The Story Of Us – Chapter 7

“You mean your ex is not in the house now when you are asking your friends to go to his house and take your stuffs?!”

Rainie looked at Ken with that surprised look on his face.

“Yes,” she replied.

“But… didn’t that sound… bad?” Ken asked. “I mean… if he knows your friends are going back to take your stuffs; at least with him around, he will not think that some burglars came in into the house,”

“You won’t understand, Ken,”

“But that’s how I see it. If my ex were to move out, I suggested she let me know when she came to take her stuffs,” Ken said.

“It is best not to let him know I am coming,” Rainie said, swallowing a lump in her throat. “Or my friends, since I can’t go,”

Ken took a deep breath. “But then again. I guess you have your reasons,”

“I don’t want to make myself sound like a bad person to you, Ken,” Rainie said. “If he knows my friends are going to take the things, he will not let them take it. He will insist to see me and want me to go and take my stuffs in person. And I didn’t want to see him. If there is no choice that I have to go back to take my stuffs, he will persuade me to go back to him. And I didn’t want to,”

Ken’s eyes strayed upon hearing what she said, “You do not have a clear cut talk with him about the end of the relationship, do you?”

Rainie looked at Ken into his eyes. “You are right,”

Ken runs his hand through his hair as he quiets for a while. “I don’t know how that happens. But it’s between you and him… and not me,”

“Do I sound like a bad person to you?”

“Like I’ve said, you have your reasons,” Ken said.

Rainie took a deep breath as she leaned her back onto the pillow. “He has been acting weird for months. He has not been home for a while. He told me he’s booked for shows and he is travelling hectically because of it. He has not call me citing different time zones and very busy. You won’t understand the feeling of having a partner but you are sleeping alone on the cold bed every night and he lied to you about his whereabouts,”

“I know that feeling,”

Rainie looked at Ken. “You do?”


“Oh, really,” Rainie said flatly, not buying it.

Ken smirked slightly as he exhaled his breath, “Because my ex cheated on me too,” Ken said.

Rainie’s eyes widened up. “What happened?” she asked.

He smiled as he took a deep breath. “You continue yours. I’ll tell you mine after you are done,”

“Oh…” Rainie said, as she was immersed into Ken’s situation instead. She then lowered her head down. “So where were we…”

“You said he’s booked for shows. He is a show host? Or a celebrity?” Ken asked.

“He’s a model,” she lifted up her head to look at Ken.

“Ah, I see. Model boyfriend and model girlfriend,” Ken said.

“He wasn’t really well-known prior to starting a relationship with me. My friends truly believe he got his fame from me,” Rainie said. “They said he was a nobody until we were together, which I also know part of it is true,”

“Oh,” Ken said. “Sometimes it happens,”

“Yes, I know. But it made me think if he is with me due to my popularity, or if he really likes me,” Rainie said, and then lowering her head down again.

“I’m sorry for asking a dumb question,” Ken said, and Rainie looked at him. “Are you a really, really famous model?”

“Umm… yeah… but… that question is strange…?” Rainie asked.

“I’m a… sorry. I don’t watch television as much, nor read magazines. I browse online newspaper because there’s not much advertisement,” Ken scratched his head.

Rainie smiled. “I’m glad I can be nobody to you,”

“Huh?” Ken said.

“Actually, I’m a supermodel. I model for fashion shows and also for photo shoots. I am a spokesperson for make up brands and a couple of other miscellaneous brands and items. And… not to brag, but, I am quite famous in Taiwan,”

“Ah… I’m… I’m so sorry for my ignorance. I really didn’t know that,”

“Ken, don’t treat me differently because I’m famous. Just treat me normally like how you treat other people,” Rainie said. “I don’t need any special treatment. I only want to be ordinary,”

Ken smiled. “I’m glad you told me so,”


“Because I did not intend to treat you differently or to give you special treatment just because you are a model,” Ken laughed.

Rainie smiled. “Thanks, Ken. Just let me be the nobody to you,”

“No problem,” Ken said. “And… then? Your ex?”

“Well. I caught him shopping with the girl when he told me he is in Milan. There wasn’t much said that time… as he was shocked that I caught him with her. I hardly walk on that street. It’s just that I have agreed to meet Pace somewhere near there. He couldn’t explain. And I didn’t need any. I understand so well that I don’t need any explanation from him. After all… what is there to explain? That she is a sister I’ve never seen or met before? Or a cousin sister that he would hook his hand with hers’? Or a friend? Would you hook your friend’s hand like that? It’s so wrong. They were so close and behaving intimately like a couple. I see it thru my eyes,” she said as tears formed in her eyes.

“And you confronted them?”

“Yes. I was standing there and he came out from the shop, bumped straight onto me, and not knowing what to speak. For him to behave suspiciously for months… and all those signs… and caught him with her…” she took a deep breath. “I just said to him – we’re done,”

“We’re done?”

“Yes. I said that and I left… and accident. And viola! Here I am,” she said, spread her hands wide, shocked Ken a little bit as he didn’t see it coming. “Oops,” she said as she saw Ken jolted with her reaction. “Sorry,”

Ken laughed. “It’s okay,”

“So… that’s about it. I knew he will be searching for me now. So… being in the hospital is probably the best place to hide from him,” Rainie said. “Do you think there’s anything else that he and I should talk about? To me, I think it’s pretty clear that this is the end and nothing else is needed,”

“I understand. But, I think it’s still necessary to take your stuffs by yourself, and he should be informed about it. I know he’s probably looking for you and hoping to talk with you, even if it’s going to be one last time to explain what went wrong,” Ken said.

“Miraculously, I don’t want to know what went wrong. It might be me. It might be something about the relationship. But I chose to keep it that way that he is the one at fault, so that I can live with ease that it’s not my problem in the relationship,” Rainie said. “At the end of the day, he cheated. I don’t want to be with a cheater, or a guy who wants two girls at the same time,”

“If he tells you that he wants to be with you, and he will let the other one away, and he promised you eternity, will you take him back?” Ken asked.

Rainie lowered her head for a while, and that action is not unnoticed by Ken.

Rainie lifted up her head and looked at Ken, “Even if he is the last guy on earth, NO,” she said. “Once a cheater, always a cheater. He will expect that you forgave him once, you can forgive him twice. I don’t believe in that logic. I rather live alone than with a cheater,”

Ken smiled. “You are right. Once a cheater, always a cheater,” he repeated after her. ‘But you might not say the same thing again in matter of days or weeks,’ his mind says.

“You see, there is no need for me to really talk to him. Listening to him to say, ‘sorry, it’s my fault’ and bla bla bla, or worst is, ‘sorry I didn’t tell you it’s your fault’ is the last thing I want to hear,”

Ken laughed. “You are right,”

She smiled as she lowered her head slightly and then wipes her tears.

“Are you okay?” Ken asked.

She nodded. “I’ll be fine,” she said, lifting up her head after wiping her tears and sniffed. “Then what about your relationship?”

“Me?” Ken asked.

Rainie nodded.

“I… well. I was with my ex since my University days. I was with her for 3 years, until I joined my current… I mean, former company, I spent a lot of time in the office because I’m learning about ins and outs of a tender. So… that was when it begins. Due to my work commitment, I hardly spent time with her,” he said. “And then, one day when my best friends were hanging out in a bar without me, they told me they saw her with someone, so… I thought she went out and just eat with friends. I asked her, and she told me she was at home sleeping. I didn’t know who to believe. One is my girlfriend and the other is my best friends. Three of them saw her with someone. I told myself to give her a chance and see how things go. I soon found out she has been keeping those meetings secret from me. She will lie to me telling me she is at home when she is out. And I’m beginning to lose my trust on her. And then, she pick out fights with me saying I’m not spending time with her, that I am lacking something that other guys have, and she compared me with some ‘other guys’,”

“Whoa… you… you put up with her,” Rainie said.

“Some days, she would tell me she has to work late and then gradually it happens more often. She never came back home. I sleep alone. I feel so… depressed. She would then tell me because she worked late, she stayed over at her friend’s place and refused to reveal which friend is that and she would often scold me or something about it because I asked,” Ken said. “It feels very… very…” he took a deep breath, “I don’t know. Bitter. It feels bitter to know she is at someone else’s place for the night when I am waiting for her to come back,”

She felt his pain. “Your endurance level is so high,” Rainie said.

“So are you,” Ken said, to which Rainie smiled.

“I broke up the moment I saw him cheating on me. No one has seen him with another… or rather, no one has confirmed that with me for me to take actions. At the end of the day, he lied about being in Milan but he is still here in Taipei. A big fat lie by itself,” Rainie said. “Oh, I am sorry for taking your time up. It is supposed to be your session. Anyway, you can continue,”

“No worries about it,” Ken smiled faintly. “That fateful day, I went back at 8pm sharp. She wasn’t home. I called her. She told me she is home. It is proven that she lied to me. I sat there on the couch waiting for her. She came back at 10.40pm because she knew I will usually be back at around 11pm. She was surprised to see me home. And we fought… so bad,” he looked down and he bites his lower lip. “So bad that I… I throw all her stuffs out of the house,”

Rainie looked at him. “Wow. So fierce,”

He laughed. “I remember…”



Door open.

She enters the house and is startled at the sight of Ken sitting on the couch in the living room.

“Umm… Ken,” she closed the door behind her. “So early of you tonight,”

Ken diverted his gaze from looking straight to look at her. “You said you are home,”

“I… went out,” she said.


“Yeah,” she lowered her head.

“What time did you go out?” Ken asked, rose to his feet.

“Umm… an hour ago, I guess,”

Ken looked at her, and then a smirk is formed on his face. “An hour, huh?”


“You lied to me,”

“No, I didn’t,” she vehemently denied.

“When I called you, you said you are home,”

“I am really at home!”

“I called you right at this spot at 8pm!” Ken yelled.

“What?” she looked at him. “Well…” her eyes strayed. “I might have gone away more than an hour and when you call me I am at the lobby of the…”

“I wonder how many times you have lied to me saying you are home when you are not. I come home early to see you are not around, so I drop you a call. And then you told me you are home. So, really?” he looked at her, clenching his teeth that his strong jaw line is so prominent.

“Ken! How can you accuse me of lying to you?! Can’t I go out?”

“I didn’t say you can’t,”

“Then what is with the statement about me lying to you numerous times, huh? You are all about work, work, work!” she raised her voice. “So can’t I go out and find my own friends, rather than staying back at home and wait for you to come back at 11pm?!”

“Then why is it so difficult for you to tell me where have you been, who are you with and be honest with me? Why do you have to say you are home when you are not?!”

“Ken, you have no idea how bored and lonely I am, alright?! You are not a good boyfriend!”

“So is someone else a better boyfriend than I am?!”

“Yes! He is better than you! He spends more time with me than you did and all you do is f*cking work on your stupid tender! You are better off spending the rest of your life with your tender!”

That is it.

Ken’s gaze turned furious, “You’ve finally admitted there’s a HE in your life! You cheat on me! You bloody cheat on me, you cheater! Get the hell out of my face and my life!” he scolded her.

She stopped. “Finally admitted? You…” she looked at Ken, “You already knew there’s…?”

“I knew. I just couldn’t prove it. Now you did! Now, get out! CHEATER!” he yelled at her as he angrily walked to the room.

She’s taken aback. She wanted to raise her voice to send her message across about how bad Ken is as a boyfriend. But it backfires. She didn’t know she is at a loss now that Ken knew she has another guy and inadvertently she had exposed by comparing both of them.

“Ken!” she yelled as she followed. “Ken! I…” she stopped as she saw Ken hastily grabbing her clothes out from the wardrobe and in the process of grabbing hastily, he tore some of the clothes and threw all of them at the door, which he didn’t know she is standing at.

She turned her head and raised her hands to protect herself as the clothes were thrown on her.

Ken glared at her as he pushed all the items on the dressing table onto the floor, spilling some of them as the cover gave way or broke when it hits the floor. “These are all your stuffs that I don’t need in my room ever! Take them and leave the house!” he walked out from the room, bypassing her.

“Ken…” she grabbed her clothes from the floor and then she stood up and looked at him as he headed to the kitchen.

“And this,” he lifted the cup. “I bought this for you 2 years ago and you said this is your favorite cup. This is my gift to you. It’s my money!” he gripped the cup tight, lifted his hand and flings his hand as he releases the cup and it smacks down onto the floor by force and it shattered into pieces. “You don’t need it anymore!”

She looked at him looking at the floor with anger. The cup broke into pieces and it’s lying all over the floor.

His eyes traveled up and he looked at her. “Leave my house NOW!”

“Ken… I…” she looked at him. “I’m sorry…”

“Sorry? Are you sorry when you are with him? Are you sorry when you are on the bed with him? Don’t tell me sorry after you’ve cheated on me. I don’t buy it! Get out!!” he screamed at her.

“Ken… we… we’ve been together for 3 years…”

“So?” he looked at her. “3 years meant nothing to you, it is nothing to you. So, why do I care? Why should I care? Even more so, now? When you felt all of a sudden that 3 years are so important?” he then turned away. “I am giving you 2 minutes to get out of my house. I don’t want to see you. I am very disgusted with you and I don’t want your presence in my house ever!”

“Ken… I want to say…”

He tilted his head while he still turned away. “I don’t want to hear anything,”

She lowered her head. “Take care…”

Ken closed his eyes as he then heard her picking up her stuffs and puts them into her luggage, and then she left the house.

Despite the anger that is evident on his face, sadness due to the betrayal slowly develops in his mind. And the tears that signify how heartbroken he is had rolled down his cheek for the first and the last time.

*Flashback ended.


“Wah… you are so fierce!” Rainie said.

Ken took a really deep breath, and then he smiled briefly. “I am really, really mad. I released all my anger at that time. Fierce… but effective. I felt better and I don’t really feel stressed out anymore,” he took a deep breath and looked down. “3 years relationship. It’s over there and then. I chase her out of the house. I change all the locks. And I’ve been single ever since,” he looked at Rainie.

“Single ever since? Come on…” Rainie said.

“Yes. I’m committed to my job. I spent a lot of time in the office. And… I don’t socialize much. So… I don’t really have a lot of chance to know people, particularly, ladies, and my type of person… I don’t think I can get a girlfriend,”

“Why do you say so?” Rainie asked.

“Because I work the whole day. If I have a girlfriend, either it’s a miracle, or she understands me a lot,”

“Well, you are not working with that company anymore,” Rainie said.

“Yeah, my best friends told me I can come out and get to know some girls,” he laughed.

Rainie looked at him.

He then looked at her as he laughed, and then he stopped, suddenly noticing how his words had meant – come out and get to know girl: go and hit some girl on road with your car and you will get to know her.

‘Ah… isn’t that what Vanness said?!’ his eyes grew wider with what he had just thought.

He looked at Rainie. “Oh, sorry. I don’t mean… in this way,”

Rainie laughed at him. “I know,” she laughed. “I know what you mean,”

“Oh,” he smiled.

“So… if she came back to you, will you take her again?”

Ken shook. “I have the same logic as you. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I will never be able to take her back again. I can’t find myself to trust her again,” Ken said. “But at least I know she cheated on me because I cannot spend time with her. But yours…”

“Like I have said, I don’t want to know. He has all the reasons in the world to cheat,” Rainie said.

Ken smiled and nodded. “Well, looks like we have the same experiences,”

Rainie nodded. “Yeah. I guess cheating is so common today… it must be difficult to get a partner today without worrying and think if the partner will cheat on you with someone else,”

“For a fact, I know I will not cheat on my partner,” Ken smiled at Rainie. “I will be loyal to her, just as what I want her to do to me; to be loyal to me,”

Rainie smiled at that, “Me too,”

Ken smiled.

“Ken, can I ask you something…”

“Sure,” Ken said.

“If… if you did not throw her things out… and she wanted to collect her stuffs… do you want her to let you know?”

“Yes. As long as I won’t feel any burglary happened to me,” Ken said.

“But even when there’s security, they should know if it’s robbery, right?” Rainie asked.

“Rainie, I will not agree with you about not letting him know that you went back to take your stuffs,” Ken said. “I know your intention of asking me,” to which Rainie lowered her head. “The truth is, letting him know is better than he reports you as the thief,” he said.

Rainie lifted her head up and looked at Ken.

“I understand you don’t want to talk to him. You don’t have to call him. You can SMS him,” Ken smiled. “Just a brief message saying you went back and took your stuff,”

“I didn’t pick his call but SMS him… it feels weird and awkward,” Rainie said.

“Did you feel awkward when you see him on the street with another girl?” Ken asked.

Rainie looked at Ken. “What do you mean?”

“What I meant was, actually, you don’t have to feel awkward. He is at fault. Not you. So, he should be the one feeling awkward and feels guilty about his wrongdoings,” Ken said. “Just SMS him and then ignore the rest,”

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