Perfect – Chapter 7


Standing at the lobby of the service apartment, Xi Men looked around the place.

The few receptionists at the reception counter would look at Xi Men too; after all, seeing such a handsome guy in the lobby waiting for someone.

They are not fairly interested to know who he is waiting for, but more interested of seeing his face, and watching him.

When he turned his head and happened to meet them in their eyes, he just smiled at them, as a sign of friendliness.

But he didn’t know that gesture is enough to make all the receptionists go crazy.

A handsome man smiling at you?



Xi Men turned his head to look at the lift that just reached the ground floor and the door opens.

He smiled the moment he sees Xiao You walking out from it.

Xiao You is startled to see a smiling, handsome face looking straight at her the moment she exits the lift; but recover in seconds and then smiled as she walked towards him.

“Good morning,” Xi Men greets.

The receptionists realized the person he has been waiting for has arrived, prompting them to look over to the lift.

“Good morning, I did not expect you will be waiting for me here at the lobby,” Xiao You said, and then gazes at the receptionists who are looking at her. “Umm… good morning…” she greeted.

“Good morning, Miss Yang,” the receptionists responded, to which the greeting gets Xi Men to gaze over to them briefly.

After the receptionists greeted Xiao You, Xi Men looked at Xiao You, “I thought it is nice to wait for you here instead of in the car,”

“Thanks. And you are on time,” she smiled, flashing her wrist watch to him.

“Thank you. I have always been on time since young. My parents taught me about respecting my, and people’s time,” he remained smiling.

“That is why you are the early bird of F4, eh?” Xiao You asked.

“Yes. And just for your information, I had already arrived 10 minutes ago,”

“10 minutes ago?!” Xiao You asked.

“Yes,” he smiled.

“Goodness. I should have come down earlier!”

“Don’t worry about that. You are quite punctual too. It is 9.30am now,” he flashes his wristwatch this time. “And even if you are late, it is fine with me too,”

“It is not about that. It’s that… I am all ready 10 minutes ago. And I was just sitting in the living hall waiting for the time…”

“Oh,” he then chuckled. “Let’s go then,”

“Okay,” Xiao You said.

Both of them head to the glass door to exit the building.

“I am sorry for the wait,” Xiao You said. “You could have called…” and paused.

Xi Men gazes over to her.

“I/You don’t have your/my number,” Xi Men and Xiao You said at the same time.

They both chuckled.

“So, should I get your number now?” Xi Men asked, already diving his hand into his jeans’ pocket to retrieve his phone.

“You don’t need it anymore as you are leaving tomorrow,” Xiao You smiled.

He paused (from taking his phone out) and looked at her. “Umm… maybe I can…”

She looked at him. “Hmmm?”

Will he keep in touch with her?

And… is it wise?

If from her opinion that he has no use for it… then…

“Xi Men?”

Xi Men gazes at her, “Okay then,” he smiled. “Let’s go and have dim sum,”

“Sure,” she smiled at him.

Both of them walked to the waiting car in front of the service apartment.


The waitress puts down a bowl of porridge, followed by a basket of prawn dumplings before she walked away.

“I do think this restaurant really deserves the Michelin star. It is really good,” Xiao You said to Xi Men, while pointing at the basket.

“Gotta try to know…” Xi Men takes up the chopsticks and goes for a piece of the prawn dumpling.

“You had never tried dim sum at this restaurant?” Xiao You asked, pulling the bowl towards her.

“Nope. My first time today. But I have heard a lot about this restaurant before so it is nice to be able to come,” he said, blowing onto the still-steaming-hot prawn dumpling but soon he looked at her scooping a spoonful of porridge out of the bowl of porridge, “Is that porridge?”

“Yes,” she said, blowing at the spoonful of porridge, “The last time I had it, it is nice,”


“Yes,” she stuffs the spoon into her mouth. “Hmmm. Great taste. Wanna try?” she offered to him.

“Okay,” he said, putting down the prawn dumpling that he had yet to take a bite from, and reached for the spoon for the porridge. He then paused.

“Careful, it is hot. Gotta blow at it before you eat it,” she said.

“You don’t mind if I use the spoon…?” he asked, looking at her.

It is the only given spoon to them, and she had used the spoon before, and he is about to use it…

“No, no. I am alright,” she smiled.

“Okay,” he said, scooping a spoonful of porridge using the same spoon she had used earlier.

He brings it to his lips where he blew on it to cool the porridge down, before he puts it into his mouth.

She tilts her head and looked at him, “How is it?” she also reached for a prawn dumpling from the basket.

“Good. Very good,” he gives a thumb up. “Tasty,”

She chuckled. “Awesome,” she then blows onto the prawn dumpling to cool it down. “Have you had dim sum in Hong Kong before?”

“Yes, I had. But not at this trip, I mean, until now. And the last time I came to Hong Kong was some years ago and also, a pretty rushed trip. Just for business, and then leave, without going around actually,” Xi Men said, picking up the dumpling from his plate.

“Ah, mentioning of that… where should we go later?” Xiao You asked, munching the dumpling.

Xi Men looked at her. “I have no idea,”

She takes a deep breath, and then exhaled it. “Hmmm…”

“Actually I have been to everywhere I should be going in Hong Kong. I don’t have any preference now or a desired place to go. So I leave the decision to you. If you want to go shopping, we can do that. If you want to go to the theme park, we can go too. Or…”

“At this moment, I can only think of where to go at night,”

“At night?” Xi Men asked.

“Yes, Since we’ve gone to Victoria Peak yesterday… we can go and see light shows from Tsim Sha Tsui. It starts at 8pm,” Xiao You said.

“You wanna see it? No problem,”

“Not me. I’ve seen it before. I mean we can see it for you,”

“For me? I’ve just view it the other day from my hotel room,”

“Oh… then we can…” Xiao You paused. “Wait. Did you just say you view it from your hotel room?” she looked at him.

“Yes. However, just the lights flashing; can’t hear the music,”

“You can really see it from your hotel room?”


She frowned. “Where is your hotel located at?”

“Do you know the internationally-known grand hotel located in front of the junction right before the Avenue of Stars?”

Xiao You’s mouth dropped. “The hotel in front of a road junction?!” she repeated after him.


“You are staying there?! It costs over HKD$5,000 per night!”

“My suite costs more than that. I stay there every time I come to Hong Kong,” Xi Men said.

She is totally surprised that he is staying at THAT hotel!

“I like their comfortable rooms and services. Top notch. And overall, it is a very elegant & luxury hotel. The decors of the hotel are fantastic,” he said.

Come to think of it; this dude is Xi Men F4. Of course he’ll stay there.

“I’ve always heard about it,” she said, her ‘surprise’ fades.

“Heard? Never been there before?”

She shook her head. “I love to see the façade of the hotel up close, but the place is a little too intimidating for me to enter,”

He chuckled. “Well, if you are interested, you can come over to the hotel and take a look since I am around so that should be able to alleviate the intimidations you had. And I have a suite there, so, assuming you wanted to watch the lights show, it is a perfect venue, however, minus the sound,” Xi Men said. “But even if you don’t want to watch the light show, my room, which is located at high floor, gives the perfect night view of Hong Kong. I am sure you know the view from Tsim Sha Tsui and the view from Victoria Peak are from two different sides,”

“I may not be good with geography but not until that state… yet,”

He laughed at her reply.

“So, you can think about it. Since I am still around today, you can take the opportunity to explore the hotel,” he said. “Offer lasts until tonight, because tomorrow I am checking out,”

She laughed. “Well, if that is the case, then we can go over tonight. Good opportunity like you have said, eh,”

“Great,” he said, after his laughter fades. “So… that’s tonight. What about after this?” he asked, picking up a piece of prawn & pork dumpling from a basket.

“Hmmmm…” she scoops a spoonful of porridge now.

He watches her taking up spoonful after spoonful from the bowl of porridge.

He took a spoonful from the same bowl of porridge using the exact same spoon!

They shared food!!!

“We can do something slightly different, if you don’t mind,” she suddenly said.

He looked at her. “Which is…?”


“Where are we going, sir?” John asked, lifting his head up and looked at the back mirror to look at Xi Men who had just gotten into the car.

“Ngong Ping Village at Lantau island,” Xi Men said, as the place is recommended by Xiao You.

“Into the village itself, sir?”

Unsure why John would ask that, “Yes,” Xi Men responded.

“No! No, no, no, no,” Xiao You quickly said.

John turned his gaze to look at Xiao You via the back mirror, while Xi Men turned his head to look at her, who is sitting next to him.

“Drop us at the cable car station at Tung Chung subway station,” she responded.

“Cable car station?” John asked.


“Alright, miss,” John said.

Xi Men then looked at Xiao You, “Why a cable car station?”

“Oh. The cable car goes to Ngong Ping Village. So we’ll go to the cable car station, and then we’ll take the cable car to the village,”

“Why are we not going straight to the village? Or we can’t go there by car?”

“We could. It’s just that, it’s already a long drive from here to the cable car station, not to mention going to the village directly from here. If we were to drive there from here, it is going to be tiring. So I prefer to take cable car. A different view, more enjoyable and… did I say it is a nice ride?”

“Now you do. It seems that you want to take the cable car ride…”

“Yes, I do. I don’t want to tire myself out,”

He chuckled. “Alright then,”


“Ah, I’ve made the wrong turn…” John said.

Xi Men looked out of the window, unsure where he is.

Xiao You looked out of the window, and notices John had made a turn to the mall’s drop off area instead of the cable car’s drop off area. “Oh, it is okay to drop us at the mall too. It is just next to the cable car station. We can walk over,”

“Oh… I am sorry…”

“It is okay, John,” Xiao You smiled at John via the back mirror, and then turned her head to look at Xi Men, “We are getting down here,”

“Oh?” Xi Men asked, “Okay,” he said, seeing they are approaching a mall’s drop off venue. “This is a really long ride!”

“We are only halfway there, Xi Men,” Xiao You said “And you have initially said wanted to take the ride to the village…”

“I am glad we didn’t. John can take a break from driving too,” Xi Men said, pointing at John.

“Thank you, sir,” John said.

“Come and pick us up later. I’ll call you,” Xi Men said.

“Sure, sir, where will I be picking you up?” John asked.

“Right here,” Xiao You replied.

“Okay, sir, miss,” he said, stopping the car at the drop off site.

Xi Men and Xiao You get down from their car, and then John drives away.

“That’s where we are going. The cable car station. Over there,” she pointed.

“Okay,” Xi Men said, and both of them headed to that direction.

So, she said they will go to Ngong Ping Village for their smooth soybean pudding, walk and enjoy the area for a while, before going to Tai-O village for seafood, and then go back to Hong Kong city.

This is the plan for the day.

“Have you been there before?” Xi Men asked.

“Yes. If I haven’t been there, how would I know they sell awesome soybean pudding?” she smiled.

“Ah…” he chuckled. “But is it really worth to travel all the way here for a bowl of soybean pudding?”

“I didn’t say we come all the way here for that. The big Buddha is the attraction. We can go and see it, and then SINCE we are there, we can eat that,”

Xi Men laughed. “What a great twisting way to say that,”


He laughed harder, “You are so damn adorable,” he said, casually putting his arm around her shoulder as he walked next to her.

Xiao You is startled that he puts his hand around her shoulder all a sudden.

She slowly turned her gaze to look at him.

He smiled as he turned to look at her, and then immediately noted their close proximity.

Taken aback at that close distance, he instinctively relieves his hand off from her shoulder and pulled back.

He finally realized he had unknowingly puts his hand on her shoulder.

“Oh, umm… I am sorry,” he said.

She then smiled, “No worries,”

Seeing that she smiled, he smiled back at her.

He tucks his hand into his pants’ pocket and he walked next to her, ensuring he is not going to repeat that mistake.

She walked, and he followed.

Coming to the end of the pedestrian walkway, they needed to cross the road to go to the other side, where the cable car station is located.

As she took a step forward…

Xi Men gazes to the right and saw a bus coming!

“Wait! There’s a…” he immediately grabbed her hand, holding her back from crossing the road.

And then… the bus made a turn to the left; apparently just making a U-turn – without even reaching where Xi Men and Xiao You’s path is.

Xiao You and Xi Men looked at each other.

He is holding her hand.

“…bus,” he awkwardly releases his hand; and he is immediately embarrassed, thinking the bus is coming to their direction.

She smiled at him, “Thank you for being so attentive,”

He smiled. “I’ve been one since young,”

“I know. If not… how would you noted I crouched and cried by the roadside while you are in a passing car 13 years ago,” she smiled, straightening her head and crossed the road. (*MG1)

He looked at her after hearing her said that; and watches her crossing the road.

After she had crossed the road, she noted he is not following.

She turned around and looked at him, still standing at the other side of road.

He smiled sincerely, looking at her.

For some reason, he felt he could just look around, and would not fail to take note of her, no matter where she is.

He will just, strangely, spots her in the sea of people – well, it’s not that there’s a lot of people now…

There’s none actually, at this moment.

But he just has that thought.

“The cable car station is over here, you gotta cross the road,” she suddenly said.

He returned his focus from his thought to her face the moment she said that, “Oh, okay,” he looked to the left, and to the right, and seeing the road is clear, he crossed the road and walked towards her.


One cable car sits eight.

And so, Xi Men & Xiao You shares the cable car with 6 others.

Xi Men finds himself looking at Xiao You who is looking around, left, right, front and back, looking at the view.

To him, the cable car ride is nothing.

But then… seeing the facial expression on her face that shows she enjoys this means so much more to him.

He felt that this is worth it.

He keeps on smiling, upon seeing her reaction.

No regrets taking the cable car.

A fun way to go to the destination with nice views along the way, less tiring ride to the village, and most importantly; a delighted Xiao You.


Because it is a Saturday, there are a lot of tourists in Ngong Ping Village.

The village looks beautiful, the iconic big Buddha looks marvelous.

But the better thing is…

“That’s the shop selling the soybean pudding which tastes awesome!” she said, pointing at the shop.

Yes, the better thing is Xiao You and her affiliation to coming all the way here for the soybean pudding.

That’s what he truly felt.

“One bowl for you?” Xiao You asked.

“Sure. If it is as nice as you have said, why not?” Xi Men asked.

“Okay!” she responded to him, and then turned to look at the shop owner, “Two bowls please,”

Xi Men then digs for cash from his pocket.

The owner took two bowls, chilled, out of the fridge next to where he stood.

He passes the two bowls to Xi Men and Xiao You and then collects the money from Xi Men.

Carrying their own bowls, they walked to an unoccupied table inside the shop and sat down.

“The banner says the source of the water to make the soybean pudding is from the mountain…?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Probably. Maybe that is why the soybean pudding is smooth and good,” Xiao You said, already scooping the pudding up.

He smiled, and then watches her stuffs the pudding into her mouth.

“Mmm…” she smiled, after tasting the pudding.

Seeing her reaction, Xi Men smiled, and scoops the pudding from his bowl and then eats it.

Xiao You looked at Xi Men, waiting for his reaction.

Xi Men swallowed the pudding; his eyes brightened slightly and he gives one small nod.

“How was it?” Xiao You asked.

“Good. Very good actually,” Xi Men said, taking another scoop already.

“So, this is a good recommendation, right?” Xiao You asked.

“Yes. Now I understand why you want to come all the way here for this,” Xi Men smiled.

Xiao You glared at him. “Not just for this. For the area, for the iconic…”

“I know,” Xi Men smiled, knowing Xiao You is not going to admit they are coming so damn far away from Hong Kong city for this.

But then again, it will be too far for one to travel just for this.

Maybe she is just taking this opportunity to bring him to travel… and she can eat this.

And since they came all the way here…

“Order another bowl if you want to,” Xi Men said.

“Nope. One is enough. We’ll have more of this later,” Xiao You smiled.

“More of this?” he looked at her.

Xiao You nodded.

What is that supposed to mean?

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