The Story Of Us – Chapter 41

Request to view resume.

Request to view resume.

Request to view resume.

Ken looked at the screen. He sighed. “When I need it, nobody wants to hire me. When I signed the offer to work full time somewhere else, all of these requests to view my resume came,” he mumbled.

“Maybe because they know you are the guy in the ads,”

Ken’s switched his eyes’ focus from the computer to Rainie, totally forgotten that she is sitting on the couch in front of him in the living room. Rainie turned and looked at Ken.

“Maybe you have a photo or something,” Rainie smiled.

“What is there to relate to me about working in ads, and also to be hired by these companies for…” Ken then browsed the positions that the companies are offering, “…tender manager, project manager, assistant manager for tender projects, tender specialists, coordinator of…”

“How many of them are requesting to view your resume by the way?” she interrupted.

“I saw 5 here,”

“How many days have you NOT check your email?”

“Two days?” Ken said. “I think,”


“So, what do you want to do about it?” Rainie asked.

“Do? Do what?” Ken asked.

“The requests to view resume?”

“What can I do, seriously? I have accepted the modeling job,” Ken said.



“What do you mean?” Rainie asked.

“Rejecting their requests to view my resume,” Ken said.

“I thought doing tender is your passion,”

“PASSION?!” Ken reacted.

Rainie looked at him. “What’s with that reaction?”

“Doing tender is not my passion,” Ken shook his head. “It’s just a skill that I have mastered. And something that I have been doing for years,”


“So you are giving it all up for modeling?” Rainie asked.

“Well, here’s the thing,” Ken said, looking at Rainie. “I signed a full time contract with Modeling Academy. I know I am not expected to start my work tomorrow even though the contract commences immediately. If I were, let’s say, hired, for a tender company. I will be working full time there and have no time for modeling. Tender is a very stressful document to work on. I think I should break myself free from doing this. Besides, signing the modeling contract signifies the beginning of something new in my life. And a change of career,”

Rainie smiled. “There is also one thing you need to know,”

“Which is?”

“Right now, it’s just the beginning of your modeling career as we speak. Depending on chances, situation and the person itself, one will not be guaranteed famous. And even if you will be, it will take years and if you are really lucky; months,” Rainie said. “Fame is not something that will stay with you forever. It will go up and down in your career. There will be a day that you will no longer famous, no longer given a chance to work, to model, to perform. And you will leave the industry. So, it is best if you have some skill, hoping you have something to do once this day has come,”

“I know. Not everyone can sustain and maintain their fame forever. Just appreciate what you are given, what you have now, and make the best of it,” Ken said. “But if you know how to do it right, you might be a legend. And by then, fame will follow you to the grave,” he smiled.

She smiled. “I like the way you think,”

“Well, I am not expecting fame. I only wish for a job. Something that I can get money from and then live my life with the money I earned, be it huge or small salary. I know. This is just a contract. I know that the contract will end and if things are great, there will be renewal. What if one day, there is no more renewal? This day will definitely come. I am not saying that fame will follow me to my death as I am unsure if I will be famous or not, but I will save money as time goes. If I am really unemployed, at least I have money,” he smiled. “Just don’t overspend on whatever is not necessary, and be humble if you are famous, be friendly at job, things will be alright,” he looked at Rainie. “Doing tender is just a soft skill. It is not my passion, though I can admit I am good at it. Prior to this modeling opportunity, I can say, I would like to continue doing tender, but seeing how things have turn out today, I can say… tender is not something that I really want to do for the rest of my life and not a career that I am looking forward to because I do not want to go back to those stressful moments, and I want to have more time for the things that needed my attention. I want to have more time for myself. And I also… hope that I can find a career in modeling. Maybe this is something that I like. Who knows. So… I am completely fine with not being famous. But, I am glad with having a job and hoping that I can perform well in it, that’s it,”

Rainie smiled lightly. “Why does it sound as though you are a person with no ambition?”

A small laugh escapes his mouth, “Well, sometimes it is not about having ambition or not. It is about doing things in life for yourself, and for people around you. Doing things you like, go with the flow, and don’t demand for the moon or sun. Sometimes if you hope too much and you did not achieve it, you will feel like you are a failure. So… I don’t like that kind of feelings. It sucks to feel as a failure. So, I want to give myself a minimum requirement or a benchmark, and then work my way up. And if I don’t get it, at least I know that I’ve tried. Come what may. If this job will bring me fame, I will do what I can. If modeling brings me nothing else but a job, then I will appreciate it and savor every moment of it,”

“It is really an eye opener to talk with you, Ken,” Rainie said.

“I give my all for the tender job. What did I get, Rainie?” Ken asked.

“Skill?” Rainie asked.

“Yes. That’s it. Skill. But I lost everything because of that job,” Ken said.

Rainie looked at him.

“I give my time, my weekends, all into the job. I lost Julia because I spend time on this job more than I did on her. In the end, I lost this job as well. Does it worth that I only gained ‘skill’ from this?”

“Why are you holding onto your past, Ken?”

Upon hearing that, he lowered his head down. He then took a deep breath, “I’m sorry,” he said.

“You don’t owe me any apology,” Rainie said.

“I am not happy with my past,” Ken said. “It is time to fix things right,”

“Sometimes you can’t choose,” Rainie said. “And what are you fixing?”

“Huh?” Ken asked.

“You said time to fix things right,” Rainie said.

“Oh,” Ken said. “I wish… with this new job, I can change a lot of things in life,”

“Such as?”

“Have more time for myself. Earn more money. Give a better life to my loved ones,” Ken said.

“Loved ones?” she turned her head.

He looked at her. “Yeah,” he said shortly before he turned to look at his computer. “You know… someday… someday I will have a loved one,”

“Oh,” she replied. “Okay,”

Ken remained browsing and checking emails on his computer.


He looked at the flashing message on the task bar. He clicked on it.


Vanness: Yo.

Ken typed and replied: Yes.

Vanness: Heard about the appreciation night from Pace. And dude? You are now officially a model?

Ken: Hmm… I forgot that you didn’t know. So where are you now?

Vanness: Taipei.

Ken laughed: Oh, you are back?

Vanness: Yeah. Not flying for 2 months. A new staff came and he is reporting to me. So I am staying back for 2 months to teach him stuffs and making sure he is alright.

Ken: Oh…

Vanness: So, congrats about becoming a model. 😀

Ken smiled: Thanks.

Vanness: So, mind telling me what to expect for the gala?

Ken’s eyes strayed to see the list of contacts online and he found Vic.

Ken: Why don’t you ask Vic? He’s been attending it for few years. And I haven’t been to even once.

Vanness: Hmmm… oh. Vic is online now. Let me ask him.

Ken: I’ll invite him to the conversation.

Ken clicked on Vic’s name and invited him into the conversation.

Vic joined the conversation – invited by Ken.

Vanness: Yo Vic.

Vic: Yo chat-roomies.

Ken: Vanness was asking what to expect for the appreciation dinner.

Jerry joined the conversation – invited by Vic.

Jerry: Whoa, all of you are here.

Vic: They are asking about the dinner too. So might as well gather everybody.

Ken: Since when we became so… technology savvy, to meet up in chatroom? Why not over some beer or something?

Jerry: So you mean you want to meet up?

Vanness: Now?

Ken: Depends on you guys.

Vic: I am fine.

Jerry: No problem for me. It’s been a while since we guys actually meet up, not including the dinner recently.

Vanness: Alright. A crash course about gala dinner. Cool. Venue?

Ken: Anyone with curfew?

Vic: Huh?

Jerry: Huh?

Vanness: Huh?

Ken laughed at all the simultaneous responses.

Vanness: Why not come to my house? Since I stayed alone. No curfew. No worries about ladies. I have bought some really good wines too.

Jerry: You stayed alone, but is your Pace staying overnight there? If it is a yes, I don’t want to be there at the wrong time.

Vanness: She is at Korea now for goodness sake. You can even come over and stay overnight. Just please tell Barbie about that or else she thought I kidnapped you.

Jerry: Nah… she won’t.

Vanness: I don’t mind if you want to stay here permanently as well. And for your information, I am not interested with you AT ALL and will not think about kidnapping you.

Jerry: Eh bugger, shut up.

Ken smirked.

“Why are you looking like that?”

Ken looked up at Rainie looking at him with his smirk fades instantly.

“Huh?” Ken asked. “Like what?”

“I don’t know. Your smirk… It’s damn weird,” Rainie said.

Ken laughed. “Nah… it’s the guys. We are chatting. They were mocking each other so it is slightly funny,”


“Yeah… umm, I will go over to Vanness’ place,” Ken said.

“Oh, when?” Rainie asked.

“Should be now, provided they agreed…” Ken said, looking at the chat, to see what the status of the conversation is.

“Oh okay. So the ladies are not going, right?”

“Hmm… I don’t think so,”

“Alright,” Rainie smiled.

“Since the ladies won’t be there, I guess you won’t follow me to go over,” Ken said.

Rainie shook. “You are right, so yeah, I am not going,”

“Then are you alright to be home alone?” Ken asked.

“Yes, definitely,” she smiled.

“If there is anything, you must call me, alright?” Ken said.

“Yes dad,”

Ken laughed as he typed in the chat: So are we going over to Vanness’ place now?

Vanness: Yes. Hey bugger (Jerry). If you keep on doing this here we don’t have to meet already. COME OVER NOW!

Vic: If we go over and you guys are still on this bugger thing, I will go home.

Jerry: Alright, alright. I want to taste those wines that Vanness had. So, going over now?

Vanness: Yes.

Ken lifted up his head and looked at Rainie. “We are going over now. I’ll go get a change and then I will go over to Vanness’ house,”

“Okay,” Rainie responded.


30 minutes after Ken left the apartment.

Rainie puts the CD into the CD player. “Track 8,” she said, as she pressed the button on the CD player. Take A Bow.

Don’t tell me you’re sorry ’cause you’re not
Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught
But you put on quite a show
Really had me going
But now it’s time to go
Curtain’s finally closing
That was quite a show
Very entertaining
But it’s over now (but it’s over now)
Go on and take a bow

Rainie stared straight at the CD player, but as soon as the song finishes, she stopped the CD.

She ejects the CD from the player, and puts in another CD.

“Track 10,” she said, “Better In Time,”

And even though I really love you
I’m gonna smile cause I deserve to
Ooooooh It’ll all get better in time

A smile slowly formed on her face. “I am better now,”


“Nice,” Jerry said after taking a sip of the wine.

“Of course. My collection,” Vanness smirked.

“Duh,” Jerry said.

“Anyway… let’s just ask Vic about the appreciation night,” Ken said.

“Right,” Vanness said looking at Vic. “So… what should we expect for that night?”

“Actually it is just like an annual dinner. You guys are going as guests, so you don’t have much pressure in this,” Vic said. “But feel free to ask questions,”

“What do you mean no pressure?” Jerry asked.

“Well, there will be media. They will focus on the models and customers. They will not swarm a bank manager and a… okay, maybe Vanness might be interviewed, so… just make sure you dress smart to the event. And for Ken, as a model, needs to be dressed well and… branded,” Vic said.

“Why is it that Vanness might be interviewed?” Jerry asked.

“I am not sure how famous Vanness is for the media, as you know, he wrote articles. If he is recognized, then most probably he will be interviewed. But for Jerry, dress in suit. And you will be on the safe side,” Vic said.

“Oh,” Jerry said.

“Oh,” Vanness said. “So I need to wear something branded as well?”

Vic looked at Vanness and say, “That is your call, but why not you go back to office and ask your company if they have any sponsorship on this. After all, you might be appearing in the media and they will definitely know which company you are from… so… it is for you as well. However, no guarantees you will be interviewed,”

“I am lost,” Ken said.

Vic turned and looked at Ken, “Your brain is slow. Let me start again,”

“Let’s talk about numbers, about travel and about tender. Let’s see whose brain is slower,” Ken smirked at him. (*Means: Jerry is best with numbers, Vanness is best with travel and Ken is best with tender so Vic will be slow in terms of those three)

“Good idea,” Jerry said.

Vic glared at Ken before it eases. “You are model. You need to dress up to the par. They will interview you asking you who you are wearing. You are the image of the company. Vanness is the traveling writer, and he has a lot of articles published in the media. I don’t know but he might be recognized when he is there, and he might be personally interviewed about why he is there. Of course, there is no guarantee that he will be interviewed because the highlight of the evening is the gala, not Vanness. And next, since Jerry is also attending, and you know, he’s a bank manager, unless Jerry’s boss also attends the dinner, nobody will recognize Jerry there…”

“HEY!” Jerry yelled. “Don’t start that. I don’t want to see my boss after office hours!”

All of them looked at Jerry.

Vic ignored him, “Anyway, since nobody will recognize Jerry, he only has to dress smart to the gala. He has no pressure, so that is his advantage,”

“Is this ‘advantage’ includes Pace and Barbie? Since you know, they are a flight attendant and an accountant,” Vanness asked.

“Yes, you are right. So, they only have to dress nicely to fit the occasion. They do not need to wear anything branded. As long as when Winnie and Rainie are being interviewed about what they are wearing, which mostly will happen, Barbie and Pace shouldn’t stay around them; because to media, it is rude if they don’t interview the people that are standing next to the person they are interviewing. With this, Barbie and Pace have to walk away or else they are basically dragging themselves into this,” Vic said. “So… I hope you guys can go back and tell them this,”

“Sure, I’ll let Barbie know. She is excited about this,” Jerry smiled.

“I’ll wait for Pace to come back and let her know,” Vanness said.

“Sorry that you guys cannot go in with your partner together,” Vic said.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. We are glad we are given a chance to attend to such an exclusive event,” Vanness patted Vic’s back.

Jerry nodded. “It is just the entrance part that we are not going in with partners. Once we are inside we are alright, correct? That’s what you told me,” he looked at Vic.

“Yeah,” Vic said. “You should thank Ken because he is the one that come up with this idea. I thought it’s going to be as usual for us, to go alone, or rather, on my own with my ticket,”

“Actually, this is the first event all of us can go together as we didn’t know we actually knew each other. As in… Jerry married Barbie, Barbie’s best friends are Pace, Winnie and Rainie; and Vanness is interested with Pace, as well as Winnie is Vic’s secretive girlfriend that we have not know,” Ken said.

“And you with Rainie?” Vanness lifted his eyebrow.

Ken looked at Vanness.

Jerry tilted his head.

Vic keeps quiet when Vanness posted that question.

“Geez dude! You LIKE her!” Jerry said as he pointed at Ken.

Ken immediately opened his eyes widely as he looked at Jerry.

Vanness smiled. “Look who has found love now,” he smacked his palm onto Ken’s back.

Ken turned and looked at Vic.

“I didn’t say anything,” Vic said.

Vanness and Jerry looked at Vic. “You mean you know it already?” they both asked.

“I already know for quite some time,” Vic smiled. “But this is Ken’s stuff. It is best for him to explain this,” he folded his hands and he looked at Ken.

“Well, this is not the reason we come out now, right? It’s for the gala dinner. Not me, the dinner,” Ken said, trying to divert the attention away from him.

“Woo her, Ken,” Vanness said.

“Yeah, we will support you,” Jerry said. “It’s been a while, Ken, since you broke up with Julia,”

“But to Ken, there are more than just wooing her or not,” Vic said.

“Why?” Vanness asked.

“Initially, it’s just about status. Well… Ken,” Vic turned and looked at Ken. Ken stared straight at Vic. “Now you are no longer in that status. You are now going into modeling. You are going to earn big bucks. What else is not up to par with her, in order for you to woo her? You have all the reasons in the world to get her. You are catching up with her, do you know that?”

Vanness and Jerry looked at Ken.

“Vic, she is famous. I am not,” Ken said.

Vanness, Jerry and Vic opened their eyes wide as they looked at Ken.

“Ken, no more reasons, please. As I have said, you are catching up with her. You don’t have to worry about that famous thingy,” Vic said.

“But at the end of the day… I didn’t know how she felt, correct? If she didn’t like me, I am going to lose this friend. I have told you before, I don’t want to ruin the friendship,” Ken said.

“So you want to maintain just being platonic friendship with her?” Vanness asked.

“Do I have a choice?” Ken asked.

“Geez… how do you get Julia back then?” Jerry asked.

“Thing is, I don’t want to lose my friendship with Rainie. I appreciate her way too much to lose her with a mistake that I have done and might regret for the rest of my life,” Ken said.

“But you need to take a risk, right?” Vanness said. “Life is always like that, you need to take a risk, or else you won’t know, or worst is, someone took her away from you… right in front of your eyes,”

“Anyhow… unless she really likes me… else I don’t want to take this chance to lose her,” Ken said.

“Ken…” Vic, Vanness and Jerry said.

“I have decided,” Ken said. “Please… go back to the main agenda,”

Jerry, Vanness and Vic looked at each other.

“And don’t tell your significant other before they go and tell Rainie, and then she starts avoiding me,” Ken said.

Jerry, Vanness and Vic looked at each other and then at Ken.

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