then turned and walked into the lobby.

*Flashback ended.


“CRAP… he didn’t say what time and where we are having our dinner! Then where am I supposed to meet him?!”



“Extending your stay?” Mr. Xi Men asked, turning his head to look at Xi Men sitting next to him in the car, as they are on their way to their client’s office.

Secretary Xu, who is sitting at the front’s passenger seat, turned his head around to look at Xi Men.

“Yeah, so I will go back to Taipei on Sunday,” Xi Men smiled, glances over to his father. “And that means I can be in President Wang’s office until the end of working hours today,”

Mr. Xi Men looked at Xi Men, and then smirks, “Okay. That’s good too. Although our scheduled appointment with President Wang today is only until 12pm, it is good to add some few hours after that… you know, just in case he has some questions for us,”

Xi Men smiled.

“As planned initially, my flight is at 11pm tonight so I have prepared to be at President Wang’s office until 6pm. It is good to have you around, so you can answer his questions about Taiwan office, if there’s any,”

Xi Men nodded.


Seeing both of his bosses are not exchanging any words, Secretary Xu turns his head around and gazes over to the back passenger seats.

“What is it, Secretary Xu?” Mr. Xi Men asked, since he noted the act.

Hearing what his father said, Xi Men tilts his head to look at Secretary Xu, who is sitting in front of him (Xi Men).

“I am sorry, President Xi Men. Umm, CEO Xi Men…” Secretary Xu calls out for Xi Men.

“Hmmm?” Xi Men responded to the calling.

“We… we are going back to Taipei on Sunday…?” Secretary Xu asked.

“We?” Xi Men looked at him, and then a moment later he understands why Secretary Xu is asking this. “Oh, no, no. I am going back on Sunday. You will go back to Taipei today at 5pm. I only changed my flight. Not yours,”

Mr. Xi Men turned his head to look at Xi Men.

“Oh…” Secretary Xu is relieved to hear that.

“Don’t worry, alright,” Xi Men smiled as he pats Secretary Xu’s shoulder. “You will go back to see your wife and daughter tonight,”

Secretary Xu smiled, “Thank you, CEO Xi Men,”

Xi Men smiled, as he sits back and leaned his back against the leather seat again.

“I thought Secretary Xu will be staying back in Hong Kong until Sunday as well,” Mr. Xi Men said.

“Nah. There is no need for him to be here,” Xi Men said.

Mr. Xi Men tilts his head as thoughts run in his mind. “Hmmm,” he then smirks. “So, something happened last night, or are you having some fun somewhere in Hong Kong that you wanted to continue for few more days before going back to work on Monday?”

Xi Men gazes over to his father. “Huh?”

“Because you were out last night, and also, you decide this last night too. I expect something had happened?”

Xi Men chuckled at his father’s reasoning, “Oh. No, dad. No, no. I am just…”


Xi Men’s chuckle fades. “Umm…”

“Something too personal that you can’t tell?” Mr. Xi Men asked.


Mr. Xi Men stares at Xi Men for a while, wondering what it means, until some moments later… “Oh. Afraid about her asking you to date?”

“I am not saying I am afraid. It is not that I can avoid her permanently. It’s just that, for the last 2 days… being away in Hong Kong…”

“No naggings,”

Xi Men pressed his lips together briefly. His father gets it. So he doesn’t have to explain more about that issue, “Just extension of 2 days, dad. She will come at me sooner or later with the same topic, I mean, probably not immediately upon reaching home or the next day; which I am not sure, but at least, right at this moment, an additional two days of guaranteed peace is something I appreciate so much,”

Mr. Xi Men smiled before he lets out a small laugh, “Ah…” he said, “Looks like I really need to tell your mom to give you a break, since you rather extend your stay in Hong Kong & be alone than going home & accompany your mom for fear she is going to mention about that topic,”

“I love mom, and I love her a lot. Just not that topic,” Xi Men said.

“I know,” Mr. Xi Men smiled.

Xi Men smiled, and then he gazes to Secretary Xu, “Secretary Xu, don’t worry about your airport ride later. Although I am not taking, John will still send you to the airport as our pre-planned time,”

“Thank you, CEO Xi Men,” Secretary Xu smiled.

“You are welcome,” Xi Men smiled, and then he turned his head, looking out of the car.

Noting the buildings, he realized they are going to reach their destination soon.

But what attracts him more is…

The building located two (building) lots away from his client’s office.

The one that Xiao You reportedly is working in.

That thought unknowingly brought a smile to his face.


Mr. Xi Men lifted his hand up to look at the time on his wristwatch. He then turned around and looked at Xi Men walking behind him right after they leave the client’s office.

Halting his step, “Let’s go for early dinner,” Mr. Xi Men said.

Xi Men also halts his step and then looked at his father. “Early dinner?” he lifted his hand up and looked at the time on his wrist watch too.


“Yes. I have to depart for the airport by 8.30pm. So we should go for dinner now,” Mr. Xi Men said.

Xi Men shook his head, “Sorry, dad. I am not going with you,”

“Not going with me?”



“I have plans for the night,”

“Plans?” Mr. Xi Men asked. “Again?”

“Yes. And…” Xi Men gazes over to the awaiting white car in front of the building, “Just to let you know, I have extended John’s service for 2 days since I will be here, but right at this moment, you needed his service to fetch you to the hotel and airport tonight. So, go ahead,”

“Go ahead? You mean, you won’t be taking the ride now as well…?”

Xi Men shook.

“Then what are you going to ride on?” Mr. Xi Men asked.

“I’ll be around here I guess. I’ll probably call John later at night if I need him,”

Mr. Xi Men smirks, “Something is really going on with you, but I can’t pinpoint it,”

Xi Men gazes at his father. “Don’t be suspicious. I just wanted some time alone,”

“For two days in a row (*Thursday and Friday)?” his father asked.

“For four days in a row (*Thursday & Friday and extended to weekend),” Xi Men corrected his father.

Mr. Xi Men smirks and then chuckled at that answer. “Alright, fine. Enjoy your time alone,”

Xi Men smiled, “Thanks, dad. Have a safe flight,” he heads forward and gave his father a hug.

“Thanks,” he briefly hugs his son. “Goodbye, son,”

“Bye dad,”

Xi Men then waved at his father as he watches his father gets into the car.

Soon, John drives the car out from the parking bay.

Mr. Xi Men watches Xi Men standing there, facing the car and watches his (Mr. Xi Men) car driving away.

Mr. Xi Men then frowned, “Didn’t he just said he have plans for the night? Have plans to… spending time alone?” he asked himself. “My son only makes plan to go somewhere. He doesn’t make plans to spend time alone. Now, that just sounds odd…”


Xi Men raises his hand up and looked at the time, before he dropped it down.

Standing in front of the building, “I hope she will come here…” Xi Men bites his lower lip worriedly.

He then turned his head to look to the right, as that is the direction she came from the other day, where he crashed onto her.

“Seriously, this is my fault… for not telling her the time and where we are going to meet. And my fault even more, that I forgot to get her phone number,” he sighed.

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