The Story Of Us – Chapter 43

Three weeks later.

Ken sat at the waiting area with his left leg crossed over to his right. In his hands; a magazine that he has been browsing since an hour ago.


Ken lifted up his head in respond to the calling. He saw Rainie protrudes her head out from the doctor’s room in the hospital and she raised her hand, asking him to come. Ken stood up and headed over as called.

“How was it?” Ken asked, as Rainie opens the door wide for him to enter. He slowly walked in into the doctor’s room.

“Doctor has an announcement to made,” Rainie smiled as she closed the door after Ken enters the room.

“Oh okay,” Ken said as he sat in front of the desk of the doctor’s. The doctor is scribbling something onto the document.

Rainie sat down on the other chair next to Ken.

The doctor puts down the pen and he looked at Rainie, and then at Ken and smiled.

Ken looked at him, wondering why the weird smile.

“Today is the last physiotherapy session. Rainie has completed all the physiotherapies and I can gladly say the leg is all back to normal,” the doctor smiled.

“Really?!” Ken said excitedly before he turned to look at Rainie. Rainie nodded.

“Yes,” the doctor said. “The hairline fracture is no longer there but the scar on her leg will still take some time to heal completely,”

“I can get back on heels!” Rainie smiled.

“Yes you can. But I suggest not to overdo it,” the doctor said.

“Define ‘overdo’?” Ken asked.

“She can wear heels as normal, but she might get tired as the leg, or legs haven’t adjusted to the heels just yet. So don’t wear those heels that are too high for too long. It will take a while to adapt,” the doctor smiled.

“So can I wear heels for the annual dinner which is going to hold in 2 days?” Rainie asked.

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” the doctor said. “Try not to go with too much, preferably less than 2.5 inches so as not to strain the leg,”

“YAY!” Rainie said.

“Finally, Rainie! After 4 months, you have been enduring for 4 months and now you can wear heels again!” Ken said happily.

“I will release a letter confirming that you are okay and ready for work,” the doctor smiled.

“Sure, thank you!” Rainie said. “Can’t wait to go back for work,” she looked at Ken.

Ken smiled. “So it looks like we are ready to take the projects,”

“Well, it is very kind of Mr. Xavier to persuade the customers to let the projects wait because of me. And you just sit there and wait for me. Since right now I am ready for work, we’ll press the accelerator and do it,” Rainie said excitedly.

Ken smiled and nodded. “Alright,”

“Both of you can go out and wait for the release letter from the nurse,” the doctor said.

“Alright, sure, I can bring the letter to Mr. Xavier too since we are going to office after this,” Rainie said as both of them stand up and heads to the door.

“Yeah, to collect our outfits for the appreciation night,” Ken smiled as his hand lands on the door knob.

And then his smile fades and he tilts his head.

Rainie is waiting for him to open the door.

“Err, Rainie,” he frowned.

“Hmm?” Rainie asked.

Ken turned and looked at Rainie, “Isn’t G.A going to provide you flats for the gala dinner?”

Rainie’s smile faded. “Ah… crap,”



Ken turned to look at Rainie who is sitting next to him in the car. “Rainie, don’t fret. We will be meeting Mr. Stevens later, we can discuss if they can provide you heels or something,” he turned his head and focused on his driving now.

“Ken, we are collecting our outfits today and the gala dinner is 2 days away. How is it possible for them to design a pair of heels for me NOW?” Rainie placed her elbow at the base of the window while her hand is on her forehead. “ARGH…”

“Well… why not… think it from this way that you can wear the flats as the event is going to be a long one?” he looked at her.

Rainie glared at Ken, and Ken immediately looked away, gripping on the steering wheel of his Toyota Vios.

“Heels are a part of my life!”

“It has not been for the last 4 months,” Ken said.

“I can’t wait to get back on them,” Rainie said.

“Doctor asked you not to overdo it,” Ken said.

“But this is a grand event and I want to wear heels now that the doctor has approved it!”

“But G.A is sponsoring you flats and you can’t just…”

“You won’t get it,” she suddenly said.

“What I won’t get it?” he asked.

“You won’t understand these things that are womanly and important to me. You are after all a man,”

He stunned a little bit. “Why are you so pissed all of a sudden? It’s only a pair of shoes and you are scolding me for that?”

She looked at him. “It is a gala dinner. Everyone will be wearing at their best. If I have no choice but to wear flats due to injury, I am fine. But this is not! Doctor has given me approval that I can wear heels!”

“Thing is you only know about this right now, today, 2 days before the dinner. It is not 2 weeks before. Why are you so pissed about? You can’t do anything at all about it!” Ken said.

She took a deep breath and turned away, looking out of the window.

With one hand holding the steering wheel, and the other rubbing his forehead, he said, “I can’t believe the reason for an argument is about a pair of heels,” he said. “And we fight like a couple,”

“Scott will never say no for me to wear heels,” Rainie said.

Upon hearing the name ‘Scott’, he gripped the steering wheel so tight until the cracking sounds of his fingers’ knuckles are heard.

Rainie turned and looked at Ken’s hand on the steering wheel after hearing the knuckles’ crack.

Ken’s eyes are focused on the road, “Because Scott doesn’t care about you or your injury. I DO,” Ken said.

She looked at his face now after he said that.

“If I don’t freaking care about you, I won’t care if you want to wear 5 inches of heels. I won’t care if you will or might fall down on the red carpet. I won’t care if you will strain your leg or whatsoever. And I won’t care if you might fracture your bone again. In fact this conversation will not happen because I don’t care about you or your injury. Don’t you understand?” he took a deep breath. “If Scott cares about you, he would not have cheated on you. He would not have done all of this to you,”

“Why are you so angry?”

Ken focused straight on the road. He took another deep breath. “I am not Scott. And I will not do what Scott did to you,”

“I know,” Rainie said.

She heard him releasing a deep breath from his mouth.

“We are meeting Mr. Stevens in a bit. We can discuss with him about the shoes,” Ken said, without looking at her.

“Okay,” she said.

It is silence.

She steals a glance at Ken and his eyes are focusing on the road.

“Are you angry because I mentioned Scott?” she suddenly asked.

Ken’s eyes strayed a bit. “Why do you ask,” he said flatly.

“Because you get angry all of a sudden when I mentioned the name,” she said.

“Scott is your ex. None of my business,” Ken responded.

“And your colleague,” she added.

Ken took another deep breath. “Not by choice,”

“You don’t like Scott, I know,” she said.

He didn’t say anything, but just swallowed the disturbing lump in his throat.

“Why are you reacting like that?” Rainie asked.

“I didn’t want to be compared to Scott,”

“I have never compared you to Scott,”

“You just did,”

“I only said he allowed me to wear, I didn’t say you…”

“But you said his name right after you said I don’t,” Ken said, finally turned to look at her.

She looked at him, and he turned his head, looking to the road.

“You are unhappy when I mention Scott,” she said.

“He is some really, really…” Ken stopped. “Nevermind,”

“What?” she asked. “Tell me what you are thinking,”

“Nothing,” he said as he swerved the car as it reaches the junction.

“He is what?” she asked, trying to push it. “He is what? Tell me,”

“He is a useless jerk who doesn’t know how to appreciate a good woman like you!” Ken said. “I do not want to be compared with a jerk like that,”

She looked at Ken.

Ken stopped the car at the junction where the traffic light has just turned red. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He then opened it back. “I am sorry. I am in no position to label him as that. After all, he is still your ex. He is still someone you picked back then and to start a relationship with. Just forget what I’ve said,”

“I… understand,” she said.

He took a deep breath. “Am I forgiven for making such a harsh statement?”

“Yes,” she smiled.


“I truly understand where you are coming from. So, don’t worry. Really,” she smiled.

“That is good to know,” he smiled faintly at her before he returned his gaze to the road.

She looked at him, and he is looking over at the traffic light, waiting for it to turn green so he can speed over to the office.

‘He cares for me. He admitted it,’ she thought.

“Errr,” she said.

His eyes strayed towards her direction.

“I will be trying out the dress later… so, I hope that when I am trying the dress, you can sit outside,”

“Why?” he asked her, this time his head turned to look at her. “I thought Vic’s room has a fitting room?”

“I know. But I didn’t want you to see me in that dress,”


“I only want you to see it on the dinner itself,”

“Why is that…”

“I just want to keep some surprises up to that dinner,” she said. “So… okay?”

“I cannot say no, right?” he said, as she smiled at him.


“Heels?” Mr. Stevens asked, in Vic’s room in Modeling Academy.

Rainie nodded, while Ken looked at her.

“But two days away… I don’t think it is doable,” Mr. Stevens said.

“Couldn’t believe this happened right now,” Mr. Xavier said, as he looked at the letter in his hand that was passed to him by Rainie earlier.

“But I really didn’t want to wear flats, now that doctor has approved I can wear heels,” Rainie said.

Vic turned to look at Mr. Stevens, “Maybe you have anything ready in your outlet or something?”

“But we are not keen with Rainie wearing the heels that can be seen or obtained from the stores,” Mr. Stevens said. “It wouldn’t be special anymore…”

“If it is not doable, Rainie can do it with one of the many collections she had,” Ken said, turned and looked at Rainie.

“Ah?” Rainie asked.

Ken turned back and looked at Mr. Stevens. “It’s just that she won’t credit the shoes to G.A and probably it is the best to scrape the shoes’ portion off the contract,”

“Ken,” Rainie gripped his hand, she leaned closer to him, “Do you have any idea what are you talking about?” she said softly.

“Any problem?” he asked.

“My shoes are for private use. Not for such event to parade,”

“What is the joy of having so many pairs of shoes but could not show it off to the media?”

“But you can’t just ask them to scrape off the word or statement from a contract?!” Rainie said.

“I am a professional in documentation, I know what I am talking about,” Ken said.


“Or I can try looking for one for you,” Vic said.

“Ah?” everyone else asked.

“Well, Rainie wanted to wear heels. If G.A could not satisfy that needs of Rainie, then she can wear heels from other brands for the event. It is not like she did not wear it the last minute and breach the contract, and as all of us are here and we heard this, we know Rainie’s intention to wear heels instead of flats, and G.A is unable to do it,” Vic said. “Mr. Xavier is here as well to hear this. It is not Rainie’s fault she didn’t want to wear the shoes from G.A, but she wants heels to which G.A is unable to provide,”

“It is 2 days left. Is it possible to look for a brand to sponsor the shoes for Rainie?” Ken asked.

“I don’t have to search for custom made. I can get those that are already ready-made,” Vic said. “I bet a lot of brands would love to sponsor that for Rainie,”

“Why not let me go back and look thru the warehouse to find the new ones that haven’t been released to the market and see what we have for you,” Mr. Stevens said. “Because as agreed in the document, she will wear our shoes,”

Rainie smiled at Ken and then Vic, before she turned to Mr. Stevens. “I think that will do. Thank you very much,”

“May I know what type of shoes are you looking for?” Mr. Stevens asked as he quickly takes out a pen and a note, ready to jot it down.

“Not much of preference, but not more than 2.5 inches,” Rainie said.

“Pointy heels or peep-toe?” Mr. Stevens asked.

“If it is possible, peep-toe. Sexy heels,” Rainie smiled.

“Make sure the stability is great. And comfort,” Ken said. “I didn’t want her to wear heels and being uncomfortable, or not stable…”

“Ken, if it is not stable, it is going to be Rainie’s fault for not able to stand properly instead of the shoes,” Mr. Xavier said.

Ken turned to look at Mr. Xavier.

“It is G.A,” the big boss smiled. “The brand guarantees comfort, regardless of shoes or clothes,”

“Oh,” Ken said, slightly embarrassed.

Vic smiled. “Well, don’t blame Ken, Mr. Stevens. He is just concerned for Rainie. They are good friends,”

“No worries, Vic,” Mr. Stevens smiled. “What about color?” he looked at Rainie.

“That one… maybe I leave it to you, as you know what color of the dress I am wearing as well as how to match it,” Rainie said.

“Sure, I will keep in touch with Vic about the shoes,” Mr. Stevens said.

“Thank you,” Rainie said.

“I hope you are happy with the dress’ design and the suits,” Mr. Stevens said, looking at Rainie and Ken.

“Yes, as tested, it is great,” Rainie said.

“Awww… now that you have mentioned it, I wanna see how you look like in that,” Ken said, looking at Rainie.

Rainie protrudes her tongue at Ken, and everyone else laughed.

“I would like to say that us from G.A, are happy to have designed both of your outfit for this appreciation night. Thank you so much for picking us,” Mr. Stevens said.

“You are welcome,” Ken and Rainie said at the same time.

“And Ken,” Mr. Stevens said, taking something out from the bag and handed it to Ken. “I understand that according to our discussion 3 weeks ago, both you and Rainie are not receptive towards the idea of couple outfit therefore we designed both of your outfits separately and accordingly. And of course, it is not written in the contract about using the couple theme. However, us from G.A are still hoping that both of you would change your mind so if at any time both of you are interested to the couple’s outfit’s idea, all you have to do, is just Ken to use this,”

Ken and Rainie exchanged glances.

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