The Story Of Us – Chapter 5

“Vic? Who is Vic?” Pace asked.

“That’s my boyfriend’s name,” Winnie replied.

“Ah, the one that you have been keeping secret for the whole year?” Pace said.

Winnie frowned and eventually she smiled. “Yes. Now you know his name is Vic,”

“Ah, now I know his name is… Vic,” Pace frowned. “Hmmm? Vic? That name sounds very familiar,”

“You’ve decided to move in? Since when?” Rainie asked.

“Yesterday,” Winnie said.

“And when did you call the landlord?” Rainie asked.

“Yesterday as well. He said alright,” Winnie said.

“Maybe you should drop him a call and tell him I want to stay at that place,” Rainie said.

“Rainie, are you sure you want to stay there alone? You need someone to take care of you right now and I don’t think staying alone is a wise idea,” Pace said.

“It’s only hairline fracture on the bone. It’s not that I can’t walk permanently. Yes, it might be slightly painful now but that pain will go away in days,” Rainie said. “And I can take care of myself,”

“Fracture?” Winnie asked.

“Not fracture, it is hairline fracture,” Rainie corrected.

“You mean when you walk right now, it’s painful?” Winnie asked.

“Umm… actually I can’t walk yet due to the swelling on my leg. Don’t worry about it,” Rainie said.

“You can’t walk now?! That sounds pretty bad already!” Winnie said.

“Actually I can walk, but because of the swell, it is making me very painful when I walk, alright? Just don’t freak out!” Rainie said.

“What did the doctor says, or if he mentioned what type of treatments you have to do to cure it?” Winnie asked.

“I need to go for physiotherapy and treatment, and also take adequate rest,” Rainie said.

“How long is that physiotherapy and treatments going to take?” Winnie asked. “I mean, duration,”

“About few months for it to completely healed,” Rainie said.

“Few months? You have fracture in your bone…” Winnie said.

“Hairline fracture!” Rainie had to repeat.

“Does that mean you need to rest for a few months for it to be completely healed?”


“With your bone fractured, can you wear heels?” Winnie asked.


“Still a fracture! Can you wear heels or not?” Winnie repeated.

Rainie sighed. “No,”

“NO?!” Winnie yelled. “Until when?!”

“Until I am completely healed…”

“Does that mean you cannot work for few months?” Winnie asked.

Rainie bites her lips. “Yes,”

Pace and Winnie gaped.

“What?!” Pace yelled.

“Oh my gosh…” Winnie said as she placed her hand on her forehead.

“I’ll be on medical leave, so it is okay,”

Winnie looked at Rainie in disbelief. “Rainie, how can you still remained calm like this?”

“Why should I be panicked? Things have happened,”

Winnie exhaled her deep breath. “You can’t walk right now, right?”

“As I have said, it is painful and until the swell is gone…”

“If you can’t even walk, how do you take care of yourself?” Winnie asked, interrupting Rainie.

“Well, point being, I am not going to stay at Scott’s place,” Rainie said.

“I am not asking you to remain staying with Scott, but I disagree with you staying alone. You definitely can’t move in with Pace because she is staying in a unit provided by her airline,” Winnie said.

“I’m sorry about that,” Pace said. “What about Barbie?”

“No, no, no,” Rainie said. “She is married. I don’t want to disturb them,”

“What about you follow me to Vic’s?” Winnie asked.

“Of course not! It is you and him. Not nice having me there okay…” Rainie said.

“If she didn’t want to stay at Barbie’s, what makes you think she will want to stay with you and Vic?” Pace asked Winnie.

Winnie took a deep breath, “What you can do is, you can move back in with me for now since I will be staying at the apartment for at least the next 2 weeks,”

“Well, that apartment used to be shared by both of you, until Rainie moved out. I think it’s okay but…” Pace then looked at Winnie, “Are you NOT working during that time?”

“Of course I need to work, why do you ask?” Winnie asked her back.

“You ask her to move with you, but if you are working, who is going to take care of her during your working hours?” Pace said.

“Ah… yeah,” Winnie scratched her head. “I didn’t think about that,”

“Look, I am perfectly fine and I don’t need anyone to take care of me,” Rainie said. “And the next thing is, I am not sure when I will be discharged from the hospital,”

“Huh?” Pace and Winnie asked.

“I am hospitalized now. Doctor said I need to stay here for few days. I guess by the time I move in and settled, it is probably the time to move out from the apartment,” Rainie said. “Anyhow, just contact the landlord and tell him I want to continue the tenure,”

“Alright, alright, I will call him for you,” Winnie said.

Rainie took a deep breath.

“Are you sad about Scott?” Winnie asked, gently gripped Rainie’s shoulder.

Rainie smiled faintly, “I’m fine. I’m… fine,”

“Do you want me to… get your stuff today at his place?” Winnie asked.

Rainie bites her lips. “Not today. He must be waiting for me at home,” her eyes strayed a bit.

And her phone rings.

She grabbed the phone and takes a look at the caller ID.

Pace and Winnie looked at Rainie putting the phone down and hides it underneath her blanket to soften the ringing volume.


“Accident?” Vic asked with the phone on his ear as he is in the office browsing thru the stack of papers.

Winnie: Yes, when you are free you can drop by to see her in the hospital.

Vic: Okay… I could only go after work. Or tomorrow morning.

Winnie: Alright. Going to work late tonight?

Vic: Yes. Fashion show is next month. I’m getting busier than ever. Is her condition serious?

Winnie: There’s a hairline fracture on her leg.

Vic: Hairline fracture?

Winnie: Yeah. She said she is on medical leave now. I think Rainie is going to miss the show.

Vic: What?

Winnie: She is most likely going to rest for months because of that fracture… though I am not sure if she is going to be completely healed by then. I am skeptical about that. It is best if you can talk with her about that.

Vic: Oh. Hmm. I am in the midst of preparing all the stuffs so if she missed the show, all my efforts will be futile.

Winnie: The accident is not under her control.

Vic: I know. That is why it is called ‘accident’. (takes deep breath) Oh well. What to do.

Winnie: Vic…

Vic: Yes?

Winnie: Rainie… she broke up with Scott.

Vic stunned: Broke up? When? How?

Winnie: Just did. Moments before accident.

Vic: Don’t tell me he pushed her to the road and caused the accident.

Winnie: Of course not. She is just being careless.

Vic: Umm… I see…

Winnie: But he might have that tendency.

Vic laughed: He is not someone like that, I am sure you know it.

Winnie: Anyway. If Scott ever finds you, don’t let him know she is in the hospital. I don’t think Rainie wants to see him.

Vic: Alright. I understand.

Winnie: After all we don’t like him. This is the best time to ditch him and separate him from Rainie. I refuse to see them back together.

Vic laughed: I don’t know about others but I know you don’t like him, Winnie.

Winnie: Well, yes, I don’t like him. I admit that.

Knock! Knock!

Vic: Winnie, I got some stuff to do. Chat with you later.

Winnie: Alright, bye.

Vic puts down the phone. “Come in!”

The door opened, and Vic looked at him.

It is Scott.

Scott looked at the papers all over Vic’s table, and racks after racks of clothes, as well as boxes of stuffs all over the floor.

Vic as a Styling Choreographer; has a big room in the modeling office. He has a huge, designer table where he worked on, and there are few cabinets in his room where one of it is dedicated for all his magazines and paperwork. There are also 2 fitting rooms in his room for the models to change their clothes when they needed to try out the clothes that Vic had for them. He sometimes felt that the room is too small!

“Stand there,” Vic said as Scott had taken 3 steps into the room. Scott immediately stood there as directed by Vic. “Sorry, my room is utterly messy. Things are all over the place because fashion show is next month. Hope you are fine standing at the door instead of coming near me. Why are you looking for me?” he lowered his head down to look at the stack of papers again.

“I want to know if you’ve seen Rainie,”

Vic lifted up his head to look at Scott. “Yeah. This morning. She came to try the dress for the fashion show,”

“I mean… maybe the last 2 hours,” Scott said.

“Last 2 hours? No,” Vic said.

“Oh,” Scott said. “Then do you know where she is, or where she will be?”

“Hmmm… I have no idea,” Vic looked at Scott, “Wait. Aren’t you… supposed to be in Milan now?”

Scott startled, “Ah,” he scratched his head.

“Rainie told me you went to Milan, that’s why,” Vic said.

“I… well… I have been asking around if anyone saw Rainie but… and since Rainie is close with Winnie and you, so… I came and ask,” Scott said, dodging the question or statement Vic had said earlier.

“No. But she doesn’t have anything to do today. So, right after the dress-tryout earlier, she already left the office,” Vic said, he runs thru the stack of papers again.


“But it’s weird that you came to me to look for your girlfriend,” Vic frowned and he lifted his head to look at Scott again. “Since she is your girlfriend, you should probably be the person that knows about where she is and where she will be instead of… me,”

“There is some… something between me and her, so I thought of… anyway,” Scott said, taking a deep breath. “Sorry for disturbing, please let me know if you’ve seen her,”

“Why don’t you call her?”

“She is not picking up my calls,”

“Oh,” Vic said. “Don’t worry about her, Scott. She’s a woman, not a small, young, innocent kid. She knows how to take care of herself,”

Scott smiled faintly. “Thanks. And enjoy your day,”

“Enjoy your search,” Vic said as he took out a piece of paper out of the stack and he grabbed the pencil and started writing something on it.

Scott nodded slightly and then he walked out of the room.

Vic puts down the pencil as he looked at the door and Scott had walked off. He took a deep breath.

His gaze then traveled down to the phone. He realized the call he had with Winnie is still connected. He immediately takes the phone up and placed on his ear. “Hello? Still… there?”

Winnie: Yes.

Vic: I thought our call has ended.

Winnie: You did not hang up the call. I was about to hang up until I heard you are talking to someone. Just stirred my curiosity who that is. I will hang up the call if it is someone else. Has he left?

Vic: Yes. You heard everything?

Winnie: Yes.

Vic: He sounded as though he wanted to patch up with Rainie.

Winnie: Judging from his tone, kinda figured. He is not serious with her when they’re together. Now they’re over, he asked everyone and search all over the place for her. He even forgot he is in ‘Milan’.


Rainie gently pulls herself up and sits on her bed. She took a deep breath and then she folded her hands on her chest while she looked out of the window.


She turned to look at the door. “Barbie,” she called. And then she looked at Jerry following behind Barbie. “Hi Jerry,”

“Hi Rainie, how are you doing?” Jerry asked.

“Fine… thanks,” Rainie replied.

Barbie walked towards Rainie and then she was about to reach forward to hold Rainie’s hand and then she noticed it’s bandaged, “Ah, you injured your hand too?” she gripped it gently.

“It’s just abrasion,” Rainie said, looking at her hand. “Did you come from office?”

“Yes, Pace informed me about your accident just now, and then I asked Jerry to come pick me up from work so that we can come and visit you,” Barbie said. “How did you get involved in an accident?”

“I was crossing the road,” Rainie sighed, hoping this is the last time she has to repeat the incident, “I cross the road and a car stopped in time, and hit me on my leg… just slightly. So I fell and here I am,”

“And the bugger?” Barbie asked.

“The bugger sends me to here,” Rainie rolled her eyes. “I know what you are thinking. It is MY fault,”

“How can the bugger hits you and it became your fault?” Barbie asked.

“The only reason if it’s your fault, is, you cross the road when the pedestrian light is red,” Jerry said.

“Yes,” Rainie said. “Jerry is absolutely right,”

“Oh,” Barbie could only say, after she turned to look at her husband before she turned to look at Rainie again.

“What did the doctor say?” Jerry asked.

“Hairline fracture,” Rainie looked at her leg. “Rest is required,”

Barbie and Jerry looked at Rainie’s bandaged leg.

“Going for any physiotherapy or treatment?” Jerry asked.

“Yes. I am schedule for it,” Rainie said.

“Good. You need to immobilize your leg, and take very good care of it,” Jerry said.

Rainie shook her head and then she sighed. “I know. Thanks,”

“How could you be so clumsy to cross the road before the light turns green?” Barbie asked. “You are not like that,”

Rainie retracts her hand from Barbie’s grip.

“What is it?” Barbie asked.

“I wasn’t concentrating because I saw Scott earlier… with a girl,”

“A girl?” Jerry and Barbie asked as they both looked at each other.


“So… I supposed… he cheated on you?” Jerry asked.

“He is the one with a girl, not me with another girl,” Rainie said.

Barbie smiled at her husband. “Yes, he cheated,”

“So, we’ve broken up,” Rainie said. “There and then,”

“So you are saying, breaking up with him there and then causes you to lose your concentration, and then walked to the road when the light is still red?” Barbie asked. “So that is the reason that causes you to get into an accident?”

Rainie nodded.

Jerry took a deep breath. “Huge impact, huh?”

“No… I am fine… just a hairline fracture on my bone… minor abrasion on my…”

“I mean the relationship,” Jerry said.

“Oh,” Rainie said. “Err… it is okay,”

That’s a lie. It was supposed to be YES instead of ‘it is okay’.

“So… what do you plan to do now?” Barbie asked.

Rainie bites her lips. “Move out from the house and see how things go,”

“Where are you moving to?” Barbie asked. “Do you want to come to my place and stay?”

Jerry nodded.

Rainie shook. “Thanks. I’ll probably move back to the apartment that I rented with Winnie. But… I don’t know yet,”

“Hmmm… in case you need a place to stay, let us know, alright?” Jerry said. “We have rooms,”

Rainie smiled and nodded. “I appreciate it,”

“So, are you discharging tomorrow?” Barbie asked.

“Most probably not,” Rainie said. At the back of her mind she wishes that all of her friends came at the same time so she doesn’t have to repeat things again and again. “Have you eaten your dinner?” she suddenly blurted.

“Oh… not yet,” Barbie said.

“Why don’t you both go for your dinner now? It’s getting late,” Rainie smiled.

“What says you?” Jerry asked Barbie.

“Well… okay… do you want me to pack something for you?” Barbie asked, looking at Rainie.

“No need, it is okay,” Rainie said.

“Have you eaten?” Jerry asked her.

“Hospital will give me food,” Rainie said.

“You mean those food is actually consumable?” Barbie asked.

Rainie laughed a bit. “Just functional. I don’t have mood to eat anyway… so, don’t waste money. Go guys, it’s not good to have late dinner,”

“Alright… alright, we’ll go. I’ll meet you… tomorrow, maybe?” Barbie asked.

“Okay,” Rainie smiled.

“If you’ve discharged from the hospital, please let me know, alright?” Barbie said. “You don’t want me to come to visit you when you are not staying in the hospital anymore, right?”

“Sure,” Rainie replied.

“Then I’ll go now…” Barbie said, standing up and then leaned over. “Take care, alright?” she hugged Rainie.

“I will. You take care too. Thanks for coming,” Rainie responded to the hug. “Bye guys. Goodnight,”

“Bye, Rainie. Anything, drop us a call, okay?” Jerry said.

“Sure, thanks, Jerry. Thanks, Barbie,” Rainie said.

“Bye Rainie,” Barbie said as they left the room.

Rainie took a deep breath. She folded her hands and she turned to look out of the window again.

So many things are running in her mind.

Her relationship.

Her leg.

Her career.

She had no one to confide in at this most crucial time.

She has been pretending the whole day, as if nothing bugs her and everything is good.

But that is not the real case.

Even more so, it is night now when there is nothing to distract her and that the reality had slowly seeps in into her mind.

And she just controlled her emotions that are flooding her. And she tried hard not to let them overtake her to create tears in her eyes.


Ken grips onto the ladle as he stirred the content of the pot.

He smiled briefly at the sight of it.

He then removed the ladle and covered the pot.

He tilted his head and looked at the buttons on the pot.

He twists and turns the buttons, knowing exactly what he is doing.

“All set,”

He diverted his gaze to the left and takes the stuffs out from the groceries bag and puts it aside.

And then he headed and opened one of the kitchen cabinets, and takes out a paper bag.

“Alright. All done. Work continues tomorrow,” he smiled.

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