The Story Of Us – Chapter 48

“You didn’t know she was looking for you at the snacks area earlier, right?” Pace asked.

Ken, with his facial expression changed immediately to partially stunned, looked at Pace. “What?”



“Didn’t expect to see you here, Vanness,” Mark said.

“Yeah, me too,” Vanness said.

“Are you given a pass by the company to attend the event?” Mark asked.

“Oh, no. I didn’t. It is not from the company. My friends have the passes. They brought me and Pace in. And you?” Vanness asked.

“Amber works in the admin department of Modeling Agency,” Mark smiled, looking at his wife.

“OH!” Vanness said. “I see,”

“Alright, didn’t want to bug you anymore. See you in the office,” Mark said, patted Vanness.

“Sure, see you,” Vanness said, pats Mark too.

And as soon as Mark left, Vanness turned to look at Pace, “Alright babe, thank goodness it is a quick one. You can go and look for Rainie and go to the ladies,”

“Alright,” Pace smiled, and she quickly walked away to get Rainie.

She looked around the snack area to search for Rainie, and then she saw Ken is talking with Scott. She frowned. And not far away from Ken, she spots the green dress.

It is Rainie. It is obvious she is eavesdropping from the look of her position and body language.

Pace looked at Ken and Scott, and she blends herself in the crowd so that both Ken and Scott will not know she is there, while waiting for signal that Rainie is no longer eavesdropping before she goes over and finds Rainie.

*Flashback ended.


Ken gaped looking at Pace. “You mean she heard…?”

“Yes,” Pace said. “I blend myself into the crowd and I heard it, and as a matter of fact, I was actually quite near to Rainie. So since I heard everything, I am sure she does too,”

Ken took a deep breath and looked at Vic.

“What happened?” Vic asked, looking at Ken.

“Scott confronted Ken,” Pace answered instead.

“What about?” Vanness asked.

“Nothing,” Ken said, did not want to mention that.

“Ken, he is asking you to back off. And he managed to stir those emotions inside you up, making you confessed. And Rainie heard everything. So stop denying and pretending all of these doesn’t matter to you,” Pace spilled it and as well as telling it to his face as she folded her hands on her chest.

“She… really heard everything?” Ken asked, looking at Pace.

“YES, KEN,” Pace is getting frustrated. “Rainie knew you love her. And she loves you back. Just go and do what is right,”

“What…?” Ken was stunned.

Vic and Winnie turned to look at Pace. “WHAT?” before they both turned to look at each other. “You mean you know Ken/Rainie loves Rainie/Ken?” both Winnie and Vic said together at each other.

“You guys are so dramatic. We don’t know anything, it seems!” Jerry said, looking at Barbie.

“I wonder if both of you really stayed together. How come you both didn’t…” Vanness asked, looking at Winnie and Vic. “Exchange information?”

“We talk about other stuffs and yes, we do talk about our friends. But this time, Ken wants to keep it secret,” Vic said. “Which is why I never tell Winnie…”

“So is Rainie,” Winnie said. “Besides we are so busy talking about everything else recently that we hardly talk about you guys,”

“So…” Jerry looked at Ken.

“Let me think,” Ken said, before he looked at the friends. He raised his hand and puts it on his forehead.

“Think? What else is there to think?” Vic asked.

“He already had a lot to process in his mind,” Pace said.

“And possibly best to see what is Scott up to,” Barbie said, folding her arms on her chest and looked at the stage, as well as everyone does.

Ken turned to look at the stage and gathered his thoughts.

“Rainie, I want you to know that I’m really sorry. I know you can accept me again and I am apologizing from the bottom of my heart. I know the kind of person you are, Rainie. And we have such as lovely relationship for the past 2 years, you will see it from this perspective and accept me again. I love you so much, do you know that?”

“Urgh… I’m disgusted,” Barbie said, turned and looked at Jerry.

“Oh well…” Jerry said, as he turned and looked at Ken.

Ken looked at Jerry, before he avoided Jerry’s gaze.

Rainie took a deep breath as she looked away, and then she looked at Ken.

Ken looked at her, and he is lowering his head in sorrow.

“Rainie, I understand that in certain circumstances it is not easy, but in proving that I am sorry from the bottom of my heart, I am doing this in front of everyone here about how sorry I am, and I want you to come back to my life…” Scott said, holding the microphone. He flicked his finger.

And then a chord was heard. Scott is going to do a live karaoke session, it seems.

Rainie rolled her eyes. “What the hell are you doing that for?” she asked, though not loud enough to be heard by anyone.


Ken lifted up his head and looked at Vic.

“You are not going to do anything?” Vic asked.


“Didn’t you see what Scott is doing?” Winnie asked.

“Do you want me to charge forward and give a bad impression to the press about Rainie?” Ken asked.

“Oh my, seriously, is that all you care, as well?” Winnie asked. “JUST THE PRESS?”

“No, I am concerned about Rainie. Her reputation…”

“KEN!” Winnie yelled, so loud that Rainie heard it, Scott heard it, and all the nearby tables heard it.

Ken looked at Winnie, he placed his hands forward as in he acknowledged her talking to him and he is asking her to calm down.

Scott ignored the havoc that Winnie has just created at their table, and he just stared straight at Rainie while waiting for the right chord to begin.

“Ken, this is not the time to talk about reputation!” Winnie said.


“Ken, listen! If you don’t go to her, you are losing to Scott!” Winnie interrupted.

“But as you have said, she loves me, right? And she won’t go back to him!”

“Yes, she loves you but I don’t know how she felt for Scott! And she told you she won’t go back to him, but look at what he did right now? What if she really fell for it?!”

Ken looked at Winnie.

“Exactly what I’ve said,” Vic said.

“Look! I know Rainie cares so much about her reputation but you have to show it to her that she is not supposed to do that right now! This is the best time for you to fight for what you and her want. And you do not want her to go back to Scott! If you love her you wouldn’t do that!” Winnie said.


“I really want to kill you right at this moment!” Winnie said.

And upon hearing that, Ken extends his hands out again, “Cool down, Winnie… cool down…”

“Exactly what I wanted to do too,” Vic said, turning his head and looked at Ken with sharp glares.

Ken turned his gaze to Vic who is sitting next to him (Ken). Well, at least Winnie is sitting at the other side of Vic so to have her reached over to Ken… there’s Vic to control her, but if it is Vic… he is really within reach… Ken is definitely going to die.

“Take it easy, I am really thinking, dude… I am thinking…” Ken said, this time turning his hands’ direction out to Vic, and then he swallowed the lump in his throat.

Vic rolled his eyes and exhaled a fuming breath. “Have confidence in yourself this time, at least for once!” he said.

Ken and everyone at the table turned their heads and looked at Vic.

“Julia spoiled your confidence, which is why it is your problem today. You need to get out of that because Rainie is not the same as Julia. You love her, and she loves you too. So what are you waiting for?” Vic smacked the words onto Ken’s face.

Ken stared at Vic.

“Stand the f*ck up and get her or else she’ll be out of your life forever!” Vic said.

Ken turned to look at Rainie who is facing Scott.

Vanness, noticing the facial expression on how lost and uncomfortable Ken is at the moment because of his personal conflict as well as words threw by Vic, “Why not we just wait and see what Scott is up to,” Vanness said. “Like Barbie has said,”

Jerry also noticed how confused Ken has been, he (Jerry) decided to chip in. “Yeah, and wait for signals from Rainie, if she needed help, you should charge forward,” Jerry said at Ken. Perhaps, Ken really needed some time to think about the situation and Vic as well as Winnie is not letting him to.

Barbie nodded in agreement.

“I…” Ken said and then he is interrupted.

Scott started singing.

*excerpts from Sorry by Buckcherry.
I’m sorry I’m bad.
I’m sorry you’re blue.

I love how you kiss,
I love all your sounds,
And baby the way you make my world go round
And I just wanted to say I’m sorry…


“Oh my…” Pace said, covering one side of her ears. She turned to look at Ken. “Now he is apologizing publicly, what do you have in mind? Don’t tell us you want to wait until go back home or until she is taken…”

“But yeah… please save me from the singing,” Vic said.

Rainie suddenly walks to the guy at the mixer area, after she saw what Scott had done.

“What is she doing?” Ken asked.

Everyone turned and looked.

Rainie basically lifted her hands and are directing something to the guy.

The guy did something, and apparently Rainie asked him to stop the music.

Scott is still singing while looking at her when the song suddenly stopped, and he then stopped too. He looked at Rainie who, herself, is holding a microphone.

“You just picked the best way to humiliate yourself,” Rainie said on the microphone.

“Hmm?” all of the friends asked.

The entire hall became eerily quiet the moment Rainie said that.

“Scott, it seems that you don’t know me WELL enough and never seems to understand what I’ve said,” Rainie said. “Scott, this is not the first time I am saying this. No matter how many times, or how you apologized, there is no way I will take you back. NO,”

“Is it because…”

“YOU CHEATED ON ME, SCOTT!” Rainie said loudly on the microphone.

The entire hall can feel the vibration of Rainie screaming on the microphone.

Soon, the media are busy writing and some even taking photographs without flash, didn’t want to interrupt the occasion.

“Hey this is interesting, luckily you did not charge forward,” Vanness said, sitting up straight.

“Huh?” they looked at Vanness.

“She is going to fend for herself, we have something to see!” Vanness said.

“Urgh…” Pace gently pushed Vanness indicating she is not impressed with what he had just said.

Scott stared at Rainie in disbelief. He couldn’t believe she would say that. She would take her reputation into consideration, and to announce that she was being cheated on, it is going to be embarrassing for her. And also, a major humiliation and a damaged reputation for him.

“Now tell me, Scott. How could I take you back? There will be no trusts between you and me anymore. So why should I put myself into such a sorrow and depressing situation, again?” Rainie asked.

“Rainie, I…”

“2 years of lovely relationship? There were a few months that the relationship went downhill. Where were you?” Rainie asked. “How lovely have you been, Scott? Seriously? Any proof?”

“Rainie, listen to…”

“Oh yes, you are lovely. Of course you do, you are lovely when you are with someone else. I saw you with someone else in front of my eyes. That explains everything, Scott. That explains why you stopped putting efforts into the relationship anymore. Because there’s someone else,” Rainie said. “So don’t tell me you are not cheating on me. All the things you’ve done have explained this clearly. As much as you think you know me about what kind of person I am, I don’t think you know me well. Don’t you know I don’t take cheaters back? And you have no idea about how I felt towards you in the relationship,”

Scott looked at Rainie.

“The moment you stop putting in your effort in the relationship; that is when I know things have gone really wrong. Yes, I do love you, but not anymore. You are my PERFECT NIGHTMARE, Scott,” Rainie said. “All you need from me is just my popularity, my fame. And why are you doing this during the appreciation night? Isn’t that’s because you want to gain your attention from the media? Congratulations. You already did. But I will never get back to a cheater like you,”

“Perfect nightmare…” Ken said, looking straight at Rainie.

“What is that all about?” Barbie asked.

“It is the song… the song she loved to listen to…” Ken said. “Perfect Nightmare by Shontelle,”

“And since you are singing a song to me, then let me dedicate one for you too,” Rainie said. “But I am aware that my vocal chord is not a concert material so I am not going to sing it. You only need to listen to the song,”

Some people laughed upon hearing that.

Including her friends.

Ken just smirked.

*excerpt from Take A Bow by Rihanna.
Don’t tell me you’re sorry ’cause you’re not
Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught
But you put on quite a show
Really had me going
But now it’s time to go
Curtain’s finally closing
That was quite a show
Very entertaining
But it’s over now (but it’s over now)
Go on and take a bow


“Take A Bow?” Ken asked. “How come it is Take A Bow…?”

“Huh?” Vic asked.

“She has never heard that song…” Ken said, turned and looked at Vic. “I… I passed her the song but… she had never played it…”

“Stop the music already,” Rainie said at the mixer guy.

And he did.

“Scott, you are indeed my perfect nightmare. But you know what? This song is called ‘Take A Bow’, and it is played instead because it’s lyrics depicts entirely about what is going on. If I hadn’t caught you on the street with someone else, you wouldn’t even admit you had cheated on me. The song fits the situation well. Thanks to someone’s recommendation,” she then turned and looked at Ken.

Ken saw her smiling at him, and he smiled back at her.

“She heard it… but I don’t know when then…” Ken uttered as he looked at Rainie, and Vic turned to look at Ken upon hearing that.

Rainie returned her gaze to Scott on the stage, “And I do not owe you anything now, not even a song,” Rainie said. “The point is, I will never get back with you. I will not be able to trust you again, nor wants to get myself back into this situation with you again,”

“Rainie, you are not like this,”

“No, I have always been like this. You just feel that you are a man, and you need to be on top of everything. You refused to see how I have been, what I am and who I am,”

“No, Ken must be the one who changed you!” Scott yelled.

“AHHHH… suddenly I am being mentioned,” Ken said.

“Scott, this is between you and me, why do you want to drag someone else?” Rainie yelled on the microphone. “Why do you have to be so ridiculous, and so immature? Why do you have to blame someone else when it is entirely your fault?!”

“He is interested with you, Rainie, don’t you know that?” Scott asked. “With him interested with you and poisoned you about me, how am I supposed to get back with you? He…!”

“Scott, I heard what you talked to Ken earlier at that snack area,” Rainie said. “I heard how you confronted Ken. How you asked him to leave,”

Scott’s face went pale. ‘It means she already know Ken loves her before all of these…’ he thought.

“Scott,” Rainie said. “My decision has nothing to do with Ken. At the end of the day, you cheated on me. Is that his fault that you cheat on me? No. It was you. And if you want to put the blame, then blame yourself, because right after I saw you with someone else and I broke up with you on the spot, I met with an accident and that is how I met Ken!”

Uproar. People are seen talking to each other.

At the other side,

“Looks like the press conference is going to hold way sooner than I thought,” Mr. Xavier said, crossing his leg over the other.

“How could you treat me like a doll, as though I have no feelings and I cannot do things as well as making decisions on my own about my relationship with you? Why are you doing it as though without Ken, I will get back to you?” Rainie said. “I am very upset with you as a person, Scott. I am glad you are an ex now,”

“But he…”

“Scott, with or without Ken. I will NEVER get back to you,” Rainie said. She turned to look at Ken. “If you want to know, Ken wins hands down. Ken has been really nice to me,” she smiled. “He has taken great care of me. And be there for me when I fall. What you didn’t know, Scott, despite how much he didn’t like the way you have treated me, he had always convinced me to talk to you. And he is angry with himself when you took advantage of the talk that I gave you!”

“Why should he? It is between you and me and it is not like…”

“Because he is the one that persuades me to give you that chance to talk and you do more than what you are expected to do!” Rainie said, looking at Scott. “You do not know your boundary, Scott. Who do you think you are, that even after broken up, you still have some sort of privilege in my life? And do you think I have no idea about what you are doing now? It’s all for media attentions!”

Vic smiled. “She understands that Scott is after her for attention,”

“But she didn’t agree entirely when we were talking about it earlier before the gala starts, remember?” Winnie asked, and Vic turned to look at her.

“Hmmm… that’s true…” Vic said. “So, what makes her knew all of a sudden…?”

“Scott didn’t deny that he is after her fame when he confronted me…” Ken said, causing both Winnie and Vic looked at Ken.

“So, you are saying, Scott is with Rainie, is really for her fame only?” Barbie asked. “You mean, the speculated news all this while… has been confirmed from Scott’s mouth?”

“That is how the conversation goes, though I don’t know if he loves her or not… but I know it is a prime reason…” Ken said.

“Yes, I heard it too,” Pace said.

“Bad,” Winnie said, folding her hands on her chest.

Scott’s eyes strayed. He is thinking of what else he could say. Reputation. Yes, reputation. “I have always thought you are forgiving. I never knew you are not,”

“Is cheating a thing that I can forgive?”

“Yes,” Scott said.

“Not for me,” Rainie said.

“You know the media will say that about you, that Rainie is not forgiving,” Scott said.

Rainie smirked. “Scott, you knew I valued my reputation. That is why you said I am not forgiving so that you hope the media will write that and to trigger me like this. But I am telling you now, Scott. I care about myself now so my reputation will be based with what and who I am instead of how I tried to maintain it. So, I don’t care anymore,” Rainie said. “If media wants to say I am not forgiving or hadn’t been a good girlfriend to you that is why you cheated, then so be it. Because I know deep inside my heart, what kind of girlfriend I am and at the end of the day, it was you who cheated and not me; which is why you are on this stage begging me to take you back. So the media is free to write whatever they want, but I only care for myself, for my life, for I don’t live for anyone else,” she turned and looked at Ken, for Ken is the one that told her this.

Ken smiled at her.

Scott’s face went pale. “You wouldn’t say things like this to me! Reputation means everything to you!” Scott yelled.

“It was. But not anymore,” Rainie calmly said as she looked at him. “Maybe it is still, for you,”

Scott is in disbelief. He can’t believe Rainie doesn’t care about her reputation anymore!

“Scott, I never bother to tell the media about what you did, because I don’t find it necessary. And besides, you already have bad days when you are losing jobs one by one. Why are you taking risks in this? Why do you want to do more damage to yourself?” she asked. “You have no way to be compared to Ken because he is better in every damn thing, better than you definitely,”

Scott quiets for a while. He noticed that Rainie is right. He is putting himself in a bad light. He thought that at the first place, he only has to be in the limelight, and sing a ‘sorry’ song and Rainie will accept him again because everyone is watching. He knew that Rainie has a good reputation and she will try to maintain it. Accepting him will place her as forgiving. But… now… she had spilled that he cheated on her and she doesn’t care if she were to be labeled ‘not forgiving’ as she doesn’t care about her reputation anymore like she used to. But instead he had damaged his reputation even more now. He did not see it coming. He only thought it will be a success. And since this is happening, he might as well drag someone with him.

“Didn’t you see it, Rainie? He is a nobody, and look at him… who he is today is because he gets them thru you!”

“Enough! You know nothing about him! He didn’t get his fame thru me. He never intends to do it because he didn’t know who I am when he knows me,” Rainie said. “But you definitely are! You thought things will remain the same; having me and another girl out there. You panicked when I saw you in the arms of someone else. Things went downhill for you since then. You lose your jobs one by one and literally everything the moment I walked out from your life. You want these back so you are coming back after me. So tell me who is the one that wants his fame thru me?!” she yelled. “And don’t you try to deny because you admitted that when you confronted Ken! I heard everything!”

Scott could only look at Rainie for her outburst.

“When you are with me, you are given a chance to build your reputation, but you thought you are over the top, you acted as though you are the lord of everything, making everyone like your servant! Now you are the cause of all of these things that had happened to you, Scott. Not anyone else!” she then turned and looked at Ken. “As you know, I am in a same situation as Ken. And just the same as him, I will never be able to take you back. I will never be able to trust a cheater,” she smiled at Ken.

Ken looked at Rainie. He also smiled gradually.

“He is a nice guy. He influenced me a lot, and taught me how to see things from a different perspective. He gives me light and strength when I need it. He gives me hope when I was down. We have a lot of chemistry. I…”

Ken suddenly stood up and yelled out, “Rainie, I LOVE YOU!”

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