The Story Of Us – Chapter 23

For the next 2 rounds, Rainie walked up the stage confidently doing what she does best. And after she is done with the rounds, she will walk down the stage, and eventually let Ken carries her to rush to the dressing section to change into the next dress.

“This is the last round,” Rainie smiled at Ken as she stood at the back of the stage. A few more models will go out and model and then she will go out and walk the last round, before she turns and will lead all the models.

Winnie stood beside her and smiled after she listened to what Rainie has said.

“You’ve been doing very well, this will be no exception,” Ken smiled.

“Thank you. You’ve been a really good ‘helper’,” Rainie said.

Ken laughed at his new ‘label’. “Well, I’ve done all I could,” he said.

“Models please line up! Rainie will do her last round shortly,” the runway director suddenly called.

“Here, give way,” Vic grabbed Ken’s arm and gently pushed him backwards.

“But I want to see…” Ken said.

“See what?” Vic asked.

“Rainie going out to the runway…” Ken said, pointing at Rainie.

“Oh, you can stand there,” Vic said as he pointed. “You will see her too from that spot,” Vic added. “Don’t worry, I’ll stand there with you. Sorry, I should have informed you. They need to line up, so it’s going to be crowded there that is why we need to move,”

“Oh, okay,” Ken said as he followed the instruction.

Both of them stood near the exit of runway.

And Vic is right. This same spot both of them stood at has a view of the runway too.

Ken looked at Rainie as she positioned to the front.

She is going up next.

She then turned, looking left and right, seemingly looking for something, before her eyes finally landed at Ken and her eyes are locked at him.

Ken smiled at her and nodded.

She replied the smile and she nodded back at him. She then turned her head to focus on the runway, waiting for instruction from the runway director.

Vic looked at Rainie, upon seeing the smile and nod; he turned his head to look at Ken, before his eyes goes back to Rainie questionably.

The runway director looked at the runway, and then he said, “Go, Rainie. Last one,”

Rainie smiled as she then emerges from the backstage and walked on the runway.

“Thank you, Vic, for allowing her to do this,” Ken said, though his eyes are focused at Rainie. “Thank you for everything you have done,”

Vic smiled. “No. Thank you, for making this happened,”

Ken turned to look at Vic, and Vic looked at him.

“If you did not go thru the hassles to let her model in flats, she won’t be there,” Ken said.

“But if you had not suggested this, she won’t be there,” Vic said, looking at Rainie enjoying her moments as she stood at the end of runway. “Her appearance to the fashion show brings a lot of joy and hopes to all parties, be it the customer or our management. You won’t be able to understand the kind of impact she could bring to us,”

Ken smiled. “I won’t understand… not in terms of your industry. But what I understand is for her happiness. As long as she’s happy,”

Vic placed his hand on Ken’s shoulder. “She is happy,”

“I know,” Ken smiled. “Gosh, those camera flashes…”

“Our management did announce to the media about an appearance from a special guest. So everyone in the media is asking who this person is. They can’t wait for this to happen. They all knew Rainie couldn’t come because of her injury so they are really anticipating who would be here,”

Ken looked at Rainie as she turned around when she reached the end of the runway. “Look how good she is on the runway,”

“She had always been great,” Vic smiled as he squeezed Ken’s shoulder. “You just didn’t know it,”

Ken smiled. “Yeah… I didn’t know she is a model…” he mumbled.

Rainie then circled the runway and she stood at the beginning of the runway again.

“Right, models, this is the end! Clap as you go up! Winnie, you can go!” the runway director said.

Winnie immediately begins clapping as she walked to the stage, and Rainie began clapping as she took her step forward to lead the line of models to indicate the end of the fashion show.

All the guests stood up and clapped.

Rainie, Winnie and the rest of the models circled the runway and then they exited the runway, right in front of Ken and Vic.

“I did it!!!” Rainie said as she descended the steps and heads to Ken and gives Ken a big hug.

Winnie smiled as she followed behind.

“I know! You’ve did it pretty well in fact!” Ken said excitedly and hugs her back.

“Great work, Rainie,” Vic smiled as he patted Rainie.

“Thanks Vic,” Rainie said.

And as all the models got down in front of Ken and Vic, the place soon is crowded as all the models are talking to each other.

“Rainie! I couldn’t believe I’ll be seeing you here!” one of the models said.

“You are the guest tonight! All of us were wondering who it could be!” another model said.

Rainie smiled. “I…”

“We would like to invite our exclusive guest model tonight, Rainie, to join us on the stage…”

All of them turned their heads upon hearing the emcee saying that.

“Did he mention my name?” Rainie asked.

“I thought so…” Vic scratched his head.

“Yes, the emcee is calling you,”

All of them turned their heads and looked at a guy looking at her. He is standing behind the first model that was talking to Rainie.

Everyone suddenly went silent.

As Vic’s hand remained on Ken’s shoulder, Vic suddenly squeezed Ken’s shoulder hard.

Ken jolted at the pain Vic is inflicting at him but he cannot run or dodge but to endure the pain. He turned and looked at Vic, and seeing Vic’s face went pale.

“What’s up…?” Ken asked softly as he is putting up with the pain.

“Thanks for informing,” Rainie flatly said as she walked straight to the steps to go to the stage. She basically dodged the guy.

The guy stood there as he looked at Rainie avoided him and she headed to the stage.

“Hi Rainie!” the emcee called as Rainie joined him on the stage.

The guy turned his sight to look at the quiet models, and then he looked at Vic, Winnie, and Ken.

He turned around and walked off in sorrow.

“Well, I’m going to change, see ya, Winnie,” the first model said.

“I’m going too,” the second model said.

“Alright, see ya,” Winnie replied.

“Now… can you release your hand from my shoulder?!” Ken yelled at Vic.

Vic immediately lifted his hand. “Oh. I’m sorry,”

“Oh my… that’s darn painful,” Ken rubbed his shoulder. “What is that all about?”

Winnie and Vic looked at Ken.

“That’s her ex,” Winnie said.

Ken stopped. “Scott?”

Now the shoulder does not seem to be in pain anymore.


“All of us are quite surprised to see you tonight as the special guest, Rainie! How is your injury, may I ask?” the emcee asked.

“I am surprised as well!” she replied to which all the guests laughed. “It is truly a blessing for me to be able to join the fashion show tonight as a guest. I am glad to say that my injury is healing pretty well,”

“Would you like to tell us how serious your injuries are?” the emcee asked.

“Actually I have hairline fracture on the bone. So the doctor has demanded me to rest. And that is what I have been doing, and I still am! I need to be cautious in every step I take and the angle I am going to move. But a friend of mine knew how important this fashion show is to me, so he arranged this for me,” she smiled. “Just so you can see, I’m very short tonight because I am only wearing flats. This is the only type of shoes I can wear for the next few months until doctor said I can wear my heels. They are left at home collecting dusts right now!” and everyone laughed.

“It shows how committed you are to your job, Rainie. Do you know your appearance causes standing ovation in the hall?” the emcee asked, to which everyone clapped.

“Thank you, thank you. I didn’t see it coming,” she smiled.

“I guess none of us here had expected to see you modeling tonight on this stage because of your injuries. So it caught us by surprise. It is so nice of you to attend the fashion show despite your injuries, and it is very nicely tied in a black cloth… which will be a form of fashion soon,” the emcee said as he looked at her leg.

The audience laughed.

“Oh, I wouldn’t mind that. It started from me!” Rainie laughed. “My friend helped me in this. This idea came from him,”

“Nice! So Rainie, do you think we can see you in the future fashion shows soon?” the emcee asked.

“Well, I am really not sure. We’ll see how things go for me,” she smiled at him.

“We are glad to see you here tonight, Rainie. We hope that you will recover quickly and then get back on heels in a very short time. All the best and take care, Rainie!” the emcee said as he extends his hand and shook with Rainie’s.

“Thank you,” Rainie said as she shook his hand and then she heard a big applause coming from the audience. She smiled and walked off the stage.

Ken, Winnie and Vic are still standing at the same spot, waiting for Rainie.

“Wow, a special invitation to go on the stage, huh,” Winnie teased Rainie.

“I didn’t see it coming. And an interview,” Rainie laughed. “Alright, Winnie, let’s changed our outfit,”

“Sure,” Winnie said as both Rainie and her chatted and headed to the dressing room.

“Come, dude. Let’s go,” Vic said.

“To where?” Ken asked.

“My section. To get your tux,” Vic said. “They’ll meet us there after they’ve changed,”

“Oh, okay,” Ken said.


“I really love the shoes,” Rainie said as she passed the shoes to Vic.

Vic smiled. “If you want this, I’ll ask from the management. If they are okay, I’ll sell it to you,”

“Sell?” Ken asked.

“Yeah,” Vic said. “I can sell it to Rainie if she wants to. But I need to get the approval from my management because these are assets that are recorded in the log. If I’ve sold it, I need to put the money back into the account,”

“This is to prevent from our own staffs taking it and then sell it off and then keeps the profit. It is after all company’s assets,” Winnie said.

“I bought this pair of shoes using the company’s fund. You’d think I am using my own?” Vic asked.

“Oh, I thought you can just give it to her,” Ken said.

“Well, nope. I can’t. Or else I have to pay them back to the company,” Vic said, and then he looked at Rainie, “So do you want the shoes?”

“Are you going to still use it?” Rainie asked.

“Most likely not. I only bought a pair of flats. And you have already worn it for this entire show. I don’t think we will be supplying you the same pair of shoes to the next show,” Vic said.

“Well, if you are not going to give someone else to wear this shoes, then yeah, I want it,” Rainie said.

“A bit complicated,” Ken said.

“Some shoes will be making their appearances in many other fashion shows. But usually people don’t really remember if it is a pair of heels. Right now, Rainie, for the first time, wore one pair of flats for the entire fashion show, and she is wearing it to go up the stage during the interview. People will remember this pair of flats. So, if anyone were to wear this in the future, they will categorize this as ‘the pair that Rainie wore’,” Vic said. “Hmm… if you don’t understand, nevermind,”

“I understand now,” Ken said. “But Rainie, you like wearing heels and you are only wearing flats because of your injury. If you are buying so many pairs right now but when your leg is okay, you won’t be wearing them anymore,”

Vic and Winnie looked at Ken, and then they looked at Rainie.

Rainie looked at Ken, and then she turned to look at Vic, “Don’t care about him. I want this,”

“Alright, I’ll ask for you,” Vic said.

“Ignore me, huh!” Ken said.

“I won’t be wearing heels until the next few months at least,” Rainie said.

“Hi Rainie,”

All of them turned to the calling.

“Mr. Xavier,” Rainie called.

Ken looked at him, with another man standing next to him.

Vic leaned over to Ken and mumbled, “Big boss… and his secretary,”

Ken opened his eyes wide.

“How’s your injury?” Mr. Xavier asked. “I’m sorry I wasn’t be able to visit you in the hospital after finding out what happened to you from Winnie,”

“Getting better as days go, sir,” Rainie smiled. “Thank you, and it’s okay,”

“I’m very happy when I found out that you still want to join the show despite the injury. And these are the compromises we can do for you,” Mr. Xavier smiled. “By letting you wear pumps, or flats, whichever you wanna call it,”

Rainie turned and looked at Winnie, Vic and Ken; as she didn’t know she is really going to join the show until the very last minute and not like what Mr. Xavier has said.

“And truth to be told, I am very happy and proud with what you have shown on the runway. I am so elated with your participation,” Mr. Xavier said.

“Thank you…” Rainie replied.

“Anyway… I understand that you are probably not convenient at all to participate in runway fashion show for now. But, I was wondering if you are interested with photo shoots?” Mr. Xavier asked.

“Photo shoots?” Rainie asked.

“Actually when you were on the runway earlier, the prospect sitting next to me asked if he can request to have you in his photo shoot. He believes that if you can at least walk on the runway for a while, it should be okay for you to work while sitting down. Yes, you will be sitting most if not all the time, so you don’t have to worry about your leg,” Mr. Xavier said.

Rainie looked at him. “But… I am still on medical leave…”

“I understand that part and the concerns you have, which is why I have not agreed to him but to mention that I will discuss with you and get your consent. If you agreed to the photo shoot, the prospect agrees to pay you more,” Mr. Xavier said. “He has agreed to compromise and gives you the utmost comfort you needed for the photo shoot,”

Rainie turned to look at Ken.

Ken looked at her. “Huh?” he wondered why she looked at him.

“What do you think? It’s been a while since I had photo shoot,” she asked him.

“You can take it if you want to,” he smiled.

Rainie smiled as she turned to look at Mr. Xavier. “I’ll take it,”

“Great. For now, I haven’t had any details about the photo shoot so I’ll call you once I have finalized the details with the prospect. The photo shoot should be in the next few weeks. Don’t worry. I won’t let you overworked,” Mr. Xavier patted her shoulder.

“Thank you, sir,” Rainie smiled.

“Have a good rest, alright? Goodnight everybody and drive safely,” Mr. Xavier said before he nodded at Winnie, Vic and Ken, and was about to leave when Vic called.


Mr. Xavier turns his head and looked at Vic. “Yes, Vic?”

“Rainie has expressed her interest in the flats that she was wearing for the fashion show and…”

“Give it to her. The flats are really nice on her,” Mr. Xavier said, interrupted Vic. “When you file it, park it under ‘gift from the boss’,” he smiled and turned to look at his secretary, “Remember it is a gift to Rainie,”

“Yes, sir,” his secretary replied.

“Really, thank you boss!” Rainie said, and Vic handed it to her.

“You are welcome. Thank you for coming, Rainie. That pair of shoes is my gratitude,” Mr. Xavier said. “Goodnight,”

“Goodnight,” all of them, but Ken, responded.

And Mr. Xavier along with his secretary left.

“Yay, got a job!” Rainie said happily. “And the shoes!”

“Just don’t overworked or do anything that will compromise your leg’s recovery,” Ken smiled.

“I know, dad,” Rainie said, and then Vic, Winnie and Ken laughed.


All of them turned again.

The laughter stopped immediately.

There stood a guy, staring at Rainie.

Rainie looked at him.

“Hi,” he smiled faintly. “You look very beautiful in that dress,” he looked at her clad in the pink and white dress.

“Thank you,” she replied.

He remained smiling faintly. “I…”

“Anything?” Rainie asked.

“I… I’ve been looking for you for weeks… why don’t you pick my calls?” he asked.

“Do you think I should?” Rainie asked him back.

Vic, Winnie and Ken could only stare, and also exchanged glances with each other.

“Rainie, I need to talk to you,” he took a step forward.

“Back off, Scott,” Rainie took a step back. “I don’t have anything to talk to you. And I don’t want to talk to you,”

“Rainie, please listen to my explanation…” Scott said.

“Hmm, you are going to tell me that it wasn’t what I’ve been thinking? And you want to tell me that she is your sister that I have never knew she existed? Or a cousin I didn’t know you had? Or some old friends that you will say… ‘I have never mentioned before’?” Rainie asked.

“I… I wasn’t going to talk about her. She is not important. I’m sorry for…”

“What? She is not important? Is that what you have just said?” Rainie asked. “If she is not important, then I assume I have never been important to you as well,”

“Rainie, please?” Scott pleaded.

“No,” Rainie replied firmly.

Scott’s eyes traveled away and looked at Winnie, Vic and Ken. And he stared intently at Ken. “Who is that guy?” he asked.

Rainie realized Scott has noticed Ken.

“He is OUR friend,” Rainie said.

“Our?” Scott asked.

“Winnie, Vic and me. Not yours,” Rainie said. “And you’ll never a part of it,”

“Friend?” Scott asked. “Just a friend?”

“Yes,” Rainie said.

“Is he the one…” Scott said, staring at Ken. “Sandra said…”

Rainie didn’t want to drag Ken into this matter as it is just between her and Scott. The only way to save Ken from this entire thing would be letting Scott talk…

“If I let you talk, are you going to stop calling me?” Rainie asked, changing her mindset altogether as initially she didn’t want to talk to Scott but right now she had no choice. “And stop pretending to care about me?”

Ken’s gaze turned to Rainie. She is firm about her decision not to talk to Scott just a minute earlier. But why the sudden change?

“I am not pretending, I seriously…” Scott said.

“Do you want or don’t want to talk?” Rainie asked harshly.

“Yes,” he responded.

Rainie turned to look at Vic, Winnie and Ken. “Guys, give us some space,”

All three of them nodded.

“Sure,” Vic said, and both Vic and Winnie walked off first.

Ken looked at Rainie intently, before he turned and followed the couple.

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