The Story Of Us – Chapter 45

“Wow, this is a very nice gala dinner!” Barbie said as she looked beyond the security that there is a red carpet that leads all the way to the grand hall. And media is all over the red carpet.

“Eh, don’t say like that. You are going to humiliate me,” Jerry said.

The rests laughed when Barbie comically smacks Jerry’s arm.

“Anyway, here it is,” Vic said as they stopped in front of the security. “Our ticket only grants entry with one guest, so, as agreed, we will go in with our ‘guest’ and we’ll meet up again inside,”

“Alright,” Vanness was quick to respond, before he turned to look at Ken. “Let’s go,”

“See you guys later,” Ken smiled as he took out his ticket. He then looked at Rainie who is standing there.

He wished to have walked in with her… instead of Vanness.

“Hmm?” Rainie asked as she looked at Ken looking at her.

Ken immediately realized that he has been staring at Rainie. “Are you okay?” he dumbly asked.

“Huh?” Rainie asked him back. “I should be the one to ask ‘are you okay’, right?” she reached forward to straighten his suit.

“Umm… why do you ask?” he looked at her straightening the suit without any awkwardness.

“Because you were looking at me, and your face… it seems that something is bothering you,”

“Oh, umm. I am fine. I’m just… quite concerned about you since you saw Scott just now,” Ken said.

Rainie smiled lightly as she took a step back as she is done with straightening the suit. “I am fine,” she took a deep breath. “Why not I go first, you come in later,” she eventually took her ticket out from her G.A. sponsored-dinner handbag.

“I am…” before Ken gets to say further, Rainie headed over to the security guard with the other hand dragging Barbie who is not ready at all; Rainie let her ticket stamped and the number at the corner of the ticket snapped away, and then enters the hall. “…fine,”

“Dude, what is that all about?” Vanness asked Ken, but he (Vanness) is looking at Rainie.

“I have no idea,” Ken said, also looking at Rainie and passed thru the security area.

“Winnie, you can go in with Pace first. We’ll go next,” Vic said.

“Alright,” Winnie said and nodded as both she and Pace walked in.

After witnessing Winnie and Pace entered the red carpet, Vic turned around and looked at Ken.

“Ken, I saw that face of yours. So, I make Winnie go first,” Vic said. “So, with us guys remaining, you can spill,” he patted Ken’s shoulder.

“Nothing to spill,” Ken took a deep breath. “I’m just nervous for this,”

“Vic meant about Scott,” Jerry said.

Ken knew Vic asked about Scott, but he is trying to dodge that t opic. “Nothing,” he replied.

“Well, if that is the case, alright. Ken, just go ahead. Red carpet is waiting for you,” Vic pointed at the red carpet. He knew Ken didn’t want to talk, but there is no point if he keeps on pestering Ken.

Ken walked ahead to the security as he lets his ticket stamped and the corner of the ticket snapped off for lucky draw, while Vanness is next to him.

“Are you sure you are alright?” Vanness asked.

“I am unhappy when Scott saw Rainie. And look at the way he stared at Rainie,” Ken said, as he retrieves his ticket from the security.

“So that is the thing that bugs you?” Vanness asked as both of them walked and had their first footstep on the red carpet.

Ken frowned, and then he looked at Vanness. “What did I just said?”

Vanness looked at Ken, “Wow, you didn’t know you said something? Well… looks like you have just spilled,” Vanness smirked at him.

Ken took a deep breath. He wasn’t aware at all that he had told Vanness about his concern.

“I understand, Ken, well… we’ll talk later,” Vanness patted Ken’s shoulder.

“Huh?” Ken doesn’t understand the last statement of Vanness’. What does he mean by talk later? And just when Ken turned, the media representative came rushing to him, while Vanness took a few steps on and walked on his own to the venue. “Whoa I didn’t see that coming,” Ken mumbled, referring to the media.

“Hi, Ken! We are so glad to see you on the red carpet today. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, thank you,” he calmly said. “And how are you?”

He turned slightly and saw both Rainie and Winnie are interviewed by the media a bit further ahead.

And he witnessed Vanness, though is walking, has been ambushed further ahead by the media as he is recognized as the traveling writer.

“Fine, thank you. Is this your first gala dinner?” the media representative asked, and making Ken turned and looked at the media representative straight.

“Yes,” he smiled.

“So, tell us who are you wearing?”

“I’m wearing G.A today,” he said.

And the interview goes on… and on… and on.

One after another media representative interviewed them before letting they go.

One of the media representatives is interviewing Rainie when he called out, “Ah, we have Ken there! Ken!”

Ken, who is actually walking towards the venue, turned at the calling, and he looked at the same guy is actually interviewing Rainie. Rainie turned and looked at Ken too.

“I hope you don’t mind joining Rainie here for the interview. So, how are you?”

Same questions again.

“I’m fine today, thank you,” Ken smiled as he responded.

“Who are you wearing today?”


“G.A? Wow, same as Rainie!”

Ken and Rainie looked at each other.

“Yeah,” they replied together.


Ken smiled as the guy keep on asking questions one after another, before finally letting them go.

They finally made it to the end of the red carpet, to enter the hall.

“That is freaking scary,” Ken said.

“You’ll get used to it,” Rainie said.

“They are all asking the same thing,” Ken said.

“Yes they do,” Rainie said. “You’ll get a hang of it,”

“You mean there are more?”

“In the future,” Rainie smiled. “Not here inside the hall… I supposed,”

“Oh,” Ken said, he then turned to look for his friends.

“But you did a pretty good job about answering those questions,” Rainie said.

“Thanks,” Ken said. “Anyone asked if what you wear are too revealing?”

She laughed. “Of course not,”

He found his friends standing at a side inside the hall. “They are there,” he pointed, and Rainie followed where his hand pointed. “Let’s go over,”

“Sure,” she smiled as she walked to them.

“Hey guys,” Ken called.

Jerry, Barbie, Pace, Vanness and Vic turned and looked at both Ken and Rainie.

“Hey,” they replied.

“Winnie is still at the red carpet,” Vic said.

“Okay,” Ken said.

“So, what do you think about this experience?” Pace asked. “Since it is your first time,”

“Well… it is okay… I did not think I will be ambushed,” Ken said.

“You call that ambushed? I am the one that was ambushed!” Vanness said. “I was walking and all of a sudden someone called out for me, and then ran after me and stops me on my track!”

“OH, I saw that,” Ken laughed.

Vanness glared at Ken for he is still laughing.

“Hey, guys,” Winnie joined them. “I’m done,”

“Great, now… let’s get our place,” Vic said as he looked around searching for an empty table. “Is that table alright with you guys?” he pointed at a table further in front.

“Sure, let’s go over, nice location too,” Vanness said.

And all of them headed over to the strategically placed 3rd table from the stage and has a perfect view of the stage. Being so close to each other already, all of them sat down whichever seat they wanted, and next to their partner; making Ken and Rainie sits next to each other too.

“Nice place. Nice view,” Pace said, looking at the stage.

Barbie looked around the hall to see it is about half full, and more are expected to come.

“Right guys. We will be served dinner at 7.30pm. So if any of you are hungry, please go to the table at the end there… as you can see, a lot of people are there,” Vic pointed, and their eyes followed to where his hand pointed. “The snacks are there. Drinks are there as well. The dinner will start at 7.30pm. Rest assures that the dinner’s food is going to be marvelous. So, don’t eat too much snacks until you cannot eat the main course,” Vic continued. “Self service. Take the snacks yourself,”

“Hmmm… alright,” Jerry said.

“By the way, Vic, which brand is Scott wearing for this event?” Vanness asked.

All of them turned and looked at Vic, waiting for his respond.

Vic looked at Vanness, and then turned to look at Ken, and then Rainie. “No one,”

“What do you mean?” Winnie asked.

“No brand has come forward and said they want Scott to wear their brand. NONE. And a few even mentioned they didn’t want Scott to wear their brands,” Vic said.

“Then?” Ken asked. “I thought you said he needs to wear some brands’ to represent them in the dinner, or if they are to go out and search, they need approval from the management?”

“Either he violated the company’s rule, or he is wearing something from his wardrobe,” Vic said.

“Personal collection?” Pace asked.

“I supposed so. Because I didn’t see him in my office, and also I didn’t receive any request or approval letter from him,” Vic said.

“Vic, what if he violates company’s rule?” Ken asked.

“Then it is up to Mr. Xavier to decide what to do with him,” Vic said. “But I seriously don’t think Scott will break such rules. He doesn’t have jobs already, if he does that, he is going to lose the entire modeling career for sure. So, I supposed he might be wearing something from his collections,”

“Yes, it is his collection,” Rainie suddenly said.

All of them turned and looked at Rainie.

“Now that you have mentioned, I remember seeing that suit in his wardrobe. He has not worn it for few years,” Rainie explained.

Ken looked at Rainie, before he turned to look at Vic.

“So his life is that bad, huh? He lost his jobs one after another, and no brands want him to wear their clothes,” Rainie said.

“It was all his fault,” Vic said. “Who asked him to be arrogant when he had the chance to make a name for himself?” he then turned to look at Ken. “And you, don’t be arrogant shit like he had been,”

“WAH. Why am I being dragged into this all of a sudden?” Ken asked.

“I am just telling you because you are a rising star. He uses his fame for being with Rainie to do this. Now nobody wants him and the brands even specifically mentioned NOT to pass the clothes to him. He has to dig his own wardrobe to attend this dinner,” Vic said.

“If it is me, I would not have attended the dinner,” Vanness said. “Nothing but humiliation,”

“So… Scott really uses Rainie’s fame to get what he wants?” Barbie asked. “I read that a lot in the media, and I personally trust that with my own eyes if you ask me… but I want to know if it is really the truth… as in the truth…”

“It is up to your interpretation,” Vic said. “And I think all of us agreed that he uses Rainie’s fame, just like what the media has reported as well,”

“That’s bad,” Barbie said. “Great,”

“What is that ‘great’ for?” Jerry asked. “Bad and… great?”

“Bad for using Rainie to gain fame. Great is for him to have the life he has today by never appreciating what has been given to him,” Barbie said. “SERVES HIM RIGHT!”

They laughed at Barbie.

“But to Rainie, she doesn’t believe Scott is with her because of her fame,” Winnie said, and all of them turned to look at Rainie.

“Really?” Vanness asked, looking at Rainie.

“I would say… it is just one of the many reasons he is with me… I won’t say that is the main reason…” Rainie replied.

Everyone exchanged glances.

“Well, whatever the reason is, Rainie, as long as he is not with you anymore, that’s the most important one,” Barbie said.

Rainie smiled faintly.

And then they diverted the topic to talk about the stage and the decorations of the hall.

“Rainie,” Ken said as he leaned closer to her.

“Hmm?” Rainie asked.

“Are you okay?” Ken asked.

“Yeah,” she smiled.

“Do you want me to get you anything? Snacks or drinks?” Ken asked.

“Hmm… okay, sure,” Rainie said.

“I am not sure what is served, but I’ll bring some back for you, hoping they taste good,”

“Sure. I don’t mind. I want to go to the ladies,”

“Oh okay, careful alright?” Ken said as he rose to the feet.

“Sure. Ladies, I am going to the washroom, anyone of you wants to go?” that was the question that Rainie asked, and Ken already walked off before he knew who she is going with.

“Rainie won’t be back from ladies this soon, maybe I can walk around and see what’s being served…” he mumbled.

Ken walked around the snack-buffet area just to see what kind of snacks are served for the hungry ‘ghosts’ who can’t wait until 7.30pm to have their dinner, and few choices of drinks are served, for everyone’s selection.

A lot of people are also standing at the area to look or grab the snacks, and if not, they are just plain standing there and chat with someone else, with a glass of drink in hand.

Ken decided to take a fruit punch off the table and takes a sip.


“Someone seems to enjoy his fame right now,”

Ken heard it, had his eyes strayed a bit upon hearing the statement. He then felt that someone is looking at him from about a meter and a half away, and that statement seems to be uttered by the particular person. Ken lifted his head, turned and looked straight at Scott who happens to be the ‘particular person’.

Scott folded his hands as he eyed Ken.

“You are talking to me?” Ken asked.

“Do you think I am talking to someone else?” Scott asked.

“Probably,” Ken said, turning away (facing his front) and sipped his fruit punch, not bothered.

“I didn’t know a newbie like you could be this rude,” Scott said.

“Look who’s rude,” Ken glanced at him. “To talk to someone without formally addressing him,”

“I don’t need manners to talk to you!” Scott said.

“Then don’t demand me to talk to you nicely since you are not doing the same to me,” Ken said, finally turned and looked at Scott.

“Listen properly, newbie. You might need to work with me in the future. If you don’t learn how to respect me, you…”

“You can’t even secure a job now. What makes you think about me working with you in the future?”


“I’m just stating the fact,” Ken said, sipping his fruit punch. “I have nothing to talk to you,”

“I do,” Scott said, taking a step forward. “Leave Rainie,”

“Who do you think you are to just ask me to leave Rainie?” Ken asked, glancing at him.

“What is your motive to be near Rainie, huh?”

“What motive?”

“Admit it, Ken. It is her fame you are after. She is a top model in Taiwan. And she’s pretty. Of course everyone wants to be near her,” Scott said, as he took another step forward. “You already got what you want, Ken. Fame. Opportunity. You get to be on the advertisement because of her. You even get an offer to be a model,” he smiled cynically. “I can’t believe they offer you a job for some crappy things you have done. Look, Ken. You already got all you need. Now, leave!”

“The mouth is yours; you can say whatever you want just because you envied me. You are wasting my time to talk to you,”

“I said LEAVE Rainie. Rainie is mine. So step back,”

“I’m sorry but she is back to market the day she dumped you,” Ken said.

“LOOK! She is my girlfriend! You are the one that stands on the way and I can’t get near her because of you!” Scott said, a tone higher and louder.

“She WAS your girlfriend. She left you. You don’t even know who I was to judge I stood in between you and her. If you had not cheated on her, she would not dump you. Understand?” Ken snarled back.

“I will get her back. So, you better step aside,”

“Why should I?”

Scott tilted his head, “So you are telling me you want to fight with me?”

“If you have the tendency to win her, you don’t need to fear of me,” Ken said.

“Fear? Why should I be scared of you? It’s just that I am asking you to leave before you get injured. Don’t you think that I know nothing about what you have done! You have been poisoning her about me. She hates me because of what you did and what you say to her. If you don’t need her fame, you don’t have to be around her all the time!”

“I am protecting her! You don’t know what you have done! You should have seen the look on her face how she despises you when you hug her at that time she allowed you to talk! If it is not for me, I don’t know what else you could have done to her!”

“You are the one that despises me! I haven’t even question why you have to come in at that time! It is the talk between me and her and you just barged in like it’s your house! Why do you need to step in between me and her? We were together for 2 years. Where were you, huh? We have a history of 2 years! And you? You are just a nobody and if not for her, you won’t be here today… and wearing the damn suit that is supposed to be mine!” Scott said, eyes traveled to the fine suit on Ken’s body.

“Don’t blame the suit. It wasn’t yours in the first place! You shouldn’t be arrogant at all when you were famous back then! You damaged your reputation that is why nobody wants to give you a job or even a suit once your relationship is done with Rainie! You only want to be with her because she gives you everything you needed in terms of career. Being around her gives you fame but you lied to her! You don’t f*cking love her!”

“You are an outsider! You don’t have the right to talk about me like that! You won’t know how I felt for her so stay out between us! I warn you NOW!”

“Why should I heed to your warning, huh? You are only after her fame! You know how critical your situation is right now, that is why you need her back, right?! You need her so that you can get back up on your feet like you used to! You don’t love her!”

“I don’t have to prove to you whether I love her or not. It is none of your business and I don’t have to answer you that!” Scott pointed at Ken.

Ken smirked at Scott. “Have you notice you didn’t even respond to me every single time I said about how you needed her fame?” he coolly said.

Scott’s eyes strayed for a second, and wasn’t caught unnoticed by Ken. “She is famous. Her fame is not something you can say you don’t want to have,” and then he looked at Ken sternly again, “I am sure you enjoyed the fame she gives you,”

“You don’t have to drag me in about that. I am not interested with her fame at the first place,”

“Oh really? Now you are talking about it,” Scott smirked at Ken.

“You are the one that started with all these fame thingy with me first. You said I am only after her fame. If you are not in that position, do you think you will accuse me of that?! If that word hadn’t existed in your mind and became your prime intention, you wouldn’t even think about it and accuse me with that in the first place!” Ken said.

Scott clenched his jaw. “Regardless of what you said, I love Rainie, that is the truth,”

“You love her fame. Not her. You are going to repeat the entire cycle again. You will cheat on her again with someone else,”

“Don’t you put words into my mouth! You don’t know me and you don’t know us! I love her!”

“If you love her, you wouldn’t f*cking cheat on her!” Ken yelled. “You only have yourself to blame for all that you have done, and if you love her as you have claimed, stay away from her and don’t hurt her again!”

“Every single person in this world deserves a second chance, Ken. I believe you will need one too,” Scott stood so close to Ken that he can even feel Ken breathes.

“A second chance to cheat?”

“A second chance in everything, including proving to Rainie how much I love her,”

“Will you give your girlfriend a second chance and be able to trust her again if she cheats on you?”

“Yes,” Scott responded without hesitation.

“Bullsh*t!” Ken said at Scott’s face. “Get a girlfriend who cheats on you and come back and tell me that you can accept her again!”

“You have not. Of course you’ll say that!”

“My bloody ex-girlfriend CHEATED on me and you have no idea how agony it is to live with one like that!” Ken yelled as his blood boiled with Scott’s statement.

Scott stared at him.

“You as a man need to experience that before you come to me and said YES without even thinking for a while that you can take her back. And I can bet with my life that you won’t live in peace when she cheats on you once and were granted a second chance! With you in such position as the cheater, of course you will say everything and anything because you want Rainie back. At this moment you are not in a position to tell me I have not because I am in the same boat as Rainie having a cheating partner!”

Scott took a deep breath as he stared at Ken angrily, and had no idea how to respond.

“You have no idea how bad and miserable you have put onto Rainie. So don’t come and tell me I don’t know because I know how it feels and how Rainie felt when she saw you with someone else,” Ken said as he pronounce each and every word clearly.

“At the end of the day, it is between me and Rainie. Why do you want to step in? And why do you want to poison her about me? I love her truly, and she will understand that…”

Ken interrupted, “I did not poison her about you. You know what you have done and the misery you have put her through. She is adult enough to see these things by herself. You are only interested with her fame. Not her as a person. You won’t repay her love. So leave her alone,”

“You love her, don’t you?” Scott asked.

Ken looked at Scott. His facial expression changed instantly when Scott says that.

A small sarcastic laugh escapes from Scott’s mouth. “Look at that face. Now I get it. You love her. After said so many things, you are trying to get rid of me because I am your competitor,”

Ken bites his lower lip and his eyesight strayed by slight.

“Just admit it that you love her!” Scott literally yelled at Ken’s face.

Ken looked straight at Scott, “YES, I LOVE HER,” he said. “Now back off! I will protect her from you and I will not let her cry because of you ever again!”

Scott swallowed his anger. “I will get her back. She knows how I felt for her. She will accept me and then you will back off on your own for good,” Scott said. “I WILL GET HER BACK, COMPETITOR,”

“No you won’t,” Ken said. “I will not let that happen. I will not give you a chance to hurt her again,”

“It is not you to decide,” Scott said, looking sternly straight at Ken. “It will be Rainie’s,” he took a step away.

“She will not pick you,” Ken said, still remained standing at his spot.

Scott stopped, before he turned to look at Ken, “You love her, for sure, but being around her for almost all the time, you dare not to even woo her, what makes you think she will pick you?” Scott smirked and he took another step again.

“How do you know I didn’t?” Ken asked, with a slight arrogance in the statement.

Scott stopped, remained smirking, “Because if you do, you would not have said you will protect her and not letting her cry because of ME. A man will protect their woman, but no man will say he will protect his woman from THE EX,” and he left.

Ken closed his eyes as his words have given him away. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

He stood there for a while, and pretended as though nothing has happened. He took his fruit punch, and grabbed another fruit punch for Rainie, and then he walked off.

Thank goodness their fight has only made a few turned their heads, and media is not there to do some ‘unofficial’ coverage as they are busy on the red carpet still.

She raised her head and turned to look at Ken walking away. She moved slightly, away from the taller man that she had shielded herself from plain view of Ken and Scott.


She turned and looked at Pace who is walking to her.

“Geez, you are here. I have trouble locating you. I’m done. Let’s go to the washroom,” Pace smiled.

“Oh, okay,” she smiled at Pace. And her smile soon fades.

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