The Story Of Us – Chapter 6

“Good morning, Rainie,”

Rainie lifted her head up to look at the door. “Morning, Winnie. Hi Vic, you’re here too,” she said as she saw Vic walking into her room, following right behind Winnie.

“Hi Rainie. Sorry that I didn’t get to come and visit you last night. I left office quite late yesterday, around 11pm, so I guess it is not a good time to come and visit you after that,” Vic said.

Rainie smiled. “It is okay. Thanks for coming today. Taken your breakfast?”

“Yes. We came out earlier to take breakfast so that we can come and visit you before we go to work,” Winnie said.

“Wow, you’re really early. It’s only 8.30am now,”

“I know,” Winnie smiled. “And you? Taken your breakfast already?”

“Yeah. Hospital food. At 8am,” Rainie said.

“So how are you feeling today?” Vic asked.

“I’m good, thanks,” Rainie said.

“Discharging soon?” Vic asked.

“Doctor hasn’t said anything about that,” Rainie said, looking at Vic, and then she switched her gaze to Winnie. “Winnie,”


“What time is your runway rehearsal today?”

“10.30am, why?”

“And what time do you start work?” Rainie asked Vic.

“9am,” Vic said.

“Can you go to work slightly later?” Rainie asked Vic.

“No problem, I’m working late anyway. Why?”

“Scott will not be home from now until 11am,”

Winnie turned to look at Vic.

“Then?” Vic asked.

“Sorry, I didn’t tell you about me agreeing to help her move her stuffs out of Scott’s house,” Winnie scratched her head as she looked at Vic.

“Oh?” Vic replied to Winnie.

“So you need to go to his house and get my stuffs. I have a lot of things and I know Winnie will not be able to take them all alone, that is why I asked you. The house keys are in my bag. And I’ll pass you the entrance card,” Rainie said as she pointed at the cabinet where her handbag is.

Vic looked at Rainie, “Are there any security guards and camera? Because we sounded like thieves,”

“Hmm… okay, I’ll drop a call to the security guards and tell them I’m in the hospital, and that I asked my friends to come to take my stuffs,” Rainie said.

“But we are ‘looting’ your stuffs, not a small bag for hospital use,” Vic said. “You might need a better excuse,”

“Then I’ll tell them the truth,” Rainie said. “Just a break up and move out. What’s so biggie about it? Most people do that,”

Winnie and Vic looked at each other.

“So… can you do that, now?” Rainie asked, looking at Winnie and Vic.




Rainie turned her head to look at the door, instantly greets the face of a suave man. “Ken?”

Ken smiled at Rainie. “How are you feeling today?”

“I am fine. Thanks. But why are you here?” Rainie asked. “I am not taking an answer for ‘I am just dropping by’ from you,”

“I came here to see you,” Ken said. “And I brought you breakfast,” he smiled as he placed the paper bag on the table.

“Breakfast?” Rainie asked as she turned her head to look at the paper bag.

“It is not anything fancy. Just some egg mayo sandwich and also porridge. I brought you some teabags so that you can drink here too. I am worried that if I put the teabag in a cup of hot water, it is going to be cold when I reached,” Ken said. “I hope you don’t mind. It’s just something very simple,”

Rainie smiled. “Thanks, Ken. How much is it? I pay you back,”

“No need, no need… I made it myself,” Ken said, as he then opened the paper bag and takes out the sandwich and passed it to her.

“You make it yourself?” Rainie asked as she took the sandwich from Ken’s hand.

“Yeah… didn’t it look homey? It’s too ugly to be placed in the shelves for sale,” he pointed at the sandwich which is wrapped in a transparent cling wrap.

Rainie smiled. “Does it take a lot of your time to make this?”

“Not really. Just about 20-30 minutes,” he smiled.

“And the porridge?”

“Oh, the porridge,” Ken said as he took a big bowl out. “I made it the whole night. I hope the taste is right for you,” he showed it to her as he opens the lid.

“You make the porridge as well?” Rainie asked as she smells it.

“Yeah. I put it in the slow cooker for the whole night. Most of the taste would have been absorbed into the porridge so it should have some taste instead of expecting it to be bland. It’s fish and pork porridge. I hope you are fine with this,” Ken smiled. “I… I don’t know what you can and can’t eat. And I also didn’t know if you have any food preference. The only thing I can think of is just something you can eat due to your condition,”

“Oh, it is alright. Good enough for me,” she smiled. “And the teabags…”

“Oh, I don’t make those!” Ken said.

Both of them laughed.

“But it is from my cabinet. I drink this tea because it’s really fragrant and I actually like them. I don’t know if you can drink coffee, so I brought you teabags. In case you wanted to drink the tea, just get hot water and pour on it,” Ken said. “You can drink anytime,”

“It’s so nice of you, Ken,” Rainie smiled.

“I wanted to do something for you. So… here I am,” Ken said. “I hope you like it,”

“It’s okay,” Rainie said. “I really appreciate it,” she lowered her head down and looked at the sandwich.

“Do you want to eat the sandwich now or the porridge…?”

“Actually I have eaten breakfast. Hospital provides us breakfast at 8am,”

“Oh,” Ken could only reply.

“But seeing the sandwich… I want to eat it now,” she opened the cling wrap around the sandwich.

“Oh,” Ken smiled again.

“Smells nice,” she said, as she looked at the sandwich. She then takes a bite on the sandwich.

Ken looked at her as she munched on the sandwich.

“Taste nice too,” she smiled.

“I’m glad that you like it. If you want more, I can make it for you tomorrow,” Ken said.

Rainie smiled, and then she slows down her munching speed. “Ken,” she called.


“Thank you for all of these. But… you have done all you can do. There is actually… nothing for you here anymore. I am not going to sue you for the accident,” Rainie said. “I really won’t. It’s not your fault. So you really do not have to worry,”

“I am not coming because I am worried about you going to sue me. I come because… I feel bad for the accident. Even though you have always said the accident isn’t my fault, but I still feel that I need to take half of the responsibility. And also, I want to come and see how you are doing,” Ken said.

“It’s an accident, right? Nobody wants it to happen,” Rainie said.

“I know. But still, I want to come,” Ken said. “I really do,”

She can sense his sincerity. She smiled. “Thank you,”

“You are welcome. Can I sit?”

“Oh, sure, sure. Have a seat,” she said as she then continued munching the sandwich.

Ken smiled as he took a seat. He looked around the room. “Hmm, nobody send you ‘get well soon’ flowers?”

Rainie smiled, “No. Not even a fruit basket. You are the first person that gives me something… at least, there’s something,” she looked at the sandwich as she shoved the final bite down into her throat.

“Oh,” Ken said. “I’m glad that I make you happy… at least,”

Rainie laughed. “Thanks for the sandwich,”

“No problem,” Ken smiled.

“So, what do you work as?” Rainie asked.

Ken’s smile faded and then he bites his lower lip.

“You seem to have quite flexible working hours,” she added. “To see you on the road… and it’s 9.15am now and yet you are still clad in casual wear and come and pay me a visit…”

“I lost my job 2 days ago,” Ken interrupted.

Rainie surprised. “What?”

“Yeah,” Ken said, lowered his head slightly. “That is why I’m so free to wander around the town in my car yesterday. So… I am glad you did not sue me or else… I really don’t know what to do,”

Rainie smiled. “Then what do you work as in your previous job?”

“Project Tender Executive,”

“Wow, something very… skillful,” she said. “It’s a very specialized job. Very good,”

He laughed. “That is the first time I heard such a nice comment about my job,”

“Well, a specialized job is always good. It means it is a widely sought after position. You can ask for a really high salary if someone is interested in hiring you,”

Ken smiled. “If only everyone thinks like you,”

Rainie smiled. “What happened? If you don’t mind,”

“Company is on the loss. They are terminating staffs,”

“Oh…” Rainie said.

“And how about you? What do you work as?”

Rainie smiled looking at him. “Wanna pick a guess?”

“Hmm… no, I don’t want to guess,” Ken smiled. “Since there are thousands of jobs, I cannot guess them all,”

“I’m a model,” Rainie said.

Ken’s smile fades. “Model?”

“I don’t look like one?” Rainie asked.

“No… I mean, yes… wait. I mean… I didn’t expect you are a model,” Ken said. “I… will the accident leaves you scars? Will your leg…” he asked as he looked at her.

“Why are you so anxious? I haven’t even done that to myself,” Rainie said.

“Err… I’m sorry. I… upon knowing you are model… your pay and life basically rely on your outer look,” Ken said.

“Humans are never perfect. I think it is not under my control if I were to have any scars or not,” Rainie said, looking at her bandaged hand. “I’ll just do my best,”

Ken smiled lightly, “I cannot believe that you are so positive about these,”

“Circumstances in life will make, or rather, force one to be like that,” Rainie smiled. “I’m okay,”

“So… I supposed… you are on medical leave now?”

“Definitely. Can’t walk properly to save myself… how am I supposed to walk on the runway now,” Rainie said. “Besides, doctor has told me I can’t wear heels for now,”

“No heels?”

“Yeah. It will not help in the healing. So… I need to wear flats,” Rainie said. “Well, right after I can start walking first,”

“What do you mean, you can’t walk now?”

“It’s painful when I walk due to the swell. So… I need to immobilize my left leg and perhaps wait for a few days before I can walk. Hopefully by then the pain is no longer there,” Rainie said.

“Oh,” Ken said.

“So… you don’t want to look for job today?” Rainie asked.

“Ah?” Ken asked.

“Yeah, you didn’t have to go and look for jobs? Buy some newspapers or something?”

“Oh… I do it over the Internet,” Ken said. “And… after all, I wanted to open up my options to try other jobs. But, so far, none has interest me,”

“Oh… it’s good that you are opening up your options,” she smiled.

“Yeah,” he said. “So, your family members came and visited you?” he changed the topic.

Rainie’s smile faded. “Family members?” she then shook.

“Boyfriend or husband… if you are married?”

She then shook. “I just broke up with my boyfriend… ex-boyfriend,”

“Oh. I’m sorry for asking that,” Ken said.

“It is okay… just broke up yesterday,”

“Yesterday?” he is surprised.


“Umm… still fresh wound,” Ken mumbled.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing. You said broke up yesterday…”

“Caught him cheating on me,” Rainie replied. “So… in that few moments I lost a bit of concentrations, and that is how… I cross the road,”

Ken gaped. “You mean you just broke up in matter of minutes before the accident yesterday?”

Rainie nodded. “Sorry for dragging you into this,”

“This? What is ‘this’?”

“My carelessness caused you to be involved in an accident,”

“Ah, umm… don’t worry about it,”

“Still,” she said.

“Rainie, don’t say that anymore, okay? No more ‘sorry’ here and there. It has happened,”

Rainie smiled.

“I am, in fact, supposed to apologize because…”

“You too,” Rainie interrupted. “You shouldn’t apologize anymore,”

“Oh, umm…” Ken said. “Well… then, we shouldn’t say sorry to each other anymore about the accident…”

“Yes. Promise?” she extends her pinky.

Ken laughed, “Alright, promise,” he extends his pinky and hook with hers as a sign of promise.

Rainie laughed too.

After their laughter fades, both of them didn’t say anything else.

“Umm… so, do you want your porridge?” Ken asked.

“Hmm… alright,” she replied.

And he stood up to get the porridge for her.

“You are nicer than my ex,” she uttered.

Ken looked at Rainie. “Errr…”

“Just a statement,” she said.

“I’ll… take that as a compliment,” he said as he handed her the porridge.

“Yes, you should,” she accepted the bowl of porridge from Ken’s hands.


She turned her head to look at her ringing phone on the table. Ken also turned his head to the direction of her phone.

“Sorry, Ken, can you please hold the porridge for me for a while?” she handed him the bowl. “I need to get the call,”

“Sure,” Ken said as he immediately takes it.

Rainie grabbed her phone and then she accepted the call. “Hello, Winnie?”

Ken pointed at the door, to indicate he’ll be out.

Rainie waved at him, indicating ‘no need’. “Yes, it’s all heels,” she said on the phone. “I only have a pair of slippers and the rest are all heels. My slippers are orange in color. And grab all the heels,”

Ken smiled a bit as he sits down on the chair with the porridge in his hand.

“All my clothes are in the wardrobe. My luggage bag is on top of the wardrobe. Just stuff all my clothes into that luggage bag. My jewelries, perfumes and face care stuffs are all on the table… No, no, ignore the ones in the bathroom. I can live without those… Yes… Yeah… Right… Oh, my cup is in the kitchen… the dark blue one… no, pots are not mine… Yes, I think that’s about it… Ah? Just pour the entire drawer’s stuff into the bag. It’s all mine anyway… Right… Okay… Thanks, Winnie. Bye,” and she hung up the call.

She turned and looked at Ken.

Ken handed her the bowl of porridge.

“Oh, thanks,” she said, taking the bowl of porridge from him after placing the phone down on the table.

“No problem,” he said.

She smiled, as she lowered her head and then she looked at the porridge. “I… should probably allow you to be out of the room during the phone call,”

Ken smiled. “Don’t worry, I will pretend that I hear nothing,”

“You… wanna know what the call is all about?”

“It’s your privacy. I respect that. If you wanna tell, you will tell,” Ken said.

Rainie smiled faintly. “If I tell you that I’m asking my friends to loot stuffs, will you believe me?”

“If you are saying it in that way, it’s your stuff they are looting since you mentioned ‘my clothes’, ‘my cup’, ‘my luggage bag’,” he said.

She laughed. “Yes… my stuff. I’m… actually moving out from my ex’s house,”

“Why don’t you do it yourself?” he asked. “Right after you’ve discharged from the hospital. I think that will be better and you are not in a rush anyway. With you asking your friends, they might have missed something since they don’t know which is yours. Especially the bathroom’s stuff that actually belongs to you, were left behind… but I think your ex will be able to tell them which is yours and which is his’ so they will not take his stuff away,”

“You are slightly wrong about that,”

“Which is?”

“I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to see him. And I wanted to move on with life, better still, the faster the better,”

“Well… you are right about that,”

“And right now, my ex is not there to tell them which is mine and which is not,” Rainie said.

Ken looked at Rainie. “You mean?”

“They go into the house with my key, my entrance card, my permission. But I ask them to go when he is not around,”

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