The Story Of Us – Chapter 10

Ken swerves his car into the empty parking bay along the main road. He quickly unbuckled his safety belt and gets down from the car.

He headed straight to the flower shop and he started looking around.

“Hi, sir, may I help you?” the florist asked.

“Sure,” Ken smiled. “I have a friend in the hospital. I want to get her ‘get well soon’ flowers but I am not sure which one is suitable,”

“Get well soon flowers?” the lady asked.


The lady smiled. “What about pink roses with white lilies?” she pointed at the flowers.

Ken’s eyes followed to the flowers she pointed. “Looks nice,” he smiled.

“It is,” the lady replied.

“Alright then, I’ll go with your recommendation. I want a bouquet of those,” Ken smiled.

“Sure. Do you want to buy a basket of fruits along with it?” she asked as she took up a few stalks of pink roses, and then she casually pointed to the direction of the basket of fruits.

“Basket of fruits?” he asked as his eyes headed to where she had pointed.

“Yes, these baskets just came in this morning,” she replied as she grabbed some lilies now.

He looked at the basket of fruits and then he smiled. He grabbed the one basket that appeals to him though all of them looked almost the same, probably just some bigger baskets or smaller baskets as well as different type of fruits inside. “And I’ll take this,” he said, as he looked at the basket in his hand. “Oh, please make the bouquet of flowers nicer, yeah,” he smiled as he looked at her.


“Good morning Rainie!” Ken said as he opened the door.

Rainie looked at Ken. “Good morning…” she looked at the very beautiful bouquet of pink roses with white lilies and in the other hand of Ken, a basket of fruits. “…Ken,” she finishes her statement.

Ken smiled as he puts the basket of fruits on the table and then he handed the flowers to her. “Get well soon,” he said.

She smiled. “Thanks,” she graciously accepted the flowers.

“Day 3. How are you feeling?” he asked as he sat down on the couch.

Rainie admires the flower as she smells it and pays great attention to it, that she didn’t hear his question, while Ken sits there waiting for her respond.

He looked at her and she smiled as her eyes are looking at the flowers.

“You don’t get flowers often, do you?” Ken asked.

Rainie lifted up her head and looked at Ken, “You are talking to me?”

Ken smiled. “Yes,”

“Oh, I love it, thanks,” she smiled looking at the flowers.

Ken’s smile fades as she gives different response to the question posted. “Scott didn’t give you any flowers, I supposed?”

The first word of the statement had grabbed her attention. Rainie’s smile faded. “No,”

“Oh, what a failed boyfriend,” Ken mumbled but loud enough for Rainie to hear it, her eyes strayed a bit. “Anyway,” he said. “How are you feeling today?” he smiled.

“Oh, I feel alright. Did you bring me breakfast today?” Rainie asked.

“Breakfast?” his smile faded. “Umm… no,” he scratched his head. “But I have a basket of fruits!” he bared his teeth as he pointed at it. “But if you want to eat something, I can go out and buy for you. Just tell me what you want to eat,”

Rainie laughed. “I am just messing with you. I already had the boring breakfast in the hospital,” she said, and then her eyes traveled down to the flowers again. “Thanks for the fruits,” she said, while her eyes are fixed onto the flowers. “Is this costly?”

“You mean the flowers or the fruits?” he asked.

She looked at him, “Err… both?”

“Just alright. Enough to cheer someone up for speedy recovery,” he smiled.

She smiled. “Thank you. So… how is your job search?”

“There’s no respond yet,” Ken said.

“Oh,” Rainie said.

“It is pretty normal. Give it some time,” Ken smiled. “Sometimes it might take weeks to months,”

“Oh,” Rainie said again. “So you have to stay jobless for so long…?”

“I have no choice, right?” Ken smiled.

“Rainie,” her name is called and the door is opened at the same time.

Both of them turned to look at the door. It’s Pace.

“Hi, Rainie, Ken,” Pace said.

“Hi, Pace,” Ken smiled as he rose to his feet as a sign of respect to Rainie’s visitors.

“Pace!” Rainie said. “Touch down already?”

“Yes, I brought my friend,” Pace said, and Vanness enters the ward.

Ken and Vanness stared at each other.

“This is Vanness, the travelling writer that I have been talking about. She is Rainie, my best friend. As I have told you about her accident, Ken is the person who hits Rainie,” Pace introduces.

“Oh?” Vanness asked, as he remained looking at Ken, and Ken returned with a glare.

“Hi Vanness,” Rainie waved.

Vanness turned to look at Rainie, “Hi Rainie,” Vanness said and then he turned to look at Ken.

“Come back from your writing trip, huh?” Ken said.

“Of all people in the world, you have to hit her, huh?” Vanness asked.

“Why, you both know each other?” Pace asked.

“Yes, he’s my buddy,” Ken and Vanness said at the same time.

“Remember the other day, I told you… the buddy that was still working that night?” Vanness said.

“Oh, it was him?” Pace asked, pointing at Ken.

“So coincident?” Rainie asked. “Again?”

“What ‘again’?” Pace asked, looking at Rainie.

“He knew Jerry and Barbie, and Winnie,” Rainie said.

“Winnie?” Pace asked.

“Apparently he knows the guy that Winnie is dating too,” Rainie said.

“The guy that Winnie dates… oh, oh. The one that you know and I haven’t met. He’s your colleague, right?” Pace said.

“Yes, and he is Ken’s buddy, along with Jerry,” Rainie said.

“You mean, Vic?” Vanness asked.

Rainie looked at Vanness. “You know Vic?”

“I only have three buddies,” Vanness said. “Ken, Jerry and Vic. Ken is here, Jerry is married, then who else but Vic?” he then turned and looked at Pace, “Remember I introduce him to you the other day?”

“Yes, Vic,” Pace said. “I’ve met him… OHHHHHHHHHH. VIC! So he is Winnie’s boyfriend?!” her eyes brightened. She then turned to look at Rainie, “So he is the ‘Vic’ that Winnie mentioned the other day! He is working as… Styling Choreographer?”

Rainie looked at Pace. “YES,”

“That’s very… I don’t know how to say. Magical? Because everyone seems to know almost everyone,” Pace smiled.

“So, apparently… Pace is the girl you are talking about…” Ken said, looking at Vanness.

“Yeah, well, looks like you already know her,” Vanness said.

“Pretty much… via Rainie,” Ken said.

“So, what do you think?” Vanness asked, looking at Ken.


“Pace. What do you think?”

“Oh,” Ken said, and then he glances at Pace. “Well, she is okay…” he said, and then he mumbles, “But… you poor thing… the soon-to-be boyfriend of a horrible woman,”

Vanness glared at Ken, “What the hell are you talking about?” he mumbled back.

Ken looked at Vanness, he didn’t know he had mumbled loud enough that Vanness heard it. “Oh well. I just remember something about her the other day when she came to visit Rainie,” Ken mumbled again.

“What?” Vanness asked. “What about it?”

Ken just smirked and shrugged it off.

“Wow, who sends you the flowers? It’s very nice,” Pace said, looking at the flowers in front of her.

Vanness glared at Ken. “Don’t tell me it’s you,”

“Very obvious it isn’t you, right?” Ken asked Vanness.

And that answer itself has led Vanness to tilt his head and widened his eyes.

“Oh, it’s Ken?” Pace asked, turned and looked at Ken, and then she realized there’s a fruit basket too. “Eh, fruits,”

“You send… too?” Vanness asked.

Ken smiled at him.

“You are not wooing her, are you?” Vanness mumbled.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO,” Ken reacted loudly.

Pace and Rainie looked at Ken.

“What?” Rainie asked.

“Nothing, nothing,” Ken said, and then glared at Vanness. “I am trying to cheer her up. You have no idea what she’s been thru,”

“Wow, saying it like an expert,” Vanness said.

Ken abruptly positioned himself, and then gently flings his elbow to hit Vanness on his stomach.

“Ouch,” Vanness yelled lightly, again, earning the attention from both women.

“Not funny, Vanness,” Ken said.

Vanness then rubbed his not-so-pain stomach area.

“He is very handsome,” Rainie whispered to Pace.

“You mean Ken?”

“I mean Vanness,” Rainie glared at Pace to which Pace laughed. “Though I know Ken is also good-looking from the first day,”

Pace laughed. “I knew Ken is good looking since the first time I saw him,”

“Hey, I am saying about Vanness now,” Rainie said.

Pace smiled as she enjoyed teasing Rainie, “Well… yeah,” Pace said. “He is indeed handsome,”

“Not only he looks handsome, he looks like a nice guy too, huh, or else, our Miss Pace will not be smitten,” Rainie teased. “How much do you like him?”

“Hey,” Pace said. “We came to see you, not to let you tease me,”

“You blushed!”

“Hey, hey,” Pace said.

Rainie laughed.

“You look really cheerful today,” Pace smiled at Rainie.

“Oh,” Rainie said.

“I guess the flowers did make you cheer up,” Pace said. “And the fruits,”

Rainie smiled. “I hardly received flowers, you know that,”

“Hmm… if I am not mistaken, Scott has NEVER given you any flowers,” Pace said.

Rainie took a deep breath. “Yes, you are right,” she said.

“Don’t even know why you’ll still stick with him for so long,” Pace said.

“So… are you telling me he doesn’t love me also?”

“Also? Who else told you that?”

“Barbie,” Rainie said.

Pace looked at Rainie, she then turned to look at the two guys whispering at each other behind her, clearly didn’t hear the ladies’ conversation. “Sorry for the interruption; but Vanness, Ken, care to give us some space?”

“Sure, no problem,” Ken and Vanness said it together.

They turned, and both Ken and Vanness are fighting to get the door knob, and then playfully pushed each other, and eventually both of them crashed onto the door.

Rainie and Pace looked at them.

Both guys immediately turned and looked at Rainie and Pace. They grinned, at the same time feeling embarrassed about the entire incident.

Ken grabbed the door knob and then he pulled it, but Vanness is still leaning on the door. “Dude, get off the door, I cannot open it,”

“Oops,” Vanness immediately jolted, and Ken opened the door.

Both of them headed out, and Vanness closed the door.

“They’re funny,” Rainie said.

“Good thing is… both of them are buddies so they, definitely, can mingle well. Imagine if the other is Scott. It’s going to be awkward and miserable,” Pace said, looking at the door.

“Awkward and miserable?” Rainie asked.

Pace just smiled. “I am sure Scott is not the type that Vanness can mingle with,”

Rainie bites her lips. “Pace,” she said.

“Hmm?” Pace asked.

“What did you want to say?” Rainie asked. “I mean, you asked the guys to go out,”

“I share the same sentiment with Barbie. I don’t feel that he loves you,” Pace said. “I am pretty sure you know I have always said he is with you for your popularity. And… since you have broken up with him, let me confess, I admitted that I don’t like him. I am going to say that… Winnie and Barbie don’t like him either and I guess even if they have never tell it to your face that they don’t like him, you probably can feel that too. But of course, the choice of man is yours. It has nothing to do with our approval to allow you to be with him. It’s just that for us as your friends, we don’t really like him,”

Rainie takes a deep breath.

“A part of me is glad that he is no longer with you because I felt he is not the one for you. But at the same time, I am worried about you, how you are going to cope with the loss of relationship because I know you have put in a lot of effort,” Pace said. “I really hate to see you upset but I really didn’t want you to be with Scott,”

Rainie takes another deep breath. “Tell you something,” she smiled.

“Hmm?” Pace asked.

“Don’t tell it to anyone,” Rainie said. “Not Barbie, Winnie or Vanness. Or even Ken,”

“So secretive?” Pace asked.

“Then do you want to know?”

“Of course, don’t worry. I will keep it,” Pace said.

“Ken helped me with this,” Rainie said.

“Ken?” Pace is surprised. “About what?”

Rainie nodded. “He somehow… knew. It is like… he knows I did thought about going to give Scott another chance,”

“Another chance? What?” Pace asked. “Don’t you dare to even think about that!”

“Don’t worry,” Rainie gripped Pace’s hand. “He enlightened me. I will not think about going back with Scott,”

“Of course, Rainie. You can’t give Scott another chance to hurt you,” Pace said. “But… why do you listen to Ken? What did he do?”

“He has been in the same position before,” Rainie said. “I understand better in that sense, and his capability to put himself into my shoes,”

“Rainie, let me be honest with you, alright?”


“You don’t know Ken that well,” Pace said. “Sorry to say, you only know him for 3 days. You barely know anything about him… asides from being handsome. You see. You have just ended your relationship with Scott. I didn’t want you to jump into another relationship, especially with someone you barely know. Having him to help you to cope with your loss is fine. But don’t fall in love with him without knowing the real him. And don’t treat him as the replacement for your loss,”

Rainie glared at Pace. “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like him,”

“You don’t? Sure?”

“Dead sure,”

“Okay,” Pace said.

“Not like’s like,” Rainie said.

Pace frowned. “Explain that statement,”

“He is nice as a friend. And no more than just a friend,” Rainie said. “I like him as a friend, like how I like you as my friend,”

“Okay. That is what you said now,” Pace said. “I have yet to know what type of person Ken is, but if he is Vanness’ friend, then he should be a nice person, I’ve met Vic. He is a nice and funny guy,” Pace said. “Oh, did I tell you, Jerry is Vanness’ buddy too?”


“Yes. Unbelievable, right?” Pace said. “I was surprised too… Eh, I have strayed away from the topic,” she suddenly said, “What I mean was… I am telling you; I am not going to stop you if in near future, you are gonna hook up with Ken, but, don’t do it immediately. Just take your time to know this person, and to know that you have feelings for him. It is a mutual feeling between both of you. So…”

“Pace,” Rainie said. “I am going to tell you one more time. I don’t like Ken in that sense. He is just a friend, alright? Just a friend,”

“Alright, alright,” Pace said. “So… you were saying he was in the same position?”

“He is right about… going back to someone, and having trust issues. It will never be the same again,” Rainie said. “I will not want to be in a relationship thinking, speculating and worrying if he is at work or he is with a girl. You know what I mean,”

Pace nodded. “Ken is right about that. Relationship is based on trust. If you can’t do that, the relationship is not going to work,”

Rainie took a deep breath.

Pace smiled and she turned her head slightly. “I didn’t expect you will listen to what he said, but whatever that makes you feel better,” she smiled. “So, did the doctor said anything about your condition or when you are going to discharge?”

“He said I should stay in the hospital for a week,” Rainie said.

“A week? That long?”

“Yes, until the swell is gone,” Rainie said.

“And Winnie insists that…”

Knock! Knock!

Rainie and Pace turned to look at the door.

“Come in!” Rainie called.

Someone opened the door and looked into the room.

“PACE!” she called out to Pace.

“Ahhhh!!! Winnie!!!” Pace said as she stood up and then hugged Winnie.

“Just touched down? How was your flight?” Winnie asked.

Rainie looked at them hugging. “Since when my room becomes the meeting point for everyone?!”

Pace and Winnie then laughed.

“Sorry, Rainie, I’m just so happy to see Pace. How are you doing?” Winnie asked.

“I’m okay,” she rolled her eyes.

Winnie turned her head to look at the flowers. “Wow, Pace, nice flowers you bought for Rainie!”

“It wasn’t me,” Pace said.

“Ah?” Winnie asked. “I hope it’s not Scott,” she took the flowers up and turning it left and right.

“If it is Scott?” Rainie asked, as she folded her hands on her chest.

“Who told him you are in the hospital?” Winnie asked.

“I ask… IF,” Rainie said.

“I will throw this to the trash,” Winnie said.

“Whoa. This is my flower. Not yours to throw,” Rainie extends her hand to grab the flowers from Winnie’s hand.

“Then you don’t have to worry. It’s not Scott,” Pace said. “Scott, that fella, will not buy this kind of stuffs. It’s not like you don’t know the type of person he is,”

“You are right. Then?” Winnie asked. “Hmm… Barbie?”

“Ken,” Rainie said.

“KEN?!” Winnie asked.

“What’s with that reaction?” Rainie asked.

“He is the last person I will think of to buy you flowers,” Winnie said.

“That doesn’t mean he won’t, right?” Rainie asked.

“Well, I thought maybe Pace or Barbie… and I don’t want it to be Scott,” Winnie said.

“I don’t want his flowers too,” Rainie said.

“But receiving flowers from Ken is better than from Scott,” Winnie said. “Anyway, when we came, Vic flagged Ken and also the other friend. They are outside the room and…”

“I believe you’ve met Vanness,” Pace said. “I think that is the ‘other friend’ you were talking about,”

“Ah yes. Now that you have mentioned, Vic was calling out for that name. So he is the Traveling Writer?” Winnie asked.

“Yes, what do you think?” Pace asked.

“Pace, he is gorgeous!” Winnie said.

“Thanks! Eh, you brought Vic, right? You’ve finally brought him out!” Pace said.

“There you go again…” Rainie mumbled as Pace and Winnie started their own conversation, again.

“Rainie… AHHHH!!!! WINNIE!!! PACE!!! So glad to see you both!!!”

Rainie lifted up her head to look at the door and there’s Barbie.

All of them are here now. It’s weekend. That is why.

“Another one,” Rainie rolled her eyes as she crossed her hands on her chest, again.

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