Released: Secret Affection – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of Secret Affection has been posted. Thank you.


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What’s Next Now

Hi all,

As we all know, Conflicted has just been fully posted, and it is now completed.

And I am here to address what to expect next…

I have a good news and a bad news.
Good news is: I am writing something, so yes, I am not going to say Conflicted is my last story just yet!
Bad news is: I am still writing that and it is in need of massive editing. So, I can’t release/post it yet.

So, I have nothing to post now. I can’t even say when I am going to post chapter 1 of the next story. I can only post it when I am sure I will not need to edit the chapter anymore. And not to mention, I am unable to commit to a specific day for posting.

So please wait patiently alright!

If you have subscribed to the mailer, do wait for the email that will be sent to you when I had posted something, otherwise, you can come back to the site and check periodically.

Feel free to drop comments or ask questions if you had any, at any time.

Thank you very much.

Released: Conflicted – Chapter 122 (Epilogue)

The finale is here!

Chapter 122 (Epilogue) of Conflicted has been posted.

122 chapters! I can’t believe it myself too! Haha. It has been a wonderful journey. I hope you have a great time reading this, just as much as I do writing this.

Thank you for your never-ending support. Thank you!

*I will post a note regarding what’s next in a separate post. Thank you.