The Story Of Us – Chapter 11

2 days later,

“Welcome. Oh, it is you again,”

Ken smiled at the lady of the flower store. “Yes, and you remember,”

“I remember you, you bought a bouquet of roses with lilies, and then along with a basket of fruits,” the florist smiled.

“Wow, you really remember what I bought. I have only come once,” Ken smiled.

“Can’t help it that you look really handsome for one to forget,”

Ken’s smile fades slightly at that comment. It wasn’t something he had expected to hear.

“Oops,” the florist immediately covers her mouth in embarrassment.

“Umm… thanks,” he said.

The florist smiled sheepishly, “So, are you getting a bouquet of flowers for your friend again?” the florist quickly asked.

“Yes, but do you have any other type of flowers instead of roses with lilies?” Ken asked.

“Definitely, this is a flower store… right?”

“Oh…” Ken suddenly is embarrassed with what he had said and of course, turns out to be a pretty dumb question, not like what he had wanted to convey. “I am sorry, I mean… I want to buy her ‘get well soon’ flowers today and I just didn’t want to go with roses and lilies again… so… I was wondering if you can recommend any other flowers,”

“Hmmm… is she your girlfriend? You can get her red roses,” the florist said.

Ken shook. “She is just a friend,” he smiled.

“Oh, hmmm…” the florist turned and looked at the flowers displayed in her shop. “We can go with… sunflowers and daisies,” she happens to point at yellow daisies.

“Sunflowers and daisies?” Ken asked. “Won’t that look… too yellow?”

“I can go with few colors of daisies so that it will look more colorful than being just yellow,” she smiled. “There’s red, white, pink and I have purple daisies today too,”

“Ah, that looks like a great combination. Sure, I will take that,” Ken smiled.

“Alright. Do you want to take a basket of fruits today as well?”

“Hmmm… maybe not, I would like to get her flowers only,”

“Alright,” the florist said, reaching forward to get a few stalks of sunflowers.

“Can I come back and collect the flowers in maybe… 20 minutes?” Ken asked.


“Great, thanks. Remember to make the bouquet nicer, yeah,” Ken smiled.

“No problem sir,” she replied, as she grabbed the white daisies now.

Ken smiled as he then walked out from the shop and turned right. He walked for about 4 minutes and then entered a cafe.

“Welcome, sir, table for one?”

“Take away,” Ken said.

“Oh,” the waiter said, and then grabbed a menu from his back and passed it to Ken. “What would you like to pack away, sir?”

Ken looked at the menu. “Can you pack me this…?” he pointed at the menu.


“Morning Rainie!” Ken called as he opened the door of the room, and looked at Rainie, Winnie and Vic stares back at him from inside the room.

“Hi Ken!” Rainie responded happily, and even happier at the sight of flowers in his hand.

“Hey,” Vic smiled.

“Hi Ken,” Winnie smiled.

“Oh, hi! Didn’t expect to see you guys here this early actually,” Ken smiled as he entered the first class room with a bouquet of sunflowers with daisies in his hand as well as a paper bag.

“You are not the only one who will be early,” Vic smirked.

“Not going to work?” Ken asked, heading towards them.

“We are. After this,” Vic smiled. “We just drop by to see Rainie before we go to work,”

“I see,” Ken puts down the paper bag on the table and then extends the flowers to Rainie, “This is for you,” he said.

“Thank you very much,” Rainie graciously accepted the beautiful bouquet of flowers from Ken’s hand.

“Looks nice,” Winnie smiled.

“It is very nice,” Rainie smiled, as she dives her nose to smell the fragrant flowers.

Vic slowly positioned to stand next to Ken and then he whispered, “So, what is the flowers for, huh?”

“Just to wish her speedy recovery,” Ken smirked. “And to cheer her up,”

“This is your second bouquet already,” Vic said.

“So?” Ken asked.

“That’s extremely nice of you,” Vic mocked.

“Come on, she had just broken up, she had an accident, she can’t work now. She is damn sad about her situations already,” Ken said.

“Excuse me,” Vic said, folding the hands on his chest. “She might have walked off from a relationship, and she might have had an accident and also she can’t go to work now… but the last thing I remember, she will heal, get back up and continued her job,”

“You are right, but that doesn’t mean she will heal overnight,”

“Aren’t you supposed to be the one that needs consolation?” Vic asked.

“For what?” Ken asked, and then he looked at Vic, “Vic, you are hinting something that I have no idea about. Be direct, will you? That will help a lot,” Ken basically rolled his eyes after that.

Vic smiled. “Ken, despite what you have just said, she is indeed sad about her situations but she still has a job. And you, you don’t have a girlfriend, and you don’t have a job. After all this is through, you are still jobless; and that interprets you have nothing. Aren’t your situations supposedly more pathetic than hers?”

“Oh, then buy me flowers and console me,” Ken tells it to Vic.

Backfired. Vic glared at Ken.

“I wouldn’t mind breakfast and basket of fruits too, you know,” Ken said, “And that would absolutely consoled me,”

Vic rolled his eyes. “Right, you win,”

“Hey, that is what you just said!”

“But you know that is not what I meant!” Vic said.

“It is not going to be easy for her to handle all of it at one go. She broke up and minutes later, there’s a hairline fracture on her leg, and her career is temporarily halted. I hate to say, even though I am not at fault, I really feel bad for the accident. And she didn’t play a role in me losing my job, you see, and I did, in a way, for her to stop modeling. I put myself in her situation, I will be really, really sad as well,”

“Fine. I get it,” Vic said.

“You still owe me flowers,” Ken said, pointing at Vic.

“I am not going to buy you flowers,” Vic said, pointing back at Ken. “Breakfast, maybe,”

“I’ll take it,” Ken said.

“Vic, we gotta go to work…”

Ken and Vic turned and looked at Winnie.

Vic lifted his hand up to look at the time on this wristwatch, “Okay, let’s go then,” he smiled, and then he turned to look at Rainie, “Rainie, I am going first. See you soon, alright?”

“Sure, bye Vic,” Rainie smiled. “Bye Winnie,”

“Bye, Rainie,” Winnie smiled, and then she turned to look at Ken, “Bye Ken,”

“Bye,” Ken said, as his eyes followed both Winnie and Vic heading towards the door, opened it and then they walked out from the room.

Ken then turned back and looked at Rainie.

Rainie smiled at Ken.

“You look cheerful today,” he smiled.

“I got flowers, of course,” she replied.

He laughed as he sits down on the chair. “Now I truly believe how one said flowers will make someone heal faster,”

“Teasing me?” she asked.

“I dare now. So how do you feel today?”

“I thought you said I look cheerful?”

“I mean, your leg,” Ken smiled.


“What did the doctor say about your leg?”

“Still a bit swollen,” she said, clasping her hands together.

He looked at her hand. “Eh, the bandage has been removed from your hand,”

“Yeah,” she smiled.

“Can I take a look at your hand? Just wanna see the injury…”

She then extends her hand to him.

He looked at the scratches on her palm. “Is it still painful?”

“Slightly,” she smiled. “Oh, what’s in the paper bag?” she pointed at the paper bag on the table.

“Ah,” he turned and looked at the paper bag, and then he extends his hand and grabbed it. “Your breakfast,” he then takes a small transparent pack out from the paper bag.

“Oh, I got breakfast today too?” she asked.

“Yes,” he smiled. “Some Taiwanese breakfast, egg pancake,”

“I haven’t had that in ages!” she said.

“Really?” he passed it to her with a pair of wooden chopsticks, and in exchange, taking her bouquet of flowers from her hand and then placed it on the table.

“Yes!” she smiled as she looked at the egg pancake in her hand. “Usually I took breakfast in the office’s café and sometimes I travel… and sometimes haven’t thought about it… so I don’t even remember when the last time I had this for breakfast was… I am so happy to have this again,”

“I am glad you like it,” he smiled.

“Thank you, Ken,” she smiled.

“You are welcome, Rainie,”

She then opened the pack and then she indulged in it. The single pack has two egg pancakes in it.

Ken smiled.

“Have you…” she said.

“Hmm?” he asked.

“Have you eaten breakfast?” she asked, raising her head up and looked at him.

“I had coffee when I was at home,” he smiled.

“Just coffee?”

“Yes,” he said.

“You didn’t take anything else?”

“No, just coffee,” he smiled. “A good cup of coffee starts up the day well, right?”

Rainie lowered her head, and then she extends her egg pancake pack to him.

“Hmm?” Ken wondered.

“You haven’t had breakfast. So you should eat it,” she said.

“I buy it for you,” Ken said, gently pushing the pack back to her.

“But you still need breakfast. That is the most important meal of the day, you know,” she said. “And I already had the functional breakfast from the hospital, so I am not hungry. You can…”

“Rainie, it is okay,”

“Ken, it is not okay,” she said. “Just take it, it is only one anyway,” she extends the pancake again.

He just smiled. “Alright,” he extends his hand and takes the pack from her.

Rainie smiled. “If I were to stay here any longer… and if you hadn’t had breakfast, buy one for yourself too when you buy it for me…”

Ken smiled, “Alright,” he digs another wooden pair of chopsticks from the paper bag before he took the egg pancake up with the chopsticks and eats it.

She then looked straight and looked at the bouquet of sunflowers and daisies at the table in front of her. “Thank you again for the flowers and breakfast,” she smiled as he eyes are fixed at the flowers.

Ken lifted up his head and then turned his head to look at the flowers. “You’ve already mention it, so, don’t worry about it. As long as it cheers you up,”

“And also fill the bare room,” she smiled.

“Come on, don’t make it sounds so pathetic,”

“Besides all my friends and my big boss, no one knew I had been admitted into hospital. So I have no flowers and no gifts…” she said, and then she smiled again. “You are the only one bringing me something every time you come to visit me,”

“Your big boss knows?”

“Yeah. Winnie informed him. Well, my boss needs to know what had happened to me and I can’t really disappear from work just like that. And I have gotten a text message from my boss today about wishing me speedy recovery and he asked me to rest until I am fit for work,”

“Sounds good,”

“My big boss is a very nice and fair person, but he has this ‘dangerous and scary’ aura that makes all of us feared him,” she smiled. “And this is an accident, it wasn’t something that I really want to happen. So he truly understands, and he knows I am not the type of person that will give such excuse to avoid work,”

He smiled as he took another bite of the egg pancake. “I am sure if you are, Winnie is the first to get lambasted by your boss,”

Rainie laughed. “Of course my big boss won’t scold Winnie! I just told you he is a fair boss. He will scold me instead of Winnie who happens to be just a messenger,”

Ken laughed.


Ken and Rainie turned their heads and looked at her ringing phone.

Rainie took her phone up and looked at the caller ID.

Her facial expression immediately changed along with the smile faded and then she hides the phone underneath the blanket, letting it ring.

“Scott?” Ken asked, as he munches on the egg pancake.

Rainie nodded.

Both of them quiets as the phone rings, filling up the silence in the room.

After the phone rings for a long time, it finally stopped.

“So frustrated. He ain’t making things easier for me…” she took out the phone from the blanket and cleared the missed call from the list.

Ken could only look at her as he munches the egg pancake slowly. He then lowered his head. He knew this is one thing he cannot do or help her.


Ken immediately lifted his head and looked at Rainie.

Rainie is already covering her mouth and her nose.

Ken dropped the egg pancake back into the pack and puts down the chopsticks and the pack almost immediately on the table, before he moves and sits on the bed.

“Hey, hey…” Ken said.

Her eyes are red and tears are already formed, right now threatening to fall. She is trying her very best to not cry…

Ken pulled Rainie to him; and he envelops her in an embrace; with her cheek on his upper chest. “Cry, Rainie… cry it out, don’t hold back,”

She closed her eyes and her tears fell.

She lets her hand off from covering her nose and mouth, and now she hugged Ken back, tight as she began sobbing uncontrollably.

Ken could only hear her crying in sorrow. He patted her head, and her back.

At least, that is something he could do.


Ken extends a glass of water to Rainie.

Rainie slowly lifted up her head to look at him.

Ken smiled at her, “Drink some water. You haven’t taken any since eating the egg pancake,”

She smiled faintly back at him and she grabbed the glass of water from his hand.

He sits down on the chair again, right next to her bed, and he took a glass of water for himself too.

“I am sorry,”

Ken looked at her, “About?” he asked, and he took a sip from his glass of water.

“I…” Rainie swallowed a lump in her throat. “Cried,”

He smiled. “It is okay. You needed a good cry,”

“Can’t believe it is so difficult…”

“It is not a promise that it will be easy every single time,” Ken said, putting down the glass of water on the table.

“How did you do it?”

“Me? Do what?” Ken asked.

“Moved on from your ex-girlfriend,”

Ken looked at her, slightly startled at her mentioning the word ‘ex-girlfriend’. “Umm… time… and distraction,”

“Distraction?” she asked.

“Well, I concentrate on my work, rather than thinking about it,” he said.

“Oh,” she said.

“Yeah, my job is a good distraction after the break up period,”

“I see…”

“Rainie, moving on is not something that you can do overnight,” Ken said, looking at Rainie. “And you are not expected to do that overnight,”

“I know…”

“It is definitely tough, but you know you need to start somewhere. No one likes the agony feeling. And you know if you don’t start, you’ll get stuck with that agony feeling,” Ken said.

Rainie bites her lips.

“Hey, I didn’t say you must start now,”

“So you are saying I should stay with the agony feeling for a longer time?”

Ken frowned. “That’s not what I meant,”

She wanted to laugh, but her mixed emotions of sadness and laughter conflicted within her, that she didn’t know what is the best expression to give right now.

“What I meant was…” Ken said. “You don’t have to force yourself to start moving on right now. Do it whenever you are ready. Because right now… you are grieving for the loss,”

She looked at him.

“It is just days. This is definitely the most difficult part of moving on because the break up is still fresh,” he said. “You will think of a lot of things… even unnecessary and possibly unreasonable ones, and you will probably debate with yourself if you should move on. Your mind will be messy and you will get emotional, especially when your heart and mind collides and you won’t know what the best at that point of time is. This is normal,”

She just bites her lower lip as she looked at him.

“It will take you time to be prepared. It will also take you a lot of effort to begin,” Ken said. “But trust me, you will get there,” he eventually smiled. “There will be tears, pain and sadness, but you will get thru it. I believe you will,”

She smiled. “You are saying it as though you know me very well,”

“Women are probably the weaker sex as many have claimed, but I truly believe deep within their heart and soul, there is a hidden strength waiting to be unleashed at the right time. Women can be tough, they just didn’t know it until that particular one time where she had to be one,” Ken smiled. “You are a tough woman, you know?”

Rainie remained smiling. “I didn’t know I can be tough,”

“I know you are,” Ken said. “Maybe not right now, but you will be one day,”

“Thank you for your words of encouragement,”

“No problem,” he smiled. “Just remember I will be here when you need me,”

She nodded. She lowered her head slightly.

Ken just smirked and he extends his hand to grab his glass of water for another sip.

Rainie took a deep breath and then she mumbled, “If you can do it… I can do it too…”

Ken shifted his gaze from the water to her upon hearing her muttering something. “What did you just say? I can’t hear you,”

“Oh, nothing,” Rainie said, lifting her head up and looked at him, and forces a smile on her face.

“Umm… okay,” Ken smiled faintly and he puts down the glass of water on the table.

“It is actually kind of nice to talk to you,” she suddenly said. “For some reason… I don’t have to hold back and I can just say and share anything with you,”

Upon hearing what Rainie had said, the smile on Ken’s face grew wider for unknown reasons. “Actually… I share the same sentiment, and I think that’s something good,”

“I am quite comfortable with you,” she couldn’t help but say.

“I have to agree with you about that too,” he smiled.

Rainie smiled. “It feels as though we have knew each other for a long time,”

“I guess it is about how well we can relate to each other,” Ken smiled.

“We are so going to be best friends,”

“I’d love to be in your circle of best friends,” Ken said.

She smiled.

“Oh,” he suddenly said. “Let me give you my number, so that if you have anything you want to eat, or any request, or you just plainly need someone to talk to, you can call me,”

“Ah?” she is surprised.

“What’s with the reaction?” Ken asked.

“I am just… surprised,” she said, “I hope you are not the type of person that gives away your phone number easily,”

“Of course not. I am giving it to you because…”

“I’ll give you my number, and then you give me a missed call,” she interrupted him with a smile.


“I am not the type of person that wants to call someone and then the next thing you know is the other party asking you who you are,” she said.

He laughed. “I’ll remember your voice, so there is a high chance I wouldn’t ask,” he took his phone out from his pants’ pocket.

“Oh? So confident?” she teased.

“Actually, not very confident. That is why I said ‘high chance’, right?” he laughed as he holds his phone and she laughed along with him. “So, your number is?”

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