The Story Of Us – Chapter 22

“Nice,” Winnie said, looking at Rainie from top to toe.

“Thanks,” Rainie smiled, as she lowered her head to look down to her dress.

“I like your shoes,” Winnie said.

“I like them too,” Rainie said, this time she lowered her head to look at her shoes.

“You look short though…”

“Because I am wearing flats,” Rainie rolled her eyes and Winnie laughed.

“I’m just pulling your leg,” Winnie laughed.

Rainie smiled. “I know,”

“Vic will not let you wear anything ugly even if it’s just a pair of flats, he’ll make sure you get the best. You know him. Else he won’t earn his position now,” Winnie smiled.

“I should really thank Vic for that…” Rainie said.

“Well, it is Ken’s idea. Ken wants you to model in this fashion show… and he requests for you to model in flats,” Winnie said. “Vic didn’t think of that because he thought you have been pulled out from the fashion show because of your injury,”

Rainie turned to look at Winnie.

“So when Ken proposed the idea, Vic actually likes the idea of having you in the fashion show because everything has been prepared and even the dresses are done for you. And you know, there are so many amendments that need to be done because you can’t participate in this show, and really, Vic already has enough work and stress; he didn’t want more job. In fact, he still prefers to have you in the show. So, the next step is to persuade the management. And he went to the management and gets them approved for you to wear flats. It wasn’t easy to bring the subject but it is because of having a supermodel in the fashion shows that is why they agreed and let you wear the flats. Having you over to the fashion show is really an advantage due to who you are. And I really missed that feeling of having you around with me during rehearsals,” Winnie smiled.

“I am happy I can be here,” Rainie smiled.

“Seriously, Ken did a lot of things for you, huh?” Winnie said.

“I didn’t expect that,” Rainie said. “I only know all of these today,”

“And he even thought about tying the black cloth over your bandage. Matches the shoes,” Winnie said, peeking at the leg.

Rainie smiled.

“I haven’t been seeing you for almost 3 weeks now… and things changed so much,” Winnie said.

“What things?” Rainie asked.

Winnie looked at Rainie, “Is he wooing you?” she asked.

Rainie frowned at Winnie. “No,”

“Hmmm… okay,” Winnie said folding her hands on her chest.

Rainie looked around, “I wonder where Vic and Ken are,” Rainie said.

“They’ll be here in a while I guess. It’s almost 7.30pm. The show is going to start soon,” Winnie said.

Rainie stood there with all the other models ready with their first attire. The runway director will soon call their names to stand in orderly manner to go out on the runway.


“Hmm?” Winnie acknowledged while her focused is on the runway director browsing thru the list.

“Is Scott here?”

Winnie turned and looked at Rainie. “Scott? Why?”

“I thought of dodging him whenever there’s a chance,”

“Truth to be told, he is here,” Winnie said.

“Oh,” Rainie said.

“He has requested to join the fashion show 2 days after your accident, and at that time no one knows that both of you have separated, so he is easily accepted into the fashion show. Trust me, if they knew about the separation, he will never be accepted,” Winnie said.

“Probably,” Rainie mumbled.

“I think his reason to join the fashion show is to find you here. He has been bugging me as well about you and keeps asking me about your whereabouts,”

“Then what did you say?”

“I just said that… if he saw you, then you are here. If he didn’t see you, then you are not. Your injury news only came out two weeks after your accident. I guess if he knew earlier about your injury and that you can’t participate in the fashion show, I think he won’t request to join in the first place,” Winnie rolled her eyes. “I guess that finding you in the office is the last resort since you are not picking his calls,”

“Right now I am here. If you said he is here, then he will surely see me later,” Rainie said.

“Ask Ken to help you,” Winnie said.

“Help me for?”

“I don’t know. Just anything to avoid Scott?” Winnie asked.

“Ken is actually right. Sooner or later… I still need to face him. If I asked Ken to help me, it won’t solve the entire thing too,”

“Ken tells you this?”

Rainie nodded. “I just need to prepare myself for that day to come,”

“Wow, I can’t imagine he has that kind of impact to you,”


“You hardly listen to us,” Winnie said. “But you listened to him,”

“I guess he hardly talks crap,”

Winnie laughed, and then suddenly glared at her. “So you mean I talk crap, a lot?”

“I didn’t say that,” Rainie laughed.

“Hey ladies,” Vic called.

Winnie and Rainie turned. “Hey,” they replied.

“Has he informed who goes first?” Vic asked.

“Not yet,” Winnie said.

“So, how are you feeling now?” Ken asked Rainie.

“Good,” Rainie said.

“Confident?” Ken asked.

“Better than just now,” Rainie smiled slightly.

“Don’t be afraid, alright?” Ken smiled.

“I am just afraid I might fall down,” Rainie said.

“Don’t worry, I have put the anti-slip base at your shoes. So it should not be slippery,” Vic said.

“No, not that fall, I mean… one falls down due to the pain,” Rainie said, looking at Vic.

“Well, first, I know you, Rainie, for as long as you have been staying at my house, you have never complained about pain or falling down due to pain. And if it going to be painful, it is probably because you put all the energy or force, into the leg. And I trust that you know how to adjust your leg so it won’t be painful. Just do your normal modeling walk. Don’t stress yourself up, Rainie. And if by all means; you really fall, I will come and get you,” Ken said.

Vic and Winnie looked at Ken weirdly, before the couple turned to look at each other.

Rainie smiled slightly and nodded.

“You will be alright. You will show the world who you are. And bandage… so what? They are fashion! They are a part of you. It will symbolize you like I’ve just said,” Ken said. “And you need to show to the world that you are not perfect but you embraced your imperfection. Come what may, you’ll take them all,”

“Are you sure you did not lie to us about you working as tender executive and not something else?” Vic asked as he smacked Ken’s shoulder. “You’re so good with your words!”

Ken glared at him.

“Ken, can I ask you… where did you get the cloth?” Winnie asked, peeking at Rainie’s leg.

“Cloth?” Ken asked, as he lowered his head to look at what Winnie was referring to. “Oh, it is a handkerchief,”

“Ah? Handkerchief?” Winnie and Rainie asked at the same time.

“Don’t worry. It is a new one, never used before,” Ken immediately said with both of his hands extended out. “I don’t use satin handkerchiefs…”

“Judging from the size, I kinda figured it is a handkerchief though at the back of my mind, I did wonder where you could have gotten a fabric and cuts it,” Vic said.

“I am not a designer…” Ken rolled his eyes.

“You could have cut that out from a curtain, or bed sheet,” Vic said.

Ken eyed Vic. “That’s your job, not mine,”

“Doesn’t matter. Anyway, that’s a really nice handkerchief, premium material…” Vic said.

“Yeah. I bought a tie 2 years ago and it is a gift that comes with the tie. I almost throw this handkerchief away few months ago when I was packing my stuffs to move over to the current apartment because I didn’t use it and I find no use of it. But I like the material and it is very nice still. So… I am glad I didn’t throw it away,” Ken smiled, also looking at Rainie’s leg. “So you can keep it after this,” he looked at Rainie.

“Oh,” Rainie said. And then she smiled.

“Alright models! I’m going to call your name for your order to go to the runway! Winnie will go first. Secondly…”

“Okay, I’m going to the front now, see you guys later,” Winnie said.

“See ya,” Ken said, as he looked at Winnie walking away.

“Rainie, since you are the guest, you’ll go last,” Vic said.

“Kinda figured,” Rainie said.

“At the last round, after you have walked your round, you will walk another round and all the models will follow you. It means you will be leading the models,” Vic said.

“Ah?” Rainie asked.

“Yes, that is what has been arranged,” Vic said.

“Last will be our special guest – model, Rainie,” the runway director yelled.

“Rainie?” the name was heard echoed numerous times among the models.

Suddenly Rainie felt an urge to hide, while Ken looked around meeting the curious faces of the models looking out for her.

“Alright, no time for talking. Models, be prepared! Wait for cue!” the runway director said.

“They knew there is a special guest – model tonight via the rehearsals but none knew that guest is Rainie,” Vic said. “They had never thought that she will be coming,”

“Ladies and gentleman! Welcome to…”

Ken, Vic and Rainie turned to the runway’s direction as they heard the opening note from the speaker.

“Alright, the fashion show is starting,” Vic said.

Ken looked at Rainie, “Rainie, you will be alright,” he smiled.

Rainie smiled and nodded.

“Come give me a hug, I’ll give you a comforting hug,” Ken smiled.

Rainie laughed as she knew where the statement comes from. She leaned forward and hugs him, at the same time burying herself in his embrace. “Hmm… comforting,”

He laughed, as he knew she copied his statement.

Vic frowned at what he sees in front of him.

“And we have a guest tonight! And you shall know… when I announce. Ladies and gentleman! Let the fashion show begins!” the emcee said.

They dimmed the light and only spotlights were shone on the runway.

“Go!” the runway director said.

And Winnie goes out in her dazzling maroon red dress.

Ken, Rainie and Vic looked at Winnie from the backstage.

As Winnie confidently walked down the runway, the camera flashes could not stop flashing at her. She stopped at the end of the runway, and that is when all the cameras there are going full blast and it is non-stop. She then turned around and walked the runway, heading back to backstage.

“Fwah, that’s marvelous,” Ken said.

“Yeah. Must be something new to you, I supposed,” Vic said to Ken.

“Yes… of course. This is the first time I see it…” Ken said.

“Okay, I’m going to start my work now; to help her in her next attire. You both stay here,” Vic pointed as he hurriedly walked to the steps where he waits for Winnie and both of them run to the dressing room together.

“Do you do that?” Ken asked.

“What?” Rainie asked as her eyes were glued to the next model walking down the runway.

“Run to the dressing room?”

“Yes, to save time,” Rainie said.


Rainie paid her attention to the model on the runway and totally ignored Ken.

Soon, one by one went out to the runway and modeled their dresses.

“My turn soon, my turn soon…” Rainie held onto Ken’s hand as nervousness strike.

“You’ll be alright,” he patted the hand that is holding his’.

“Rainie, you’re up!” the runway director said.

Rainie looked at Ken, and Ken nodded at her with a smile.

“You can do it,” Ken said. “Don’t be nervous,”

She smiled back at him. “Okay,”

Rainie releases her hand from gripping Ken’s hand and then she walked up the stairs, waiting for her turn as her name will be called by the emcee.

“Ladies and gentleman! Let me present to you; our special guest – model tonight! Our supermodel Rainie!!” the emcee called.

That causes uproar in the fashion show.

People were seen whispering to each other or gave a weird look. Rainie is injured. How can she be there?


Rainie took a deep breath and she emerges from the backstage and walks down the runway and all of a sudden everyone in the hall gives her a big applause. It came as a surprise for her for she didn’t know she would make such an effect to the crowd.

A smile slowly formed on her face and at the same time she could feel her confidence has come and soar. Eventually her smile gets bigger as she then confidently walked down the runway until the end, where she stopped and placed her hands on her waist; and the cameras are full blasts at her.

Ken’s smile couldn’t get any wider as he looked at Rainie on the runway, making such a huge impact to the crowd.

Rainie then turned around and walked the runway, heading to the backstage.

“You’re good! You’re good!” Ken said excitedly at Rainie as she descends the steps.

“Yes! I’m so happy!!” she literally jumped. “Ouch… ouch,” she lifted her left leg slightly.

“Are you alright?” Ken asked; his happy face became a worried one in a split second as he looked at her and then at her leg.

“Yes, yes, I forgot about her injury,” she laughed. “Just mild shock on it,” she smiled.

And upon seeing her smile, he inadvertently smiled as well.

“Guys, you have no time for this. Run to the dressing room and change to the next dress, quick!” Vic said, pointing to a direction.

“Run? Seriously?” Ken asked.

“Yes, go!” Vic slightly raised his voice because he is stressed up as he stared at Winnie walking on the runway, as she just heads out right after Rainie’s turn.

“Run? How…?” Rainie asked, her heart dropped. She can’t run!

“I’ll carry you, come,” Ken said as he lowered his body.

“But Ken… this… this is not…” Rainie said.

“We have no time for this. By the time you hop or walked over, it’s your turn to get on stage. Let me carry you. This is not the first time I carry you anyway. We’ll do this together, alright?” Ken asked.

Vic turned his head to look at Ken, and then at Rainie upon hearing the statement.

“Alright,” Rainie agreed and in a split second, Ken carries her up and he charges into the dressing room.

Vic is left dumbfounded there upon seeing what has happened.

Winnie got down from the stage and headed to the dressing room, she frowned and stopped, and then turned and looked at Vic still standing there remained dumbfounded.

“VIC!” Winnie yelled.

Vic switched his glance to look at Winnie who is standing there, immediately he realizes what he is supposed to do and then he ran to her. “Let’s go!” he responded to Winnie and they both headed to the dressing room. “You should see what happened between that Ken and Rainie,” he said as he ran.

“Tell me about it after the fashion show, I have no time for this,” Winnie said.

“I’ll go help Rainie out first. I’ll come to you in a bit?” Vic asked.

“No problem,” Winnie said as they reached the dressing section and Winnie was quick to change her dress, while Vic headed to Rainie who is standing next to Winnie, literally trying to adjust the new dress that she had just changed to.

And then Vic turned. “Where is Ken?” he asked Rainie.

“At the back,” Rainie said as she adjusted the dress, without looking at Vic.

Vic turned and then he saw Ken stood facing the black blinds. Vic frowned for a while before he smiled. He knew that Ken respects ladies, moreover, in the same room with them getting dressed up or changed.

Vic then looked at Rainie and he extends his help to help her adjusts the dress near her waist.

“Alright, done,” Vic said and he then backs off.

“Here, careful,” Winnie holds Rainie hoping she won’t fall as Rainie stuck her feet into her flats.

Vic eventually backtracked and intentionally stood next to Ken. Ken didn’t know Vic is standing next to him as he had his head lowered.

“No models here are butt naked,” Vic suddenly speaks.

Ken immediately lifted his head upon realizing it is Vic and he looked at Vic.

Vic smiled. “They wore skin colored protection or bra cups, and they wore pants-like underwear to protect their modesty. So you won’t find them naked,” he leaned over and whispered, “Including Rainie,” he smirked. “I brought it for her because I knew she will not brought any tonight… since she didn’t know she is going to model at the event,”

Ken glared at Vic. “It is NOT nice to see or watch ladies changed,” he then folded his hands on his chest. “Well, of course you are different. Due to your profession, I guess you get to see them naked totally, huh? In fact, you probably see so much until you loathed the sight of it,”

Vic glared at Ken. “They don’t change in front of me. And you probably need to pay a visit to my office to see how my office looks like. There are fitting rooms in it, and I am a professional.”

“I know, Vic. You’ve told us before when you first moved into the room,” Ken said.

“Most guys in the world will peek,”

“Peek what? Your room?”

“At ladies getting change,” Vic said.

“Yeah, like you,” Ken said.

Vic smacked Ken’s back. “This is my job. And you are like in a detention class to face the blinds,”

“Better to be labeled in detention rather than a horny jerk,”

Vic turned and faced him. “You…!”

“I wasn’t saying you. You are different. It’s your job. And me? I’m an outsider granted permission to enter here and became a backstage HELPER. You get what I mean?” Ken asked.

Vic took a deep breath. “You are right. If you stand here and see… they will label you as horny jerk,”

Ken immediately threw him sharp glares.

Vic turned and looked at Ken, “I’m just praising you for being so nice and you respected ladies,”

“Of course,” Ken said. “Though you don’t actually sound like saying that…”

Vic smirked.


Vic’s smirk fades. “Hmm?”

“You… have her innerwear in your office?” Ken curiously asked.

Vic laughed. “Gosh. That sounds so wrong. Of course not,” he said. “Every model has their set of innerwear for modeling. It is theirs, not something under my scope to provide. But because of your surprise for her, I have to prepare that too,”

“Sorry for the trouble,” Ken said.

“Not really, but you can tell that to Winnie. Winnie gets them, not me,” Vic smirked.

“Oh,” Ken said.

Vic then leaned over, “So… why are you curious about her innerwear in my office?”


“Ken, I’m done,” Rainie called and basically interrupted their conversation.

Ken turned and looked at Rainie in a red and black dress. Thank goodness for Rainie to save him from the situation!

“Alright,” Ken then walked over and then scoops her up in his arms and he carried her to the back of the stage area.

Winnie looked at Ken. She then turned and looked at Vic as her finger is pointing at the direction of Ken and Rainie.

Vic nodded. “Unbelievable?” he asked.

“Yes, unbelievable,” Winnie said as they both followed Ken and Rainie.


“Excuse me… excuse me…” Ken called out as he carried Rainie, on the way to the runway.

Scott, upon hearing the calling, gives way immediately. And then he lifted his head up to see who it is.

A guy carrying… someone.

Scott tilted his head and looked for an angle to catch a glimpse of who they are because he couldn’t recognize the guy or see the face of ‘someone’.

And then the right angle came in.

His eyes widened.

“Rainie?” Scott asked.

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